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  1. Conchas

    Limited Technic Reviews

    Jim, your text reviews were far better and certainly reaching a bigger audience than certain video reviews that LEGO continue to support. Can think of several examples! Problem with requested reviews is that you probably do not feel the same engagement and have the same energy to do them for all the complete line of sets, and some may take longer or even be left behind. At certain point it all becomes a mess and I know what I'm talking about... But this happens to almost everyone, so we still didn't nail the reason to get excluded. The beauty of great AFOL reviews (text, video, or both) is that it all started to happen naturally and spontaneously, until LEGO inner layers took notice of it. It worked fine for some time, but suddenly they tried to scale the whole thing beyond reasonable limits. Then there is no more Community Engagement managing it, but Product Line Marketing Heads getting in charge, and that's when it all turned to be managed into a business logic, which is far from the AFOL's logic, intentions, and availability... Finally you have several reviewers that try to do it for living, which brings an unexpected twist and another variable to this logic, regardless it makes sense or not, it is sustainable for themselves and for the overall community / ecosystem. At certain point I decided to exclude myself for many reasons. Now I'm getting back but prefer not to receive the sets in advance, which is clearly not effective for the majority and still struggling tor the rest - not an hobby for sure!. Better to work at my own pace and according to the constrains my personal life permit for the moment. It's all a matter of perspective.
  2. Yes, should use the latest firmware! Not guaranteed it will improve your experience though...
  3. SBrick has long history of abrupt "disconnections". The developers struggle to develop a Android App capable to sustain a stable a connection with SBrick. When you try to use three of them it is virtually impossible to maintain a connection with all simultaneously.
  4. Conchas

    Documenting the LEGO PoweredUp! System

    But your observation is consistent with the explanation I advanced!
  5. Conchas

    Documenting the LEGO PoweredUp! System

    I doubt this would be the correct justification. While NXT and EV3 have a BT interface, it is not BLE, and also there is not an associated wireless protocol like it is implemented in firmware for PuP, Boost & family... I believe this is the first public release of the protocol, preceded by two other major internal releases.
  6. Conchas

    LEGO Fan Media Days, 2016

    We gave some good suggestions for new sets (I believe), but that's something we can still elaborate further. As well as about colors and so on!
  7. Hi fellow LEGO Technic fans, I just got authorization to publish the video interview I and Sariel did with the LEGO Technic team, during the LEGO Fan Media Days 2016, in Billund. I guess you might be interested to listen. :) Unfortunately there was a lot more questions that didn't fit in the two 30m slots, although we have talked about some offline. Maybe we will have another chance to make even more questions someday. Nevertheless I hope you find some interesting information and answers to your questions. More information here. Video interviews with other teams (LEGO Rebrick, LEGO House, LEGO Worlds, LEGO Ideas) will be also published timely. Managed to include LEGO Technic related questions in all them. :) Ji, please feel free to merge this with another topic if there is a more appropriate one already.
  8. I'm curious about one thing. Are the LEGO elements, stickers, etc. available in AutoDesk libraries? How does it work?
  9. You're absolutely right! :( I need to end this process as soon as my personal affairs allow me move forward with this topic. Unfortunately it has been in the to do list and bugging me for too long. :( It took me also too long to manage to get the prizes this time, but anyway they already arrived for more than 1 month.
  10. Many thanks for your all great insights so far! You can rest assured these will be passed towards TLG. Meanwhile TLG has also demonstrated concerns related with these topics and developed several initiatives/investments to improve sustainability of their activities. You are probably aware of some of them, otherwise I'm sharing some links bellow.
  11. Hi! As LUG Ambassador for TechnicBRICKs I got involved into a workgroup to discuss and gather community feedback about sustainability and most relevant LEGO products characteristics in this regard. Here we're also particularly interested in the feedback from the LEGO Technic community. This is a wide topic where you may consider many aspects like the raw materials used to produce LEGO bricks, packaging, building instructions, production facilities, energy, delivery chain, social responsibility, etc. And of course many other you'll certainly remember! To help framing your inputs we got four questions, for which we'd like to hear from you. Please feel free to answer by leaving your comments to this post. First, please list what consumers can generally expect when a toy product is made of "sustainable materials". Kindly elaborate your answers and provide examples, if possible. The richer descriptions you provide, the more we know excatly what you mean! Please rank what is most important (1 = most important etc. What characteristics of the LEGO experience are currently most important to consumers? For each characteristic, please describe excatly what it is about. The more explanation you provide, the better we understand your input. Please rank what is most important (1 = most important etc.) What characteristics of the LEGO experiences are relevant to consider when addressing "sustainable materials"? Rich descriptions and examples, please. Please rank what is most important (1 = most important etc.) Is there anything else you feel is important regarding Sustainable Materials that wasn't covered in the questions above, that might help get a better view about the topic? Many thanks in advance for your feedback!
  12. Unless I'll start with some parts pre-built to speed it up a bit... But think I won't have time for much till the start...
  13. Conchas

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    Not sure yet! Next Wednesday starting at 0:00 CET or Wednesday starting about 22:00 CET.
  14. I'm fully with you, Paul! I just wonder and this is not from today, why theses books are ever released in electronic format? Besides I haven't faced with any electronic copy, isn't it just making the Pirates life easier? Or is it that nowadays there are many people that won't buy a book if it is not available in electronic format?