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  1. In terms of resale or investment, no. That's just smart business. Don't know how many people would buy two for display though.
  2. Definitely for resale value or "investment", as some would say. Don't know why most people would want two of any UCS set, except ... maybe to have one sequel trilogy MF and one OT MF? Maybe?
  3. The last system Y-Wing is too small to be minifig scale, whereas the UCS Y-Wing is closer to minifig scale but is slightly oversized. The UCS Y-Wing is the closest rendition to date to minifig scale. I used the Complete Vehicle sets length description between the MF and Y-wing and then compared the listed length on Lego shop of the length of the UCS MF and UCS Y-Wing.
  4. Nope, wrong. Look Again.
  5. Considering the last time we got a Wedge was in the largely panned Assault on Hoth set (a set I enjoyed personally on a good discount) was a snowspeeder pilot variant, I am not peeved at all about having him rereleased in his normal X-Wing jumpsuit. I'm curious what astromech they will provide for him, as depiction varies greatly, and the most accurate has the dome from the Jawa battlepack. I do hope for a unique face print as well, especially as Wedge fan. Not only is the current over used, it doesn't suit 90% of the pilots for which it is used.
  6. Future Star Wars Minifigs

    You can currently make him using the Imperial Officer from the last advent calendar and rubbing off the microphone from his head in the AT-AT set. I did it and it looks great.
  7. Count me in. My son will be excited to hear this as well.
  8. Must be that wealthy patron that burps in bb-8's face
  9. Don't think SvL has access to change it, or else he would. Secondly, I believe the rumour is perpetrated mostly because the prelim had a silver-looking astromech. People assumed. And this was evident when Jon Vander and R2-BHD leaked and everyone assumed it was part of the X-Wing.
  10. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised. The only pilot I thought that face worked on was Wes Janson. Honestly, I'm in doubt that Biggs will be released. But boy do I hope to be proven wrong.
  11. Well, the moulds lego used for the ... Constraction figures (still hate that sub-brand name) can now be used for other Star Wars or other themed sets. I liked some of them such as Boba Fett and the Speeder Bike but not enough to purchase them. Too bad for those that did collect them, but I'm more curious what will come in their wake.
  12. Tie Fighter, battle pack and Han Solo's Landspeeder all most buys for me. I really like the Kessel Run MF and the figures, but not sure I have the space for it.
  13. I guess you're right. It is dark bluish-grey. Still seems off from the movie shots. Is the Lego version of R2-BHD's head light grey?
  14. Yea, movie-wise their body's are the same. But Lego did R3-S1 is gunmetal Grey, whereas it should have been light grey and silver panels. It surprises me that Lego would do R2-BHD's head in light grey and recycle the body of R3-S1's, when if Lego wanted to do that, they should have just made the head and body colour the same as gunmetal. I'm all for economic decision-making, like how they made R3-T2 in the latest battlepack with an R2-D2 body. At least that is consistent with how he looks in the movie. And if R2-BHD is indeed to come out in the next UCS as it stands, it just shows how little care and quality go into some of these "exclusive" Minifigures.
  15. I really hope that is not the final figure and people are just pulling the head from one factory bin and the body and legs for R3-S1 from another. Otherwise, that will be very disappointing and very lazy on Lego's part.