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    Future Star Wars Sets

    Some sets and promotions that I think could work for possible future releases: Imperial Mimban Battle Pack: Includes small section of muddy terrain and a small minifigure mortar platform. Accessories include a metal-coloured stretcher. 2x Mudtroopers 1x Imperial Officer with Overcoat 1x Mimban Stormtrooper AT-DT: - 2x Mimbanese Warriors - AT-DT Pilot - AT-DP Mortar Gunner (I imagine this is like a dirty Imperial Gunner) - Mudtrooper Imperial Checkpoint: Includes enclosed office of checkpoint and small section of door and and border fence - Emigration Officer (proper) - Han Solo (in disguise) - Qi'ra - Either one of the worm gang members or a Stormtrooper with black pauldron and backpack Kessel Mine Revolt: I imagine a relatively large playset with part of the pit, tunnel entrance and small segment of tunnel, with a small area for the Coaxium storage facility and the control room. Includes small platform on outside for turret. - L3-37 - Sagwa -Qi'ra in disguise - Han Solo in Kessel guard disguise - Senna - R2-F1P (KR2-M80?) - 2x Pyke Syndicate Kessel Guards Mimban Creature Pit Escape: Includes pit and cage top - Injured and beaten Han Solo - Dirty Chewbacca (could use existing wookie mold, or new wookie mold and double up with Sagwa) - Mimban Stormtrooper Face-off with the Cloudriders: Tavern tent build on Savareen plus some pipe builds for placing in coaxium. - Enfys Nest (w/o helmet) - Tubes - Han Solo - Either a Savareen denizen/bartender or another Cloud-rider Han Solo's Gambit: Dryden's Office build with ancient Mandalorian armour and artifacts (similar size to Snoke's Thoneroom) and case of coaxium. - Dryden Vos (reversible head with calm and angry faces) - Han Solo - Qi'ra Tie/rb "Brute": Two minifigure set options: - Tie Pilot - Imperial Officer - Imperial Ground Technician (Mimban) - R5-PHT OR - Tie Pilot - Kessel Mine Worker (with helmet) - P4T-GM Protocol Droid - Revolting Kessel Mine Worker Numidian Prime Lando Calrissian with stand: R2-S8 astromech with stand: R5-232 astromech with stand
  2. Brickweiser

    Unique Lego Star Wars Misprint (Worth hundreds?)

    There are collectors that purchase misprints but I think the misprint (or mis-mold) has to be more ... functional ... to be valuable. Depends on the misprint depends on the situation. I don't think this one would present any particular value.
  3. Yes she was. Her actor was present in the first promo pic of Lord and Miller in the cockpit of the falcon with the main characters. I'm assuming she's going to be either hard for Lego to make with new molds required or brick built, and exceedingly ugly.
  4. Brickweiser

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    After watching Solo: R2-S8 R2-F1P R5-232 R5-PHT Dryden Vos Vos' Henchmen Army Imperial checkpoint Officer Mudtrooper (lots) Officer (Lieutenant Rank) on Mimban Muddy Chewie Rangetrooper Kessel Mine Guard Kessel Mine Guard (in yellow and with helmet)
  5. In terms of resale or investment, no. That's just smart business. Don't know how many people would buy two for display though.
  6. Definitely for resale value or "investment", as some would say. Don't know why most people would want two of any UCS set, except ... maybe to have one sequel trilogy MF and one OT MF? Maybe?
  7. The last system Y-Wing is too small to be minifig scale, whereas the UCS Y-Wing is closer to minifig scale but is slightly oversized. The UCS Y-Wing is the closest rendition to date to minifig scale. I used the Complete Vehicle sets length description between the MF and Y-wing and then compared the listed length on Lego shop of the length of the UCS MF and UCS Y-Wing.
  8. Nope, wrong. Look Again.
  9. Considering the last time we got a Wedge was in the largely panned Assault on Hoth set (a set I enjoyed personally on a good discount) was a snowspeeder pilot variant, I am not peeved at all about having him rereleased in his normal X-Wing jumpsuit. I'm curious what astromech they will provide for him, as depiction varies greatly, and the most accurate has the dome from the Jawa battlepack. I do hope for a unique face print as well, especially as Wedge fan. Not only is the current over used, it doesn't suit 90% of the pilots for which it is used.
  10. Brickweiser

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    You can currently make him using the Imperial Officer from the last advent calendar and rubbing off the microphone from his head in the AT-AT set. I did it and it looks great.
  11. Count me in. My son will be excited to hear this as well.
  12. Must be that wealthy patron that burps in bb-8's face
  13. Don't think SvL has access to change it, or else he would. Secondly, I believe the rumour is perpetrated mostly because the prelim had a silver-looking astromech. People assumed. And this was evident when Jon Vander and R2-BHD leaked and everyone assumed it was part of the X-Wing.
  14. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised. The only pilot I thought that face worked on was Wes Janson. Honestly, I'm in doubt that Biggs will be released. But boy do I hope to be proven wrong.
  15. Well, the moulds lego used for the ... Constraction figures (still hate that sub-brand name) can now be used for other Star Wars or other themed sets. I liked some of them such as Boba Fett and the Speeder Bike but not enough to purchase them. Too bad for those that did collect them, but I'm more curious what will come in their wake.