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  1. As it was discussed many times , missing collision is not a error. just missing “components” As for me - I don’t usually add collisions because many times it didn’t allow to build a real set for the parts you described - we know about missing collision and guys working on it. It’s so simple that can be imagined.
  2. It's unreal because the part doesn't exist in Ldraw library
  3. Guys, if anyone have those Star wars sets, please send me a good scan of cardboard please)) 40176, 40268, 40298, 40299, 40300
  4. You can use my uv map for the update
  5. It's strange For me everything working fine
  6. You don't need to double post Batgirl mask doesn't connect with cape because of collision Batwoman mask added, @Stephan will add it to one of next updates
  7. It is not a render, just screenshot I still didn;t draw it
  8. More updates for Star Wars!)))
  9. I can't fix Nexo shields Can you adjust them to this uv map?
  10. Please don't forget to upload ai's to drive folder
  11. Can you make the same for the Photoshop?
  12. The most annoying part (for me) updated too)