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  1. ludovisser

    Axle Collection Thread

    In my MOC the travel is about 0.5 stud (a bit less even) and the space available between the shock absorbers and the black perpendicular connectors is enough to accommodate that without bending the springs. Compressing the full 1 stud indeed bends the shock ever so slightly, so if you need the full 1 stud travel you can consider putting the shock on the upper arms instead, as suggested. I don't have the space available for that though.
  2. ludovisser

    [MOC] Distribution Truck

    Very nice Looks simple, awesome how you hid all the complexity. And high play value, I like that!
  3. ludovisser

    Axle Collection Thread

    I guess a 19-stud wide solid steered axle is not that exciting, but I needed one and I don't think a lot (any?) have been posted in this thread. So here's one, with Ackerman steering geometry. It is strong enough for the yellow springs, but probably it likes the softer ones better. model and instructions for this that are interested.
  4. Wow. Just wow, amazing! I wish there was some more footage of the mechanisms, without the artistic shots, is that possible? It's mesmerizing to watch... I didn't realize the clocks in the base were moving too; are they matching the orbital periods? How did you get those to match the big rings? Have you considered putting the planets at a bit more accurate distances with respect to each other? I can imagine it would put Uranus and Neptune so far out that the model becomes unstable, but now it's a bit crowded
  5. ludovisser

    6x4 tractor unit inspired by Scania

    I really like this, very well done! Just as @MajklSpajkl, the fifth wheel is probably also my favorite part. I just built a version myself from the photo's and it works so well and yet so simple! I think this should be the "standard" fifth wheel
  6. ludovisser

    Axle Collection Thread

    I don't know why I'm so fascinated/obsessed with truck axle suspensions, but here's another one for tandem axles, inspired by @Andrea Grazi's suspension on his famous tow truck: Its weakest point is that the suspension arms are connected to ball pins, which may pop out with excessive force, but from my experience it takes significant effort to do that. For semi-display models, I think it is fine. With the four yellow springs, load capacity is about 1.2 kg. This can be modified by changing the springs, even putting single springs instead of the double one shown here. Try it yourself: file is here, PDF instructions here. Construction is a bit finicky due to the springs being under compression when mounted and everything connecting together in a tight spot. Feedback welcome!
  7. ludovisser

    Axle Collection Thread

    @marshmallow maybe you missed it because it was only showing one axle ;-) I haven't had any issues with that crankshaft part: I have the axle on a studded-beam chassis (chassis only, rest still to be built...) and it only has about a single plate-height of travel. Mine is a manual model, your mileage may vary with RC.
  8. ludovisser

    Axle Collection Thread

    A bit late maybe, but I designed one for the tri-drive use case specifically. It’s posted one page back:
  9. That looks absolutely stunning . I was for a long time in the process of designing a similar model myself, but I guess I can stop now Do you think it's possible to squeeze in some hand-of-god steering, e.g. via the spare tire? With some trailers it would be fun to play with I'm sure, or is it too fragile?
  10. Amazing! What tech stack is behind it, beside JavaScript? How did you decide what needs to move?
  11. ludovisser

    General Part Discussion

    They're also on the new Volkswagen van
  12. ludovisser

    Axle Collection Thread

    The piece is maybe a weak point, but it holds up just fine in my model, which is manual. I agree that for RC models, specifically off road, it is probably not the most robust solution. The "egg piece" @I_Igor suggest can work better, or maybe just bracing the L-beams horizontally can help as well. Thanks for the feedback
  13. ludovisser

    Axle Collection Thread

    I haven't been super active lately, due to moving house, changing job, etc., but I thought I'd share something I've been working on-and-off the last couple (*ahem* many) months: a solid driven axle for trucks. The reason it took so long is because I rebuilt it a gazillion times, probably because my requirements were difficult to meet (at least for me ). It had to be 19 studs wide, use only common parts only, and it had to be "chain-able", i.e. I wanted to be able to use the same axle for a 4x2 and a 8x6 or 10x6 truck. Finally I managed: I'd be happy to receive feedback on it, if anyway would bother to build it As shown, the frame should be 5 studs wide, but it's easily modified for 4. Also, leaving the yellow bushes off the axles allows you to put 64.2 wheel a bit closer to the frame (replace the 3L pin with bush for a regular pin) for a slightly-over 18 studs wide axle (replace the 9L axles with 8L obviously). A file can be found here. I found that has a pretty awesome instruction builder these days, so I made PDF instructions (here) as a learning experience.
  14. Wonderful build! Like Model Team, but with more functionality, well done I'm having the same internal debate on suspension in Model Team-like builds. It's an interesting feature, but a hassle to squeeze in, while the added value can be argued about. Glad you managed though, it's a nice plus!
  15. @Jim can the "community future direction"-part of this discussion be split into a separate topic? I agree with @howitzer that the scope of this topic is not suitable for this, indeed, very important discussion...