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[MOC] Twelve Custom Cars for the 10254 Winter Holiday Train

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Two Christmases ago, I designed my first six custom cars for the Winter Holiday Train, and this year I doubled it in size with six brand new Christmas cars PLUS a rebuild of the locomotive itself to better fit the scale of the expanded train! My initial six cars were:

- A Passenger Car

- A Christmas Tree Car

- A Hot Cocoa Tanker

- A Gingerbread Car

- A Present Car

- A Reindeer Car

Now I've added:

- A Snow Globe Car with sugar plum fairy, that rotates as the train moves along!

- A Christmas Dinner Dining Car with a full spread of food, hanging chandelier, and kitchen!

- A Toy Machine Car with working conveyor belt that moves doohickeys from the machine to the packing crate as the train moves along!

- A Sleigh Flatbed to transport Santa's sleigh when he's riding aboard his locomotive!

- A Christmas Lights Car with reels of Christmas lights ready to decorate any station Santa pulls into!

- A Mail Car to transport all of the letters to the North Pole!

A full album for the first six cars can be found at:

And a full album for the six new cars (including a VIDEO of the full train in motion) can be found at:

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I'm loving it. This really makes for a great Christmas train. I would love to take some ideas from this. But first I'm trying to Bricklink your Chocolate Factory.

(By the way, any expensive elements in these cars? Those golden round 2x2 plates in the Chocolate Factory will cost a fortune.)

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Nothing especially expensive now, haha. I'm a lot more aware of things like that since I first did my early sets! (Like going back over and redesigning my original six cars to be a lot cheaper while still keeping the same look). With the Chocolate Factory, I'd recommend switching those gold tanks out for black tanks, and just putting one 2x2 gold round plate as a 'stripe' on each. Much cheaper than all gold, but the look still works :) 

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I got your instructions for the first batch of cars back 2 years ago, still have yet to get the parts to make them... 

I own 2 of the Holiday train sets, so is that enough parts to build most of this expansion? or are these parts that have nothing to do with the exisiting set? (I know the light wheel car is obvious lol)

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