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  1. Speaking of double VIP points, do they usually do that on Black Friday?
  2. The 501st by the time of Hoth was made of human recruits just like the rest of the Empire. It's only in the old Legends canon that the 501st were clones. Also from the Star Wars wiki: "The 501st was absorbed into the Imperial Military, becoming a legion of the Stormtrooper Corps which transitioned to the use of human recruits after the Empire suspended the cloning operation on Kamino."
  3. Believe me, I understand the whole thing about stability and all that. I was just kind of expecting a set with 2.5x as many pieces to be a bit taller than an extra 4.5 inches. Though I didn't consider the fact that it is actual minifig scale, that redeems that. Also, sidenote, Raskolnikov's does have moving legs.
  4. Huh. That seems kind of small for an $800 set. It's only 4.5 inches taller than Raskolnikov's and of course most of the height is made up of empty space between the legs.
  5. Can anyone figure out the approximate dimensions based on the leaks?
  6. Huh. I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting but I'm disappointed. I don't know what it is, but something just seems off. The inside playing of the legs at least doesn't look very good.
  7. Gremer2

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    How long are CMFs available for? I'm wanting to get a complete set of the Marvel ones, but I'm not quite able to right now
  8. Gremer2

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    So, I know I'm way late, but is the design of the Daily Bugle set based on an actual design from the comics or is it just made up?
  9. It's totally okay to speculate about figures for an upcoming set, even if they're not the primary focus. The idea that because we're saying figures aren't the primary focus of the set but then speculating about which figures could be included is hypocritical is frankly not true and a poor argument at best. Yes, we're speculating about figures. They're basically the only thing to even speculate about at this point. But nobody has said "these figures are gonna make or break this set for me" or "if this AT-AT doesn't come with Commander Cody I'm gonna boycott Lego forever because they obviously hate the prequels" or any nonsense like that. Minifigures are not the primary focus of a UCS set, they're a bonus, and there is absolutely nothing wrong about guessing what "bonus" we might get in a given set. Also, I voted for the Nebulon and I'm happy the Gunship won. I'm going to buy it. I like it, it's honestly probably one of my favorite UCS designs. If it sells poorly, it's not going to be because of people being spiteful that the Nebulon didn't win. It's going to be because people that voted for it make up excuses and won't put their money where their mouth was.
  10. How long does it take UCS sets to drop on Shop Disney?
  11. I'm still buying it regardless, the figures don't matter to me at all. It's just that during the scene with the clone commander, the coloring looks like yellow. It looks identical to the 2013 figure. Maybe it's lighting, maybe it's something else, but that's how it looks to me. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, I'll take a new color clone any day of the week, it just seems odd. Edit: Nevermind. There is one in the command center that's pure yellow, but Ponds actually does seem to have orange-ish coloring. I just completely missed him.
  12. I've just rewatched AotC and I have no idea why they went with orange for the clone commander. The 2013 one was a perfect representation.
  13. Like I said, I looked at images of both armors. I really couldn't tell much of a difference, certainly not enough of one to justify two different torsos. Maybe I'm missing something obvious because I'm tired, but I really do not see much difference.
  14. I was thinking about the Clone Commander having the animated torso, and the more I think about it, the better of a choice I think it is. I would rather all clones have one torso design so that they match and no clone looks out of place. I know there are differences between phase 1 and 2 armor, but just looking at them, I don't know if the differences are enough to justify two different torsos.
  15. If LEGO hates prequel UCS sets, it's because they don't sell. Lego is a company, they make things that make them money. The other two prequel UCS sets aren't exactly highly regarded (though, to be fair, they're not the best models for UCS) and from what I understand, 10215 was a poor seller. For me anyway, the Gunship will probably be a day one purchase. I love it, it's my second or third favorite prequel vehicle and it looks fantastic.