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    LEGO Masters US Show

    You're welcome. I lurk in this topic from time to time, and I knew we had the tag - it seemed like an excellent match. Congratulations on your great work on the show.
  2. Well, I said if you were scum you deserved the win @Darkdragon well played, and thank you to you and @Lind Whisperer for stepping in and keeping the game going. It was awesome of both of you to do that. I think that was my first @Bob game; thanks for hosting Bob, and thanks for letting me play. @KotZ it's possible you might think I have some vendetta against you (you might not think that, I dunno) but I can honestly assure you I don't. I felt super bad going after you two games in a row, and even worse when you came back town, sorry man. @Hinckley you get to keep the ice tray and at least I wrote you a play. Wanna go halves on some therapy? Good game everyone. I don't think I have the time and energy to play the next game, but I think maybe @Rufus might be interested.
  3. Oh yay, another wall of text from Deanna. I'm not going to answer everything in your endless, waffley, scummy ravings, but I have a couple of points: ... you still go on about it. You've danced up and down about me being certain and definite and it turns out I'm not and I wasn't. But you still waffle on about how I might be. ...Yeah WIFOM alert, but.... wouldn't I be more careful if I were scum TM Deanna Troi Ah, so going back and looking at things in more detail is actually acceptable, despite you trying to paint it as unacceptable when I do it. You voted to extend the day first, what do you want? A medal? You don't vote to extend the day on your own, and I voted just the same: Day Six - Deanna, Riker Day Five - Deanna, Picard, Wesley (I even put them in chronological order) Day Four - Deanna, Wesley, Picard, Forg Day Three - Deanna, Forg, Wesley, Riker Day Two - Deanna, Wesley, Forg, Picard, Data Day One - Deanna, Data, Wesley, Geordi, Picard I didn't bother today because I didn't need to because it had already been achieved. Like I said, it didn't matter to you whether you prevented the night kill or not as long as you weren't the one being lynched. One dead townie is as good as another for you! You still haven't responded about your blatant lies about me being involved with the end of Day Three. I do indeed want Riker's vote to stay on you, because I think you are scum and I know I am town, and I have considered Riker a million times (ok, maybe slight exaggeration there, but still) and on balance I don't think he's anywhere near as scummy as you are. I don't know how many times I need to say this.
  4. I'm just going to requote myself here: Deanna, can you count? "The fact that Riker.... and the actions of Picard... in conjunction with Data... well, that's one definite town and two likely townies." The definite townie is Data, because he's dead and confirmed to be town, something I didn't know he was until after he died, unlike you. The two likely townies are Riker and Picard (oh lookie here, I'm talking about Riker!) and then I say I know I'm town, and I thought you were up until then, so that's what made me think it must be Forg. No definite ideas about any living players and a natural and logical evolution of ideas. I've mentioned Riker plenty, and I've mentioned why I don't think Riker is scum and why I do think you are. Saying the opposite doesn't make it true. I've said that I think Riker is playing a great town game and that if he really is scum then he absolutely deserves the win. I've even already mentioned it today, and I've mentioned it on previous days. I'm looking at your words because you are the one who is arguing with me and the one who I think is scum. I've been talking about events from previous days, Day One and Day Three immediately spring to mind as other days I have mentioned already today, but I've looked at all of them today, so yes, I am looking outside of your words and outside of today. I've been talking about all sorts of other players when relevant, but sadly they are gone now and I'm here arguing with you. This isn't cruising it's exasperating, and I think I'm doing more than "just enough". Neither am I. It makes about as much as me saying that you saying "hardcore" pings me too. Which is no sense, in case I'm not being clear. You're saying my behaviour isn't consistent with what? Previous games? That's pretty much the definition of metagaming right there. And I have certainly had my doolally moments with crazy theories before, but even so, what's the harm in speculation? And once again, you think I'm scum because you think I'm scum and I'm not playing the way you think town Wes would play. What game would I be trying to figure out if it's all so obvious? I have, however, made huge efforts to find the second scum, whilst simultaneously having to argue with virtually everyone about why I am actually town and not scum. Not "flowing" and "stilted" my arse. Your posts have been full of so much extraneous crap and waffle you have confused things far more than clarified them. This is breathtaking. I have had intermittent suspicions of you since Day One, but as is normal they have waxed and waned and are interpreted relative to one's suspicions of others. You're saying I should have been just as suspicious of you on Day One as I am of you now? I bring this up now because it's in the context of me believing more strongly you are scum, and I have to find someone suspicious because there's a remaining scum to find (and thinking there isn't a remaining scum to find is, apparently, crazy, and I've stated several times that I find you scummier than Riker). You're basically describing me having a theory, that theory being tested and proved wrong and me going back to find another theory that fits better with the new information available. You're saying I'm town, thank you. Well, you said yourself that one of your best points for showing your "towniness" was how you saved the town from you killing them at night by killing them in the day. You weren't planning on coming back to that? You're not going to answer the bit where you lied about me being involved with the end of Day Three? Me too. Yet here we are.
