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  1. Magmafrost

    All-New TIE Fighter MOC

    Oh I never knew about the interior window being so high. Does that... make sense? Like how does that work? Because from that picture it seems like the interior window and the exterior window arent... in the same place. I guess that's not a question particularly related to this amazing moc but you have cursed us all with this knowledge now so I have to ask.
  2. Personally I think there's actually a fair bit of room for improvement in it. Some shaping could be improved with new pieces, the underside is just a vast stretch of ugly antistuds (and like... its on a pretty tall stand, the underside is VERY visible), the wing guns aren't articulated properly, and as @lowlead said the entire engine section is pretty lacking in terms of accuracy.
  3. The chance of getting a UCS AT-AT any time soon was 0% to begin with. Its just not possible to build one that meets Lego's strict stability requirements with pieces that currently exist.
  4. Oh hey is uses grey levers. Hoping those show up on Bricks & Pieces. Though I guess they aren't so special any more since their main appeal was for bricklinking the old UCS Falcon and ISD.
  5. The UCS Falcon has seen some pretty hefty discounts from various retailers. No doubt this will too
  6. I dont think any Star Wars media that I didnt like has put out any sets that I did like. None of the Freemaker or Resistance sets were very good anyway IMO, and I didn't dislike any of the movies. However, I do know that I buy Ninjago sets from time to time and I very much dont care for that show. So I would imagine that if a Star Wars set were in a similar position I'd probably buy it. Though all in all I dont really buy Star Wars sets very often these days anyway, because MOCs blow them out of the water.
  7. That video is a: only true for American prices, and b: out of date, the problem has clearly gotten worse in recent years. The difference is exaggerated in countries with higher prices than America (which is to say... every country other than America)
  8. Simple, just dont have a family
  9. I didn't notice last night because I dont really care about the AT-ST, but its straight up just a reskin of the 2016 one. Not a piece is different except in colour, and a few minor details on the legs. So literally half the sets in this wave (the A-wing, Kylo's shuttle, and the Falcon too) are minor mods to existing sets.
  10. WOAH the Falcon isn't gappy. Its an actual improvement. After 15 years and 4 iterations they finally made a real improvement to that formula The Y-wing looks very McQuarrie-esque, which I guess is to be expected given the direction they went with the X-wing. I like it well enough but I just built Jerac's Y-wing so naturally Im a bit meh on it. And god Kylo's shuttle looks so phoned in. There are a few minor differences but its virtually identical to the 2015 one except for the obvious. The A-wing looks even less different from the last one. Oh and I guess we know for sure now that the AT-ST is from the Mandalorian. The sticker on the front looks like a cropped version of Boba's logo, so I imagine the 'real' one will probably have the full logo all across its face, which should look pretty cool.
  11. I'd like to add, these promos can be bought on Bricklink, cheaply enough that buying sets retail (20% - 30% off) and then buying the promos from bricklink, often works out cheaper than getting both from S&H. It consistently has for May 4th promos, anyway (though of course the may 4th UCS sets get delayed to retail here by like 6 months)
  12. Sorry that seems more than a little silly to me, you're not obligated to buy a set on the day it launches. In fact seeing as almost every set sees significant discounts during its life, you're better off not doing so.
  13. Im pretty sure Lego has put pilots in the wrong ships before
  14. It says I dont have permission to download the .bat? Whats that about
  15. Seriously how is this a thing people still believe? That entire segment was CG, no fathier mold ever existed, and Lego does this sort of thing ALL THE TIME. Ive been over this so many times in this thread...