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  1. Demohviid

    2011 Lego Duck

    I just love this Duck! I do not know if this belongs here but I'm in love and want to share with the rest of you: P It's one of my favorite along with Kirk's house! Today was the day I got the opportunity to build this lovely duck! It has been in my mother's house gathering dust for some time but today I took the time to take it apart wash it and build it again! wish i had a lego orginal wood duck standing beside it: D absolutely love the story of the duck and the start of Lego!
  2. Demohviid

    Your biggest Lego FAIL!?

    I have heard of some who built a dinghy full-scale but they havd not thought about that it could go through the door to get out in the garden ..
  3. Demohviid

    Your biggest Lego FAIL!?

    hi all builders .. I was wondering with so many Lego lovers in one place there must be a lot of good stories out there where it's gone wrong?
  4. Demohviid

    One Word At A Time Story

  5. Demohviid

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    75104 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle
  6. Demohviid

    One Word At A Time Story

  7. Demohviid

    [MOC] The Ring Goes South

    I am impressed! I would buy it
  8. Demohviid

    [MOC] Mid-size Wall-E

    It looks good .. I absolutely love Wall-E built in Lego.. Great build
  9. Demohviid

    Batcave MOC

    SERIOUS? when I sit here on this page I continue to sit and think it is the coolest I've seen in a long time .. but this I think will be hard to beat! I absolutely love batman's cave .. think to have such a place under the house
  10. Demohviid


    Fantastic! I love the style .. would like to see the house built in a forest
  11. Demohviid

    Hello from Denmark! sssh!

    Thanks and ys i will :D
  12. Hello all, I found the page the other day and now I looked around and was really impressed with all builders! I can not tell so much about myself but I come from Denmark and has built Lego as long as I remember but the last few years it has gone berserk! I build only lego sets and have built so many that I almost have built all the last new the last few years ... that's what I can tell but am looking forward to see more here. Secrets secrets secrets
  13. great! love that you can see it is built of other models
  14. Demohviid

    One Word At A Time Story