  5. Except I am and I have been considering the possibility Riker might be scum, and consistently on balance you come out much scummier. Nobody has ever been solidly in any column, and I've made plenty of comments on my views of Riker. Riker's very first post, when it wasn't even this Riker, was to come in and reassess the situation and vote in a completely different direction when, if Riker were scum, he would have known his team-mate was about to be lynched and would want to blend in with the crowd and be on that bandwagon. You, on the other hand, voted for Bev immediately when you saw something super-scummy (and that explanation is a fudge) and apparently completely didn't notice that Forg had voted, no sirree sir, because if you did acknowledge that Forg had voted first you realise it would lend a lot of weight to us realising you bussed your team-mate. Well, I think I've just responded to a lot of this: I haven't put anyone in any definite anything, so I don't know where you're getting this from. Is this one of those things where you think if you say it often enough people will actually believe you? And I have said that pretty much everyone has voted for me at one point or another, so yes the people I've suspected have voted for me. I have indeed suspected people, raised my suspicions and made cases and voted accordingly. That really is actually how "to play a game where our only tool is our vote". You keep talking about Day Three and how it was insane, and you are neurotic about it and it makes you cringe. Riker, just go back and read what happened (if you haven't already) and you will see for yourself. In a game where multiple people have voted for me on multiple days, almost anybody I make a case against could be described as such. I have a natural tendency, and I know I am not alone in this, to suspect people who try very hard to get me lynched, when I know I am Town. Call that elaborate OMGUS if you want, but you yourself have pointed out that we don't have night actions to inform us, we must go by the information that's posted in the threads. You have bemoaned the fact that you can't lynch me on your own, even though you have often left it to others to front the charge. You follow them with a hand-wringing exercise of "it probably is, but it might not, but yes you're right it is". I can't lynch people on my own either, as it happens. I have been out making cases, pushing forwards and not hedging my bets like you, but I am not responsible for other people's votes, and I certainly don't hold as much sway as you do. You can ridicule me for this if you want, but I don't think pouring scorn on someone for thinking is helpful. Maybe it's obvious to you, and you don't need to consider how the game works. You have certainly come up with crazy hypotheses in previous games. If you really think it's silly, that's fine, you can just say that, but it seems absurd to accuse me of being scum for it. Ok, I've said it before and I'll say it again and try to make it clearer: Forg the Mighty (no sarcasm) made a case for Bev that consisted of what seemed like three things - a) the comment about bad logic, b) needlessly voting to extend the day and c) voting for an absent player (Riker). The comment about bad logic does not appear to be the thrust of the accusation, what with the jokey "Wut? OMG it was a trap! " from Forg, and yet somehow, without reading Forg's post, you picked up on the "bad logic" comment and immediately just had to vote for him before doing anything else. And I don't think it's unusual, when bussing one's teammate, to attempt to distance oneself and dissociate oneself from them, hence the "didn't even know her character name when I voted". Again with this Pro-Town thing, like it's a mask you wear. Whoopee, you've extended days, so have I. Like I said, I didn't see the point in you even mentioning this. So you've been saving the town from having the scum killing at night, which is absolutely no problem for you to do when all you have to do is vote out a townie. If you'd been hammering scum to save the town from a night kill (and before you start shrieking I know Bob said there's only one scum) then this would be an actual point. Saving the town from losing a townie at night by losing one in the day is super easy if you're scum. No, just busy. Deanna is an incredible player and not being here gave her an opportunity to respond to you without being unchallenged by me, which she took advantage of (and I don't blame her). I would rather have been here, frankly, but there we go. It would appear I misrepresented it by not including that one small post, which was also equivocal, that occurred prior to the post I was talking about. The rest of it still stands. "The vote tally today seems like Beverly is still in the game." - that's what you said and why I said "You know she's gone, right?". It seemed like you missed her. Scummy old Bev could still only vote for one person, so there's really only so far she could spread her vote, so it's just an odd association. My ping of you, pinged you. How fun. So I'm scummy for voting for someone you apparently found scummy? If Data's behaviour bugged you the most that day, why were you voting for me? And what does me switching from Picard to Data have to do with this? Are you kidding me? You've had many conversations with Riker just in this game about how people follow your vote (like you didn't already know). You are trying to claim you couldn't convince someone to vote for the most-voted-for person in this game? That's almost hilarious. No, it's a hypothetical and a reasonable one at that. Especially if you go back and re-read what happened. Forg said that your unwillingness to vote for me and continue to keep me around was what made him think you were scum. I'm not sure how this even helps - you get to either lynch me, or lynch Data or have a no-lynch where you can kill someone at night - any way it goes you get to kill off a townie. The big benefit in not lynching me after all is that I become the yardstick by which to judge everybody else. You get to say "I think X is scummier than Wes, even though I think Wes is scum, despite him defending himself against the initial ridiculous accusation, so we'll lynch X today" and rinse and repeat. It is the fallacy of continuing to say you think I'm scum for something that's already been defended. After you had said you'd do it yourself. Like an "I will, will you?" "So do you think other people will join us if we do it?" If at that point you had said "Nah, I think we should just lynch Wes like we planned and then lynch Data tomorrow if we're still here. Let's not risk there being a night-kill" I believe Picard would have said that you were right and done so. We're back to me being so stupid as to say what I said about Beverly, in the context of her being my scum mate, on Day One, but so 'expert' as to be able to convince you otherwise for several game days. But you've also wanted to lynch me every day too. Because I'm so scummeh. I wasn't in the middle of this at all. You've lied about this before and you're lying about it again. I don't even appear on page 3 of that day. My last post where I quote Forg (the one to which you are referring) was me answering his accusations of me, not the other way around. At the end of the post I questioned his towniness, which is kinda common in a game like this, especially when you're Town and you feel persecuted. That is so very far from what you attest.
