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  1. The advent calendar was in a Starlings Toymaster in the UK near me just FYI
  2. Nearly finished the Sandcrawler and it's a great build actually. Really enjoying it. Shame there are only 6 figures though.
  3. I am so tempted by the Sandcrawler. I missed out on the UCS one - this one looks good and is affordable.
  4. Stormtrooper BrickHeadz looks great!!
  5. Is Merrick being released in a polybag? I may have to pick that up - big Rogue One fan.
  6. -sigh- why don't we have a Saw minifigure yet? :( We get these background guards, but no Saw.
  7. I think the helmets look sick!
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of the new images please? :) Nevermind got it! :)
  9. I built Yoda's Hut today. Really cool set. It's clear the same designer built that as the one who built Luke's stone hut. I will say, again, this set really doesn't look a lot for £26 that I paid though.
  10. New Y-Wing looks great!! I can't afford it, but I bought the 2017 smaller one. I agree with Jang - only thing with the big one is, from a distance, it doesn't look like it's that much better than the smaller one.
  11. Good stuff thanks! May have to pick that up - will keep an eye out. :)
  12. Is there any news on the other Star Wars Brickheadz? I swear I saw an old-man Luke one mentioned somewhere?
  13. Would seem a bit odd to release Thrawn's ISD considering we only got a set with him in last year. Having said that, if LEGO were to do an ISD, would be cool to have a named one.
  14. Spongebob456

    Micro Cloud City

    Nice!! Maybe include a microscale Slave I?