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  1. Does anyone know whether the code for the DJ promotion is locked to the account it was sent to? Because Im not going to use mine, I have no interest in a minifig of a character with such an uninteresting design (nor in buying undiscounted lego, for that matter). Its also worth noting that the email says the code is only valid until the 30th, I havent seen that mentioned here Also, sure is convenient the white gold R2 went to someone who can easily display it to the public... Ah well thats probably for the best anyway.
  2. What the heck this Stormtrooper brickhead looks really good. Outside of one or two MOCs Ive pretty much hated the brickheadz format in its entirety, but I actually really like this one. Now I want other trooper types.
  3. I meant to mention this earlier, but the price of the new Anakin's starfighter makes the price of the Obi-wan's hyperdrive ring into even more of a joke than it already was. Hilarious that the starfighter can be $20, and apparently that anaemic ring is worth another $80. Seriously though the new one is a great price. I cant remember the last time I could say that about a star wars set.
  4. So a pic surfaced of the new rebel pilot helmet from the side, compared to the old one. This new mold is huge. The fig is basically a bobble head. And as evidenced by the resistance pilot helmet, that really wasn't necessary.
  5. Apparently the the first UCS Falcon was available with both the old 6.6L rods and the new 6L ones, and a few sets were available with both old grey and new grey parts. What I dont think we've ever seen is a set have a piece get a new exclusive print after release (unless the original was faulty, which I presume has probably happened at some point)
  6. Not sure where people are getting the idea that the Imperial Hauler is white. Looks pretty LBG to me. I didn't even notice the 4 arms thing at first, wow, those are really hard to see. But Im inclined to agree that its probably a new arm mold, with two arms attached to each other.
  7. I dont know that there's any reason to believe that that's IG-88, that's pretty standard appearance for an assassin droid. Cant say the same about Zuckuss though, thats.. that definitely seems deliberate.
  8. I wonder why the sides of the landing craft are angled downwards. Its not easy to find good pictures of that ship, but I cant see any suggestion that its shaped like that. Also that cockpit is... something else. It kinda looks like a sheep head, actually. Like a cartoon sheep. The studs look bad, is what Im saying.
  9. Only the 2012 x-wing had the wrong orientation. All previous system-scale x-wings all had correct sockets.
  10. At 20% off, the absolute best discount I can realistically expect in Australia, I'd save $60 on the UCS Y-wing, minus the $30 it'd cost to buy the BB-8 promo on the secondary market. So I'd save a whopping $30, in exchange for waiting for it to show up in a retail store, and then waiting for that store to have a sale. And given the 6 months or so that took for the Snowspeeder... yeah $30 really doesn't mean that much to me.
  11. Magmafrost

    Whats going on with the 75192 Falcon availability??

    I think it has something do with with Lego's factories being set up in a way where they cant easily increase production of one set. Nintendo has the same problem all the time. They massively underproduce a product in high demand, to the point where they pretty much have to be doing it on purpose (either that, or they're inexplicably inept). See the Switch, The NES Mini, and the SNES Mini, and many early Amiibos, for example.
  12. Not disagreeing that its probably a coincidence, but Thrawn's ISD is named Chimaera in the new canon too.
  13. It'd be pretty unfair for then to do any good promotions with it IMO, I mean it was only obtainable through buying the most expensive lego set ever through supply problems that made the early days of Lego Cuusoo look good.
  14. Well, the perfect balance for a UCS set is 100% displayability and 0% playability (unless you count functions like an x-wing wing mechanism, for example, as a play feature). Having said that Jordan Scott has definitely designed some nice looking models and I totally trust that whatever he did will be great.
  15. More than anything else Im just really excited that the 4x4 TIE top hatch dish is finally going to exist in light grey.