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  1. YES! This is brilliant news :)
  2. Yes he is mate, have you asked him? See the 4th last post
  4. I'd wait and buy it in the UK tbh. Before you know it you'll be there. The suspense will just make it even more special (I can picture you making all sorts of mistakes trying to build with a good dose of jetlag, hahah)
  5. Next UCS Set

    Thanks mate, I agree it does look very nice however I've decided to concentrate on having larger, but fewer models instead of many smaller ones. I'm trying to keep a minimalist style to my display. It's so easy to go overboard with Lego, and then everything looks like a big mess ;)
  6. Had I been fortunate enough to own 10179 I think I would've done the exact same thing. Onward and upward! :)
  7. Next UCS Set

    Good point about not having another big set to rain on the Falcons parade. If the silhouette is anything to go by, the ISD could quite possibly be one of the two UCS sets for 2018, but perhaps not the next one, you're right. I'd love a new Y-Wing too. I've been holding off Bricklinking one for a while now in the hope that it reappears soon.
  8. I remember reading that it isn't supported anymore. Is LDD the same software that Lego employees use to design sets?
  9. Next UCS Set

    Here are the boxes in question. On the Death Star box I've circled the silhouette of the Millennium Falcon, which we now know to be true. On the Millennium Falcon box there is a silhouette of the Imperial Star Destroyer in the same spot. It's even backlit to make it stand out a little more, just like the MF was. This time though the silhouette isn't on the front of the box like it was with the DS, it's on the side. That's because the new MF box is a completely different style to what we've come to know. It's a much cleaner, classier design, which is appreciated when you're handing over that much money.
  10. Man, I love these progress photos. Combined with Mirkos U-Wing you're motoring along! You forgot to upload a picture of your hands though...
  11. Nice mate! I got it for AU$29 (US$23) and on my island that's a good score
  12. No shit, I've literally spend the past little while looking for a suitable glass top coffee table, and then I realised I don't actually have a good spot to put the said glass coffee table.
  13. Asian Pagoda with Garden for Ninja Training

    This is beautiful! I have a question for you (and for everyone else who builds large dioramas). Do you generally design them in LDD first, or are you just fortunate enough to have thousands and thousands of spare bricks at home?
  14. Indeed we are, haha. The ISD is my favourite ship in the galaxy, I love the angular design and how imposing it is. It's just straight up badass. Followed very closely by the Imperial Shuttle. Actually, it's kinda difficult to pick a favourite out of those two...