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    LEGO Masters Reality TV show in the US There have been two series in the UK, and Nate (one of the two series 1 winners) was even in Billund at the Event (with YOU! ) in 2018, along with JanetVanD and son, who also progressed pretty far in the first series (IIRC). So you have even met people who've been in it and won it!
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    Flickr Tutorial

    Flickr seems to change so often that it's hard to keep up with all of its functions. There have been a number of questions about deeplinking from Flickr recently, so I hope people find this short tutorial helpful. I have included TWO ways of sharing pictures from Flickr in this tutorial; using the "Share" button and through the "Download" button. Embedding pictures using the "Share button. Embedding pictures using the "Download" button. Feel free to post questions about Flickr here and anyone can answer them. For any other questions, ie anything not relating to flickr, please check the FAQ tab in the upper right of the forum, or post in the HELP! ! ! topic here in Forum Information and Help.
  3. Not as quickly as I planned to come back, but these things happen. Hinckley, thank you so much for such a wonderful game. It was beautiful and hilarious and I am always smitten by them. I loved the hilarious cutscenes and titles with "secret" information that still didn't change the game. Your hosting is always excellent, thank you so much for all that you do. You are mature, that's what matters, not your age right now. You're a good player and you played well. Even good players get frustrated and drawn into the mafia experience, what takes real maturity is to recognise where you got frustrated and apologise as you have. It looks like you have the right temperament for the courses you'll be taking. I hope you'll return to playing mafia when you're ready. You played incredibly well, and I agree with Bob that I can see exactly why you made the choices you did. I really don't think you should berate yourself like this, it's not on you. I think you're a great player, for what it's worth. Oh Fangy, this makes me so sad, as I am largely responsible for your death. I really did think you were scum, though, and I got that very wrong. I really enjoyed playing scum in this game, because it's fun to be scum (sometimes) but we also got to do some scum-hunting ourselves, with decidedly mixed results! The anonymous set up was an absolute revelation for me. It's not as if I haven't played it before, but with signing up privately I felt immune to metagaming. The temptation (for me, at least) is to try to match the people signed up with with the characters, and often you get it right, so it's not necessarily that anonymous anymore. I would much rather play anonymous games, and I'm tempted to suggest that they become the norm, really. A note on scum having two final actions; I always considered that factional abilities were swapped around and designated abilities were not. So with this game, our day block and kill could be swapped around, they were factional, so it was only right that the last member of the faction have access to all of them, and I assume the same was true for the monsters. In a scum team of 1)Blocker, 2)Rolecop, 3)Goon, 4)Goon, 5)Goon with a factional kill (usually performed by the Goons) then when left with only 1) they can block and kill, only 2) they can rolecop and kill, and when left with just a Goon, they can only kill. I believe this is standard. Oh, and I'm happy to post the Hellions board.
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    [REVIEW] 75810 - The Upside Down

