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  1. NewTown

    MOC: Canal Street

    Amazing as always!
  2. Beauty! Could watch this all day. Learned a new roofing technique, thanks!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Awesome city, really like how the building beside the church is off stud.
  4. NewTown

    [MOC] Octan Highway Truck

  5. NewTown

    Rava Restaurant

    I love this!
  6. NewTown

    Ramen Shop - 16x16 Modular

    I love this! Has a Monkie Kid vibe to it.
  7. NewTown

    Rava Town

    I always appreciate the updates, thank you!
  8. NewTown

    [MOC] 76914 Maserati MC12

    Crazy! Looks spot on!
  9. NewTown

    76914 Ferrari 458

    Just built this, great build! Will get to the F50 next.
  10. NewTown

    Easter Mechs

    This is SO fun! Very cool.
  11. NewTown

    [MOC] Deli Shop

    Love it!
  12. NewTown

    [MOC] glass studio - my BDP submission

    I hope this becomes a set. Cool building techniques and a great overall aesthetic.
  13. NewTown

    76914 Ferrari 458

    Wow! This is incredible! Thanks.
  14. NewTown

    [MOC] Honey House in Provence

    I am a huge fan of this!
  15. NewTown

    8 Wide Astro Van 1998

    Good job. A van from this era just needs to be filled with woofers in the back! Haha