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  1. Agreed 100%! Definitely one of my favorite crafts in the entire SW universe and I would love a UCS version!
  2. momoe

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    It has been a few weeks since I've checked out EB Forums (busy with a move) but seriously why the H*** do the Mods chastise anyone who wishes/speculates (i.e., rumors) on an upcoming set(s) when there is no substantial evidence throughout the year but allow literally DAYS of blowing steam about lines of hopeful buyers sued up, when stores are opening, and how many units of the UCS MF each store will receive, let alone complaining about pricing, median household incomes, etc. Mods: If this is the last set for 2017 (since Winter 2018 is next), lock this thread up or move these useless posts to a dedicated "We want to complain about the UCS MF" thread! [/rant]
  3. Actually Irish437 offered a really good THIRD options before your post: ID the top 10-20+ items, take really good and multiple photos of them (get an inexpensive portable light box on Amazon), and post them on eBay with reasonable minimum bids, then do your best to create one (or several) itemized lots (eg, Kenner vintage MIP/MIntOnCard figures; SW LEGO; etc) [get your cousin to do some of the work and inventory his collection]. If the single items and the lots are posted at the same time, parties interested in the high-end stuff are more likely to pick up the lots as well (for the right price).
  4. momoe

    Battle Packs - Better models?

    A nice addition the designers could add would be directions for an alternate "mega"-build combining the mini-build elements from all BPs from each single wave. Yes, I know the BPs from a wave are from different films/games/series of the SW universe but it could still be interesting and certainly fun for kids getting BPs for play
  5. momoe

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Clearly RO second wave sets will not be out in. 2016. Shouldn't any discussion of RO second wave sets be moved to the 2017 thread so the moderators don't feel compelled to chastise you??? This is ON TOPIC since we wouldn't want a random thread visitor to think that we'll see two entire new waves of sets for a movie not set to debut until December
  6. momoe

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Looks great!
  7. momoe

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Our VA TRU had them out on Thursday (19 May)
  8. momoe

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Didn't see this mentioned in the thread yet but this outstanding MOC was featured on the blog Nerdist! Nice way to get some international attention outside of the LEGO community Great job Raskolinkov!
  9. momoe

    [MOC] Microfighter First Order Transport

    I like your build and think your dimensions (length and width) are well within the range of other MFs but I suspect that any future official Microfighter would be 1-2 studs shorter in height and that might reduce the piece count.
  10. They are not national. There are no locations in Virginia and closest are in Pennsylvania They are not national. There are no locations in Virginia and closest are in Pennsylvania
  11. I sure miss Half Price Books!
  12. Nice job again, Carnage! Have you considered making rings for your Mace interceptor? Nice SNOT. I haven't gone there yet with my custom interceptor
  13. Carnage - can you do a slight breakdown of your cockpit mod (particularly the connection of the hinge with 2x2 plate)? My Vader interceptor is almost and I want to make the cockpit changes before I post pics to your Vader interceptor thread! Thanks!
  14. These are great but I prefer the larger Imperial insignias for the s-foils from your original decals (ala the Hasbro interceptor). I envision Vader screaming through the galaxy proudly displaying his new affiliation!