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  1. I got the same out of stock email, it might just be an automated email for items that aren't currently available.
  2. Is it just me or does the cockpit look a little weird? Something about it just doesn't feel right. As someone who has not yet watched the Mandalorian, the standout figure for me is the Scout Trooper. I had no use for the Action Battle sets, so any other way to get the new design is much appreciated.
  3. Gremer2

    [MOC] Micro Slave 1

    What's the one just to the right of the U-Wing? It looks really familiar but I just can't think of it. Also, you mentioned last year that you're working on a Rogue Shadow. Are you still working on that? It's one of my favorite ships.
  4. If it ends up being the Gunship, I'll probably still get it, especially if it comes with Cody or some other exclusive clones or Jedi. I'm just wondering if a bigger size will really be better for it. The most recent one was close to minifig scale, so if this is UCS, let's not kid ourselves, it'll be an oversized model. I don't know if it will benefit too much from that. Sure, there will be better shaping and probably the side guns will be better, but it doesn't seem like it has that much more detail to justify it.
  5. Gremer2

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    I see a lot of people talking about wanting a minifig scale Gunship, but how much bigger would that actually be than the 2013 version? That seemed pretty close just eyeballing it.
  6. Gremer2

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thus far I've gotten Batman, Flash, Joker, Aquaman and Bat-Mite. I'm really, really happy with the quality of these figures. My favorite is probably Flash, but Batman is a close second.
  7. Gremer2

    [MOC] These aren't the droids you're looking for

    I love this. I'd love to have instructions for the building on the left.
  8. Gremer2

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    It's possible, but personally I doubt it. It just seems like it's not a very popular ship. I also doubt it would be much better than the 2014 version. Coincidentally, I'm actually working on Kozikyo86's B-Wing right now. It might be worth looking into MOCs if you're really interested in a B-Wing.
  9. Gremer2

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I'm working on getting the parts for one of the TIE Interceptor MOCs, either Kozikyo86's or barneius'. Are there any major differences? Is one more correct with the proportions? I know the roof part for Kozikyo86's is ridiculously expensive.
  10. Gremer2

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    I hate to bump, but Stardust or MAG85, if it's not much of an issue, could you post blown-apart pictures of the wing joints and body extension? I'm planning on putting my Sentinel back together and I'm really interested in those two mods.
  11. Gremer2

    [MOD] Poe's X Wing 75273 Colour Swap

    I'm not sure what the standard for "officially released" is. It doesn't release in the States until January 1st. What they consider official and okay to list the parts might be regional, or the latest date.
  12. Gremer2

    [MOD] Poe's X Wing 75273 Colour Swap

    With the new TOS, new parts can only be sold after they're officially released. :( Also, I believe Studio files will be changed so that licensed ones can no longer be downloaded, but I'm not 100% sure.
  13. Gremer2

    [MOD] Poe's X Wing 75273 Colour Swap

    I'd love to see the normal Resistance version! Also, a parts list and some instructions would be great if you could upload that. I'd love to put one together and have all three.
  14. Gremer2

    [Review] #75273 Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter

    Along with the TIE Dagger and Sith Trooper battle pack, this is one of my most anticipated sets. I love the design changes and the color scheme isn't that bad to me. I'm going to wait for a sale, but if it's anything like the last few waves, it should happen immediately. I can't wait for the inevitable color swap so I can have both of Poe's X-Wings in the new design (and probably a normal Resistance one too!).
  15. Gremer2

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    Brickset and the Brothers Brick reviews mentioned that it's in the inventory, but it's not actually used in the set. It's the first time I know of that it's happened.