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  1. BasvanO

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Of i order a few what would they cost, i already have the two sided ones but I need the single sided ones to have the right gear setup.
  2. BasvanO

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Question, in the Kraz 255b by Ingmar Spijkhoven there is a center differential that i replaced with a 28 teeth gear from your shapeways store. Now is the problem that i can't use the 20 teeth gear but only the 12 teeth gear. I'm looking for a 28 teeth gear that has the same thickness as the 28 teeth gear the diff has but with a cross axle pinhole. Is there any possibility you could make a few?? Thanks in advance. Bas
  3. Anyone any ideas for a max 85mm tire for the smal racing rim 43,8mm?? it must fit on a unimog 406 model.
  4. What i am looking for is a tire that is about 80 to 85 mm in size. I have build Filsawgood's Trialtruck and the 90+mm tires are Just to big and the Fishertechnik tires are more tractor like and i want a crawler type tire. The tires from rc4wd in 1.55 size are al rather big, the only tire with the right size is the Baja tire MTZ P3. That one is 84mm but i like the thread of the rock crushers more.. any suggestions??
  5. Great! This helps a lot! Now i van go searching for Some 1,55 scale tires!
  6. Anyone got any tips for some crawler tires that will fit on the medium range rim from lego? Now i use the stock tires 81.4 and want a set of crawler tires that will fit?. I am building Filsawgood's 4x4 red Trial truck and want a more agressive tire on it. Bas
  7. BasvanO

    Thirdwigg's MOCs

    Planning and trying to get the parts together to build the Iveco xtr. i like that model a lot, and having just started building Lego technic again after 27 years this seems to be a nice challenge! Bas
  8. BasvanO

    42043-C MB Zetros [MOC

    Just bought the instructions to build this c model. I like it so much! Best is that there are also instructions for a RC mod. Keep up the good work! Bas
  9. Hope you will find the problems asap..
  10. Hi you all, Just bought the Arocs as a new beginner to build it with my wife. I like all the improvements shown here and by reading a lot i hope to mod my set as well. There is a lot of information to be found and i've seen a few youtube movies with the divers mod's for RC driving and steering. But first i have te buy me some extra pieces to be able to improve the model. I'd like to lower it a bit and to RC it, and with that said i also have a question about the RC handset's. I noticed that there are a few diverent one's, wich one has the best functions?? And the other question i have is, wich motor to use for the driving mod? L or XL?? Thanks and by the way my name is Bas and i'm from Holland ;-)