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  1. What you develop will depend on a lot of things: How brief is "brief", and what format will you use? One hour per week for 8 weeks needs a different setup than one 8-hour workshop. What is your goal? Are you trying to teach basic mechanics and using GBC as motivation? Or are you specifically trying to produce GBC builders? What will the assumed knowledge be? An AFOL might already know about how to build sturdy structures, and a high-school student might already know about how gearboxes work. Most of Sariel's The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide will be useful reference material, though the parts descriptions are now a little dated (*shakes fist at LEGO for continually bringing out new parts*). Hope that helps Owen.
  2. Captainowie

    Creating a 2 to 1 Gear Ratio

    The old Technic Turntable Top ( has 56 teeth, and meshes nicely with an 8-tooth gear for a 1-7 ratio. If that's too big, there are other gears with multiples of 7 teeth, including most of the various differentials, the old (and thin and frail) 14-tooth gears, and the newer small turntable.
  3. Captainowie

    GBC General Discussion

    I don't think that's a position that's held by anyone who has actually been involved in organising a multi-hundred module layout - a layout twice the size requires more than twice the effort to pull off. So what do you tell the young builder who's missed out on a spot on this year's workshop, but brought his module from last year? "Sorry, but we already have some of those, you can't display with us this year"? The vast majority of those older modules were still contributions from multiple individuals, rather than one person showing up with a box of identical modules. How do you determine who can participate and who can't? So what counts as "unique"? If I build a workshop module in a different colour scheme, is that unique? What if I add some decorative elements? What about if I make some part substitutions? What if I make a lot of part substitutions (e.g. taking a module that's mostly System bricks with a few Technic parts, and re-implementing it wholly in Technic)? What if I keep the lifting mechanism but change the input and output areas? What if I build my own module that happens to use the same principle? Where do you draw the line between what's the same and what's different?
  4. Captainowie

    GBC General Discussion

    I actually think the yellow bushes give a nice contrast to the rest of the fork. I like them!
  5. The train controller has an onboard bridge rectifier, and will work fine with either AC or DC. I don't know if the Control Centre has a port for external power, but if it does I'd bet it would be the same.
  6. Captainowie

    Brickworld Chicago 2019

    Have/will the instructions (or even a parts list) for the GBC workshop module been released? I didn't register for a spot on the workshop, figuring that there are others more in need of that, but I'd like, if I can, to bring a bag of bits of my own and make one.
  7. There are plenty of (historical) posts of people having done exactly that. If you're careful, you can even do it in such a way as to still allow the box to be used with batteries.
  8. Captainowie

    Lego Motorized vs Manual

    That said, it has been on my TODO list for some time to build a GBC module with a hand crank, that the public turn to make (a small portion of) the GBC move.
  9. Captainowie

    [MOC] Trebuchet

    Ah, true. I wonder now why I thought otherwise.
  10. Captainowie

    [MOC] Trebuchet

    You might find you can get more range (and perhaps less jumping) if you move the pivot point of the throwing arm closer to the weight. That will also allow you to reduce the overall height of the machine.
  11. Captainowie

    [GBC] Need some help please

    The alternate path from the splitter doesn't have to redirect the balls back into the module - you can still keep up the flow rate if you take the alternate stream straight to the output. I don't know what you mean about "starting position", but I think it's worth trying to see if two balls in quick succession break anything when there's already one ball in a bucket. It's such a small modification that you might as well give it a go!
  12. Captainowie

    [GBC] Need some help please

    If you space all the pins on the conveyor further apart, you lose some throughput. But if you move every second pair of pins as close as you can to their neighbours, I think that will give you the effect you desire. E.g. instead of this ....|........|........|........|...., do this ....|..|.............|..|....... One way I can see this failing, though, is if one of your pairs of pins only picks up one ball instead of two from the bottom of the belt, and the next pair of pins picks up two balls. Then your top bucket will get its second and third balls in quick succession. However, that might not be an issue if the bucket accelerates slowly from its resting position. Or, you could incorporate some mechanism into the top bucket such that the ball path is blocked off while the bucket is not in position - some barrier that is linked mechanically to the bucket lever.
  13. Captainowie

    Simulation tool - fishing expedition

    SR3DBuilder does have those capabilities, but that hasn't had any development done since its author passed away some years ago. I don't even know if you can buy a licence for it (for the advanced features) any more. I did download Linkage (, but never got around to using it in anger, so can't offer any thoughts on how good it is. Owen.
  14. Captainowie

    GBC General Discussion

    Damn, beaten to it. I've had a prototype using that mechanism for months that I have yet to find the time to build into a proper module.
  15. Captainowie on Linux

    Aye, it is that. Oh well, thanks for your help.