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  1. @Ankoku, Thanks. Never crossed my mind...
  2. May be because I am using it for almost 8 years now?
  3. @Paperballpark nice videos and modules. Are these modules coming to PKH in Trontheim, Norway as well? for those who can't get enough of following the blue ball...
  4. A new World Record at LEGO World 2018 in Bella Center in Denmark:
  5. You're welcome ;-)
  6. Our small circuit at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend... As you can see we had a lot of these small skaerbaek2017 modules available. about 190. These were driven by 19 motors, So one motor is driving 10 modules. On LEGO World Copenhagen I will NOT put something like this n the table. Just a max of 20 to show the idea of motorising more modules with just one motor. I also have seen some others who picked up that same idea to use one motor to drive several modules.
  7. lpub 3s doesn't like to use nested call outs like this. You should unpack the yellow call out and get all steps on one page. The red call out can stay as it is: a call out.
  8. Could this part be an alternative:
  9. that's an easy thing to do with small modules and a must do on a small surface...
  10. This weekend I was attending Texels Bouwblokje: