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  1. One of the Best Supercar ever !!! Easy to build and great to Play like a real RC CAR Here is the Link with the great video and important easy fixes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h44wusf-vFo My version of this car
  2. WOW Speachless - ABSOLUTLY STUNNING Masterpiece of Paneling
  3. WOW That Thing is amazing, must have masterpiece
  4. Here with Chrome wheels https://picload.org/view/dlllciow/91.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllcclr/2.jpg.html
  5. Many Many Thanks to Brunojj1 - This build was so great / ingenious. This Car is truely a Masterpiece and for every Supercar Fan - A MUST HAVE Every function works smoove and really good - and the End Result / Body and Look - absolutly stunning !!! Today i made few Pics of my P1. https://picload.org/view/dlllclii/8.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllccli/4.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllciar/92.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllccol/1.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllcccr/5.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllciai/93.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllcclr/2.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllccci/7.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllcioi/94.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllccll/3.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllccia/6.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/dlllciow/91.jpg.html
  6. First Picture, i think it is a REAL Crane Just WOW
  7. Polo-Freak

    [MOC] Snow groomer: 42055 C model [WINNER + Redesign]

    Wow thats a massive Groomer Good Job
  8. Polo-Freak

    [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    Impressive Model, very Cool, you nailed it perfect
  9. Polo-Freak

    Technic 2018 set discussion

    My wish is this
  10. Polo-Freak

    [MOC] Ford Focus ST

    @Jeroen Ottens nice Model :-) there are Pics from the Rear View?