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  1. Or maybe Classic Electro?) And Classic Hawkeye ?)
  2. How about custom Beta Ray Bill?)
  3. @zweifuss it was But not multi-colorable and without decorations
  4. Connection is not finished yet Will be available in future releases
  5. You just say that you made this ornament from faces?
  6. @Kuramapika1 how did you do 2552 multi-colorable?
  7. @polymaker it would be cool to add possibility to dublicate group of collision boxes
  8. @Stephan @Equilibrium @Calabar what do you think about collisions? I have the following thoughts: On the one hand, adding a collision is the right solution, because the parts will be complete But on the other hand, this is a very time-consuming process for complex parts (for example, a fence or wigs) and the presence of collisions will not allow the use of illegal techniques in the construction, as well as complex sets (Creator Expert for example) What do you think about this?
  9. Thanks a lot to @polymaker and @Equilibrium for the help! I'm back in game with new toys) @Stephan i will send you all my parts updated very soon)
  10. Thank you so much for your work!
  11. will be good of you I don’t quite understand what exactly I need to download from the link And how to run it
  12. @Equilibrium I didn’t find where to get brick studio