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  1. I forgot about this one. It's coming along really beautifully! I think it would be appropriate for the new Scale Modeling Forum; maybe @Jim or @Milan can move it... As for the part availability: I think the LLD "regular" mode restricts you to only available colors, but it also restrictive in the parts that you can use, so I guess that's not a solution here. You could try importing the model on and see if it can find all the parts. I've had limited success with this process, since not all the parts seems to be correctly identified, but you can try.
  2. 20: 10 2: 6 17: 4 18: 3 15: 2 11: 1
  3. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Very nice module indeed! Very clean looks, as we have become accustomed to from you I'm just surprised that you need those neck braces to mesh the turntables. Are these the 60z or 56z turntables? I assume that you couldn't get either to mesh properly without "tricks"?
  4. Scale Modeling General Discussion

    So the actual Model Team-like models, cf. the Highway Rig, are excluded? I believe those are around 1:30... Bummer
  5. Land Carrier Khagaan

    This is so cool! Not only the build, but the whole video is epic! Reminds me a bit of the Dunes II game...
  6. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V [VIDEO REVIEW]

    Great review Sariel! I love this set, got it on the first day it came out. Just to clarify: there's no "white command module"; the LES came with a white cover protecting the (grey) command module. So when the LES detaches, it reveals the CM. The instructions clearly show the grey command module in the turn-around procedure. But maybe I'm just too much into this Neil Armstrong passed away in 2012... maybe you want to remove the reference... PS: I think I saw another one somewhere on the forums, but I don't recall where.
  7. Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    Wow, beautiful. I was away for a few days and this was a great way to catch up again. Absolutely stunning!
  8. [MOC] FTF FS-20 Roseboom heavy haulage (1:16)

    Wow, this is gorgeous! Do you have a video?
  9. Scale Modeling General Discussion

    I've been thinking about this question since the two cars (I'm assuming you're referring to the Corvette and Aston) were posted. I haven't posted anything in this forum yet, because I'm doubting since long time if my WIP MOC belongs here. So the issue is relevant for me, and I thus have an opinion on it (but feel free to ignore it ). @Lasse D, I understand from your post that topics should not be excluded or included based on the builders skill level. I would agree with that, because it would make this forum an elitist subforum. I doubt that is the goal. Also, from the two models you posted, I deduce that artistic freedom should also be allowed, e.g.: the fifth wheel on the first model is clearly out of scale, but the rest of the truck is accurately modeled. Also, for example @2LegoOrNot2Lego...'s trucks are not always accurately modelled after a real truck, but instead inspired. So I would argue that a topic in this forum should fulfil at least two criteria: It must be clear explicitly what the scale of the model is, e.g. 1:20, 1:30. It must be clear what the model represents Artistic freedom is allowed, but it must be clear what are the deviations. With this, we would have objective criteria that the topic can be evaluated against. Just my 2 cents
  10. That works really well! There's some less smooth motion when it's loading the green container; I guess it's due to the fact that the picker is at its extreme location and only one motor has to lift the whole thing. Your method for determining how to move the motors is ingenious, but were you aware that a closed-form solution is available (see e.g. The Delta Parallel Robot: Kinematics Solutions Robert L. Williams II ...)? Maybe to much for the EV3 to handle though, and you current implementation works fine obviously
  11. Grum, it is good to see you back, I was worried This is going to be a huge build, epic. I'm looking forward to see it, since I didn't get the set myself. Your build reviews always add something that other reviews never capture, namely the building experience from an unique viewpoint. And of course, your preparation also gives good insights in the difficulty of the build. Again, looking forward
  12. Didumos69's Breadcrumbs

    Looks like those 3x5 frames won't be used again anymore... How can you undo step 2 of your instructions?
  13. Interview with international tug magazine Lekko

    Oh, I forgot about this: I had planned to read it, but didn't have time when you posted, and then forgot. Thanks @Dafgek81 for bumping the topic. @Edwin Korstanje: very nice article. Very detailed also: it's more than just a "look what this guy does"-photoshoot-with-some-text. PS.: What's a G/A plan?
  14. "Why did you do it?" "Because it could be done" I think having the ability to have it showcased on a slope like that is already worth it. Great work! /lurking
  15. Purism

    Interesting observation, @Erik Leppen. I had observed an increase, but correlated it to my increased following of LEGO forums. I personally draw a line at 3rd party strings: I'd try to use genuine LEGO string if I were to make instructions for a model, but otherwise I'm fine (also in others' MOCs) with 3rd party strings. I do like the quality and properties of original LEGO string though, so after prototyping (e.g. finding the required lengths) I would make an effort to replace the 3rd party strings with genuine LEGO string if I intend to keep the MOC for a while. Other custom parts are, for me at least, not an option. Even stickers and chroming parts is a no go, although I can understand when people go for these options. Myself, I "simulate" chrome with LBG parts and I'm not building to the level of detail were stickers would add something. If I wanted to make really detailed models, I'd probably choose a different material altogether. The joy for me is in working within the LEGO system to build what I want. To be honest: if I see MOCs with 3rd party parts, I'm always a bit disappointed. It feels like cheating, like others have pointed out, and kills the joy for me. I remember being sad when I found out (years ago) that Jennifer Clarks Demag crane had modified parts inside. I've always been hugely inspired by Andrea Grazi's tow truck as an example of what is possible within the LEGO system (please don't tell me he used 3rd party parts...), and that is what defines my goals and aspirations. With such a reference, I don't see a point in needing 3rd party parts...