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  1. It was confirmed in both canon and legends sources that the planet Endor is a gas giant. It's been established for a long time. Anyway, I've got to agree with others that the new Falcon looks a ton better without the gaps. Minor gaps aren't bad, but being able to see the interior is and they really hurt the look of the Kessel Run Falcon. I'll still probably pass on it, but old Lando and Boolio are tempting.
  2. Endor is a gas giant, so it's not that. I'm guessing it's just an ocean on Endor we haven't seen.
  3. I was planning on getting Kylo's shuttle, but I don't think it's really worth $130, especially given the last one 4 years ago was $10 less. Instead, I went for BB-8 since it's on sale and the new Kylo/Sith Trooper BrickHeadz.
  4. Gremer2

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    I don't know how exactly getting rid of Star Wars for a while is going to help the issue. Yeah, there's a lot of rereleases, but taking a break for a year or two isn't going to change that. You're just delaying the rereleases, not getting rid of them. As others have said, rereleases, while they can be annoying, are a good thing for new customers and children. I'm glad they keep rereleasing older sets, not everyone was a collector back in 2003 or even 2012. Barring the Snowspeeders, which do need an update, they are usually pretty drastic improvements over older sets as well. The 2018 X-Wing was far better than the 2012 one. And it's not like the only thing Lego makes are rereleases, there are always new designs each year.
  5. On a similar not, is 40333 sold out? The promotion was supposed to run until the third but I'm not getting it when I add it to my cart.
  6. That's true. I didn't know about the superstructure, but I knew the guns were different. I don't know if quad turbolasers could be done at this scale. For me though, the most notable difference is just the sensor array and everything is fairly minor.
  7. There's no "mistake". The new canon has repeatedly shown Star Destroyers in atmosphere, the movies never say anything one way or another, and the only thing that ever said they can't operate in atmosphere was the old Legends canon, which didn't even keep its own rule. Back to the model, one thing I really do like that I saw in the BrickVault review is the ability to turn it into an Imp-2 by turning the sensor array (?) back. I'll probably keep it as a 1 but I think it's a pretty cool little thing.
  8. Not really. I don't like the prequels (except TCW, that was great) or the sequels, but I love a lot of the designs from both trilogies and I've gotten sets from both. I haven't watched Resistance but I got Vonreg's TIE because I like TIE Fighters and I got the Phantom II and I what I watched of Rebels I didn't like.
  9. I understand the complaints about the minifigs, but I don't really care that much myself. I'm buying it for the ship, not the minifigs. Other than Vader, I don't really know who else they could have put in there. Sure, a few stormtroopers maybe, but those would be incredibly boring, moreso than the two included. There are really only four "groups" I can think of that would be on the Devastator: Vader, Stormtroopers, officers, and crew members. Given that the latter two actually run the ship, I think their inclusion is fitting, if boring. As for the ship itself, I think it's fantastic and I look forward to getting it.
  10. I really doubt the crappiness of the Endgame wave is Lego's fault. They work exclusively from concept art and I would imagine Marvel was especially tight lipped this time around. They had to work with what they were given, even if basically none of it is accurate.
  11. Their response to the petition was that there are currently no plans for one, but they're impressed by fans' passion. Just an incredibly basic, customer service response. It's still a huge leap in logic going from "regional exclusives are no longer a thing because people are mad" to "there absolutely will be a 501st battle pack because people want it". That's a massive leap, and the 501st battle pack should just stay out of the thread. There are no rumors, just baseless speculation and reasoning.
  12. Do we have any information on the next UCS? I know the Y-Wing rumor had been floating around since December before it was actually revealed. I've heard an ISD, but the 2,000 part count seems too low.
  13. I'm really disappointed that the Snowspeeder is still exactly the same. I guess since it's still the same it was 20 years ago, it really fits the anniversary though. The Slave I is really good and I'll probably get it even though I already have the UCS. The AT-RT is by far my favorite of the bunch. Disappointing we still don't actually get the correct driver though. Anakin's Pod is okay, I guess. I'll get it since I don't have one. The Imperial Dropship is just overpriced. It's a battle pack - crappy build, desirable figures, but it gets bumped up $5. I'll get them all probably, but I'm definitely waiting for a sale first.
  14. I bought 75188 last week and I was really hoping to get Finch Dallow. It did not include it, but after talking to CS they will send me the head. The helmet is out of stock.
  15. Gremer2

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