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  1. 9v track power problems - advice needed

    Thanks guys. Yes, I think I will invest in one.
  2. 9v track power problems - advice needed

    @zephyr1934 unfortunately double the price from any uk sellers 😢
  3. 9v track power problems - advice needed

    @freestorm hi, thank you for your detailed reply. At step 2 the light is going dark when I turn the transformer dial so it must be this that is faulty. It looks fine with no damage that I can see so not sure what is wrong with it. Are they known to do this? Unfortunately it looks like they are quite expensive to buy 😢
  4. 9v track power problems - advice needed

    @dr_spockI don't unfortunately. What might be making things short? And how can I teat without a meter?
  5. 9v track power problems - advice needed

    @BrickMusher hey again! 😆 Yes, when I turn the yellow dial it gets darker/ dimmer with the connector attached. And yes it is the same when I do that. Thank you! 😀
  6. Hi all, I recently picked up an old bundle of 9v stuff and I'm a bit stuck with son power issues and hope someone can help. I'm a 12v guy so I'm a bit lost! 😆. The transformer seems to work. I can't get any power to the track. If I connect a cable from the transformer to the motor directly it works fine (or seems to anyway). When I connect the track connector cable to the track it just won't work. I've tried cleaning the track etc. Also, if I leave the normal 9v cable connected to the motor and then place it on the track with the track connector attached it cuts the power to the motor. Does that make sense to anyone? Haha. Hope someone can help as I'm baffled. Cheers!
  7. Great work!
  8. @Murdoch17 lovey. I think I need to add an engine shed to my to do list!!
  9. @Heppeng very nice. I have actually seen this before when browsing for ideas. Great work!
  10. 12v train cabling advice needed

    @BrickMusher ah thanks! That's great news!! All those years I never had enough cabling and I had loads of speaker wire hanging around and now I have none! Lol. Thanks for this very useful information.
  11. Hi all, Does anyone have experience/ knowledge of using another type of cabling for 12v layouts and accessories other than the official Lego stuff? I'm looking for a cheaper alternative for long stretches of cabling. Thank you very much! 😆
  12. [MOC] Classic train - 12v Shell Terminal

    @Merkurius are you going to build this? I'd like to see it for real!
  13. That blue looks fantastic! I would never have thought to pick such a shade but it looks great. I love those grill parts as well. Great work. Yes, I think I might give the 7755 a try before trying a 7745 for ease! 😆 Nice! I like the starkness of the black with the red stripe. I was considering doing a black 7725 but actually seeing that baggage car has made me think about adding a red one to my 7725. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see that engine shed at some point. Thanks!
  14. Hi guys, im looking to build some 12v models in alternative colours. E.g. 7745 in all black or 7755. Looking at Bricklinking cheaper parts. Wondered if anyone had some pictures they may have of stuff they had done for some inspiration? Thanks in advance and I look forward to hopefully seeing some of your creations. 😃