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  1. Ludo Visser

    [POC] Solid ball joint

    The 3x1 connectors could be replaced with 2x 1x3 lift arms with a half-pin in them, so you have again a half-pin on four sides.
  2. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Kenworth W900

    This is great! I really like how this looks and the functionality provides a lot of playability for this scale. Well done! I have to agree with others with respect to the wheels. For a slightly smaller scale, maybe these or these can be a better option, although I understand that you were now constrained by the scale of the containers. Which part did you use for the kingpin ("towball")? Is it a bionicle part? I've been looking for a part like that for a long time for my truck, but after seeing the video you linked I'm convinced this is probably the best fifth-wheel coupling for functional models...!
  3. Ludo Visser

    Limited Technic Reviews

    I only want to chime in to voice my support for the written review, and @Jim’s were among the best. I appreciate all the effort that goes into the video reviews, but I always find myself pausing, rewinding, etc. A written review let’s me go at my own pace and generally provides more detail via the photos.
  4. Ludo Visser

    large scale telescopic crane

    We had a Liebherr LTM 1450 at work last month*. It extends one section at the time with a giant hydraulic ram inside the boom: the ram extends the section, it's locked in place, the ram retracts and locks into the next section. Just some food for thought if the rigging becomes impossible. But indeed: pictures please! *) we had to lift a 20kg box up to 100m. The crane driver was amused and had to actually add some dead weight to keep the crane stable...
  5. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] John Deere 6130R with implements

    Definitely the steph77 fender. Matches the rear fender. I've been slacking off in posting here on the forums, but just wanted to say this is (again) a great MOC from you. The combination of front and rear tires looks better than I expected, and since I actually have both, I might give my own tractor a try! Keep up the great work!
  6. Ludo Visser

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    My mind hurts...
  7. Ludo Visser

    Ingmar Spijkhoven Passed Away

    That's so sad to hear. His models are a huge inspiration to me. Condolences to his family.
  8. Ludo Visser

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    That is awesome!
  9. Ludo Visser

    Technic 2H2019 Video Reviews

    Cool, great review as usual. I like how much functions it has, all the linkages seem to work nicely. Should be a lot of fun. Reminds me of how much fun I had with 88872 Forklift Transporter, hauling stuff around and trying to back it up. Coincidentally, that set had a car transporter as B-model and it had two cars! It also came with 18 wheels, which is a record, I think, but this one comes close with 14...
  10. Ludo Visser

    The new t28 gear wheel and its uses

    Do all combinations run equally smooth? The combinations with 24z and 40z seem really tight, but that may be a matter of the perspective. It's strange that it won't mesh with a worm gear. I thought that 8z, 16z, 24z and 40z all mesh with the 2M (old) worm gear and 12z, 20z and 36z with the new (although I'm not certain). I figured the 28z would fit in the 2nd sequence, but it just may be the odd one out. Have you tried with a 1.5M offset and the new 1M gear? @Doug72 had a setup meshing with the turn table, but I can't find the corresponding thread anymore.
  11. Ludo Visser

    [GBC] Multipath

    Nice work. Your modules always look clean and well designed. With respect to the linkage: at the top of the motion, the link (the rubber part end) ends up very close to the singularity point where the force pulling it back down is almost in line with the rotation point of the top 40z gear. This is probably what is causing a bit of hesitation in the sweeper motion near the top. I think that if you can move the lower 40z gear a bit to the right (when seen from behind), this problem can be solved. Or, maybe you can reduce the entire motion of the top 40z a bit to stay away from the singularity. But this would need the 24z to be replaced also, e.g. with a 16z. Can be tricky.
  12. Your picture shows the tail service masts. I was referring to the hold-down clamps: (More info here and here). I would be nice to have those actually working, since it would greatly stabilise the model, but in 2x2x5 space that is going to be really hard, and I can't identify a good clamping point on the LEGO model. Anyway, I'm getting carried away here
  13. Totally awesome @teflon! Is the Saturn V actually held down by the clamps? If so, how do they work? It's not too stable standing up by itself, I noticed Ever since I got the Saturn V set I wanted to have a LUT to go with it. I was very excited to see the Ideas submission, but it obviously didn't make it. Your version looks really good and might inspire me to give it a try to build one myself @NathanR: I remember your post asking for help with the swing arm mechanisms. I was wondering were the project went; I don't get in the Special Themes section very often.
  14. Interesting work. I have a bunch of old cylinders that would benefit, but I'm hesitant to open them. If your video could also include some instructions on how to open the cylinders would be great. I'm not sure if this product is readily available in Europe... A quick search only gave me a few shops on Amazon.