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  1. mvLego

    Counterfeit minifigs (allegedly) on Bricklink?

    My first thought was that they meant the Blue Milk Luke figure, which is identical to sw0778 except for the head print and milk carton.
  2. Here's a question that's hopefully related enough to ask here: I'm approaching the cleaning part of my childhood Lego sort (90s) and I have much more tires than I ever would have thought. Does anyone have any tips on cleaning them? (And they very much need to be cleaned.) I imagine the classic Dawn dish soap method is not the best tactic.
  3. If you're ever inclined, I would be very interested in the extended write-up!
  4. Agreed, that would be nice too. Other than the bricklink castle in the forest, are shield stickers a thing for recent sets? I tend to think/hope everything will be printed, just like the old sets.
  5. One semi-nitpick: I'm surprised the forestmen shield isn't included (or I've just missed it). I'm mainly just surprised that the printed shield was special made for the gift with purchase set. The optimist in me thinks that surely means there will be more forestmen sets later on... Keeping on the topic of shields: the queen's shield is fantastic. I'm really liking the gilded border.
  6. mvLego

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    I actually bought an extra treehouse with the intention of doing something similar (along with a Monkie Kid Flower Fruit Mountain), but haven't made the time to crack open the boxes and get started. I may even tear down my existing treehouse set for more parts, but that's harder to justify since it's the one set I've added a light kit to.
  7. mvLego

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    I may have missed this in the discussion already, but do we know if there are any unique pieces/colors in the set (other than the shields and torsos)? What are the chances the shields/torsos make their way to Pick a Brick?
  8. I don't know anything about the users at Brothers Brick (or Stone Wars), so it's quite possible that user has a history of leaking info. That said, the jump to 450 seems to be based more on pessimism than any actual info. I hope that Lego already accounted for inflation when the initial price was leaked, but that seems unlikely from what I've read about other unreleased set price increases. I guess the good news for those of us in the US is that the price has only been leaked in euros and not dollars (we've been assuming it'll be $350 in the US but I don't recall the price ever being "officially" converted). So I can always tell myself that whatever price is announced was the intended price from the very beginning!
  9. mvLego

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    I'm more surprised about Working Waterfall. Winter Chalet was the only one I ordered, but I the waterfall was the second most tempting set for me.
  10. mvLego

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Where are you seeing four? I still see the following message on the program page. If it is four, then yikes. That stinks for the designers when all other rounds had five produced designs. I'm surprised the train station looks like it will be one of the first to get funded - I figured the price would be a deterrent.
  11. What's the castle six spots from the right? Part wishful thinking, part devil's advocate: if there is a new goat, Lego may want to keep it initially exclusive for the castle and then release it in later sets, either this year or next. Perhaps the castle gets Print A while future City/Farm sets get Print B. Or Lego thinks this is going to sell like hotcakes regardless of price and plan on going all out on the budget with exclusive molds.
  12. mvLego

    910001 - Castle in the Forest Review

    You got stickers from customer service?? When I opened my set in March, my stickers were folded over (they'd managed to get folded over the lip of the box) and customer service sent me back a "sorry, no extra stickers available, but here are some VIP points" message. I thought I sent a nice request, but maybe not nice enough The app was awful for this set, but using PDF instructions wasn't too bad. Much faster to flip pages/instructions.
  13. I was just about to ask if anyone has any idea of the set's shelf life. Three years seems too long to me for an anniversary set, but is there any reason to think it'll be less than a year? My biggest fear is that it will be an online exclusive for a month and then retired. After all, Lego knows all about scarcity and how much people will want this set. (I'm not that pessimistic - I think a year sounds reasonable.) Do we think Lego will announce if it has a short shelf life or just "it's gone when it's gone" kind of deal? Lego's marketing can sometimes be unclear - I'm thinking about when the Medieval Blacksmith was released and the marketing email stated "Hurry – limited stock! Buy early to avoid disappointment."
  14. mvLego

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Got my order delivered. I'm slightly bummed I didn't order the fishing boat, but still excited to have the castle in-hand.
  15. mvLego

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    I'm really not annoyed that it's delayed. I get that there were unexpected issues (or that the expected issues were worse than the initial worst-case scenario). That said, it would be nice if they could share more info on the delays beyond "global shipping situation" - what about the shipping situation? Are the boxes picked and waiting for transportation? Are they still waiting for pieces to be shipped to the warehouse for picking or sorting? None of this makes the delivery faster, but at least lets us know the program is still on their radar and hopefully gives a more accurate ballpark estimate.