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  1. RogueRecon

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Amazing rendition of my favorite vehicle design from my absolute least favorite Star Wars movie. Really don’t like TLJ but I actually wouldn’t mind having this is in my collection. Amazing angles and detail in this one
  2. RogueRecon

    [MOC] The Khetanna Jabba's Sail Barge

    Fell in love with this model ever since I saw it on Rebelscums April fools joke. Now getting to see more images AND finding out instructions are available... I might have to give this one a shot!
  3. Yeah, I remember that. You could even tell due to the Disney logo not being on the box. Due to the delays, we knew about the Slave for like, a year or something. It was insane
  4. Don't forget the Slave I. We knew that one was coming for a long time iirc. Set number and everything
  5. RogueRecon

    [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer Instructions

    How much are the parts to bricklink? I’m liking the look of this thing
  6. To be fair, an AT-TE was literally released a year prior. LEGO probably just wanted to throw something in extra to show off the feature, so they just kinda randomly threw in an AT-OT.
  7. RogueRecon

    UCS Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Fantastic cargo shuttle. I still personally prefer the one by renegade clone but yours is more accurate to the real model and looks better to scale. Any word on the piece count?
  8. Honestly, the AT-AT probably isn’t as impossible as people think A lot of people see Cavegods model and freak out but you gotta remember, the Cavegod AT-AT is actually too big for minifigures. An actual minifig scale AT-AT could probably work pretty well, with the only real sacrifice being leg posability
  9. I mean the hulkbuster got found in a store and was literally built by someone before we got a reveal of anything. Price, piece count, anything. EDIT: I JUST REALIZED THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT THE SAIL BARGE WOW STUPID ME. Definitely bait but man, a sail barge would be great
  10. RogueRecon


    If instructions come out, I’m gonna probably just find my own way to make the connector pieces skinnier. Rest of the model is too good to pass up :)
  11. RogueRecon


    For real it looks great. The bottom pieces connecting the legs look a bit too fat, but the rest is fantastic. I especially like the greyish-blue used for extra flavour in there.
  12. I think the shuttle is more likely to be re-released than be remade
  13. It’s not. The Falcon is 34m long while the Slave I is 21m long. The whole confusion with that was that the original ucs falcon plaque said 28m on it. The Slave is slightly below minifig scale but it doesn’t look too out of place
  14. Exactly. The Y-Wing is noticeably larger than an X-Wing. While this new set is probably a little too big, it is close enough to the point where it’s literally advertised with a figure in the cockpit. If it was THAT out of scale, I don’t think they would’ve done that
  15. A-Wing is overdue. The Y-Wing was the 1 I was really holding out hope for when it comes to a remake. Now I got it, I’ve really started to feel the whole “I want something new” thing. The A-Wing, TIE Bomber and the AT-AT are the 3 biggest ones that really need one