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  1. Just some input: Ralo Surrel's helmet is red and dark grey, versus Hanson's red and biege (or white). I haven't considered Surrel's helmet as released. I believe Keir Santage has the same helmet as Zev Senesca. And Jaldine Gerams doesn't have the same helmet as Gold Leader, her helmet colour is blue, same pattern though.
  2. R2-BHD. R2-Q2 is Bigg's droid. The only leaked helmet I know about was Gold Leader's.
  3. R2-BHD full figure leaked, laying my credence to the UCS Y-Wing theory. Really hoping for a Biggs with the X-Wing. As much as I want Red Leader an his astromech, I feel that given the quality of a lot for astromechs, his astromech would not print well in a mass-produced set due to complexity of the colours and lines. For some reason, the R3-M2 figure turned out beautiful in the polybag, so maybe if Red Leader's astromech is released, a polybag would be the best thing for it.
  4. From the sounds of it, there is very little to go off on. For the most part information about the sets are already known. The only thing left to figure out are the confidential sets and minifigures and if the Minifigures are all plain white ones like they had last New York Toy Fair with prelim boxes, there is not much to say. Sounds like he said most of what he could. SvL has been reliable in the past.
  5. The only possible antifact of a UCS Y-Wing is that R2-BHD's head leaked a while back. R2-BHD is Jon Vander's astromech.
  6. I really enjoy seeing these self-composed lists from designers. I sometimes like to point out to others which sets in my collection were designed by the same designers.
  7. I believe Mr. Plinkett said it best when referring to the lack of story, characters, tone and emotional depth of the prequels: "There are those that know what I'm talking about and those that like the prequel trilogy."
  8. The new stormie mold looks similar enough to the old that I wouldn't personally worry about it. I only care if the design drastically changes and this is subtle enough to mix with the rest of my stormie army.
  9. Well I'm convinced. Thanks first poster.
  10. It should be noted that all these people are getting the information from the same source. Just take it with a grain of salt.
  11. Unless it's a stand-in, R5-A2 is more bright orange than yellow. Full orange head and orange panel markings. This Droid has a yellow body and white head. I was hoping the same thing.
  12. We'll consider them part of the 41st anniversary, which is one more than 40.
  13. That X-Wing is certainly very accurate. I've had my 2012 version half assembled for some time, hoping for another. Getting so much closer to a full Red Squadron.
  14. Bigger images were revealed for the X-Wing and Sandcrawler. That X-Wing is a big improvement to the 2012 rendition. And from the colour of the Droid, it looks like we are getting Biggs Darklighter and R2-Q2 with R2 and Luke. Not surprising and not bad. Also looks like we are getting an R5 astromech and RA-4 protocol Droid with the Sandcrawler. I'm glad Lego doesn't appear to be including R2 and 3P0, especially since R2 will be in three other confirmed sets this year.
  15. Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Rogue One: Blue Leader Blue Leader Astromech Jaldine Gerams Farns Monsbee Zal Dinnes General Draven Mon Mothma Bail Organa R2-M80 R2-BHD C2-B5 Galen Erso (Formal Imperial Wear) Galen Erso (Project Lead Uniform) Jyn Erso (regular uniform with appropriate hair) Lyra Erso Director Krennic (prologue uniform) Saw Gerrera Two-Tubes Harb Binli Admiral Raddus' Aides Hammerhead Corvette Captain A New Hope: Imperial Navy Commander Beru Lars Chief Bast General Tagge Admiral Motti General Romodi Chief Cass Red Leader Garven Dreis "Pops" Kravish General Dodonna R5-K6 R4-E1 R5-A2 R4-D6 R3-T6 Dark Blue R2 Astromech in Mos Eisley Seafoam Green R2 Astromech in Mos Eisley White and Grey R5 AStromech in Mos Eisley Black and Silver R2 Astromech in Yavin Conference Room White and Blue R5 Astromech in Yavin Conference Room Cantina Patrons (any) Empire Strikes Back - Cloud City Lando - R5-M2 - R3-Y2 - Updated R-3P0 - Brown (?) Protocol Droid in Hoth Base - E-3P0 - Twin-Pod Cloud Car Pilot - Lando in Han Clothes - Imperial Officer - Lieutenant Grade Return of the Jedi - Rebel Officer - Mon Mothma (Updated) - R5-G19 - Grizz Frix - Nien Numb - Jabba's white and orange-brown astromech bartender - Wedge's white and orange-brown astromech The Force Awakens - Kaydel Connix - PZ-4C0 - Admiral Statura - Jess Pava - C'ai Threnalli - Lieutenant Wright - Blue Leader - Lieutenant Bastian - Ello Asty - Yolo Ziff - Nien Numb - First Order Informant - Resistance Droid Informant - R2-KT - R0 Astromechs - R5-X2 The Last Jedi - Admiral Ackbar - Lieutenant Kaydel Connix - Medical Frigate Captain - BB Units - General Organa - Resistance Pilots (any and all) - Female Resistance Commander, aid to Vice Admiral Holdo - Luke Skywalker (end of movie version) - Fish Nuns (Caretakers) - White-uniformed First Order Officer - Praetorian Guards - R4-X2 - R5-X2