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  1. It was working until recently (tested it only a few times). Unfortunately now it seems not working anymore. Still whistles when applying the 9V, but does not move. It might be be the crumbled magnet problem as you described (the unfortunate fate of all these motors). Don't know if it will ever turn again...
  2. Interestingly I just realized your transparent micromotors are different from mine. - One with black shaft and transparent ring - One with black shaft and red ring (cut version) Mine has red shaft and transparent ring.
  3. Conchas

    VERY RARE Mini-Motor 43362

    In my case I've "gold" and "silver" colored versions. Still need to find the time to take photos from my prototype and 3D printed pre-production elements, as requested in the other thread.
  4. Conchas

    VERY RARE Mini-Motor 43362

    Yes, people love, but the fact is that actually tere is not much to see. Also when to the motors run, these boxes do not look as much cristal clear as you might think.
  5. I might create a dedicated Flickr Album, once I get back at home in a few days.
  6. Unless you manage to get them from LEGO... Ofc if you would want to sell them, it will be hard to convince someone they're really from LEGO. But as I'm not willing to sell, I'm fine with it.
  7. Have some of these too! And what about 3D printed / manually painted pre-production (showroom) elements... anyone?
  8. I bought this one about 10-12 years ago. I'll reach you via PM.
  9. Here, special micromotors too! Same rarity, same story... :D
  10. Conchas

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Maybe this can help you.
  11. Very cool and well thought engineering! I just see the risk of the protruding sensor to get stuck on the hip/haunch of someone near a corner of the table, and the it will continue to move straight and will fall off.
  12. You could always version your data structure formats, and try to implement a migration procedure between versions, in case you face an older version. But at this early stage I don't think you should worry a spend time with this, in detriment of more valuable features. It is something you may eventually think of, if you keep needing to change the data structure in later versions, when there is a much larger users base and saved profiles. Kudos and keep the good work!
  13. Conchas

    Limited Technic Reviews

    Jim, your text reviews were far better and certainly reaching a bigger audience than certain video reviews that LEGO continue to support. Can think of several examples! Problem with requested reviews is that you probably do not feel the same engagement and have the same energy to do them for all the complete line of sets, and some may take longer or even be left behind. At certain point it all becomes a mess and I know what I'm talking about... But this happens to almost everyone, so we still didn't nail the reason to get excluded. The beauty of great AFOL reviews (text, video, or both) is that it all started to happen naturally and spontaneously, until LEGO inner layers took notice of it. It worked fine for some time, but suddenly they tried to scale the whole thing beyond reasonable limits. Then there is no more Community Engagement managing it, but Product Line Marketing Heads getting in charge, and that's when it all turned to be managed into a business logic, which is far from the AFOL's logic, intentions, and availability... Finally you have several reviewers that try to do it for living, which brings an unexpected twist and another variable to this logic, regardless it makes sense or not, it is sustainable for themselves and for the overall community / ecosystem. At certain point I decided to exclude myself for many reasons. Now I'm getting back but prefer not to receive the sets in advance, which is clearly not effective for the majority and still struggling tor the rest - not an hobby for sure!. Better to work at my own pace and according to the constrains my personal life permit for the moment. It's all a matter of perspective.
  14. Yes, should use the latest firmware! Not guaranteed it will improve your experience though...