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  1. Captainowie

    Classic Technic

    It's not terribly difficult to replace the wire in those cables. See here for example. Owen.
  2. Captainowie

    Classic Technic

    I particularly liked how the functions were put together in the instructions - you had to wait until each function was nearly complete before you could see how it worked - for example, there's one spot where you shift one 16t gear one stud along its axle, and all of a sudden two separate drivetrains become one function. There was no reason for the build to do that, other than creating suspense for the builder, and it was wonderful!
  3. Captainowie

    GBC General Discussion

    Nice. Some old favourites in there. Surprisingly large layout, given that the concept was only a couple of years old at that point.
  4. To me, "flying" needs to involve generating lift by passing through the air. A rocket "flies" in the same way that a skimming stone "floats". I also feel it's problematic to allow rockets but ban spaceships.
  5. Captainowie

    Lego GBC Scissor Lift Module

    Ah yep, that'd do it. Thanks.
  6. Captainowie

    Lego GBC Scissor Lift Module

    It's neat, but poorly named - a scissor lift is one of these and that's not what your mechanism does - the pivot point of the arms is behind the point of application of force. Your machine is more like tongs than scissors! The gears on the back stabilisers of the arms; are they just for decoration? I couldn't fathom their function. Owen. (NB I pulled the URL for this image as a result of an image search. I make no promises that the image will be available at any time into the future. I didn't even look at what website it was from.)
  7. Captainowie

    Mining Conveyor belt

    There were a bunch of topics early this year by someone building something similar, you might take some ideas from there.
  8. Captainowie

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Somewhat expanding on the Aircraft suggestions, an idea I had recently is "Machine you'd find at an airport". So if you want to build a plane you can, but if you want to build a road vehicle you could do a terminal-transfer bus, or a baggage cart (either the small push-ones that you use directly, or the larger trolleys that the handlers use to get the bags out to the planes). Or you could do a less conventional vehicle, like the tow cars that they use for push-back, or something with a raising platform to load catering supplies. Or you could do a non-vehicle thing, like a baggage carousel, or an extending airbridge (I've often thought that the new small turntable would serve as a great mount for the wheels).
  9. How big are the loads you're expecting this machine to lift, compared to the weight of the machine? The lifted weight is always well forward of the front of the tracks, so the back had better be damn heavy if you don't want it to tip over. Even so, that's a large amount of force on the (relatively small) front sprockets. Also, you say that the tracks are to "roll over bumps", but bumps imply that this will be used off-road, where you're unlikely to find a nice level spot to set up your lifter. I expect a forked lifter like this won't like not being level.
  10. I searched high and low for pliers with rubber-coated jaws. In the end, I made my own, with a small, cheap pair of pliers and a couple of layers of heatshrink tubing.
  11. Captainowie

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    I'm hoping for some details on the "Functional speedometer built entirely from LEGO Technic elements". Did they just shove a in the dashboard with a long drivetrain to the ... uh... drivetrain? I would love to see a mechanism that can compute rate of rotation, and be accurate over a wide range of angular speeds. Owen.
  12. Captainowie

    [MOC] Mechanical Game of Life

    I normally don't like to reply to posts just to say "that's really cool". But I felt I had to make an exception in this case. This is incredible. Owen.
  13. Captainowie

    GBC General Discussion

    Rohan you forgot the most important thing - we won second prize in the beauty contest exhibitor's choice awards! Here's the graph. The vertical scale is in Balls Per Second, averaged over 15 minutes, and the horizontal axis is in 15-minute tics. Since annotating the graph, we've identified the second mystery Friday dip as the time I made a modification to one of the modules just upstream of the sensor. Owen.
  14. Captainowie

    Non looped chain use.

    A small gear on a locked axle might also work. Page 116 of Toranomaki ( has some examples.
  15. Captainowie

    Technic General Discussion

    I usually do that if I ever find myself building a Mixel. It's surprisingly challenging.