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  1. The ITS Transport is available for preorder on I don't know how long it's been available or if it's already been mentioned.
  2. I would check and see if the UCS figures of Boba Fett, Lando, Leia and the like have decreased in price with the new versions. I would guess you should be fine, there's always demand for originals.
  3. Hmm, if the Shuttle was false I will be kinda disappointed. The older one is a bit lackluster nowadays and it could definitely use an update , and there's no UCS MOCs I know of. That being said, if it's done well and accurately, I'll be okay with a UCS Mos Eisley Cantina. The smaller ones just don't do it for me.
  4. Gremer2

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Has anyone built the Victory-I or Lucrehulk V2 from Jorstad Designs? I'm interested in both of them, but I want to know how stable they are and if there's any rare, expensive parts required for them before I buy the parts list.
  5. Gremer2

    [MOC] Pasaana Loader Skimmer with TUTORIAL

    Awwww, yes! I've been waiting for a MOC of this, I think it's a better design than the other skiff. I'll totally have to work on this soon. I still need to pick up the Pasaana set.
  6. A leaker has already said that it's not the DSII a few months ago. The Shuttle is the most likely candidate at the moment, no one has said it's not that, but it's still unconfirmed.
  7. I'm really hoping that the rumor of a Lambda is true. I tried getting parts together for 10212 earlier this year, but even so Bricklinking it would still have been crazy expensive. I don't care too much about figures, just not the Rebels from Tydirium.
  8. This is a pretty eh wave for me. The Night Buzzard is great, the AAT is okay at best, and I might get the Resistance I-TS transport. Other than that, bleh. The 2011 version of Grievous' Starfighter was better, Anakin's doesn't look good enough to buy the new one, I'm not big on location sets so the Duel is out. I probably won't bother with the Advent either.
  9. Gremer2

    [MOC] First Order UA-TT

    I don't really like the design, the hand just throws it off for me, but you did a great job. I'm working on getting parts for your Transporter right now, I'll probably work on this after I'm done with that.
  10. The AT-AT is pretty nice. I'm not really excited for it, I've got Raskolnikov's Plus-Size, but I would probably pick it up if I didn't.
  11. Gremer2

    [MOC] Separatist NR-N99 Tank Droid

    Very good job, I love the eyes and guns! Any chance of a parts list and instructions?
  12. Apparently this promo will run the first through fourth. Isn't May the 4 the usually the 4th-6th?
  13. Gremer2

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Has anyone built ClydeChestnut's Ghost MOC? It looks great, but he says he hasn't actually built it, which makes me kind of wary. Also, how stable is BrickVault's AT-TE? I'm wanting to build an AT-TE, and this seems the best designed as well as having PDF instructions. I've read about the legs being really unstable, but others have said it's pretty stable.
  14. It doesn't matter how long ago a set was released, all remakes are awful and unholy abominations, duh. Seriously though, I love remakes. Sure, sometimes they're worse than the original set, but it gives new fans the ability to get a set. There are certainly some sets that are remade too often (Snowspeeder, Landspeeder etc.), but a remake of the DSII is overdue IMO, and it's unfortunate that it's not happening.
  15. I'm very much hoping the DSII rumor is true. With new pieces and building techniques, it should look amazing and it'd be the perfect time for a Moff Jerjerrod figure. I hope for one of the Emperor's advisors as well, but I doubt that.