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  1. Conchas

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Green or bright green empty box, two beams height!... Really ugly... good for mod. Hopefully not impacting too much on performance due to the extra weight...
  2. Conchas

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    If it is marketing speak. Then they should have used 6x6 in the name instead!...
  3. Conchas

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Double rear axis. Likely 6x6!
  4. Conchas

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Yes, they're likely the dimensions of the boxes... will remove from my original post as this is not relevant here. There is a two beam height box... Yes, bulldozer seems to have a ripper. Not clearly visible but it looks like!
  5. Conchas

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Don't expect me to disclose or discuss sources here. Sorry! 42126 - Undisclosed IP Vehicle October 1379 elements Targets adult builders 42128 - American Tow Truck Heavy Duty Tow Truck (American Style) August 2017 elements 11+ Rainbow color schema... Orange, White, Blue, LBG with yellow on the pneumatic elements... / Horrible IMHO Includes outriggers apparently with mini linear actuators; Triple rear axis 42129 - Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4x4 Trial Truck August 2108 elements Control+ Color schema: White, Green / Horrible IMHO Double rear axis; Apparently same tires as 42099 42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer October Targets adult builders Control+ Color schema: Obviously yellow with black accents Yellow threads (a first) and sprockets; Front shovel moves with linear actuators
  6. Conchas

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Yes, 42128 includes Pneumatic Functions and 4219 includes Control+
  7. WOW... Thank You!! I'm shocked! I must confess I was not yet aware of this market for color customized LEGO part clones...
  8. @astyanax can you tell where or how did you acquire the red arched panels? Thanks!
  9. Conchas

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    IMO and after looking in detail the Control+ motors included in this model doesn't seem to be any of the PUp L or XL variants, rather a new version of the Medium Angular motor using the DBG / LBG Technic motors color schema. Edit: This was kind of a wishful thinking... that prevented me to see the L motor at the top of the axle. Also it seems it is still not this time that we will get the Osprey battery box into another set, as this one might use the C+ Hub.
  10. Conchas

    About powered up compatibility

    According to my experiments with latest SPIKE Prime App (1.2.1) and hub FW, the support for Technic L and XL is still limited. The motors are identified in the ports they're connected, the respond to some comands, but encoder information is not detected (it says "0 unit"). So if you try to read the "degrees counted" it always returns 0. Also waiting to see this implemented for a project to move forward....
  11. Conchas

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    This part was already released before in black color.
  12. It was working until recently (tested it only a few times). Unfortunately now it seems not working anymore. Still whistles when applying the 9V, but does not move. It might be be the crumbled magnet problem as you described (the unfortunate fate of all these motors). Don't know if it will ever turn again...
  13. Interestingly I just realized your transparent micromotors are different from mine. - One with black shaft and transparent ring - One with black shaft and red ring (cut version) Mine has red shaft and transparent ring.
  14. Conchas

    VERY RARE Mini-Motor 43362

    In my case I've "gold" and "silver" colored versions. Still need to find the time to take photos from my prototype and 3D printed pre-production elements, as requested in the other thread.
  15. Conchas

    VERY RARE Mini-Motor 43362

    Yes, people love, but the fact is that actually tere is not much to see. Also when to the motors run, these boxes do not look as much cristal clear as you might think.