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  1. [Moc] Medieval Castle

    Beautiful! I'm constantly in awe of guys like yourself who build these incredibly detailed MOCs.
  2. SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    I won't lie, I also wish there were 2 tiers for shipping. 1 for those people that want the instructions right away - they can use DHL Express and pay the small fortune, and 1 for those that don't mind how long it takes. I still haven't built my U-wing (I know I know, but life has got in the way a bit) so for me, paying AU$50 for express shipping is unwarranted. I do realise that having 1 shipping option makes it much easier for Mirko to keep track of things though. EDIT: I forgot to say, excellent work once again sir. It's beautiful! I love that you've made provision for easy LED installation too.
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    That sounds awesome, I enjoyed reading that. Lets hope you're not far off the mark!
  4. [MOC] Rogue One Scarif

    It's great! The composition is very well thought out :)
  5. [MOC] Speeder Bikes

    These are fantastic! The combination of curved slopes on one side and round back on the other side is my favourite. It adds an extra element of detail :)
  6. 100% agreed. If they're gonna be that way inclined they should stop pussy-footing around and give us a UCS Tatooine set instead of small Tatooine-based rehashes.
  7. @MandRproductions You've used my image in your latest video without giving thanks. Is a bit of common courtesy too hard these days?
  8. Yeah, the engine nacelles are wayyy off too.
  9. It's been 13 years since the release of the UCS though and it could be greatly improved imo. I'm surprised Lego designed it with proportions so out of whack. Here's a quick and dirty comparison I made up between the Lego model and the Bandai model.
  10. [MOC] WIP - Sandcrawler

    Awesome news mate. Did Cavegod and MB liaise with one another when creating their respective Sandcrawlers? I've compared photos between the two and they look quite similar (which is a good thing). Unless of course they both followed the reference material equally, that would also make sense. I'll add this to the list of MOCs I need to undertake. I've realised that I'm a serial MOC "non-finisher" I haven't even started Mirkos U-wing yet...
  11. [MOC][LDD] Sandcrawler for not rich people

    As this old thread was bumped I should say nice work! I see there's an official "not for rich people" Sandcrawler being released by Lego in 2018.
  12. I believe @Cjd223and @mortesv are currently on their way to Alderaan. Something about a lawsuit between them and the Corellian Engineering Corporation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. It would look great but probably take a little bit more work than initially anticipated because of how square the front is. You'd need to taper the sides in at the front somehow to make it look good. I haven't built my DB yet but will defiantly have crack at it when I do.
  14. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    @Exetrius Thank you, you've given me a bit to think about. For some reason I assumed the set wouldn't be around for very long because it's tied to the movie and whatnot. But you're right, it's an impressive set that has received great praise so it should be a round for a while yet. Man, you were lucky to pay what you paid