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  1. I considered that, but the 7M gear rack only has 3M of teeth, which allows only 2M of extension. I thought that too little. This solution uses the maximum amount of extension possible given the width of the vehicle (minus the space taken up by the outrigger mechanism, which is 1M). I tried a solution with the 13M gear rack, but it has the holes in the wrong places and I couldn't manage... A 9M or 11M intermediate size would be nice to have!
  2. I managed. After a lot of iterations on the concept shown above, I realised I was overcomplicating it. I moved the driven gear that extends the outrigger to the other side, put a idler gear on the far outside (where the driven gear used to be), and then the synchronisation is trivial: The 3L pins are end-stop that prevent the outriggers from falling out. The total extension is a bit over 5M, including the extension of the 2nd part.: The yellow axle will linke the front outriggers with the rear ones (once the loose u-joint is connected), so in the end one control extend all four. As you can see, I also fitted an engine, and routing the outrigger link under the turntable and past the engine and past the steering (the tan gears in the top-left of the picture) was a real pain. I think the overal length is still good, but the 16z gears of the front outrigger extension will end up in the cabin... no seats, probably: I'm short of a few 5M levers in LBG (for the outriggers). Next steps: add cabin and engine cover. You can find more photo's here Feedback is appreciated!
  3. For a while I thought I was looking at renders, but I was wrong. This is coming together great, really cool to see the progress!
  4. New Technic Background?

    I also think it would be nice too have an older model (eg 8880 or 8480) as well, to illustrate the history.
  5. Grum's Shed

    ^^ What they said. Your builds are always very interesting to follow. Curious to see what's next!
  6. Need help with a mechanism

    I know that I'm a bit late with this, but it was difficult to find information on this -- apparently the LUT was not the most glamorous part of the operation After a while (long while...), I found this paper from way back and it seems that the umbilical arms were actuated by pneumatic pistons pushing the arms away from the vehicle. I think it would look really nice if the arms would fall backwards after unlocking, instead of having to rotate a knob, but indeed you'd have to tilt the axis of rotation a bit, since you don't have pneumatic pistons to push. I'm not sure how feasible tilting would be... The other solutions suggested probably have a better chance
  7. Need help with a mechanism

    I thought that on the real structure, the arms swing away passively, i.e. by gravity. Would that be easier to engineer? You'd need to have the axis of rotation under an angle, and then some simple lock that keeps it in place until released. Then your control needs to only release the lock.
  8. Effe's MOC Corner

    I know. But I’m referring to the fact that with the Ackerman geometry the gear rack won’t stay parallel, so I’m wondering how that would mesh with the gear driving it. Unless it’s not a rack&pinion, but then I wonder why you used a gear rack.
  9. Effe's MOC Corner

    How does the Ackerman geometry in de front axle work with the gear rack? The gear rack would go out of parallel as you steer, but I don’t see any room for that...?
  10. Konajra's Mocs

    I can't believe the size of this thing What a beauty, and so many details. Even my girlfriend loves it and wants one, and she has nothing with LEGO normally (when I told her the size and number of bricks though, she changed her mind ) The bow looks a bit "low resolution", but I guess there's no way around that at this scale By the way: is this ship based in Scheveningen by chance? Or does it have a "sister" there? It looks awfully familiar...
  11. Chevrolet C10 1972

    Very very cool! I lost track of the WIP topic, but I'm happy to see it finished! Maybe the seats could have been a different color to better distinguish it from the bodywork, but that's really a minor point. Great model
  12. Update time! It's not that I've been sitting still... just rebuilding the chassis about a dozen times. After @LvdH's guess at how the outriggers extended, I was determined to actually incorporate at mechanism to extend all of them in unison, instead of manually as in the previous version. Of course, there was no room for that, so I soon decided to ditch the chassis. I had a couple of tries at designing new outriggers with the idea of then building a chassis around those. I finally settled on this design, which is strong enough to lift the crane up (for now at least): Internally it looks like this: The toothed bar 8M is supposed to sit on the two 1x1 round plates, but LDD won't let me due to the 3M beam that is supposed to hold it in place. This makes me doubt if it is a legal construction. In reality it fits, although if I put a 1x8 plate under the toothed bar, instead of the 2 round plates, it gets stuck. What do you guys think? Acceptable or not? Other suggestions to keep the outrigger in place (replacing the 3M beam)? The gearbox around the outriggers is fairly compact, although on this scale everything appears big: Routing the axle that is going to connect the front outriggers with the back ones (black, barely visible in the center of the turntable) was a real pain, but I managed. In order to fit the outrigger gearboxes, I had to turn the steering mechanisms around. This had all kinds of implications for the chassis, as you might see here: The core of the chassis is 3M "thick" in order to support the rather segmented lowest layer... I'm curious to hear your opinions on the outriggers!
  13. [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Another crane, must be crane season I'm very curious to follow this; the previous version was already impressive, so this is surely going to be awesome. What are the rubber bands for on the bottom? And why does the engine only run when you lower the outriggers, and not the other functions? @Erik Leppen: I'm certain I've seen this steering mode switching mechanism somewhere else before. Not sure where though. @Jeroen Ottens, was it in one of your previous models?
  14. MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    Very nice! Are you building this one from top to bottom, instead of starting from the hull? Or did I miss something?
  15. Cool I was never aware of this nonlinearity myself until the demonstration by @aeh5040. I tried it myself, of course, and since then I always catches my eye if I see them. Can't help it