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  1. mvLego

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks for following up. At the very least, I have company if the pre-order goes sideways But it sounds like that won't happen and we'll be able to update our payment when needed. Now the hard part: sitting back and waiting!
  2. mvLego

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Were either of you able to change your payment method? I just called and was told that Lego cannot change it as it's through Bricklink (not quite how I thought it worked...). I was assured that the pre-order is reserved and that I'll receive an email asking me to update my payment once it goes into production. For now, I guess I'm just going to sit tight, but wondering what other people experienced or how you asked the customer service rep to update the payment. Did you mention Bricklink or just ask to change the payment method for an order? For what it's worth, the person helping me told that their bosses have discussed this info with the customer service team, so Lego is at least aware of concerns.
  3. mvLego

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks for pointing this out (changing payment type). I'll be doing the same shortly.
  4. mvLego

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    That's how I paid and I have the same concern. Hopefully Lego has thought of that and has a system in place to prevent that.
  5. mvLego

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    This is helpful - thanks! I've spent more time reading about Lego sorting than I ever would have imagined, and this (as well as just getting over my mental block) seems to be along the lines of what I need to do. What would make my life much easier is if I could find one of those Lego sorting bags/tools, but those don't seem to be made anymore. This is also helpful - thank you! I definitely plan to sort by part first. If storage space allows, I may eventually get into color sorting.
  6. mvLego

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    This seems like the best place to post this if anyone is looking for any storage deals. I'm slowly (and dreading every minute of it) getting ready to sort my old childhood Lego from 20+ years ago. I finally decided on using the Iris USA drawer carts and bought a few of the large ones to start. (Depending on configuration, the carts vary in drawer amount/size, but they're about 41.5 inches high.) I needed to buy some of the 27 inch high ones to go under a window. I almost bought them from Amazon for $40, but did a quick search and found that the Joann craft store (possibly only located in the US) has them on sale for $30. On top of that, they have a curbside pickup discount that knocks another 20% off, bringing them down to $25 each. I'm not sure if links are allowed, so I'll hold off on linking the product directly, but I'll add to the post if they're allowed! Piggybacking on this: I know people have posted sorting/cleaning tips before, but I still have a question: how do you get over the mental hurdle of actually starting?! It's such an imposing tub of just EVERYTHING mixed together. It's been sitting in my office for far too long, and every time I think about starting, I just ... can't. (I actually started sorting a smaller but still sizeable tub a while back. What tripped me up was sorting all of the small and unique pieces. Now I have more small containers that should make it easier, but still: I'm realizing I was a spoiled kid! ) I also have to clean everything, but one task at a time. I tend to try to tackle massive projects in one go, but I think I'll be better served just getting bricks organized and then cleaning as time and space allows. (Heck of a post to break my lurking habit on!)