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  1. I buy 7.2v lipo batteries that aren’t in any sort of housing, splice in a PF connector and can run the charging end of the battery wherever I want. They come in various MAH and sizes and total cost is usually 8 bucks for one.
  2. Coaster isn’t with ME models, he owns brick tracks which is different from me models.
  3. I’m just getting the stickers from ministickers, far cheaper and look amazing.
  4. Paducah GP10 Locomotive

    Looks like a great start! I love GP10's so it will be great to see it done. Almost went to paducah for the eclipse a month ago, ended up going to hopkinsville instead though.
  5. 2017 Lego Trains

    If there was info you would see it here, there is none
  6. 4DBrix Automation Reviews

    Raspbian was mentioned further up and is the most widely used.
  7. Small LiPo battery question

    Anyone ever used a LiPo battery that wasn't the lego box? I've been looking for a small battery to fit in some MOC's and the battery box's are far too large. There are some smaller 7.4v batteries out there that might work and just wire on the lego plug to the receiver. Hoping others might have tried this and have a battery that is small and works well as there are tons out there.
  8. MOC: Amtrak AEM-7 and Amfleet Coach

    The last post was 2 years ago...... and why don't you make one instead of telling someone else to make one?
  9. As a software dev myself, that isn't a thing and doesn't work that way.
  10. Is there a good way to "reverse" PF Train motors?

    I take the wire going to the motor and simply cut it and strip the wires and reverse the two inner wires and use heat shrink tubing to ensure its a good insulated connection. It frees up room in the trains since i dont need a polarity switch.
  11. TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    Its been in stock in the US for almost a month, i ordered 5 a few weeks ago and it still shows in stock
  12. PF train motor wiring question

    That's what i thought, just wanted to make sure I didn't short something out. Thank you sir for the help!
  13. PF train motor wiring question

    I bought a used set and the wiring on the train motor was ripped out it looks like, does anyone know where the wires went on the inside of the motor? I used my torx bit to take it apart but cant find a guide to which of the 4 wires go where. I see 2 contacts I can solder new wires onto but where do the other 2 connect?
  14. Help required with Rechargable Battery Packs

    Not without lots of modification to the battery pack as you would need to introduce a charging circuit with protection. If you aren't experienced in this I would suggest against it as exploding batteries aren't much fun.