    Thank you Makoy, for such an amazing review! The amount of time you must have spent to write and photograph something as good as this is astounding, and I am in absolute awe. Not only that, but you have expertly tied the review in with the show to make it great for those of us who have seen the show, but also made it a fantastic review for those who haven't. Thank you so much for this! This is a spectacular set and I can't wait to add it to my collection. The colour palettes for both sides are just wonderful, and really evoke the design from the show. I love the fact that they've included Eggos for Eleven and I'm in love with the dark blue plant leaves pieces, but I agree this set needed Steve and his baseball bat full of nails. I can see, though, that with Steve you need Nancy and Jonathan (both of whom I would also have liked) and I guess they just had to draw a line somewhere. I love the design of this set, and that you can fully display all of it either way up. It is a shame they had to make compromises, but I guess that's just what they are; I agree with your conclusions overall and I also applaud the designer on a job very well done. I'm so glad you reviewed this Makoy, thank you.
  5. REVIEW: New LEGO Store - Leicester Square, London RLUG Preview Event 16/11/16 There's a new store in London Town, which is the company's 14th brand retail store in the UK, and the 37th in the world. It is now the largest LEGO store in the world, occupying 914 square meters over two storeys. This is the UK's flagship LEGO store and joins two existing stores in London. The LEGO Group hosted an RLUG event to allow fans a sneak preview of the surprises they had planned for this new store. Peppermint_M and I went along representing Eurobricks. The two existing stores are located in shopping centres to the East and West of this massive city, and they're nice enough stores, but there's nothing specific to draw you to them, obviously aside from the LEGO! This brand-spanking new store is slap-bag in the middle of Central London, situated as it is on the Western side of Leicester Square. It is undeniably prime real-estate, being so close the major cinemas which host the London Premieres of Hollywood (and British) films, and it is in the heart of tourist attractions, being on the short walk from Covent Garden through Leicester Square to Piccadilly Circus. When we visited, it was the day before the Grand Opening, and the store is all wrapped up like a ginormous LEGO set. There's just a slit in the covering (guarded by security) through which to gain access. As we arrived, people were already gathering, and it was clear that the massive covering over the store was drawing a lot of attention from passers-by. As I mention, the store is right on Leicester Square itself, in fact taking up a corner of the square. This is looking over Leicester Square; the greenspace is taken up with a festive pop-up, and the building on the far side is one of the major cinemas to regularly host Hollywood film premieres. But enough about the outside, anyone can see that. What's it like inside? Well, we just had to show our tickets and hand over our NDA and slip through the gap in the covering... To a round of applause. Absolutely every single person who came through the doors got a round of applause, which is possibly the least British thing to do! This did rather have a tendency to flummox people, who were somewhat bewildered at their applause. It was, however, the beginning of a continued effort from all at TLG to make us all feel welcome and comfortable. Once our bewilderment passed, the next emotion was probably awe, as this store is a sight to behold. Before we could strike out and explore, we were warmly welcomed by one of our favourite Danes. And told to behave. Anyone who remembers KimT from the Star Wars forum will know exactly what I'm talking about. We were also welcomed by Glenn Abell, the Vice President of D2C (Direct to Consumer) EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), with whom we also had chance to briefly chat. He was a lovely gentleman to talk to, and he spoke openly about the various work the team had put in in order to ready the store for opening. Something that really resonated with Peppermint_M and myself in our brief interview with him was how he spoke of collaboration. To him, the achievement of opening such a large and exciting store was truly built upon the foundation of collaboration; ideas and suggestions came from all quarters which were gradually refined, improved and implemented. Back to our impressions, and at first it was quite difficult to really see much of the store itself, as there were so many people present. There were over a hundred guests, with the LEGO company team, the store staff and, as we were soon to find out, a bevvy of waiters and waitresses handing out cakes, scones and other sweet treats. There is so much in the store that truly identifies it as London, and there are so many lovely details. Here on the ground floor there is a London Underground Tube themed area, with London Underground signage, including overhead countdown displays, brick built Tube station signs, a brick built London Underground map (which you'll see in a moment) and... Is that a life-sized LEGO model of a London Underground Tube carriage?? Yes. Yes it is. Complete with Shakespeare, a Coldstream Guard a footballer (soccer player) and of course, the Queen. Oh my. There is even a seat for you to sit on, and an ideal photo opportunity. The store staff, who are incredibly friendly, will happily offer to take your picture any time you stray too near this magnificent structure. The Tube carriage was built in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) and the model stands at 2 metres high and 5 metres long! It is composed of 637,902 LEGO bricks, weighs 2126Kgs and took 3399 hours to build. It's also pretty much spot on. Understandably, sections are partitioned with colourless perspex, but you can still see the detail and the characters. It really is quite something. There's also humour! It's great to be able to walk right up to the front of this incredibly built train and peer inside and spot - oh look! There's Robin Hood! Another well known Tube commuter! Next to the Tube train is the brick-built Tube map I mentioned. It is really focusing on the most central part of London, but it has all the stations labelled for the areas it shows. Including, much to my (and probably a few other people's) amusement: Mornington Crescent station. It's beautifully done, and has details of the sights to be seen around the numerous stops, and also features lights behind some of the Tube lines, which move along as though they are trains. This was made from 16,500 LEGO bricks and took 90 hours to build. I doubt they just made it up as they went along, though, and like everything the design will have taken a significant amount of time. A considerably more cheery (and considerably less lackadaisical) Tube driver (with the LEGO Trains logo! ) than the driver of the train stands nearby to greet you and amiably pose for photos with you. He only has one pose, though, and he's not very chatty. Next to the Tube section is a rather large Build a Minifigure 'Tower', complete with four different talking LEGO Minifigures: Lester (who we'll meet later, but you can see him everywhere), a Royal Guard (Coldstream Guard), Bobby the Policeman (geddit?) and Sherlock Holmes. The company have wisely allowed a huge amount of space around this area. Indeed, this was something that was most noticeable (and commented on by KimT) that there really is a sense of space in this store. I doubt there will be that sense again, as I imagine it will be packed out every moment it's open, but at least there is space to start off with. So one of the exciting products available here is the new London Skyline Architecture set. It will be on general release from January 2017, but for now, if you want one then this is where you need to be. If you want more details about this exciting new set, then checkout Bob De Quatre's rather spiffy review. Just finish reading this first. Not only is the set here, but also the designer! Here is Rok Žgalin Kobe himself signing sets for those of us who purchased one. He was a very nice chap, although he seemed overwhelmed by the attention he was receiving. Attention well-deserved, in my opinion. Well known LEGO designer Jamie Berard was also here, designer of the iconic 10253: CREATOR Big Ben set (amongst so many other things). There were plenty of those sets here, despite it showing as 'Hard to Find' on Shop@Home, so another reason to make a trip here, maybe? There are a few other things here to talk about. Firstly, there's the Passport booth. Glenn Abell told us that he was pleased to bring a fun idea that had worked so well in the United States over to this store in the UK. It really is a fun concept - everyone gets their own passport, and you can add your own picture, customising it with LEGO stickers. Then, as you move around the store, there are store employees who have different stamps (three in total), so as you visit each section you get a stamp. I know my kids go crazy over stickers and stamps, so I can see why this has been such a success across the pond, and I'm sure it will continue to be so here. Now the other thing to mention is the wall behind the passport booth. Here's another picture: The attention to detail with this store is wonderful. There are bits of the masonry "chipped away" to reveal what's supposed to look like LEGO bricks. It's just another really cool detail, but there are some waaaay cooler things yet to see... Before we head up the stairs, just the other side of the lift (elevator) we can meet Lester, the store's mascot. Lester evokes a traditional British aesthetic; with his Union Flag waistcoat, Savile Row suit, bowler hat and umbrella, he looks every bit the City Gent. He has his own podium, in a special corner, complete with papparazzi background. He stands at 1.2 metres tall (on top of his 30cm high plinth) and comprises 24,500 LEGO bricks. Glenn Abell mentioned that this is the first time a store has had a mascot. He was never really meant to be much, just a figure for the store, but an energy and focus developed around him, so much so that he now also has his own minifig. An incredibly rare and hard-to-come-by minifig, but it's never been done before. I got the sense that Lester has become the heart and spirit of the store; another member of the team, if you will. The nice thing about this little area is that it's great for having your picture taken, and of course there is an ever-obliging store team member ready to offer to help if you're nearby. Those of us who attended this event were given two scratch cards. One had a rare opportunity to win a Mosaic from the new Mosaic Maker (more later) or 40139: Gingerbread House. The other had a rare opportunity to win a Lester minifig or a 30472: CREATOR Parrot polybag. I went away with a 40139: Gingerbread House and a Lester minifigure, and I'm pretty happy about that! As you can see, he's a limited edition, but nowhere near all of them were given out at the event. Now the store is open, the scratch cards are still being given away after a large purchase, and they have the exact same chance of winning. So the opportunity to obtain a Lester is still there, but once the 275 of them are gone, they're gone... Just next to Lester, and coming back round to the entrance, we have this cheeky chappie. Apparently a High Court Judge with a side-line in pie-throwing. He's another magnificent build, but what he's peering round the edge of is truly spectacular... It's difficult to get the whole model in, because it's huuge! It's a 1:15 scale model of Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower; Big Ben really being the bell) and it stands at 6.5 metres high, reaching right up to the second floor. The level of detail is incredible; it's built out of 344,020 LEGO bricks, weighs 1,035 Kgs and took six builders 2,735 hours to complete. It is truly stunning, and it even features a working, backlit clock - it chimes every hour with a replica sound of the real Big Ben bell. It, like other areas of the store, has a corresponding Tube stop, namely Westminster, appropriately. Even from the second floor it's difficult to encapsulate the magnitude of this build, and you can see more brick-built London figures at the base. From this vantage you can also see the beautiful London Underground store entrance archway. Built in the style of real London Underground signage with "cast iron" street lamps, it stands at 4.2 metres high (so you won't bump your head when you pass under it) and is composed of 81,100 LEGO bricks. it does provide a magical entrance to the store, and marks a great beginning to a very London-themed experience. The raised lettering of the signage is just lovely, and like all the other models is very slickly designed and built. Behind the sign you can also see the familiar coils of a store regular... Here he is! Brickley! And he's been given a British makeover too. Just like Lester, every bit the British City Gent, Brickley now sports an umbrella, a monocle and of course a bowler hat. He's actually three separate builds; his tail is somewhere over Lester. All-in, he's 250,785 LEGO bricks. Brickley guards the corner next to the Tube carriage, so now we should head on up those stairs. But you don't get very far, because as soon as you look up the stairs (to see where you're going) your eyes are assaulted in the most pleasant way. All around the stairwell is a magnificent, enormous, 3D LEGO mosaic of the London skyline. It is so vibrant and detailed, and because it's 3D it really comes to life. The perspective is wonderfully done and the designers have tackled the fact it continues around a corner incredibly well. There are 265,557 LEGO bricks in this mosaic, and there's a good vantage point out of the way of traffic on the second floor from which to admire it. If you've ever travelled on London Underground (particularly Bank station) you may be familiar with the 'Mind the Gap' recorded announcements. It has become somewhat of a meme, and having a nod to this brick built into the floor by the lift (elevator) access on the upper floor will likely raise a smile to those familiar with it. The lift itself is even designed to look like a Tube carriage. Now possibly one of the most exciting NEW features in this store is the Mosaic Maker. I understand that just installing this machine on the upper floor was one of the biggest challenges of the whole store design and execution. It's a brand new experience - it works like a photo booth initially, but having captured your image it converts it into a mosaic. In under ten minutes the machine produces printed instructions, and the bricks required, for you to create your own mosaic of yourself! Leicester Square is the first store in the world to provide this unique experience, but I doubt it will be the last. Tucked away in another corner is yet another British icon brought to life in LEGO bricks. 20,700 LEGO bricks to be precise, and all these touches keep reminding you (in case you should ever forget) that you are in the very heart of London. There's bags of space on the upper floor, just as there is on the ground floor. Here there's also a 'U' shape of 'Master Builder Playtables' - essentially an opportunity for children to get their hands on bricks and build according to their inspiration. Additionally this area will play host to Certified LEGO Master Builders, who are to scheduled to visit to inspire children's creativity and share their tips and tricks. I suspect they may well be just as popular with AFOLs as with children. If there weren't so much space in this store then you'd be tripping over the brick-built British icons. Or falling into, in the case of this life-sized telephone box. Sadly the real thing is quite rare out on the streets of the UK these days, but there still are some around - quite a few are used as libraries. No, really, they are. This is a wonderful model, that you can walk (or fall) into and I swear I heard it ringing. The details are just great including the decoration on the roof interior, the crown, lettering and the relief work on the sides. The whole thing stands at 2.6 metres tall and was built using 220,470 LEGO bricks. Not every model in the store has to be a British cultural icon, and one of the arguably most successful themes for LEGO is represented too. I'm really pleased it's not another Stormtrooper, as I'm getting rather used to seeing those wherever there's a large amount of LEGO for sale. Don't get me wrong, I like a Stormie, but having R2D2 is way cooler, and he lights up too. I think R2 will be right at home in Leicester Square. LEGO are really tapping into the tourist aspect of London with this store. I think that's been pretty evident so far, but the grouping of so many Brit-centric sets with a sign advising that they offer a Hotel Delivery Service really drives the point home. It's probably also useful to know this if any of you are planning to visit the store (and you should!) The wall murals just keep on with the theme, and a Routemaster bus will tug at the heartstrings of any Londoner whilst the big red bus is well-known all over the world. "There's a chicken on that bus." says Pep. "Uh huh. London." I reply. There is so much new technology plugged into this store; here you can see the giant tablet. TLG call it the "Digital Endless Isle" and the store employees are really keen to give you a tutorial in how to use it, but you really don't need one. If you have the technological savvy to be reading this article in the first place, you'll be fine. It's just a giant touch screen and you just touch what you want and you can find out about available sets and call up all the information you can usually find on Shop@Home. There's also a "Request Assistance" button which, when pressed, sends a message to the smart watches of store staff who will come and help you. I would, however, be amazed if someone hadn't already approached you to try to help you anyway, before you get to that point. Now is a great time to talk about the staff at the store. Every single person was incredibly friendly and enthusiastic; really warm and welcoming and so smiley. Talking to them, every one was so happy and excited to be working there (one young woman told me she cried when she got the job!), and spoke highly of how they are encouraged to grow and be welcoming rather than follow a script. I think a large part of the great experience at this store will be down to the staff, and in this area TLG have nailed it, because the staff were absolutely great and it sounds like the company nurtures this. Conclusion LEGO have gone all out with this store. It's their largest store to date, and the Flagship store in the UK, and they really have made it a destination store. It's just as exciting for someone who lives in London as it is for a tourist visiting from any part of the world, and they've absolutely gone to town with jam-packing LEGO brick built British cultural icons into the very large space. There's such innovation here, with the very first Mosaic Maker and the Digital Endless Aisle, plus there's also a LEGO Minifigure Scanner (which we didn't see, because the store was covered) which is an interactive experience outside the store where people can (apparently) find out which LEGO Minifigure they are. Add to that the truly incredible decorative and interactive models (five tonnes in total; over 1.7 million LEGO bricks) in a fabulous location in the heart of the most touristy part of London, with fun activities like the Passport system and Master Builder Playtables alongside a ginormous variety and abundance of actual LEGO sets. We had a fabulous experience there, and I must thank TLG for hosting a sneak preview for fans, and for inviting us. Clearly a huge amount of effort was put into creating the store, and also hosting the event, and it really paid off. So overall, is it worth visiting the Largest LEGO Store In The World, in one of the most exciting, diverse, vibrant, iconic, historic and beautiful tourist destination cities in the world? Well, only you can decide for yourself, but I'm certain I'll be back. Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear your comments.
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    [MOC] Triphena the Unicorn

    This is very cute and beautifully done!
  7. Pandora


    It looks like you and your daughter had a wonderful time building this and there are many details to appreciate here. Steampunk traditionally goes in Sci-Fi rather than Town, so I shall move it over there.
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    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Welcome to the Reviewers Academy.
  9. I would be willing to help you do this. It will be as-and-when I am available, but I believe it is a great project, and I sort of asked for it in the first place! The potential sticking points will be identifying all RA reviewers, checking at what point a member joined the RA and verifying which of their reviews are RA. It might also be interesting to note bronze, silver and gold reviews also, which wouldn't take too much effort on top. Happy to discuss anything further, and please feel free to PM me.
  10. The sidebar is indeed a representation of the user right now, and you are correct in your logic regarding the reviews - for instance a few of my reviews were made before I joined the RA, thus they are not RA reviews. We try to put the RA logo at the top of RA reviews, but sometimes we forget. So yes, that review by JackJonespaw you linked to is indeed an RA review, but there isn't a logo. I fear we might be asking you the impossible to segregate RA reviews, or if not impossible, then very difficult without more input from us. Even going by author will lead to errors without knowing which reviews by that author are RA. I am willing to help, time permitting, but I suspect it will require a lot of manual checking one way or another.
  11. This is a masterclass on how to present an LEGO Ideas submission on EB:- Lots of great pictures with a good amount of text to explain a bit about it. Well done on another beautiful build. This engine is aesthetically lovely, and I really like how the sides of the wagon drop down. Adding the tools and flora to the set turn this from a very nice model into a playset, and essentially gives it dual appeal. Your choice of Minifigs suit the build extremely well, and in the last picture it looks like the engine has escaped from some sort of Wild West themed fair to run riot on the streets of your modular builds! Good luck with Ideas.
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    Girls, stand up !

    *Waves magic wand* Consider yourself Enpinkenated! Welcome to the Ladies' Group Skye.
  13. So I had a look through and I've identified a few reviews of mine that are missing (sorry): 41041 - Turtle's Little Paradise, 41042 Tiger's Beautiful Temple, 41043 Penguin's Playground (Triple Review) 41005 - Heartlake High 41007 - Heartlake Pet Salon 70706 - Crater Creeper 3629 - Barney Bear 329 - Bernard Bear And His Delivery Lorry and 21013 - Big Ben which was a joint review with Rufus (and it's not on his profile either). As suspected, they all do have "review" in their title, so I don't know why the search didn't pick them up. I note that there's another 21013 review from EB in your dataset (produced after ours), but I presume you would include all reviews, regardless of duplication?
  14. This is an absolutely phenomenal build, and to have won is also icing on the cake! Huge congratulations to all the builders for your incredible hard work, it really is astonishing. There's so much to love, but the Water Realm, Nebula Realm and Nature Realms - just gorgeous, and they all look so good in World of Lights. The whole is a fantastic idea and it's been executed brilliantly, I really cannot praise you all enough. I'll echo what Pep has said and agree that this really is something for everyone at Eurobricks to be proud of as it represents our best qualities of collaboration, cooperation, creativity and joy. Also, thank you for the brilliant write up @Captain Nemo! @Hinckley, congratulations on winning Brickworld Master, best Sea Vessel and Best Large Building along with the group win - a seriously impressive haul of trophies! Well done everyone!
  15. Wha....? This is quite remarkable. I will echo Pep's request for reviews by theme (and I don't know if you'd be able to do it by host subforum) but I also wonder if you've done any data crunching with regards to the Reviewers Academy and RA Approved Reviews? @WhiteFang and @Rufus I think you should stop by here. Thank you for this work Linus. Astonishing. EDIT: I also notice that a few of my reviews are not in the database, and I know I do (I really do, being an RA Teacher!) put "Review" in the title, and there shouldn't be any broken images, only proper reviews.
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    [MOC] Submarine House

    That is a very nice solution to an unusual problem! The build as a whole fits incredibly well into your seaside layout, which is wonderful by the way. Shaping the roof like a pirate hat gives a lovely curve against the dormer windows, and coupled with the porthole windows on the lower layer gives a true nautical feel to the build. The style of architecture also matches that of the submarine itself, also. Some lovely features, really great work, thank you for sharing!
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    Jo, Jo & Mike's Ice Cream Parlour

    It's almost like I hear my name... Big thanks to @Bricked1980 for helping @craigslegostuff out there. This is an intriguing Modular MOC, and there's a lot to like about it. I'd love to see more, so would you be able to post some more pictures here please? (I know I can click through to flickr, but posting more pics will draw in more readers, and I'd genuinely like to see more of this MOC.) From what I can see, your daughter is very lucky to be able to claim this! I would echo a lot of what has already been said, but also add (and it's really a small point) there's something just right in how you've posed the figures at the front. Great touch.
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    EB Members Title Archive

    It was meant in good humour, so I'm pleased you see it that way.
  19. Pandora

    HELP! ! !

    There are numerous threads about System parts. There's an index in the General LEGO Discussion forum, pinned to the top, and within that index there's an exhaustive list of topics regarding parts, sets, collections etc. The Technic thread covers a number of parts-related topics that are listed in the index (blue section, here), so it will really depend if you want advice to identify a part, or if you want to discuss cleaning or storage or stickers or weight of parts etc. Even the index itself makes interesting reading. Enjoy!
  20. Pandora

    EB Members Title Archive

    Oh crikey, there's been a flurry! Admittedly, I shoulder some blame. Anyhoo, I think I may have missed noting quite a few of my titles, which makes me very sad, as my last post (about my own title) was way back here. Broke Quarry's Heart - I did. It was made of LEGO, so it was fine and he made a complete recovery. Better, even. I can't remember when or the circumstances, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was Rick who gave me that title. Now with added swearing - a title I had for the briefest of times, less than 24 hours. Courtesy of Rufus. Previously semi-retired and now back with more action - quite clearly, I've been Fangied!
  21. And this is so awesome, as (due to running after children!) I haven't taken nearly so many pictures as I thought, so other people taking a ton of pictures is just wonderful! Thank you for those Fangy! Here's my hodge-podge of pictures on my flickr.
  22. If you're a fan of Modular Buildings, then this MOC has two buildings in one, with tons of detail in both. Bricked1980 brings us this Post Office and Fish & Chip shop hybrid to add to his ever-increasing line of Modulars. Head on over to the Town Forum for a better look at the buildings, their interiors, and the Post Office Van!
  23. Pandora

    2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think a very, very large part of the Friends line is used by City builders to expand their townscape, and many Friends builders are building their own version of Heartlake City, be it with Modulars or an alternate townscape, so I can see that these polybags would be a great way to boost detail in either. The appeal of the polybags to City builders is that the parts add the detail that is most easily found in Friends sets, without the purchasers having to deal with lime green or orange or magenta so much. They are not dissimilar to these sets released last year:
  24. Pandora

    2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hello everybody. I know some of the pictures of the 2018 second wave sets have been knocking around in dark corners of the internet for a while... For ease of reference I have added High-Res pictures of (pretty much) all the sets to the first post of this thread. The second wave sets were on sale in Billund when I was there the other day, and indeed are now also on sale in my local supermarket (UK). Reviews from all quarters will not be too far behind I'm sure, and I'm hoping to do a couple myself as I seem to have acquired a few sets. There really are some lovely sets in this wave, and the go-karting subtheme is a really interesting direction, I think.