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  1. Karle

    [MOC] John Deere 75G Excavator

    It is a very eye catching model, nice job. I've not heard the term "Model Team style" before, would you explain what you mean?
  2. Very nice indeed! It appears that some of your improvements can also be applied to the tri-axle Pete as. How did you mod the battery box to hold 8 batteries? I've already added this to my build list.
  3. Karle

    Liftable Axle

    I used the abbreviation for the word " assembly". Now I know!
  4. Karle

    Liftable Axle

    Take a look at Motomatt's 2980 Moc of a Peterbilt Tri Axle. It has a motor driven lifting stub axle megablocks'y with a spring suspension.
  5. Karle

    [Question] Influence on TLG?

    It would be nice if Lego would just produce some of the parts that they have already issued. Short steering arms (6571) and the left and right yellow fairing panels (64681 and 64393) come to mind. I'm sure others can add to this list.
  6. Agree! Build the Ultimate version with the extended boom or go right to the Grove 6400.
  7. Look on rebrickable, Bobby's Blocks (105) had 8 new ones for $.75 each.
  8. Karle

    Question about Crawler Crane 42042

    Contact Lego and let them know that you are missing those parts. They are extremely helpful about replacing missing parts.
  9. Karle

    8043 - The Bucket that Never Was

    I built J├╝rgen's version of the 8043, from scratch, last year. This was a full build ,including stickers, all of the long panels and a LennyRhys bucket. The cost of the build was approximately $500. By the way, the bucket is the strongest part on the boom. I tried digging in snow and the boom arms will twist long before the bucket is stressed.
  10. There is a drawing that shows how to rig the boom sections to retract the third section. Look under Ultimate 42009, the post was by" therealjustin. Sorry! I don't have the post number"
  11. Karle

    3D printed parts

    Looks good ! Now can you find pens to match some of the other Lego colors?
  12. Speaking of rechargeable batteries, I just bought a charger for a Lego rechargeable battery. There are no instructions on how long to leave the charger on or if the red charge light changes states. Can someone out there shed some light on this problem.
  13. Karle

    Buying PF?

    One thing not mentioned is the S-brick for RC control. The price is not that much greater than the IR receiver/transmitters and the performance is much better. You can use them out doors in bright sun light and at a much greater range. Each brick has four outputs and can be hidden inside your creation.
  14. Karle

    [MOC] M1 Light Bulldozer

    I like it. It's in my file of Lego MOC's to build.
  15. Take a look at www.philohome.com LEGO tech info You may find your answer there.