  6. Ok, so it's interesting to read the different takes on me. One seems to reasonably reflect what I've said and done, and one... really doesn't. Now, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I'm Town, so when that happens I have to wonder if the inaccurate account is because someone is dumb, desperately misguided, or just trying to save their own hide and get me lynched. Deanna is certainly not dumb, and I doubt she is misguided either. Deanna had, by her own confession, been around stalking Riker and yet she waited to see what Riker would do before re-launching her attack on me. I'm not going to go point to point because I'm exhausted, but I do need to respond to some things. You can't lynch me by yourself indeed, and I can't lynch anyone else by myself either. I'm not going to vote for myself, so I think it's pretty understandable I would look to people other than myself and if I find something I believe to be scummy I put attention on it. That is, after all, the point of the game. You say you voicing every thought and suspicion is a Town thing, but really you've just posted quite a bit of wishy-washy fluff rather than real suspicions, and you know better than that. The thoughts you've posted have been more of a stream of consciousness and often quite erratic when trying to follow them. Your usual order and logic are lost in mess, and I know you've had stuff going on, and I send all my love and best wishes to you and M with that, but even with that I think it is an attempt to obfuscate your true thoughts and intentions. This super-duper pings me. "pro-Town" not "Town" it's weird. At one point or another I think everyone's voted for me, so that really doesn't narrow it down! Should I have consistently tried to get myself lynched? Actually, after Riker unvoted Picard, Picard then voted for me. So if Picard was "starting to suspect" you, he expressed it unconventionally by voting for me. That would have been a master-stroke of manipulation by me! I was convincing people not to vote for me! Such a scummy move to fight so hard and make people see I am Town! As to the spotlight yesterday. There were but four of us here yesterday and I don't know how small you think the spotlight is, but I would say all four of us were in the spotlight all day. I did not, and could not, engineer that, and it's frankly ridiculous to think that I might have. I was hardly "aw shucks" and I will repeat that it's odd that you haven't considered anything like this. I went back and re-read def's game from about 9 years ago (The Coming Darkness), that Bob also played. Forg and I were only late-game substitutes in that game, and in that game the scum were actually all the dead players. There are some setups where you can't be completely honest with the players because the setup doesn't work if you are. What crazy world are we in where the normally paranoid and inquisitive Deanna actually ridicules someone for considering this? You've missed the point. When I mentioned about double checking my role PM it was a joking indication that I have been fighting back against wave after wave of opinion that I might be scum so much that I had almost managed to almost become convinced I actually was and so checking my role PM to reassure myself that I am indeed Town. Which I am. I've checked. Not trivial arguments, valid points. Are you saying that "most people read the thread in order" is an outrageous and scummy statement? You said you saw something incredibly scummy in Beverly's post and just had to vote for her there and then, and only after that did you go back and read the rest of the thread. Ridiculous. You mean you're only just starting that now? Of course not, you do that all game every game, what am I saying? I don't think I would agree with anyone's self-characterisation of their scum game, so I don't see what the point of this is. There's a lot I could respond to here, but saying that usually when you're scum you can't wait to get to the night phase to be evil, but in this game you've voted to extend the day, is really quite silly. There isn't much/any evil for you to do in the night, so what does it matter if you extend the day or not? It isn't even WIFOM. Why are you even making this point? Welcome to my world! You made one statement about Data early on that could go either way - he might be scum, he might not, said Picard was the same transport as him, and that was it. I had initially voted for Picard and subsequently unvoted him and voted for Data for my own reasons. It was only after that that you started mumbling about unvoting me and voting for Data. I fail to see my manipulation here. It was after that that Picard suggested you and he vote for Data, which you then batted back and forth while I was responding to Forg. It wasn't in your power to hammer me, you'd already voted for me. You then voted third for Data and Data was the last person to vote for himself. How was I taking advantage of anything? My last post of the day was talking to Forg and I wasn't around for the end of the day. My amazing manipulative skills managed to get two people to unvote me and vote for Data, and get Data to vote for himself, even though I wasn't even saying anything and wasn't around for the end of the day. Fucking hell, I'm a fucking genius. Oh the humanity! You didn't hammer anyone, Data hammered himself. You could easily have convinced Picard to lynch me, he was asking you what to do. If you'd just said "nah, we should lynch that fucker Wesley once and for all" he'd have said "Okedokee" and I wouldn't be here. The only person you truly hammered was Forg. And that's probably nicer for you than killing him at night, which would be more personal. You cast the hammer vote on Geordi, but Riker also voted for Geordi after you, so even if you had unvoted, he still would have been lynched. Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see all these opportunities to save the Town from a night kill. And the point has been made by various people regarding various other people (but notably by Forg regarding you) that keeping me around (i.e. not night killing me) is useful to you as a diversionary tactic. As long as I am here, you feel you have a shield against being lynched, because people keep demonstrating how keen they are to lynch me, so they'll deffo lynch me before you, right? Day Four I made my last post about you being a therapist and that was that. My name may have still looked like I was here for that 20 minutes or so it takes, but I wasn't. It was nearly one O'Clock in the morning on a weekday night; kids long since tucked up and a husband trying very hard to get to sleep. This really is ridiculous yes, however Riker had said how he felt reassured by your paranoid stalking of him, so I can see you trying to appeal to him with this. Yeah, you were only hanging around to stalk me! So... you thought I was here in case I, or you, or Picard unvoted Forg and I needed to send a night kill in, but it cannot be that you were here thinking I was here, worried I would unvote Forg and you might need to be the one to send a night kill in? Oh man. Thanks for extending the day, sorry I wasn't around. Pandoraland () is ok, thanks. Vote: Deanna Troi (Hincklestinckle)
  7. I'm not even going to break this up, only because I'm tired, not for any other reason. I sort of, kind of, get why you're voting for me. I guess. You're wrong, but whatever. Defences are not scummy, Town do it all the time. Everyone has been defending themselves, so by your logic that would make everyone scummy. You seem to me to be the most scummy of a really-not-very-scummy-at-all group. My vote is standing and I probably won't be around until after the end of the day.
  8. Well, exactly. That's why I was asking if that was the case. And his apparent 'ping' earlier notwithstanding, he's done a 180Âș switch in opinion about me. I've gone from not very scummy to very scummy in his eyes while it looked like I might be lynched instead of him. For now. I have maybe another hour or so, and I still have a whole load of [life] to deal with. But I think Riker has participated more than you have?? You... don't defend yourself??? If you really are Town, you are potentially screwing us over then. You don't play that way?? I cannot understand this at all. If you really are Town and you're just giving up I am going to be so goddamn angry with you. And I pinged you because of the way I said something? Over the internet? My mind is boggling so much right now. I didn't think there was another level of insane.
  9. @Hinckley Troi, am I imagining Riker's participation? I think he's definitely been around and saying stuff, do you agree or no? Well, it's DESERVES to win for playing such a Town game and looking more like Town than you. Is it Riker that you think is the last scum? Why are you not scum? Would you like to make a case for yourself (a case for being Town, I mean, obviously)? No snarkiness, genuinely, tell me/us why you're not scum.
  10. Your main argument against Riker is that he's lurking and posting fluff, but my experience is really quite the opposite. Riker has been much more present than you and has made thoughtful and insightful comments. You voted for yourself. Is it me again now? Me changing my mind had bugger all to do with you voting for me. I have had pretty much everybody here voting for me at one stage or another, it doesn't exactly phase me any more. I changed my mind through a genuine discourse with Troi, and I "changed my mind on" you as a result of a process of elimination, as I said. If it's not you, I'm sorry, and if it is you, well, I'm still sorry because you've done really well. So the Ice Cube Tray was.... a lie? *Oh no, I meant faze me not phase me. I am mortified and this is actually almost enough for me to vote for myself.
  11. And also for Riker to be town, come to think of it. So that this is over. Not that I haven't ... enjoyed it
  12. I can meme too! I don't really want anything, except for you to actually be Town.
  13. And yet, maybe no, as Deanna... well, see for yourself. The argument that drives me insane. Akin to "it's not what you meant, it's how you made me feel". I'd be impressed if you can hear my tone of voice across the internet room. This is very silly. You want to lynch me, then send me that $1000 right now. Please.
