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  1. Maico

    GBC General Discussion

    This video is indeed my video but the GBCoaster is NOT from @shadow_elenter. This one is build by NXTChris...
  2. Maico

    GBC General Discussion
  3. Maico

    GBC General Discussion

    That's easy... Make an early 70's module... Something like this:
  4. Maico

    GBC General Discussion

    You have 4 positions for the axle to put in the universal joint. So you can create 4 fases to spread the load as evenly as possible. Even with 2 positions you are balancing out, because the piston going down is already helping the motor a little bit with gravity and it doesn't have to be pushed upwards...
  5. Maico

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    Today I got some info from Aron Lockhart about fixing the motors. I might try that. I have opened some motors, but never the actual electro motor inside.
  6. Maico

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    @RohanBeckett Oh, I don't know how many motors I have. a couple of hundred?, 4 volt, 12 volt, 9 volt several types, pf motors, mindstorms motors for nxt and ev3... I think this is a nice picture... Ow, these are the motors I have broken in about ten years of building GBC
  7. Maico

    GBC General Discussion

    @Ankoku, Thanks. Never crossed my mind...
  8. Maico

    GBC General Discussion

    May be because I am using it for almost 8 years now?
  9. Maico

    GBC General Discussion

    @Paperballpark nice videos and modules. Are these modules coming to PKH in Trontheim, Norway as well? for those who can't get enough of following the blue ball...
  10. Maico

    GBC General Discussion

    A new World Record at LEGO World 2018 in Bella Center in Denmark: