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  1. I expect wave 2 will be based on the new film, but if not I hope for some more movie 1 sets, I got some ideas to complete all the main cast and memorable things from the movie: Attack on Home Tree: includes Olo'eyktan (clan leader) for example, main build is the massive Dragon gunship. Includes some interior such as the Leonopteryx head coloured as a skull. Solitary set of a scorpion gunship, against some nameless archers etc Stampede Attack: A brick built Hammerhead Titanothere & Sturmbeest. AMP mech piloted by Lyle Wainfleet A ~$40 Forest expansion pack with lots of creatures & plants: Direhorse, Hexapade, Prolemuris x 2, Tall trees for them etc. Includes Grace’s avatar A small <$20 set based on the viperwolf ambush, plants are coloured for the night look & have lots of glowing parts included Hells Gate base & the Shuttle: The main build is the Shuttle, side build is a tower building with the Avatar Lab room with tube tank & base HQ on top. figures include Jake’s avatar (lab coat), the other scientists, Parker Selfridge etc
  2. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    That’s a really neat idea I like that
  3. I think the printing is a bit off on the faces, it looks like on all of the pictures I have seen that the face print itself is a little low on the face so they all end up with small chins and a gap between the blue strips and the hairline. If they got that adjusted they would look a lot better Is a second wave confirmed already btw?
  4. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    An advent calendar without a Christmas tree, colection of presents, snowman, sled, or a festive/Santa figure no way! Also the GWP looks amazing, definitely going to try to get this, and an extra sticker sheet if I can Wonderful to finally see the fat lady portrait, it fits very well on the new panel part inside the archway frame. They can still do a Griffindor common room set or moments book in the future: with the Dawn French version instead :D
  5. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Getting an extra Snape too and a armchair Slughorn is great! Makes me wish though that we got a full Slughorn figure in his pyjamas… maybe that will be an exclusive next year :D
  6. I admit also they do look a bit funny, perhaps they chose the new head in order to to have a long neck, a regular Minifigure head looking rather sunken compared to the elongated limbs. And then the fused ears in the new head saves cost of not painting/moulding ears into the hair I like The look of the set overall, the tree of souls was not my first choice of location as it’s pretty static and is mostly decorative, but I’m super happy to see the dedicated moulded head and new wing foils for the Great Leonopteryx, including articulated jaw and printed(?) patterns for the bricks on the back of the body. the packaging doesn’t do the creature build justice I think, I can’t wait to swoosh this 😁 . The new horse is fine too, like the Thestral body it’s rigid but it’s ok, but I think it should have been moulded in a darker more purple colour
  7. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I finally got round to finishing the Hospital wing and the latest two moments books. Very enjoyable overall, absolutely love the Pomfrey figure & skele-grow bottle 😊, the bean box and new owl all make it worth the price, especially at discount. Can’t say the same for the new Sirius rescue which has the same price but the box is the same size as the old £30 Uruk-Hai army. I hope we get another wave of moments sets with a new Lockheart (I can imagine a pearl gold or medium azure book cover for his lesson), and a Lupin lesson with the mirror wardrobe. If they are looking for more ideas a moments set for each for the two common rooms seen in the movies would work really well. They can incorporate the secret entrances into the folding out walls with the fat lady and Sir Cadogan as stickers etc. Three students with no teacher figure though (year 3/4 Ginny, Seamus, a new Percy, Draco, Blaise and Pansy would be my choice)
  8. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I second this. AC’s are a great way of getting round some of the rules Lego has on the main sets (avoiding death scenes, pubs/alcohol, year 7 in general) or doing more overlooked characters: we could have got Tom the bartender, Rufus, Xenophilius, Aunt Marge, Aberforth, Bill Weasley, Barty Crouch Sr, Mundungus, the Grey Lady or Fat Friar ghost etc, any of which would be suited for the scope of an AC (no new moulds for example) but perhaps not quite deserving of a CMF slot etc. I welcome repeats in a AC if they are desirable and rare to help poorer families on a budget (OotP Sirius and Tonks for example), but to waste 2 or 3 prints of the budget on a rehash from the last CMF stinks for me personally. It would’t even be so bad if it was a Gambon Dumbledore again as that was last seen in 2018 (excluding the clock tower variant), or better yet we could have got a HBP black-handed variant of him. I can only imagine she has some integral role for the game or interacts with some of the builds somehow maybe (I’m expecting a sink or even a toilet 😅)
  9. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The sticker sheet for this GWP will be very useful to get extras of :)
  10. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Nice to see it clearer. The previous GoF is superior I think, many of these builds seems to be on the small side. Seeing as it’s alone I expect the Hedwig will come with the Harry Figure So in total we know of 10 gifts: Harry & Hedwig, Neville & sword, Sirius, Tonks, Myrtle, Voldemort, Train, Goblet with printed tile, mini willow tree & car, mini pitch hoops. Add to that if it’s a game then one day might be another spinner or a dice, so we now know 11 out of 24 :) I’m excited to see what else they have in store, the Yule ball calendar kept the golden egg secret and that was one of my favourite things from that year! Btw have we ever had arm printing in an Advent Calendar?