  14. Yeah, it was funny at the time. I don't want it back! That would add insult to injury. If we're both Town you can keep it, but if you're scum I'll take the $1000 thanks. I just don't see it being Riker, and I agree that if it is then he deserves the win. To come in and not vote me out when he unquestioningly could have (and I know you could argue it keeps people looking at me, but I don't agree) would be, in my opinion, a genius scum move. The rest of his play has seemed to be a solid town game too. By a process of elimination that makes me think it must be Picard. Vote: Picard (Lind Whisperer) You've been watching us duke it out and when I repeat a point I've already made you're pinged? Not conclusive by any means, but weak. Are we done yet?
  15. I've thrown stuff at you before in this game, but I am happy to admit my case against you is by no means water tight. My back's been against the fucking wall for the whole of this fucking game. I have to work out which one of you is scum while you're trying to get me lynched. Again. The most frustrating thing about this is that you now, finally, sound like me. I read your post and it feels just like the way I have felt throughout the whole of this. Yeah, I was like that on Day One and it's brought me no end of grief. Fair enough, and me either. I fucking hate this. I know I go into the little itty-bitty small things, but that is how I always play. That's really nice, but what kind of game am I playing if I'm Town, which I actually am? I'm not going point to point, I'm just trying to make this easier to read. And this is pretty much what I've said before about myself. And you were all weird about it when I said it. I'm not saying you're scum for saying this, I'm actually hoping that right now you might actually see where I've been coming from. I mean it'd be nice to pretend that that was my intention, but it wasn't, and you might not see it anyway. I'm not willing to bet against you, but would you take the same bet on me? $1000 if I'm Town? $10? A LEGO ice tray?? Unvote: Deanna (Hinckley) I just want to scream.
  16. So, going back to the beginning of this line of discussion, the reason you couldn't have been bussing Beverly Day One was because you were drunk and immediately voted for her when you saw her outrageously scummy post, before bothering to read the rest of the thread. And the thing you found so outrageously scummy was: Except she claimed "deliberate bad logic" as the reason for voting for Picard in the first place, not for the switch. I KNOW she was actually scum before you remind me of that, but I just don't see what was so blatantly scummy that made you drop everything and vote immediately. No questions, no clarification, no discussion. Nothing. And then WHAM - she actually is scum, well how about that! But you said you were expecting it. Yikes, I didn't say posting memes was scummy, I just said your meme-game was scummy when you asked how it was. That's not all I said though. You have flipped and flopped over lynching me all game, and you even post good reasons why I'm Town, and then say Riker is in the perfect position and ooooh beware of Riker, but you'll vote only for me because of some dumb promise you made yourself at the beginning of the day. To add to the metagaming I will say again that at the point I was about to be lynched Picard was replaced. I had the majority vote and there was under 23 hours left in the day. Why replace someone when the last scum is about to be lynched? I think that actually looks kinda nice. Have you forgotten what waffle means? I will repeat: there is a big difference between losing Town Data and losing Town Forg. Voting for Forg to avoid a night kill when you think Forg is Town and will be the one night killed is silly and scummy. You say I said a night kill isn't that big of a deal (I don't think I did) but you just said: Make your mind up. And I know you just said about how we can see you questioning Forg, but right before the day deadline you said: and this was after starting to make a considerable case against Riker, and with plenty of time to change your vote. Why would it have automatically been you who was night-killed? A night when you are apparently certain to be killed is also an ok night for a night kill? You don't need to be pro-night kill though! As long as someone other than you is being lynched, it's still a Townie dying and you get closer to the end, and this is exactly my point with Forg. You voted for him to be lynched, then posted a lachrymose statement like the one above, after making a substantial case for Riker, and it was so important to you to look town and show yourself to be dead set against a night kill that you would lynch someone you suddenly thought was Town again. It only makes sense if you're utterly crazy or scum.
  17. Pandora

    HELP! ! !

    Hi there, welcome to Eurobricks. I checked with our Admins and the system doesn't change or edit your username when you submit it, so nothing would have shaved it off, and if the name you submitted were taken you would have been notified indeed. I have changed your name to 'sock2ii' which you indicated you wanted to sign up as. Let me know if you would rather I change it back.
  18. Even if you don't relish the idea, and I'm not sure that's not the case, you were still, as I actually said, gearing up for a fight: I've only asked you once and it's not that hard. I read the thread like everyone else. I read everything that's been posted and then I reply. Most people do that, that's why and how they respond to multiple people, using multiquote. Something you do all the time, aside from, apparently, this one occasion for no clear reason. You would have seen there was another post, a few other posts in fact, and who knows they might have said something to change your mind or draw your attention to something even scummier. Most people, Town at least, don't just throw their vote around spontaneously and immediately on a post they've just seen without at least reading the rest of the thread. I'm not still defending it as a joke, I was pointing out that you, yourself had referred to it as a joke: Emphasis mine, of course. ..... really? @Hinckley Deanna, can you pinpoint what it was about Beverley's post that made you drop everything and vote for her before reading the rest of the thread please?
