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  1. So, RIB files are the scene files utilized by Renderman? Are they plain text or binary? Is there a RIB syntax reference?
  2. How do you configure the camera and lighting? Does it require a separate tool? (Not familiar with LDD.)
  3. I am considering creating an image map and adding "hot spots" to it with text blurbs, other graphics, etc. However, the standard method requires a single image, not a grid of 128 images. Not sure what the alternatives are. [edit] There are a lot of ideas here. I will need to do some reading. [edit] If Datsville were made of highly regular 2D sprites or tiles with XY coordinates and Z indices, creating the imagemap/hotspots would be pretty easy. Otherwise, I don't see how the idea is feasible without rendering all the models in 3D like LDCad. At least not without tons of effort that would need to be expended each time a new revision to the town model is created.
  4. The PNG format has an "interlaced" mode which accomplishes much the same thing, but I keep forgetting to use it. [edit] Oops, I didn't understand what you meant. You can already zoom in/out by pressing CTRL and using the scroll wheel. (I should add a note to that effect.)
  5. Dumb question: How do I view and edit a forum post's "source" and type the BBCode directly? I'm not sure what forum software this site uses, or else I would search for an answer using Google. Thanks.
  6. I recently created a high resolution render of the town. You can see it here: https://mjhorvath.github.io/Datsville/docs/interactive-town-map/interactive-town-map.html Right now we could really use a new church MOC to replace the TLG Eastwicke Chapel model that had to be removed. PM me if you are interested.
  7. LOL, I just want a desktop background, but my monitor is 1920x1200px.
  8. Yeah, the lack of message threw me off.
  9. I am having trouble importing a large model. https://sourceforge.net/p/datsville/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/datsville_inlined/datsville_rev531_inlined_y_boxed_n.ldr There is no error message or indication of what is wrong.
  10. I got an LDraw model up to 225k parts, but that was only possible because I strategically split the model into smaller sections and worked on each section independently. Working with the whole thing at once is painful.
  11. The LGEO files "lg_10197.inc", "lg_10288.inc" and "lg_85940.inc" reference an object named "lg_tech_tube", but this object is not defined anywhere in the LGEO library. It is causing my scene to stop rendering. What can I do to fix this? Thanks.
  12. Since this is a thread about "Online Rendering", I would just like to add that in the past I have used Microsoft Azure to set up a virtual machine to do POV-Ray renderings. You could do the same with Blender or whatever. It's as easy to set up as any other Windows programming environment. Windows comes pre-installed. All you have to do is install POV-Ray and copy your model files over. Google has its own equivalent service that works about the same way. While not a render "farm", there are compute engines available with 64 cores, which is a lot. I'm not sure how the price compares to MecaBricks, however, since I used the $200 in free credits you are given for creating a new Azure account. Maybe someone can work out the math. My 2 cents.
  13. Two questions: 1. Could you mirror this tutorial to the LDraw wiki? 2. How do you export to POV-Ray from within LDCad?