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  1. It is not confirmed but I highly doubt Wuher the Bartender would come in the any other set.
  2. Looks like Ematt got a promotion as well. Check out the rank pattern. Looks to be General Ematt now.
  3. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Fair point. You should email customer service and give them pointers to pass on to production. I'm sure they could benefit from your expertise. Realistically, thousands of moulds, hundreds of sets, think about it. They have a preset amount of capital moulding the Lego pieces for the Millenium Falcon, sorting different pieces into the appropriate bags, manufacturing the boxes, etc. They don't just flick a switch and turn all assembly lines into a new set. It takes a lot of work to set it up properly. But you seem to think it's easy. So like I said, please let Lego know how little they know about there own production.
  4. I was worried there might be dissenting opinions. Luckily, we are all on the same page. ;) Upon closer inspection, the uniforms are different...very slightly in style excluding the obvious colour differences. The light blue pilot is very similar to blue squadron but has more open space above the flight vest and wider vest straps on the shoulders. The green pilot is similar as well but there are definitely small differences. So small, I'm surprised LEGO created a new design, if these are real. I hope that Jon D. Branon and female pilot faces are real, so ai can have Wona Goban and Dorovio Bold in full flight gear!
  5. Both pilot uniforms are just recolors and Rey and the A-Wing pilot look oddly cropped. I'm calling fake.
  6. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Someone's bot is broken
  7. Future Star Wars Sets

    Tie Bomber - imperial officer lieutenant rank, TIE pilot, imperial astromech, stormtrooper Tie Phantom Tie Interceptor - Tie Pilot, Emperor's Advisor, Moff Jerjerrod Tie Shuttle TIE Reaper - Tie Pilot or Shuttle Pilot, 2 Death troopers, 2 Rebellion Commandos Imperial Cargo Shuttle - Bodhi, Cassian in Imperial Guise, Jyn Erso in regular garb, Corporal Tonc, K-2S0, Sergeant Melshi. Blue Squadron X-Wing - Blue Leader Anton Merrick, Jaldine Gerams, Merrick's Black/Red astromech, R2-BHD, General Draven Yavin 4 Base One - General Jan Dodonna, Rebel Technician, Jon Brannon, Pops Kravish, Rebel Navy Troopers, Biggs Darklighter etc D'Qar Resistance Base - hanger entrance and red T-70 x-wing. General Organa, Admiral Statura, PZ-4C0, R2-KT, R0 astromech, Jess Pavan, Yolo Ziff, Lieutenant Bastian, Captain Dameron (in resistance formal wear), Major Kalonia, resistance troops.
  8. Next UCS Set

    I'm in the same boat. I prefer minifig-scale UCS sets or playsets. However, I would really like a New Hope Star Destroyer UCS with some exclusive characters like the Imperial Navy Commander. Think it would also be very nice on display. Can remember where it was but Lego teased the UCS B-Wing same way as the millenium falcon before it was announced.
  9. There should be 1-3 retailer exclusives. That set number may be one of them.
  10. [MOC] First Order Tie Interceptor based on 75101

    I like the colour scheme. Special forces would definitely utilize the interceptors. Also like that the wings aren't too long and how steep the slope of the upper and bottom wing segments. Well done!
  11. Future Star Wars Sets

    Corrected ;)
  12. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm thinking you may be right. Canadian Prices are: $40.00 for Confidential 1 (transport pod) $65.00 for Confidential 2 (Walker) $100.00 for Confidential 3 (TIE) $130.00 Confidential 4 $140 or $150 for Confidential 5 It all depends if my local Walmart is going to have BB-8 set, so confidential 4 could be BB-8. Tags were out but no set names or numbers.
  13. Even insiders are unlikely to know exact specifics as they're probably looking at preliminary images or being fed information they do not directly see. However, considering one of the rumoured characters in the pack, we can probably assume the era. My recommendation: patience.
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Referencing parts per price ratio is a very narrow way of deciding if a set is a good deal. I shouldn't have to explain any more than that. Just take a look at the variety of parts in your lego bins.
  15. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Well, the TIE fighter and Resistance Bomber are my definite day one purchases. Very solid builds and great minifigures. For TFA, I only bought the X-Wing and Rey's Speeder, but bought many more after seeing the movie, so that will likely happen again. I have to see the Heavy Scout Walker in a video review ... I'm both intrigued and perturbed by the design. Kinda looks like it's on wheels...