  19. That has never stopped you from hypothesising crazy stuff before. You have never been sure of this, even when you've been hosting yourself! I do not have any intention of insulting you (or anyone else for that matter). You have previously said you think that I think your ego is your greatest weakness, and I do believe it is true that part of what you enjoy about this game is demonstrating your ability to be incredibly Townie when scum and get away with it. I'll say again, you have looked as if you're gearing up for a fight and almost relishing the idea. The scummy post that was a joke? The scummy post that I said was a joke? And it's not like all that happened really quickly (and certainly not immediately), there were a few hours between the posts: I didn't say anything about shoes brewing anywhere, but in reference to what I did say about waiting for the other shoe to drop, I meant that you were looking nervous like you were just waiting for everyone to start accusing you, like you and your guilty conscience expected it. No, I don't want the scum to choose who dies, which is a more accurate way of putting it. If you don't think someone is scummy, you don't vote for them. Especially not when you have already said your worst case scenario is the scum actually killing the person you're voting for. You cannot blame other people for your vote, you know as well as everyone else it is your only weapon in the fight against evil or whatever. You voted for Forg to die when you clearly and admittedly did not think he was scum to avoid.... Forg dying? I feel like I've just asked you where the new stain on the carpet has come from. "Well, you see, I was talking to..... and then I was... and then just as I... " You keep saying I bestowed sainthood on Data, like I even have that power. I'm sorry to say for Data, and Data I mean you no offence with this, but there is a big difference between losing Town Data and losing Town Forg. Data potentially sacrificed himself for Forg. You sacrificed Forg for nothing when you didn't even think he was scum. And you don't really care if I get voted out today or not. If we don't vote anyone out then you can kill who you like and start all over again tomorrow. You know the vote against me hasn't really gained any traction, so setting up the cases for Riker and Picard give you options. Actually, that's pretty normal for me, and you know that. And I don't dispute that I might well be crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. I have looked. I've looked several times and said so. I'm not finding anything scummy there. The most diabolical move of the game would be to bus your scum teammate early on Day One, I don't think there's much all that diabolical in having a reasonable suspicion of Picard. And why would Riker only want to keep one of us? I have considered the gambit, but the gambit didn't pay off for Data remember as he was actually lynched. It's not the fact that he wants to lynch himself that makes him look town anyway. You whinged at me for saying stuff like this, and for other people voting for themself, and then you say this! Shall I start looking for a violin? It's only me voting for you! And who is Cybill? I don't get the reference. She knows most people's triggers, I think it's fair to say. I'd be interested to hear what you think. I agree about the split vote to an extent, but I'm not going to vote for someone if I don't believe they are scum. I will keep re-reading too. I don't remember you doing that either. I could go and look, but this is a long post, sorry. You've flip-flopped over me many times. And you've just waffled about waffling! An enjoyable thesis depicting how one form of waffling is superior to another! It is indeed a game, and I am also playing and posting in my style, just like you. But not as scummy. I've not taken anything to heart, and I hope that you haven't either. Something we can agree on! Hurrah!
  20. If I said "Having been faced with a terrifying revelation that I'm probably here until the bitter end," you would normally pick up my sarcastic tone, but you'd rather accuse me of melodrama. Things have certainly gone in a weird direction with a few of the posts later today. I asked about your thoughts on Riker, thanks for requoting a lot of your unedited guff. Essentially you think Riker is scummy for not hammering the vote on Bev and being too generous in his assessment of her. You think he's flying under the radar (or busy)... and then the last quote is just rambling waffle. So not much of a case against Riker, but hedging your bets in case you need to make a case later. Hmmm. Yes, that's curious. It's almost like the rest of us are Town. Do you feel like you're on the home straight? This is like oinking, but not. I do not like this. The odd thing that struck me after-the-fact was that the super-duper paranoid, crazy theory conspiracist that is Deanna Troi dismissed all this completely out of hand, despite the fact that in any other given game under similar circumstances she'd be the one proposing stuff like this herself. There was no "that's interesting, I wonder" it was just completely "absolutely NO, you are insane and have lost your mind, of course Beverly knew she was scum". Which is the kind of opinion you would tend towards if you were actually scum. If you already knew Beverly knew she was scum, because you found out when Beverly found out and you knew exactly what the setup was. This was in response to me asking what made you say that Troi was creating confusion, and I see your point. It hasn't disrupted it completely because Deanna's see-sawed back into it. It do be like that. I'm sure Riker would agree here too. I think we're into the territory of straight out taunting now. Vote: Deanna the Spanner Troi You challenged Forg when he said