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  1. Coming out of lurk mode for ~ years because holy shit.
  2. Corvus

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    What the hell happened to Luke's face? It looks like they based it off of the Holiday Special.
  3. If anyone hasn't seen it, I'd encourage people to see James May's Toy Stories- he builds a full-size LEGO house. It's extremely entertaining.
  4. Actually, apparently Filoni's wife just really likes owls. So, he designed Bo-Katan's helmet to resemble a barn owl's face. Pretty interesting that she also played Starbuck. Neat.
  5. Corvus

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm surprised at the amount of hate directed towards it so far. I can see the concern about gimmicks- while they tend to detract from the design of models, I don't really think that's the case here. Everything we see here is less a gimmick than a feature of R2-D2- similar to having an opening cockpit or landing gear on models. It could have easily been taken too far- a launching lightsaber or the radar dish, for example. These would have gotten in the way of the design of R2's dome. Personally I think they nailed it. As far as a free R2 minifig...hey, free droid.
  6. Corvus

    Lego Universe shutting down

    I was a Beta tester too, and this summarizes my feelings well. The building was clumsy and awkward. The game either needed to remove the character for building, or go to a style similar to Minecraft. The opportunities to build were too limited, as well. The controls for this game were also difficult. The camera was frustrating, and the combat was stale. The quests ran out too quickly, and all that was left was to smash enemies, which, again, was stale and unsatisfying. The strongest parts of this game were the art and the music. Gnarled Forest and Forbidden Valley were beautifully done maps. It'll be a shame to see it go.
  7. Speaking of which, there was a pretty conspicuous lack of other tanks. Personally I thought the giant lights were silly. In that fog the lights are worthless, and it seems that advanced as the Republic is, they don't seem to have any sensors, like infrared? Double blaster pistols look sillier and sillier. The series has been getting progressively more serious and grim. The clone's shouting was a bit jarring, making it seem like they were running into a paintball match and not a battle. As soon as that sarlacc-esque thing showed up, the clones went right back to serious and grim. From then on, the episode got progressively better. The ambush was amazing. Krell made a plausible officer, but not a plausible Jedi.
  8. Corvus

    Happy Birthday Hinckley!

    Happy birthday, birthday buddy! Hope you have fun! Go have a beer/cake/lego build/all the above. I'm betting you've already found some cool places to hang out in California.
  9. You like hats, don't you, Squidward? If there are any extras, I would be interested. But this is your thread. And yes, you are abusing your powers. If you can't get one, there's this.
  10. Try this. The official SW website puts them up about Monday. Problem is, the quality is never very good.
  11. Sharpedo used headbutt! It's not very effective... Thanks! The second link is great. I like the redesigns of some of the characters, especially the clones. This clip really shows the improvement of the animation, too. The character movements seem a lot more fluid and less awkward and robotic.
  12. It's always nice to have a certain other sci-fi show to fall back on. It seems bizarre to me that the commandos would get left out of the show. From what I've read, it seems that Filoni wants to put them in, but can't. They would do so well in the show, too. A large fanbase is hoping to see them, and they fulfill the special-ops role that has been otherwise played by regular troopers and, of all people, a senator and a clumsy Gungan.
  13. Corvus

    Your favourite intros

    Some great choices here. Mine are- Firefly theme Big Bang Theory
  14. Corvus

    Portal 2 discussion

    SPAAAAAAAAAAACE. Has anyone seen this? Portal 2 orphan controversy Context is a wonderful thing. I might have to go back and play it again for that scene- as I recall, Wheatley completely bungles up that insult.
  15. irrelevant.... I asked him to watch how he words his opinions and pointed toward a better thread to continue the discussion here (thank you, by the way, for your link. I hadn't seen that topic.) How exactly is this overreactive...?