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  1. [TIP] Slackless gear meshing

    Hmm, you have me doubting myself now. Perhaps the setup I saw had some other element to it - maybe a second axle connecting both gears to the same non-torsioned shaft via two other smaller gears - I honestly can't remember.
  2. [TIP] Slackless gear meshing

    You can also do this with a single drive-train, by using two large (36- or 40-tooth gears) on a long (10+L) axle. You offset the big gears by one tooth, and the torsion in the axle keeps the tension on the drive-train.
  3. Pfft, 30 mins. You know perfectly well that's nowhere near long enough to declare something "perfect" :-)
  4. Or these Or these Or these
  5. [GBC] Counter Module

    I've had vague plans in my head for years to do something like this - I even came up with a linear clutch that fit between stages so that you could adjust/reset the display. I'm disappointed to find out that it doesn't work.
  6. Happy 40th Technic !

    Rear-mounted, air-cooled engine; almost no room in the back; why did I not see this as a body-less Beetle before now?!
  7. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    What would that give you? Yes, it means that you are sure to have some balls passing through to the next module, but then 1) you have fewer balls to play with when there is someone to play, and 2) you have a large ball-sink when there is nobody to play. Much better to be able to choose whether to bypass the ball field.
  8. Question to LDD-builders

    You might get some tips at the LDD forum rather than the Technic forum. But you might find that your problem is that you're using LDD, instead of an LDraw editor geared (pun intended!) towards technic use. I would suggest checking out LDCad - its interface is a little unusual, but it is quite a powerful program. And it's under active development.
  9. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    @mocbuild101 is probably referring to the Bill Bourn Memorial Balldozer, a staple of the North American GBC circuit. You can see it in the latest video from Brickworld Chicago
  10. Scale Modelling Forum needs your input!

    e If you agree that it is a scale model, then it has a place in the scale modeling forum. Otherwise you should change the name of the forum. This will mean some overlap with other forums, but I'd say that if a significant design consideration has been in keeping the relative proportions as close as possible to the same scale over the whole model, then you can display it in the SMF. Size, complexity, functions oughtn't to come into it. As a sub-forum of Technic, then perhaps you could make a case for requiring some level of functionality, given that Technic is all about functions, but for a full-sized forum I think that's too restrictive. I'm in two minds about whether to stipulate that the subject matter should be a real-life object. My first thought was that yes, you need to have something on which to model your model. But then I looked at that fire-truck again. We all agree that this belongs in SMF, but is it based on a real-life vehicle? Probably? Maybe? Who knows? I've certainly never seen a fire-truck like that, but that doesn't mean they don't exist - and even if it doesn't exist, it certainly looks like it could exist. So maybe Didumos' suggestion of "something we can imagine to stumble upon in real life" has merit. But again, suppose someone builds a beautifully proportioned model of something that definitely doesn't exist (I'm struggling to think of something that wouldn't fit in any other forum, maybe a dinosaur or something). Wouldn't we want to see that, too? Actually, the more I think of it, the less sure I am of what SMF is for. Why, for example, would that beautiful fire-truck not belong in the Town forum? Anyway, these are just my two cents. It's not like I'm going to stop lurking solely in the Technic forum, so y'all can just do whatever you want :-) Owen.
  11. Ah, I was wondering why the site doesn't seem to look the same two days in a row! Knowing that it's to troubleshoot a problem means I will stop swearing under my breath at another change. Good luck! Owen.
  12. GBC General Discussion

    Wow, that's a dense layout.
  13. I made something very similar to that, and put it on floats for a LEGO boat race. It came last of the finishers (but at least it finished!) but generated much discussion.
  14. Lego Boost √úbertopic

    It's Turing Complete - what more could anyone want? :-)
  15. GBC General Discussion

    Zamor spheres and the balls that come with Mindstorms have that large indentation. You _can_ make a GBC out of them, but it's trickier.