  11. Relay hyped for this theme!, the leaked set descriptions are very similar to my wish lists; give and take a couple of figures and the whole wave together covers pretty much all the content spread over my wishlists. I’m so glad too that the first wave of sets is based on the first movie only, better they hold off on the sequel until they get access to the final designs and plot details :) I’m so so so excited for the great Leonopteryx especially; it’s an amazing and original creature design and I will love to hang it somewhere on display, and they have learned their lesson from the Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail and are giving each animal a new moulded head 👍 The figure count is a bit light for the prices, but hopefully the prints and details make up for it. Fingers crossed the next wave includes the hammerhead and the small wolves and more scenery, I would love a smallish ‘Forest’ set which you could get multiple of to build up more environments the pose the creatures and figures in
  12. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The figure list has also given me ideas for some of the builds too: I can imagine a bathroom sink, Nagini, shelf of prophecies, maybe the veil/arch…
  13. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks for extracting the info from the podcast 👍 From the AC cover the theme seems to be memories and iconic moments form Harry’s life through the 7 movies, so the figures will be a mix too and I’m mostly happy with the list described :) Voldemort: We have not had a straight cut Voldemort figure since the graveyard set (and this new face print or an an angry one was one of my pics for the villain slot for a CMF series 3 or a flying motorcycle set), so this is welcome. I expect the body to be a repeat from the previous set. Sirius Black: an OotP variant was one of my first choices of figure for an AC, whether this is a repeat of the GP set or a new print for another scene I’m very pleased either way. Along with the new Tonks this will help us all build our own MOC of the battle in the department of mysteries, without necessarily even buying the GP set. Neville Longbottom: this variant from the battle of Hogwarts is another one lots of people have been asking for. He might have a new printed ‘dirty’ face along with the cardigan, depends on how many prints are on the other figures Moaning Myrtle; agreed this is an odd one, she is not that big of a character compared to the others and only has one look. I personally don’t need more of her as I got a couple from the CMF. If it is her she has to have new prints to be different from the CMF, which is again annoying for consistency purposes. Personally I have fingers crossed there is some mistake and it’s actually the Grey Lady (Helena Ravenclaw), they could get away with just a new torso and face print, and a princess wig recolour into grey. Year 1 Harry: a token repeat. Shame LEGO is still not brave enough to make more sets without the title character included otherwise this could have been Ginny for example. Overall I'm optimistic, it’s a mixed bag but several boxes are getting ticked off our ‘wanted’ lists :)
  14. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    So new prints confirmed: -New Tonks head (double sided) -New Tonks torso -Harry’s name on burnt parchment (1x2 tile) -New Voldemort head (likely) Sadly nothing shown on the top side off of the box this time
  15. Bugbot20082

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Since it’s a mixed bag of things spanning all the movies, I would say there is a good chance that the Voldemort head we saw is also from the AC. The front cover is unusual, it’s taken the reverse direction from the previous and is holding its contents close to the chest this time The ‘photo album’ is a neat way of making the random builds work: each one is a different memory etc from Harry’s life in the Wizarding world PS: train, the hoops, Harry CS: whomping willow & car PoA: Hedwig carrying the firebolt GoF: the goblet again :/ OotP: Tonks! :D Fingers crossed for some more desired things we have been missing so far: flying keys, Draco in a new outfit, a missing character like Rufus Scrimgeour or Mr X Lovegood