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  1. Would you rather build in person or online? "A very interesting question..." - Threepio Studio, My fellow friend Thanks, but for me, this is an easy question: In Person. ALL my life I have been experiencing the classic LEGO Bricks. I would want to spend those day trying to build some MOC or set. BUT (and this is a big but) The thing about online (for me) is that you don't get your fingers hurt. And you could get nicer Pictures. But still, I would Rather spend the rest of my life with bricks Reply if you have a different response. One of my First Sets! Online
  2. Grand Admiral Green

    [MOC] Traditional Japanese House (Kawarabuki jûtaku)

    Oh my! Amazing! I LOVE Japanese Culture So much. COOL!
  3. Grand Admiral Green

    LEGO Star Wars Sets vs MOCS

    As we all well know, Star Wars Sets are Magnificent. But MOCS are like the non-LEGO sets, which is cool. But if you ask me, I would go with 50 - 50. MOCS: You can build beyond any LEGO set Set: You can build your favorite thing without any hassle So... That concludes my review for LEGO Star Wars Sets vs MOCS If you have a different response, reply!