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  1. I'd like to see the stickers not decorations
  2. So Ihave the update too but there is a problem it's updating and after running there are no new parts when i close it and run it's updating again and after four times it's the same
  3. Nice work ,lego2lego! I've tried to do opera house, but couldn't because os anle of shells
  4. 4493 Sith Infiltrator http://www.brickshel...infiltrator.ldr 4495 AT-TE http://www.brickshel.../4495_at-te.ldr 30058 STAP http://www.brickshel.../30058_stap.ldr
  5. 7305 Scarab Attack 7307 Flying Mummy Attack
  6. 41999 - 4 x 4 Crawler Exclusive Edition - Technic http://www.brickshel...ive_edition.ldr Errors: missing string and wires rim replaced with part 44772.dat Missing stickers
  7. I'd like to see a hockey goalkeeper
  8. 850 Fork Lift Truck (Techinc, 1977) no errors
  9. 7181 - TIE Interceptor Errors: no errors
  10. jester

    Russion Federation Scout

    Quality is good, but it's not russion it is Russian Federation
  12. As for me i want more details and prints on details