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  1. kraai

    [MOD] 42063 BMW R1200GS

    Great modification!
  2. Two or so years ago, LEGO made instructions available for a 40th anniversary model of the iconic 8860. They took three 2017 sets and combined them into a unique 3-in-1 build, which was a pretty neat version of the car considering they used only the parts in the box. This is my actual model, on display at an event we had at Clearwater Mall in Johannesburg in 2017. I displayed the original 8860, with the LEGO 40th Anniversary version, Crowkillers' revival model, a small System version and an amended version of the LEGO 40th Anniversary model. Over a number of weeks, I slowly stretched the Anniversary model, changed the steering, made adjustable seats and other changes to get closer in scale and design to the original version. I needed the parts and took all my 8860 models apart tonight. Before I did, I thought I'd take some photos.
  3. Thank you all for your kind words. I know, I know. When you work with Lego to create any MOC, your limitation is first and foremost physical, in other words: what will fit, does Lego make a suitable element in the correct colour, do I have the parts in stock, etc. I know that the rainbow, or output part of the prism should bend more down but the blue liftarm pushes against the purple one, leaving me with this limitation in angle. I could probably have overcome this problem with more complicated studded parts, but I wanted to keep it as Technic as I could. We're going to have to agree to disagree about Roger Waters being a prat though. He will forever be known a founding member of one of the commercially most successful and influential groups in music history. In addition to being a superb musician, he's quite the philanthropist and from what I can tell an all round nice guy. I have fond memories of his visit to South Africa in the mid-1990s, giving a free guitar master class to young musicians. I'm sorry he hurt you. I build the black greebling in sections about as large as the one in the photo. The sections clutch on to plates or jumper plates stuck to a 32x32 baseplate.
  4. While on a conference call a few weeks ago, I muted my microphone and created a cheap-and-nasty 'prism' using some Technic liftarms. The concept worked great, but as I did not have an 11m purple liftarm I could not complete my idea of recreating an iconic Pink Floyd album cover. I wanted the scale of design to be on a 32x32 baseplate, and match it as close to the album as I could. However, limitation in which angles will find a stud and the thickness of the liftarms made the 'prism' a lot bigger than it should be. I could increase the size of the base, but I don't have that many plates and jumper plates - this project kinda destroyed my stock of system parts.
  5. In stark contrast to the rainbow models I normally build, I present to you on this lazy Sunday afternoon, the greyscale 42037: Formula Off-Roader. The entire model is built using only black, shades of grey and white parts. I replaced the bright yellowish green and medium blue colours with white counterparts. The yellow shock absorbers are substituted with grey ones, they're not as stiff as the yellow ones, but these will be replaced with stiffer white ones when my Bricklink order arrives. The bright blue for the seat was replaced with dark blueish grey. My biggest challenges was the 2m blue connector pins with friction one side and crossaxle other side. I only had two black and a handful of white in stock, and I substituted them with grey frictionless pins.
  6. kraai

    LEGO Technic Rainbowgatti

    Never knew this existed, had to go look it up. I can see the similarities ;)
  7. kraai

    LEGO Technic Rainbowgatti

    Thank you for your compliment. I have a few separate Technic parts in a row with all the colours I have for beams. If red (as an example) is next, I will pick the beam from the drawer and put it to the back of the 'list'. Sorry for crummy photo, it will give you an idea. Often though, one of two things happen- 1. I do not have a particular element in the colour which is next, or Lego does not make it in that colour; or 2. When I join two sub-assemblies together, the colours clash or I have two similar colours next to each other. In that case I undo what I did, reverse a few steps sometimes to try to make similar colours not be directly next to each other. It's surprisingly difficult to make something seem random. Thank you for your kind words. I've recently changed the way I organise parts, and want to do a post about that too sometime. I got these pliers from my friend who works in the medical industry, it has pliers at the tip and blades towards the pivot point, doctors use them for suturing. As this model required minor-yet-constant disassembly during the build process, these pliers make it easy to pull out a pin where my fingers may not be able to reach, specifically in areas I do not want to pull apart too many parts. Also, removing those grey or blue half-pins is a pain in the megablocks without these pliers, unless you can push them out from the back, which isn't always possible when you don't want to disassemble an entire build.
  8. Whoohoo! Got featured by LEGO on their Instagram!
  9. Hello again! After The LEGO Group published my previous rainbow Technic models on their Instagram post, I decided to spend some time and build a rainbow Chiron, or as someone on Facebook called it, a Rainbowgatti. Thanks to @jb70 for the V1.2 instructions, which I got from Here's some photos of the build, as well as the final product. Lastly, here's a timelapse video of the build (10 minutes video, 25 sittings, about 9 hours of total build time)
  10. Five years later, still nothing? I’ve just searched and still nada :(
  11. kraai

    Misprints and Other LEGO Production Oddities

    I thought "at -least- two? surely just two?" But then, a creature with a dozen glowing eyes!
  12. kraai

    Hello from Johannesburg!

    My family name (Badenhorst) has German roots, so I guess that's where it came from. Also, the South African football team is literally one of the worst teams in the world. No sense of pride in them I'm afraid. I was hoping for a personal introduction to someone who can mentor me in where to go with GBC, but it's not a trainsmash. Like everyone else, I will learn via Youtube.
  13. kraai

    Hello from Johannesburg!

    Proud Germany supporter here! It was amazing to win the World Cup 4 years ago, and even better to get a set of minifigs! Where can I see some of your work? Your Lion House looks incredible! Can you introduce me to somebody in your LUG who builds GBC modules? I'd like to connect with someone experienced who can give me some pointers of where to go, considering getting parts here isn't cheap. A large Bricklink order is coming in tomorrow, allowing me to finally finish JK Brickworks' Useless Box, quite keen to make it look pretty (Technic/ Mindstorm part already done).
  14. Thank you for your compliment. My son built the 42037 first, he was 10 or so at the time, it's where I got the idea. I helped him at the time, but allowed him to make his own colour choices. I didn't want to change it too much :-)
  15. kraai

    Hello from Johannesburg!

    Evening Holodoc. Hope you're enjoying the football. How incredible was that equaliser?! Yes, we have LUGBULK, already had an order shipped last year. Our order for this year is in and we await the invoice and shipping for this year. I'd give it all up for a better / cheaper way of getting parts from Bricklink. Are you part of a LUG in Germany?