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  1. This is great! I have been waiting for an update to your world and this does not disappoint! Well done.
  2. Captain_cat271

    [MOC] The Olde Gull

    I love it! The old gull will be a fine addition to the seas.
  3. Captain_cat271

    Getting into Pirates

    I know the online LEGO pick a brick has some pirate mini figures parts, windows and doors, that type of thing if you wanted some more basic parts and some good mini figures.
  4. Captain_cat271

    Building a MOC and need suggestions

    Thanks! That helps a lot, as for the mountain, after a quick parts check I don’t think I have the pieces, but for now I have connected the two sets together using a second smaller island print baseplate and it makes a pretty cool effect.
  5. Captain_cat271

    Building a MOC and need suggestions

    It said the pictures were to big of a file, not a big deal.
  6. Captain_cat271

    Building a MOC and need suggestions

    After building I can confirm they are not, although mostly small pieces already in my collection, there were about two 1x2 white bricks, two white 2x2 corner bricks, and sadly, the doors for lagoon lock up although I have just Baugh a set from bricklink. The mini figures are in alright shape although captain redbeard is very damaged, I can always buy one. The sail was frayed but not too badly and all the flags were intact. Overall I am very happy with my purchase! I could not get the pictures to work sorry.
  7. Captain_cat271

    Building a MOC and need suggestions

    Update: I pick them up tommorow at noon!
  8. Captain_cat271

    Building a MOC and need suggestions

    That is a great idea! I was thinking I might build a mountain with lagoon lock up at the bottom and broadsides brig at the top. And thanks for the welcome!
  9. Captain_cat271

    Building a MOC and need suggestions

    I am going to get my hands on a 6267 lagoon lock up and a 6259 broadsides brig for 120 Canadian dollars, which compared to bricklink prices is great seeing as I can pick them up locally and don’t have to pay for shipping. I was thinking of building a moc around these two sets to enhance them a little, but am struggling for ideas, if anyone has some be free to tell me please! Thank you for your time