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  1. Clutch Builder

    Brickshelf Account Problems

    I have been trying to create a Brickshelf account for a while, and every time I try to create an account, it says “There was a server error. Please go back and try again.” Does anyone know why this might be happening and what I can do about it?
  2. Clutch Builder

    GBC General Discussion

    Yes - if people know in advance that there is a limited number of old workshop modules that can be on the table, I don’t think that is unfair. However, if this person didn’t know in advance, then that is a more difficult question.
  3. Clutch Builder

    GBC General Discussion

    I agree that having a lot of old workshop modules is boring, but I feel like I would like to see just a few from previous years to see how the workshop modules have changed. Also, I think that some of the workshop modules look cool or are otherwise interesting, but that effect is really diminished when you have so many of them. They also really do make up a large percentage of the GBC, which is not great. I definitely think that they should not have quite so many old workshop modules.
  4. Clutch Builder

    General Part Discussion

    Oops, looks like I’m late. It would be interesting to see an angular motor in PF; it might make it easier to power some narrow vehicles. However, I don’t think that it would be necessary, as it really doesn’t save much space.
  5. Clutch Builder

    General Part Discussion

    Just found this on the LEGO Education website. Looks like there are at least four new parts in this set: the wheels are definitely new - are these the first ever blue tires? - and there are some very large frames in purple - they look to be about 7M wide and 11M long. There is also a new type of ball bearing mount in aqua and a few 3x3 connector blocks in purple. Any thoughts on these new parts? I also found a page for a “Large angular motor”, however, when I try to go to that page, it doesn’t exist. Any ideas on what this could be? Hopefully it will have some interesting uses.
  6. Clutch Builder

    Need quick part help

    I would suggest this hinge assembly from 7470. It pivots 180 degrees as well as 360, which sounds like it would work for you, and also ratchets. The hinge pieces on BL: 41681 (Far left) 41679 (Second from left) 41680 (Third from left) Hope this helps!