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  1. That's insane to me! I would just assume they would only have existing pieces in the program. Kinda messes up the way I use the program. Oh well, I will figure out a way. I think I will add it to my wanted list, but I think that is a piece that is unlikely to come out any time soon due to how specific it is. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have been working on making a large Galactus figure in LDD, intending on buying the pieces necessary and building it in real life once I have finished. I completed the head (I'm building it in sections) and went on Bricklink to check the general prices of the bricks I need. For some reason, though, there is one piece: (Inverted Roof Tile Corner in Dark Purple or Medium Lilac) that was not available on Bricklink, and I have not been able to find anywhere. This kind of screwed me up, because I assumed if it was available in that color in LDD, it would be available in real life. Now I have to figure out a way to bypass this issue when I actually build the figure. Any one else run into a problem like this?
  3. Newoaf

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Not sure if this has been answered yet, but I know from experience replicas of Spider-Woman are relatively tough to find. I saw this and picked it up from a vendor at BrickUniverse the other day. It's not 100% accurate to the Lego figure (no double faces and the black lines are thinner, most notably) but it's the best I have been able to find as of yet. Here is a link to the dude's website.
  4. Newoaf

    Comic-Con figure replicas?

    Oh, thank you! I was unaware there was a thread regarding this, I should go provide info on where I got the Spider-Woman figure. Thanks for providing this. Very useful.
  5. Hi, I'm new, so if this is not the correct type of post to make in this section, I apologize. Anyway, the most troubling thing to me, as someone who is trying to collect all the Marvel figures are the Comic-Con exclusives. As a Lego purist, I generally avoid buying any sort of custom pieces, but I eventually caved and started looking for replicas of the Comic-Con figures. I found the Decool Jean Grey online for like three bucks, and it looks surprisingly very nice and almost exactly like the original figure (definitely beats shelling out $200+ for the real thing). Generally speaking, though I have had a lot of trouble finding replicas accurate enough to meet my standards. This past weekend I was at BrickUniverse in Raleigh, NC and I found a vendor selling a Spider-Woman replica, which I bought (I believe I have his business card, so I can provide details if requested). Otherwise, though, I haven't had much luck. What is the general consensus on buying replicas over the real thing in extreme cases like this? Has anyone else found any good replicas of the Comic-Con figures that I haven't? If so, where did you find them?
  6. Newoaf

    Hey, I'm Owen.

    Hi! I'm Owen. I'm a film student in my fifth semester, and I've been into Lego-collecting and building most of my life. I haven't been a part of a forum community in a bit, and I thought it would be good to have others perspective on creations and ideas I might have, as well as where to get certain components that may be difficult to find. I'm a big comic-book fan, and have currently been working on collecting a lot of the Lego Marvel stuff, and have been trying to make the figures and sets more comic-accurate using (mostly) only stock pieces, as well as creating my own stuff.
  7. Test! Just signed up today. s