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  1. I'll do it right now) Upd. I can't add it right now I checked part from LDraw And the mesh is very raw
  2. Darkseid is on the way) Image.
  3. I started with updating bigfigs Bane has some outlines issues but I hope it will be corrected later Image.
  4. @SylvainLS thanks for the note! i'll correct it
  5. i don't think that's so necessary My decorations working fine without it
  6. I will take a look on your parts on this weekend Just don't have time for it now
  7. Working fine for me Wait for a big update @Stephan will prepare it very soon
  8. Maybe some one need Heimdall?) Image.
  9. @Stephan @Calabar should i add custom parts to the library too? I also made Yellow Jacket's helmet with decoration) Image.
  10. @JGuy it's a little secret) @ThorsHammer9999 I think he meant where I get the source from and not adding to LDD
  11. Hey guys! what about Marvel's Medusa wig?) Image.
  12. Or maybe Classic Electro?) Image. And Classic Hawkeye ?) Image.
  13. How about custom Beta Ray Bill?) Image.
  14. @zweifuss it was But not multi-colorable and without decorations