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  1. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Small 4-axle mobile crane - finished!

    Thanks for the nice comments! seems to work very similar to LDD, fortunately. Most key shortcuts are the same. The snapping is not as accurate as in LDD, and also the collision detection isn't, but on the plus side: gears just fit, no need to rotate them just little bit just to make it fit I'm only missing a quick way to export an image... like the screenshots in LDD. The only way I can find to export an image is rendering, which takes quite some time.
  2. That's a cool mechanism! Using those wedge belt wheels as drums with 6 positions totally makes sense when you think of it I'm now wondering though how you did the gear switching on the Dominator? Just individually switching each set of gears? P.S.: thanks for linking to the mashup, totally missed that...!
  3. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Technic Abomination

    Wonderful, absolutely amazing! I love all the funny details, like the hammer and screwdriver and the power reserve indicator. The crane mode is totally crazy awesome
  4. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Small 4-axle mobile crane - finished!

    Thanks! Thanks! There's no counter balance weight, so at lower angles there is some tilt forward and rotating it can get it stuck at the edges of the fenders of the carrier. But this only happens with the boom fully extended at near-horizontal, or with a significant load on the hook. I guess I could have designed to have only smooth edges at the bottom, but I didn't think of that. I'm happy with it though - it's very playable!
  5. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Small 4-axle mobile crane - finished!

    I finally managed to make some better photo's (more on Bricksafe): Here's a small video demonstrating the synchronisation of the boom extension/retraction with the cable spool. I used a motor for smoother motion, also because the gear reduction is a bit too much (lots of rotations needed to unwind the spool). The gear reduction is ok for boom extension and is perfectly matched to the unspooling rate, but for just hoisting up and down it should be a bit faster - for a bigger model I would include a second gear box to switch speeds probably (linked to the first). I downloaded to see what that's all about - let's see if I can make some nice renders and maybe instructions... Comments welcome!
  6. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Mechanical Tower of Hanoi solver

    Awesome, truly awesome! I think you used the chain drive before somewhere, right? The "circular" automata? It seems to work very reliable and even quite strong, considering how small those links are and how heavy the whole turn table seems to be. Or did you reinforce it somehow? I too am wondering how the top part rotates so reliably with respect to the pegs. Or is there some guiding mechanism that make sure the grabber fits nicely onto the pegs?
  7. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Small 4-axle mobile crane - finished!

    Thanks for the kind comments! I might, if there's enough interest
  8. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Small 4-axle mobile crane - finished!

    Yes it is. I decided I had been struggling long enough with this MOC To make it 4 wide I would have had to redesign the whole boom and its attachment points, including the transfer of the boom extension through the main hinge point that I have been working on for a very long time - I wanted to finish I will use the more narrow boom maybe for a future project!
  9. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Small 4-axle mobile crane - finished!

    Guess what, it's finished! Here are two quick photo's I took; I'll try to make some better ones in the coming days during the daytime. In the back of the upper structure is a small gearbox. When you engage the red switch and then rotate the knob for the hoist, the boom is extended (or retracted) with the same pace as the spool, so the hook stays at the same relative position; no need to first drop the hook, then extend the boom, extend the hook again, etc. I'll try to make a small movie of it. I'd love to hear your opinions!
  10. Ludo Visser

    MLCad - highway rigs

    Very nice. I always wanted to have that set as a kid, but never got it - I started spending on Technic and the allowance can only be spent once I really like your update. I think the sun visor is a bit big, maybe remove the upper row of plates if possible? Are you planning to build it? Those 6.5 (?) L bars you use for the handrails are rare, if I recall correctly. At least in LBG. And the wheels are getting more rare also. I bought a bunch of them some time ago to build a rig like this that I designed, but never got to building...
  11. Ludo Visser

    Expert Builder Mobile Crane

    Very cool. I like those old sets, they were from just before I started with LEGO and typically the stuff I would find a friends' places if they had slightly older siblings (or AFOL parents ). Quite functional considering the limit part palette. I'm wondering now why the 24z crown gear disappeared - its so functional!
  12. Part 3873 also fits under a standard 1x4 plate.
  13. Ludo Visser

    My mechanical clocks

    Very nice. The video explains it well, although in the black&white version at the end it's a bit hard to see what's what. Thanks also for providing the building instructions - I keep saying I have to build one myself, but now my only excuse left is that I don't have the screwdriver
  14. I think the only way to prevent last-minute entries is to have the contest in two rounds. So vote at half-way and then the best N WIPs can continue to the next round (for some suitable value of N). This enforces a WIP, but might make it "too official" and cumbersome. I do like the idea of "classes". On some contest topics, like the crane contest, the "pro" builders leave very little chance for us mortals to win Maybe a simple rule like "if you have won a previous contest, you're in the pro league, otherwise you're in the regular league". Promotion to pro if you win in the regular league. (And demotion...? ). Anyway, I really enjoy the contests. I don't always have time to participate, but I always try to follow!
  15. Some serious safety issues you guys implemented I'm very impressed by the variety of the submissions. 5: 10 10: 6 6: 4 12: 3 1: 2 2: 1 Good luck!