he thought you should be voted out if I were Town (which, because I haven't said it for a while, I am) and you challenged me this morning with "bring it on" expecting a fight from me. When you posted the quote from Bob about the "silver tongued challenge" or whatever - that had been on your mind, clearly. You can taste it, can't you? You've been itching for a proper fight because you want to show how good you are and we've been disappointing you. It's almost like you think it's too easy and you want to drop a little bait. I don't know how much fight I have left in me and I don't know how much Riker or Picard are going to listen to me, because you've done a good job of wearing me down, but let's see how far we get. Scummy as fuck, as it happens. But first, this: I've added the emphasis because I really want to say thank you. I appreciate this, but I also respectfully disagree. I don't want you to feel like you've put effort in for me to just disagree out of hand. I can understand your points and how you reached your conclusions, but interestingly some of the things you have against Picard are also true for Troi, particularly the double posting and posts without substance. There's a considerable amount of waffle in Deanna's posts, much more than usual, and there's been much talk of her 'walls of text'. The more recent posts from Deanna have been like Data on a bad and scummy day. I remain unconvinced that Picard is scum, and I remain unconvinced that you are scum, and I am becoming increasingly convinced that Troi is scum. Troi has played well, which is to be expected, she's a good player, some might even say legendary. There aren't going to be any concrete cases because this is all based on our actions, timing and opinions. On Day One, Forg votes first for Bev which is followed by Troi voting also for Bev, however couched with a "whoever you are" and without a good explanation - just "I agree with Forg". I've already mooted the idea that it wouldn't be unusual for a scum to be bussed day one, I thought Forg had done it but clearly not and it's not unreasonable to think Troi might do so once Forg had his sights set on Bev. I can attest first hand to the tenacious attitude of Mr Worf. A larger than usual proportion of Troi's posts have been really waffly, like ridiculously so, and there's been a fair amount of double posting and "what are you all waiting for" and "what's going on" which rather sounds like a worried lone scummo wondering if the shoe is about to drop. Looking at Day Four when we voted out Forg - what strikes me is the end of the day. Troi hammered the vote for Forg, and said she was 'floored' we were lynching him and then posted a bunch of suspicions about Riker. Troi didn't need to hammer Forg at all - what was the worst that could happen? That there was a scum kill that night and Forg would be killed (she'd already said it was clear Forg would have been their target)? It didn't matter either way, but wiping away a tear and starting to setting up some more suspicions is pretty damn scummy. If you believe someone's town you don't vote for them. Three out of four of us here have already demonstrated this a few times.
  21. I don't have much time right now, so I just want to quickly Vote: Extend the Day. I'll be back later with more to say.
  22. Well, I had to ask. You can park your sanctimonious attitude, Deanna. We're on Day FIVE and I have been defending myself from being lynched since the end of Day One, and these have all been extended days with little-to-no night phase, so I am pretty exhausted. Crazy shit happens sometimes, and I explored that, that's all. I also mooted the idea that it would just be that whoever got lynched Day One became scum one, it's an interesting idea, and not completely out of character for some of the things that have been tried here before, so you don't need to scoff at it, thank you. I didn't say it made him the Towniest of Town; I don't think anyone deserves that title. Having been faced with a terrifying revelation that I'm probably here until the bitter end, I may as well return to maximum effort. Riker doesn't seem to want to vote me out, and neither it would seem would Picard. Keeping me here continues to distract Troi, and if we lynch wrongly today then the scum have a better chance of standing up against me tomorrow, especially with Troi wanting my blood. That said, it appears that Riker's motives are more because he believes Picard to be scum; Picard hasn't made a similar case about anyone else today, because he hasn't actually said anything else today, despite, as Riker has pointed out (and I've checked) being around relatively recently. I looked back at the events surrounding Data's suicide. I said afterwards that I didn't think Picard would do that if he were scum because with a no lynch he could choose who to kill, but then the converse is also true, in retrospect. If Picard is scum he'd have known Data was town and another dead townie is another dead townie. It's weird to read it again but so is this. Picard went from : To: At the time I was just plain relieved that I wasn't going to be lynched after all, but this is a massive change in opinion. I chalked it up to Picard's new personality just having a different take on things, but it could just as easily have been a change of strategy: to keep me around to torment Town. I went and looked through a few things, like that thought experiment on who we would have killed. I can kinda see why one might do that in the first place, maybe, but it remains an odd thing to do. And it gives a weird idea about the interactions. Like he said he thought I wouldn't have killed Troi because she creates confusion, but I don't see how Troi creates confusion - @Lind Whisperer Picard could you please expand on that? And saying everyone