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  1. Hmz... both the answer I was expecting as well as the answer I was fearing :).
  2. OK, dumb question time: on the official lego page about this model, it only mentions an app to control the robot. Does this mean that PC-control is out of the question?
  3. A Belgian (web)shop has the 42070 currently on promo for EUR 188: http://www.vatana.eu/lego-lego-6x6-allterain-sleepwagen_multi_123011.html But wait, it gets better. They've started the Saint Nicholas promotion, which gives vouchers for each purchase above a certain threshold (*). For the 42070 you end up getting EUR 30 in vouchers. Of course that's VIP-point money that you have to spend in the same shop, but still, EUR 158 for the '70 is starting to sound right. Hopefully my son doesn't want one for Saint Nicholas, because I've now ran out of counter-arguments :lol: (*) I'm ~guessing~ not online, though…
  4. Didn't LEGO say they were going to do an ~iconic~ MACK truck? If so, how can it be a model that is yet to be released? Then again, I may have heard/remembered wrong. Then againer, I can't really "picture" an iconic MACK truck to begin with. Maybe it's because I'm European, and not THAT much into trucks, but nevertheless I can picture iconic Freightliners or Peterbilts, for example. Doesn't really matter: I'm looking forward to the set, and I'd be OK with whatever scale LEGO has chosen. I mean as long as they don't 42070'ize the prize :).
  5. One minor nitpick: the wheels are not about grip, they're all about pressure points (which is what you need if you want to compact something, in this case garbage) I like the look of the thing (the LEGO one :) ) very much. I'm sure the son will like it too.
  6. 067 is of course L90 upside down, which is of course an actual VOLVO model: (No I'm not very good at this)
  7. Does 42070 have no functions other than the winch (and driving, obviously)? What is inside the 'sleeper' module, behind the drivers' seat? And does the cargo bay really only have a spare tire? Surely they must be doing something with the four "AROCS" gear-racks… (or is that how they lift the bodyparts?). Uhm, "wow". But wait, 4-wheel steering? The A-model has 2-wheel steering, right? So how do they solve this? Note I'm not up to date on the available portal hubs :). Ironically, I apear to be the only person so far to really like the ~look~ of this B-model. Sort of a Paris-Dakar truck.
  8. Do you have more info on this? Page number from BI, perhaps? Or a link to an earlier discussion on EB? I've only just gotten the set. Will build it some time in 2021 ;).
  9. Where is the HOG on 42070? (It can't be remote drive due to no "steering wheel" on the remote, right?)
  10. Mah mommah always used to say: "If you ain't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!". Except of course that Mum doesn't actually speak English, nor repeats herself very often, but I digress. Anyway, in the spirit of the above, here goes: "WOOT, budget for a CLAAS just opened up!" It was always gonna be hard to match '16 (let alone outdo it), so '17 was always going to be a subjective disappointment, but two cartoonish top-range models? And nothing else (of note)? That even makes it objectively disappointing...
  11. The nose looks a bit like the IVECO trucks (as eg used by the Belgian Army) http://www.mil.be/sites/mil.be/files/styles/galleryformatter_slide/public/material/MPPV_AMBU_18_1.jpg?itok=FlomsZoN
  12. Woah… minifig shovel and broom on that road crew set? If TLG keeps this up, my son (5yo) is going to end up skipping City altogether :). (***proud***) He's going to nag if minifigs don't fit in the seats, though. And in the truck, there aren't even seats…
  13. Technically (it's only Monday, you should see my puns on a Friday), TLG only claims they're modelling the Ultimate in that teaser: in effect, they state that the Porsche itself is the ultimate, and not their model. (I do wonder how Ferrari will like that viewpoint )
  14. Included in the box, or included in the App ? So far I've printed all B-model booklets myself (I literally can't build in front of screen - I'd flick my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon after about five minutes or so), but for a 4000-piece set, that would be getting silly... Anyway, I'm missing something obvious (as always): there are three axles running down to the 'superstructure base'. What for: 1) driving the offloader belt; 2) driving the BWE itself; 3) [EDIT]Turning the superstructure, obviously... Rotating the offloader belt is manual, after all. Which reminds me of another question: why can this rotation be locked?
  15. In this pic it really looks mocked-up to me. It even has (cardboard) wrinkles… That would also explain why you can't take pictures of this particular detail, while aparently no other parts of the car were off-limits. BTW, is anyone else getting epileptic fits from staring at the camo-stickers for 3 days on end ?