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  1. SpaceX Falcon Heavy

    Very cool and well executed build! Supported I doubt that a second rocket scale model will make it through the selection, but maybe SpaceX will pick up on it I think the roadster payload works better than the satellite by the way!
  2. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I really like how deep you’re digging into this I still have this factory on my to do list, but I never really get to it. I’m following this with interest though!
  3. Effe's MOC Corner

    I saw a suction excavator at a building site near my house the other day. Wouldn’t have know what it was if it wasn’t for your MOC
  4. Dominator TRS

    Wow, this thing is huge! I thought at first that those were the "regular" 62.4 wheels, but I realise now that those are the Unimog wheels... The amount of detailing you put in hides its size a bit (of course, I could've read the dimensions first ). Excellent work If I may have one comment: I think the boom looks a bit misplaced... Not sure if it's the color, the surface of the panels, or the lack of "greebling" or a combination thereof. When I compare it with the detail of the rest of the model, especially the front and engine bay, I can't help but thinking the boom looks a bit unfinished. I'm looking forward to the video! Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason why you didn't close the battery box?
  5. 25 :10 8 :6 24 :4 10 :3 9 :2 3 :1 So many great entries, it's difficult to choose! I'm also surprised at the huge variety of ideas. Well done everybody and good luck
  6. Watch Winder Idea

    An automatic watch does not use electricity. They are fully mechanical. As the counterweight rotates, it winds up a spring which is used to drive the mechanism, much like a pullback. I have a number of such watches, and they typically have a power reserve of 2-3 days, so not wearing the watch for a week will stop it. The device shown in the opening post is power by a small electronic motor and rotates the watch to keep the spring loaded. @Raf H is asking to build such a device using a LEGO pullback motor, essentially proposing to use a pullback to charge a pullback. Alas, my experience with the pullback in my steampunk clock shows that the pullback doesn’t provide enough power for such a contraption. Even if it would, you would have to rewind it multiple times per day, defeating the purpose. I would use an M-motor.
  7. Would it make sense to do a bulk shipping to this side of the ocean? I can imagine it would reduce shipping costs if a large enough number of people would be interested in purchasing one or more items. On the other hand, the logistics and funding of such an operations would perhaps be equally difficult...
  8. [MOD] 42078 Flatbed Trailer

    That looks really good! Effective use of all the panels. Aside from the linear actuators, how many parts are left from the original trailer? And I don't think the limited space between truck and trailer is a flaw: it looks proportional to what I observe on real trucks.
  9. [TC13] The Click Counter

    Ok, now that I'm home I got a chance to look at the video more closely. It's awesome. I though my "clock" was complicated, but this is a whole different level of complicated. And it works! You have my vote
  10. [TC13] The Click Counter

    I’m not sure if I understand how it works, but it looks incredibly awesome! Just submit it, why worry?
  11. [TC13] Steampunk windup clock

    For those who are interested, some more close-ups of the mechanisms inside Geneva drive: Pendulum and scotch yoke (driven by the yellow pulley wheel): Escapement: High-res versions are in Bricksafe folder.
  12. 15. Steampunk Clock An unnecessarily complicated clock The clock features an "hours", "minutes" and "seconds" indicator, separated by another "sort-of-seconds" indicator, similar to those found on digital clocks. Inside, a lot of gears and mechanisms to move everything, including a Geneva drive to move the hours indicator and a Scotch yoke to move the separator. WIP photo's and more close-up photo's of the mechanisms can be found in my Bricksafe folder and in the discussion topic: Thanks for watching!
  13. [TC13] Steampunk windup clock

    I'm done Can someone confirm if the video is ok? On my computer it shows show green distortion...
  14. [TC13] Steampunk windup clock

    You're right about the mismatch of the blue. I was thinking the same, but I don't have a white one. But then I realised that 8868 has some nice tanks Fits nicely, I think: There's a video a few posts up that has the mechanism with sound; it hasn't changed since, only aesthetics. I think that this will be my final submission: make some nice photo's and a video in the weekend and I'm just in time
  15. [TC13] The Tiger Pull Bug

    Very original, I like it. I love how people are trying really hard to not build a car for this contest!