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  1. Would seem a bit odd to release Thrawn's ISD considering we only got a set with him in last year. Having said that, if LEGO were to do an ISD, would be cool to have a named one.
  2. Micro Cloud City

    Nice!! Maybe include a microscale Slave I?
  3. Eh that kinda sucks? I guess it still shows the leak is real.
  4. On another note, that Chewie Brickhead needs some printing on the car hood piece for his forehead to show his hair being flicked up over his head.
  5. Got the Tatooine BP and it's actually a really quaint little set. Figures are well executed and the build is surprisingly charming. It was given to me as a gift, but no way is it worth £13. It does still act as a nice booster pack ready for the Sandcrawler though.
  6. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Got the Tatooine BP purely as a booster pack for the Sand Crawler this summer.
  7. OK thanks. Defo waiting for the new one to go on sale. Great Cantina layout by the way! :)
  8. Hi - yeah I just ordered the old one in the end for £70 brand new which isn't actually too far off what it was at retail brand new. For the extra £25 I get over double the figures, nearly double the parts, a Dewback, and a more expansive build. The newer one just looks ugly to me and is way overpriced.
  9. Ok thanks. I don't have the old one. I'm still toying with the idea of spending the £90 for the old one. You get 200 odd more pieces and loads of desirable figures and a Dewback. Having said that, £90 for 600 odd pieces is a bit steep too.
  10. Awesome thanks! Thinking of waiting for it to go on sale first - £44 for 350 odd pieces is a bit steep.
  11. Did anyone here purchase the new Cantina? Is it worth getting?
  12. I'll be getting: - The Sandcrawler - Yoda's Hut (when it's on sale) - The Cantina (when it's on sale)
  13. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Duel on Naboo and Ski-Speeder vs FO Walker microfighter double pack.
  14. LEGO Star Wars Pricing Discussion Thread

    I think the Cantina is overpriced. It's £45 in the UK. I can get the 2014 version for £90, which includes double the pieces, a dewback and 3 of the band members. Think it's worth saving up more for the £90 one unless you're desperate for the bartender minifig and Han's new hairpiece.
  15. I spotted the new AT-ST in my local Smyths if that helps :)