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  1. Madoca’s Jeep was the first MOC I ever built and it’s a set I’ll probably keep built forever. I don’t typically seek out two of the same model but I’ll probably have to make an exception here. Beautiful model.
  2. KevinMD

    10337 Lamborghini Countach Discussion

    I came across an interesting Reddit thread about countach colors and it seems like white and black are probably the most likely options with red, yellow and blue as less likely. Based on the current line up of creator cars out there, I’ll say they choose yellow but who knows. Having built the alt-911 model I’d prefer not white but will buy whatever it is.
  3. Love the look though the bully bar seems a bit big. Will blame that on Lego’s limitations. Neat mechanism for keeping the doors open too, is that a new technique or have I just not looked at enough MOCs?
  4. What is more likely here: the leakers saw a picture of a blob with tentacles and only described that it had multiple eyes because they didn’t know what it was, or they know what the set is and are being intentionally obtuse to gain followers and/or protect their source(s)?
  5. KevinMD

    [MOC] SB00801 AS.Project (MOC Sandtrooper UCS)

    Your transition from vehicles to figures while maintaining accuracy of the model you’re portraying has showcased how brilliant a builder you are. Looks fantastic Mirko!
  6. Holy chit! rebrickable link for anyone like me who immediately thought “I need to build this!”
  7. Ohh, saying it like that, slave leia!
  8. I would love to see a return of FLW, but I feel like ATR would need to come back for that. I’d much prefer ancient / old world architecture to modern stuff, but I’ll take anything that expands the line and isn’t touristy crap.
  9. Are you asking for a brick built solution, or a printed tile? if print, Steindrucker will certain print them eventually. brick built, just search for MOCs here, there are several that offer a possible solution.
  10. I’m not aware of another nsx aside from @Gray Gear’s version which was an MOC and not a b build. Really, the lines look fantastic.
  11. Man, I had been thinking we were getting a poly clanker bus this whole time because I confused aat and mtt in my head. Maybe as part of a battle of Naboo set I could be on board but otherwise I hope there is no correlation.
  12. Congrats to the winners. Surprised to see two personal faves, @gyenesvi and @NoEXIST, so low. You guys did awesome even if the judges didn’t score it that way!
  13. Wow, what an amazing group of entries. There are a couple I had to do a double take to make sure I was looking at the shrunken model! This could give TC20 a run for the money.
  14. KevinMD

    Experienced moc designers here for hire?

    I can’t comment on the number of actual hours, but there are two in the SW section (and I feel like you may know them since I do see you post from time to time there) that I feel could qualify: 1400mm xwing 13ft star destroyer
  15. I’ve been trying to figure out what issues I specifically have with it. Probably the phantom is a big part of it; docked it looks incredibly stupid. I typically withhold judgement when I can’t see high res photos (or ideally the set in person), I just had higher expectations I guess with this one. Currently watching rebels so the source material is fresh in my mind too which is probably playing into it.
  16. Underwhelming, that ghost is.
  17. KevinMD

    Icons Chevrolet Corvette 2023 Rumour

    Looking at pictures of the ‘61, if I squint I can see it in lego form but it’s a difficult car to get right. I think @brickphisto is right to compare it to the Aston, another car that just didn’t look quite right in lego.
  18. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’m pretty sure it’s “a whole new world” actually.
  19. KevinMD

    10318 Concorde

    I contemplated building the failed ideas set but ultimately passed due to its small size. This will hopefully be more in scale with the old Boeing. Looking forward to see what they do with this.
  20. I love this set. Best offering of 2023, imo.
  21. Be curious to know what functions are there. Looks ok I guess.
  22. What are the USA vip rewards?
  23. New hook piece? Doesn’t appear to be the old metal one, certainly doesn’t appear to be built using 1x2 thin liftarms…
  24. I hope you end up getting the love you deserve, @JoKo! What a fun build. 1:10 5:6 2:4 11:3 10:2 3:1