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  1. Keep in mind its (supposedly) the May 4th UCS. Its almost certainly going to be about $200 US and comparable in overall size (to be 100% clear, NOT scale. Size) to the previous May 4th UCS sets (Y-wing, Slave I, Snowspeeder, X-wing, etc). Its not going to be massively big. Good chance IMO its smaller than the first UCS Tantive IV, at that size it could maybe have some rudimentary cockpit space for one or two minifigs. But we can only guess, we hardly even know for sure that its actually a real set
  2. So while they wont be available "early" per say on Shop At Hope, here in Australia sets have a habbit of showing up in normal retail stores about a month after they're supposed to. How bad the delay is varies from wave to wave, but generally you can expect a set to be available on Shop At Hope before its available in Australian retail stores, that isn't exclusive to VIPs though. Haha, if only we had things so good here. Our big box stores put out sets late, not early, sometimes by a few months (Often 6 or more for D2C sets). The may 4th threshhold for last year was $100 AUD, which is more or less $75 USD, but its also not uncommon to see much worse threshholds. We recently had a promo (the TLM 2 one) with a threshhold of $200
  3. The ISD was a pretty unsubstantiated rumor *for 2018, and it somehow got carried over to this year (of course real sets have been known to do that from time to time). However Im pretty sure it was always meant to be for the the September/October slot anyway, we were never going to get a 1500-2000 piece UCS ISD, thats just too small.
  4. A new wedge plate was introduced with the new Slave I, so maybe it'll show up in this new falcon and we'll finally have something slightly less horribly gappy. That'd be a worthwhile update IMO.
  5. IDK if its just me but Black Ace looks really, really small in the official picture. Maybe it'll look bigger in person though, and it does otherwise look alright. Something about Vonreg's TIE looks really bad to me, I think its how messy the color palette of the cockpit is. I wish Lego would just suck it up and built a whole TIE cockpit in a single color like its meant to be, it really shouldn't be an incoherent mess of three different colors, it looks like crappy camo. A lot of the rest of the ship kinda looks messy too honestly. I know those shooter sets aren't meant for us (although I wouldn't have liked them as a kid either), buuuut Im still gonna laugh at how bad that AT-AT's legs are. Wow. The only positive thing I can say about any of this is that the 20th anniversary box art is phenomenally good. Great packaging, but seriously disappointing wave. I'll maybe touch the Slave I if it ever sees at least a 30% discount, and nothing else.
  6. Hmm, I kinda agree with the opinion that it doesn't look like a real set. It would certainly be a weird direction for them to go, although I guess no matter what it was going to be a weird set
  7. No Australian p[rice has been revealed yet but it goes without saying that if the price is even bad in the US, its going to be absolutely awful here.
  8. The dark red slope/wedge that makes up most of the base only exists in dark red and white. It was designed specifically for this set too, apparently, and the Overwatch team got special permission to use it a little early, so it could very well be a good while before we see it in dark blue or dark grey/sand green (dark grey being more accurate but Lego's used sand green before for some reason)
  9. It'll probably be one of those "actually cheaper to import from the US" sets over here
  10. I kind of agree. Thanks to the new wedge/slope piece, the dark red base of this Slave I actually looks good, for the first time in the ship's Lego history. That area was a huge issue for me in the UCS, since its absolutely hideous. But honestly I'd rather just buy a load of that new piece and fix the UCS Slave I I already have, its not like Im gonna take it down and put a smaller model in its place. Im still struggling to see how the new one managed to be over 1000 pieces, too. I definitely dont think its worth the price tag that comes with that.
  11. Typically a "smaller" (1500 - 2000 pieces) UCS is released on May 4th and a larger one some time in september or october
  12. Poe especially, the angry face especially looks more like Nic Cage than Oscar Isaac, and Im really not sure how you screw up *that* badly
  13. Magmafrost

    Updating Your Minifigs

    There's a breakdown of it on my flickr, but heads up, its not purist, it uses a 3rd party rubber band to hold the antenna on.
  14. Magmafrost

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Well, here's what I came up with for faces/hair for Inferno Squadron. Though obviously we dont know what Seyn's face should look like. Used the surfer arms, because I already had them Inferno Squad by Magmafrost13, on Flickr EDIT: fixed the link
  15. 1000 pieces does seem very high for a system-scale Slave I. The last one wasn't even 600. And I know piece counts have been going up across the board with smaller parts being used, but that still seems like a huge jump. Not even gonna comment on the price because like... what do we even expect at this point?