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  1. Ludo Visser

    [WIP] Caterpillar CT660 remake

    You mean how to lock the steering of the 2nd axle when it is raised? I was walking by a parked tractor truck the other day, which had its 2nd axle raised and the wheels in almost full steering lock. I noticed that the raised axle was also turned! It was quite obvious when you were nearby, but from a distance you don't really see it because it turns into the mudguards. I think real trucks don't lock/unlock an steering on raised axles, so maybe don't bother about it (Maybe someone more knowledgeable can attest, but the complications of lock/unlocking steering on such big vehicles seems enough of an argument for not to do it...)
  2. Ludo Visser

    My mechanical clocks

    Orreries are awesome! Very impressive how you figured out all the gear ratios. And there's some clever constructions in there, like the old clutch gear with the plate-with-hole locking into it to have the Moon revolve around the Earth. I need to order me some more 40z gears, see if I can duplicate it! Do you have maybe also some still photo's? P.S.: if you line up those u-joints, the motion of the Moon will be quite a bit smoother.
  3. I'm with @Jeroen Ottens on this one. For me the increasing size is also off putting. I don't have a lot of space to store assembled models, and also my parts collection has limited space, so the more functions per part, the better in my opinion. In the studfull era, about a 1000 parts was enough to build a function-packed, awesome flagship model. Look at 8868: 954 parts, giving a big truck with working V6 engine, compressor, pneumatic crane with 4 functions, and some decorative parts even (air filters, exhaust stacks, air horns). 8880: 1051 parts. 8480: 1040 parts. Now look at the studless era. I'd argue that 42043 is 8868's studless successor: big truck with L6 engine, compressor, pneumatic crane with 4 functions... 2502 parts. To be fair, the Mercedes has suspension on all axles, outriggers and a tipper bed. Also the overall appearance is much more refined that 8868. And, of course, studless building does require a bit more parts in general, so 2500 parts seems a reasonable amount of parts to get to a function packed model. 42009 (2297 parts) and 42078 (2372 parts) prove my point. So why the increase to 4000+ parts? Are we really getting more functions per part? Are the models really that much more refined? I'm saying no. I think the ~2500 parts is a sweet spot for a studless flagship model and I don't see why we should go to 4000 and up. Just my €0.02
  4. Wow. Beautiful and functional. I love it
  5. Ludo Visser

    Little mobile crane

    Very cool! It’s a small version of what I’m building, and it’s a reminder for me to finish I’m amazed how you managed to get all those functions in such a small space. Where did you hide the pump this time? Do you still have the rest of the “series”? I recall the shovel at least. Maybe a photo together?
  6. Ludo Visser

    Grum's Shed

    I'll be following this with interest! I never had this set, or built it, so I'm curious to see what all the excitement is about Interesting to see how the LA brackets are used here. I guess didn't exist yet...
  7. Very cool! I didn't expect that a pneumatic solution would work so smoothly, considering the lag and asynchronous behaviour that often occurs in pneumatic circuits. Great work
  8. In my opinion, the Technic theme used to be better for only on reason: it was LEGO, in the sense that it used the same kind of bricks and plates that the other themes used. There was a fairly smooth transition from System to Town to Model Team to Technic. Nowadays Technic really feels like a completely disjoint theme and I find it hard to integrate with “regular” LEGO due to the odd versus even spacing. Don’t get me wrong though: I love the new pieces and how much more advanced mechanisms can be built with them. But the downside is that the theme is becoming more specialized and with that it also becomes more difficult to build something with the same set of parts, which I think is reflected in the perceived lack of creativity in the b-models. (I say “perceived”, because I think they’re only seen like that compared to the super advanced a-models.) I notice it in my building too: even with 10000 parts from the studless era I still have to order stuff because I’m short on some connector or something. Also, because the theme is disjointed, there’s no comparison possible with other themes, e.g. regarding playability. Just my €0.02, if it makes sense.
  9. Ludo Visser

    MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    That engine looks really good. Very effective usage of parts
  10. Thanks! I guess it's time to start on the upper structure. I initially was considering a V8 at the smaller scale, like the new Mack Anthem has. It fits, but I wasn't happy with its robustness and playability. I like how @Thirdwigg puts small 2- or 3- cylinder motors in his MOCs and took inspiration from that when I decided for a regular V4.
  11. I'm not a fan of relying on particular molds, even though I have a lot of the older 16z gears. I'd like to think that someday I might make instructions and someone might use them and then I don't want to this very hypothetical person to have to worry about which gear to use. Hypothetically. So I solved it with a 9L axle with two half-bushes locking the 16z inside in place. The 12z on the outside has more friction and stays on even when I pull the whole thing by it. And I finished the cab! I took @Erik Leppen's advice and raised the cab two studs. The roof only one. What do you guys think? As always, feedback welcome!
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for providing the renders and the calculations. Together the helped me finally wrap my head around how that pile of gears works Fun exercise!
  13. The 16L axle came only in Technic set 42009 Mobile Crane MkII (5 of them), and in a few Star Wars sets: But they're readily available on Bricklink it seems:
  14. Very nice! I think the bull bar should extend up higher, at least protecting (part of) the grille and the headlights. Now it looks a bit like a dozer blade
  15. Ludo Visser

    My mechanical clocks

    Very cool! Those mechanical clocks are fascinating and since the pullback TC I wanted to build another one. Do you have a good reference on escapements, especially the Arnfield? I’ve not yet found a good one online.