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  1. @Andman Thank you very much! I will check and see if that is the problem! :)
  2. Ok thanks. I had opened it up but didn't fiddle with it too much. (didn't wanna mess something up)
  3. A few months long ago, I bought the 5282 Rc Buggy controller to work with the battery box and the buggy motors. As of yesterday, I found out that my controller's left switch (The Very Important Drive Switch) had up and died, leaving the other 3 switches working fine. (2 toggle on the back, steering on the front) I have tested my two buggy battery boxes (6293c01 & 6272c01), cables, and buggy motors and they all work fine. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them before, and whether you all think I should buy a new one or get it repaired. Picture of what the controller looks like:
  4. @kbalage Yeah. I mainly meant the best option for speed. Idk how big his car is, so idk what setup would be best lol.
  5. Looks really nice and sleek! Great job!
  6. Your best Option is one or two buggy motors paired with an original battery box (The Race Buggy Battery) and the Original Remote Control (You will also need an antenna lol) I recommend you do motor-to-wheel output to reduce friction and make it go as fast as possible. Hope you win the race! :) Race Buggy Battery The Remote Control Buggy Motor
  7. What a sleek and beautiful model! Would totally buy this if it was a set! Are you going to try to motorize it? (Also instructions would be awesome!)
  8. So I have been meaning to post this for awhile, so here are the few reworks I made. Updated Feature List -Full Body Suspension Front: Soft Double Wishbone Suspension Rear: Hard 360 Live Axle Suspension -Positive Caster Angling -Working Steering Wheel (controlled by servo) -Working V6 Engine & Spinning Fan -Altered Body Shape and Structure -Fake Engine Intake -Opening Hood -Cab interior (Dash, Folding Chairs, and Steering Wheel) (The working steering wheel function has been removed to reduce unnecessary wheel pivoting and weaker steering/suspension/axle structure) -The Working V6 Here's a video of it: Hope you like it! Have fun building!
  9. @AndyCW & @Jurss Thanks for the advice! I have planned to make the extension arms longer, but I just haven't found the right rods yet. :) I would use hubs, but I haven't purchased any yet. I think I may try working on smoothing out a few of the body angles, but idk.
  10. Built this Trophy Truck Yesterday. Inspired by @Zerobricks Epic Rolug Trophy Truck, I built this truck with the same idea/principle in mind. Powered By 2xL motors & a Servo for steering. Features (So Far) -Full Body Suspension Front: Soft Double Wishbone Suspension Rear: Hard 360 Live Axle Suspension -Positive Caster Angling -Working Steering Wheel (controlled by servo) I may add a Light kit on my V.2 Design..... I don't know. I do plan, however, to add a working V6 or V8 under the hood. Because of the way it the suspension works, it is quite flexible..... .....ando you can fit five of these under one wheel with the other 3 wheels still touching the ground. Underside: Here's a video of it: Hope you like it! Have fun building!
  11. So recently I redesigned my Offroad Buggy, making it more compact with full suspension & better body design. It took about 1-1.5 hours to build. The car is powered by a single buggy motor (slow output), and steered by a servo. It is 39 studs long, 21 studs wide, and 15 studs high. The front hood opens up to make suspension change easier and to reveal the fan (I had hoped to add a V6 & more pipes/tubes from the fan, but I ran out of room) Here's A cutaway of the side- I used soft wishbone suspension in the front and hard suspension in the back, but both can be swapped for fully hard or soft. The rear drive is straight motor to axle, so no differential. And here's the underside: Here's a short video of it in action: Hope you like it! Have fun building!
  12. @Ukbajadave I had planned to but, my phone was dead. I'll add one in a few minutes
  13. Hey all, this is my first post! I built this car roughly in an hour. It is based off of the Baja Buggies that are pretty awesome, and inspired a bit by the Class 1 Unlimited Buggy by Agrof. This car is powered by a Buggy Motor to a differential, and steered by a Servo. I think I will try to add Long Travel suspension to it, but for now it has no suspension. Let me know what you think- I would love advice! :) (Edit) Here's the Underside of the Car