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  1. Part 3873 also fits under a standard 1x4 plate.
  2. Ludo Visser

    My mechanical clocks

    Very nice. The video explains it well, although in the black&white version at the end it's a bit hard to see what's what. Thanks also for providing the building instructions - I keep saying I have to build one myself, but now my only excuse left is that I don't have the screwdriver
  3. I think the only way to prevent last-minute entries is to have the contest in two rounds. So vote at half-way and then the best N WIPs can continue to the next round (for some suitable value of N). This enforces a WIP, but might make it "too official" and cumbersome. I do like the idea of "classes". On some contest topics, like the crane contest, the "pro" builders leave very little chance for us mortals to win Maybe a simple rule like "if you have won a previous contest, you're in the pro league, otherwise you're in the regular league". Promotion to pro if you win in the regular league. (And demotion...? ). Anyway, I really enjoy the contests. I don't always have time to participate, but I always try to follow!
  4. Some serious safety issues you guys implemented I'm very impressed by the variety of the submissions. 5: 10 10: 6 6: 4 12: 3 1: 2 2: 1 Good luck!
  5. Very nice! I really like the combination and especially that you took a lot of care to have matching scales. Each of the three components is a great MOC by itself. Great job (It reminds me a bit of a very improved version of one of my all-time favorites, 8872 ) Just out of curiosity, what's the difference between US and non-US style trailers?
  6. Ludo Visser

    [MOC] Mechanical Game of Life

    That’s awesome! Incredible Can you explain how the mechanism works?
  7. Yes, it is 5x4 (5 wide, 4 high). I agree that f it were a scale model it should be about 4 studs wide, but I prefer playable over scale in this case. Good idea! I didn't think of the regular 3x11 panel, as I don't have them in yellow. But you could indeed make it 3x4 with those: Obviously, 4x4 would be trivial, just add a layer of beams in the middle. Maybe I need to reconsider my design
  8. Still working on it I made the boom: This tool me a lot longer than I expected. I really wanted the boom to be 4x4 or 5x5 in cross section. I tried many solutions based on the "old" 2M worm gear on a gear rack (often used, e.g. by @Erik Leppen here (design by Anko) and recently by @jwarner in his small 5-axle crane. But I didn't like how the axle joiners rub on the gear rack. Also, LDD wouldn't allow the construction, so I searched on. I found two solutions that I was reasonably happy with: The front one uses an idler 8z gear (kind of hidden) and has the gear racks sort of on the side of the boom. The back one uses the new 1M worm gear, which fits nicely into the space at the end of the 3x11 curved panel. I like that solution the best for its symmetry so I developed it further. Here's a close up of the final implementation I also spent a huge amount of time figuring out the geometry of the actuator. Being an engineer and all, I dusted of the cosine rule and try to optimise the placement for horizontal boom when the actuator is retracted and maximum elevation angle when extended. The final solution shown above has 79 degree elevation, and I'm happy with that I will finish it some day. Hope you like the progress!
  9. @Beck The 8z fits on the 5x7 frame; not sure why LDD doesn't allow it (this is a 8M gear rack on a 1x8 plate): But the restricted steering lock is a valid issue. Maybe linkage-based solution would be better, but I guess you made your design decision, so let's see how it works out @I_Igor Is that RC? I only build manual models, so I don't have experience loads that can take stuff apart. But the 8z on the frame seems a fairly tight fit. If you turn the supporting beam 90 degrees, it seems even a tighter fit (on account of the beams not being square), but it doesn't jam:
  10. I thought the solution with the 8z gear would work. It’s the same distance as you’d have with bricks. I’ll check later, out of curiousness.
  11. Can you use the steering rack from 8479 Barcode Truck? See step 14 of the instructions. Then the gear rack only needs one stud, and you get Ackermann steering geometry for free. Nice to see the real build getting started. Looks good
  12. I also recall that you announced this somewhere... maybe the Scale Modelling forum? I'm definitely going to follow this - after seeing that old footage I'm thoroughly fascinated! These machines is remind me a bit of the Catch and Release by Akiyuki
  13. Ludo Visser

    Non looped chain use.

    A 3L or longer plate also fits on a link. And 8862 uses two links to squeeze two connectors (which you can replace with something else of course, like beams); see page 10 of the instructions:
  14. Ludo Visser

    [WIP] Telescopic Excavator

    I don't know if "cable chain guide" is the correct scientific terminology, but I'm referring to these things: They look a bit like chains and cables go through them. They are used in linear motion stages to avoid exactly the problems you're having with your tubing. My idea was to use a bunch of 2M beams to emulate the chain. You'd have to fill up the entire length of the tubing (at least the part that will be moving) with 2M beams. Of course, it won't work as neat as in the picture here because the 2M beams wouldn't be interconnected, but maybe good enough. Does this make sense?