would have killed him (except me) is also... odd. Hmmm. I started going through things thinking that I would probably see why Picard is so scummy, but I actually don't. I don't see him saying he'd vote for himself as all that scummy - a scum doing that would be a terrible idea - what if they actually ended up lynched like Data did? It would be incredibly risky play. So then I start down the road that it must be Riker, then, right? Except, no, I don't think so from re-reading his posts. It is possible that Beverly wanted to vote him out Day One because she thought he wouldn't show and Bev could look like a good little Townie, but I think most of his posts have been on the level. It is more likely that Bev was picking an easy target. So then it must be Troi, except Troi has been trying very hard to lynch me which... hang on a minute! Actually, that doesn't necessarily make her scum, and it has been consistent-ish. It's the easiest 'case' to make as it's all already been made. Maybe there's a sense of pride that she wants to get me lynched exactly because I've managed to avoid it for so long? I dunno. She highlighted the "silver-tongued" bit when pointing out my mind-meltdown earlier. Maybe not. She would, however, be able to handle a final day with Riker and Picard both suspecting each other and it is most certainly within the scope of her expertise to fake being mentally unhinged by the occurrences of the game and it is undeniable that she has been part of my continued presence here. Thing is, though, like the other two she appears to be on the level. Damned good player, though. And I checked again, it's still not me. This is how I end up considering crazy stuff. I need to think some more. @Darkdragon Commander Riker, I know this is a tedious request, but could you lay out a few bullet points for why you think Picard's scum please? It may be that I'm just not seeing what you're seeing. @Hinckley Troi, do you have any thoughts about Riker? Just pretend for a moment you and I are both Town - who do you think it is? I'm going to be busy for a while, but I should be around towards the end of the day. Not great timing, but we have company.
  23. Yeah, alright, I was just throwing an idea out there. I didn't say unvote me or anything like that, I was just losing my mind. Still am, I think. I don't shout at you when you lose your mind, so you don't have to shout at me. I'm not trying to manipulate or get people to unvote or anything, I'm just trying to make sense of things. If I had just been taken by the Rapture to discover everybody having a lovely time in Ten Forward (the bar, before you ask) then I would have been very happy. That hasn't happened, clearly, but it would have been quite pleasant nonetheless. Yeah, you mentioned. Day Six is gonna suck balls for you if you're Town. I always look like the Scummiest, it is what it is. I'm bummed out that Forg was actually town after all that, and I think you might be a Game Day behind me in that respect. Maybe. Depends if you're Town or not. Sometimes paranoid stretching actually pays off. Sometimes, it is also actually correct. It certainly doesn't hurt to kick ideas around.
  24. What in the unholy bollocks? Worf, I shall send you a muffin arrangement in the shape of a Bat'leth. That's fine. I was trying to nope out of here yesterday. I don't wanna be involved in the meltdown of Day Six. Actually, no, but more on that later. Well, actually it is, but you'll see that tomorrow. That's fine. I said it was fine yesterday, it's still fine today. OK, so where my head is at the moment is.... I don't even know. I was asked yesterday what I would think if Forg came up town, and I said I'd look back at what everyone had said and make a case. Mulling it over, I actually can't pick one out of the three of you. Normally I'd have a logical next step, but I just don't have one here. You all seem pretty Town really (and Deanna's said something similar) so the bizarre thing is that Occam's Razor would suggest that the answer is that you're all actually Town. So running with that thought (bearing in mind I'm not scum, and I honestly have had to check that I'm not scum!) maybe Beverly wasn't scum until the point that she was lynched? Like a Schrödinger's scum? Nobody started off scum, but whoever got lynched day one became scum one and there isn't another scum and we're actually playing against Q, not each other? I know how batshit this sounds, but you're going to lynch me anyway. Almighty Bob the Computer is a veteran; he's seen a lot of crazy and he knows how to craft a game. We know there's a twist with this one, because we know about the no night actions and no PMing (thank Bob for that! Imagine the insanity if there had been PMing!) so maybe this is more of an experiment that we thought. The rules do say there are two scum, so that's a biiiiig no against all this, but the rules are not the standard rules. And when we said "what happens if we don't vote? Will the scum get a night kill?" Bob's answer of ".... yeah, sure... " might be considered to represent that actually there aren't any scum to kill us at night, but he had to say something. It still doesn't say in the rules what happens if we don't vote, and Riker even chided Bob the Computer over this. Is this all just Q messing with us? For Deanna's sake: Q is a little bit like a sort of Loki character, except not really. Anyway, if this is all just a simulation I'd like it to stop please. Computer - end holodeck programme Q's game please? Vote: Q (Bob) ? This feels insane, but it's not like there isn't precedent. I don't expect Deanna to unvote me, and I really am fine with being lynched because I don't think I'd be much help tomorrow. Wesley's log, supplemental: Why is today called "Ethics"? I get all the other titles I think, but not this one.