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  1. Needing to use a screwdriver to change out the batteries seems like a poor move here, LEGO. On a remote that's just sending BT signals or lighting up an IR LED it's fine, but for a battery box that's powering motors we really should be able to change the batteries without tools.
  2. They certainly don't. I know from sitting behind them on the road in Western Australia that the last trailer flaps back and forth quite noticeably.
  3. Captainowie

    41999 can now be built from parts

    Also the wheels with the white trim on the rims.
  4. Captainowie

    GBC General Discussion

    That red tower at ~3.5 minutes looks mighty familiar!
  5. Captainowie

    Need help with a mechanism

    That's true, but when you have two of them joined together like you have, you can arrange them so that differences cancel out: the input axle is at the same angle as the output angle, but the intermediate shaft is different (but you don't care about that one). When you join the two U-joints with the 2L axle, make sure that the slit in the connectors line up. Hope this helps, Owen.
  6. Captainowie

    Need help with a mechanism

    That's partly true. With just one joint, it won't even work theoretically. But you can use two U-joints end-to-end to move rotation 90 degrees just fine, and in situations where the axle needs to be right up against a wall through the whole of its length (i.e. no room for bevel gears) that's probably the best solution. Owen.
  7. I don't think you can expect even identical cylinders to be synchronised unless you connect them together mechanically. Even allowing that they're identical in every respect, _one_ of them is going to start moving first. The air pressure in that cylinder only has to overcome dynamic friction within the cylinder (in addition to whatever load is on the cylinder itself) while the same pressure would have to overcome static friction (which is always greater) in the other cylinder. The result is that the cylinder that starts moving first is going to keep moving. You can, however, use multiple switches to pneumatically synchronise the cylinders. There was a good resource about this on the Internet many years ago, but all I can find now is a page on the Wayback Machine, which has the text but no pictures. If anyone knows of a better location of this information, I'd be very interested. Owen.
  8. The wire I bought when I did this was slightly too thick to reattach the connectors, so I used a sharp knife to take out some of the insulation at the top and bottom of the wire so that you can bend it into the cavity of the connectors. Just be careful not to take so much off that you get a short between the two halves of the wire cable.
  9. Captainowie

    Lego GBC Cardan Lift Miniloop

    I have not found that to be the case. I have a list of ideas as long as your arm. Rather, I've found that the hardest bit is making those ideas standards-conformant and reliable. Of course, if you're doing standalone things like this one, then standards conformance is not an issue. Owen.
  10. Captainowie

    [GBC] Carousel

    In my experience, with very few exceptions, all GBC modules are Friends Logo removers.
  11. Nah, cheap audio sockets are where it's at! :-) Actually, I guess if you connect your power to both the outer wires and the inner wires together, you could use it to either power a motor directly or via an IR receiver. I hadn't considered doing that before.
  12. Captainowie

    Lego GBC Molding Factory Module #2

    Nice. What happens if a ball comes in just as the mould closes, as nearly happens at 0.23? Does the whole machine bind up?
  13. I'd also recommend powering a battery box, rather than powering a PF cable directly. This is so that you can still use other features of the PF system (e.g. IR remote control). It is possible to modify a AA battery box in such a way that you can still use it with batteries. If the AA battery box is too large, I expect it's possible (if a little fiddlier) to also modify the AAA battery box in the same way. Let us know how you get on. Owen.
  14. 24: 10 3: 6 8: 4 2: 3 10: 2 19: 1 Well done everyone.
  15. Glad you got your thing working. Owen.