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Found 10 results

  1. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale LAAT Gunship

    "Commander Cody, prepare the gunships for ground assault!" Let's give the Midi-Scale treatment to another timeless ship: the LAAT Gunship or Republic Gunship from The Clone Wars. Being a fan of the sleek and flush Clone Wars era design, I thought this variant deserved more attention, especially in Midi-Scale. This Midi LAAT/i consists of 1,015 pieces, measures only 22cm (without guns), and is accurately Microfig-scaled. It features a fully SNOT look, openable front doors, and a removable stand that can be tilted to taste. Design-wise, this ship was full of challenges, with lots of subtle angles and curved surfaces everywhere. Shaping the front section wasn't an easy task at this scale, as well as adding that crucial touch of lime green without any stickers. All of this resulted in a pretty intricate structure, especially for the front section. The angled rear section of the body features other details such as missile belts, exhaust slats and tail cannon. The underside of the ship is also fully SNOT-built. Initially, all four doors could be opened, but I chose to remove the less useful rear door mechanism for a smoother, easier building process. ► Instructions for the LAAT are available at BrickVault! More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale TIE Advanced

    As an absolute fan of the original trilogy, I had to build more Empire ships in Midi-Scale. I decided to start with my favorite TIE model, the TIE Advanced. This 496-piece TIE Advanced features a fully SNOT and detailed surface. It also includes rear engine thrusters at the back of the cockpit dome. Most importantly, being able to design smooth but razor thin wings was the key to making this build look proportionate and realistic. The same applies for the rear section of the fuselage which, being only 1 tile-high, ended up looking just a thin as the original prop model. Logically, the ship scales well to my previous TIE Reaper - I'll keep exploring more of these in the same scale, and maybe one day have a whole fleet of Midi TIE ships! ► Instructions will be available at Rebrickable soon. More pictures on my Flickr page. ♥ Patreon ♦ Instagram ♦ Rebrickable ♦ Eurobricks ♦ Reddit
  3. dr_sarcophagus

    MOC - Old Harbour Ferry

    I've had this up on flickr for a while, but haven't posted it to EB. This is inspired by the old wooden ferry boats that used to ply Sydney's inner harbour when I was a kid. My father was a harbour ferry master for a while, so I practically had the run of the whole ferry from the wheelhouse to the mess (not the engine room unescorted) from about age 7 to 10. My favourites were the few old small wooden ferries like the Caribee and the Karingal that were still operational in the early 80s.
  4. My son and I were very excited when Heroica and board games came out. They were fun and interesting and had lots of customizations open. We started to play around and also watch for new sets but a while back Lego announced that the board game line is now discontinued. We want more heroes and monsters so have been going nuts with making stickers. They allow for quick customization, many different humanoids, and don't damage the original ink. Heads and bodies can be swapped also. Works great! There are many other pics posted at the Knotty Toad Custom Lego facebook page, and under Heroica X on flickr.
  5. The Mugbearer

    [Timelapse] Microfig Iron Condor

    Hello everyone! This is actually the first time I ever recorded something I am doing on my laptop, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. So this is a timelapse of me building a microfig scale Iron Condor in Lego Digital Deisgner. Aside from some small features, the main look and color scheme are intact. Comments and critiques are welcome! Thanks for tuning it.
  6. The Mugbearer

    [LDD/Render] Hard Truck Apocalypse

    Okay, so what the heck exactly the Hard Truck Apocalypse? Well, it's a videogame. A Russian videogame. Brought by Targem Studios, here in my country it was known as Ex Machina, but you guys probably know it as Hard Truck Apocalypse. And honestly, I like that name better. No reason to be mysterious. So HTA is about you being a post-apocalyptic truck driver and gives you a reasonable amount of a pseudo open-world to explore. To do so, you need to have a truck, and that's where HTA shines. It has five classes of trucks with a great amount of cabins and cargo holds to install, plus a wide variety of weapons. I love HTA for it's atmosphere and it's trucks. And I want to share my love with you by presenting to you these MOCs. Van Hard Truck Apocalypse - Van by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Van is a starter truck that is a gift to main protagonist from his father. This default Van configuration contains a simple cargo bay and Hornet-class machine gun mounted on the cabin. Reference Image Lorry Hard Truck Apocalypse - Lorry by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Lorry is a reliable truck that features high suspension and 4x4 drive. Although it's vastly used by traders, Lorry is still not really that well-equipped for lone trips and requires protection. The default Lorry configuration includes a basic cabin and cargo hold with a weapon mount. The weapon equipped is a general-purpose machine gun based on Russian PKT. Reference Image Ural Hard Truck Apocalypse - Ural by The Mugbearer, on Flickr You know that when you sit behind the steering wheel of this monster, things just got far more serious. Those who succeed, choose Ural for balance of it's carrying capacity and weapon customization. Big enough to get off-road if needed, Ural is the best choice for a post-apocalyptic trucker. This is the default and most common configuration of Ural, featuring a standard weapon mount on the hood and a medium weapon mount on the cargo hold. Featured weapons - a general-purpose machine gun based on Russian PKT (hood) and four-barreled heavy machine gun based on KPVT (body). Reference image Comments and critiques are always welcome, safe road to you, and play well!
  7. Hello All, Here is my entry into the Mini Castle Contest VIII over on classic-castle. Thanks to critiques, i have made it better, and I hope you think so to. I have found a way to get rid of my Brickarms pieces, and have made 2 ballistas instead! I have had immense fun with this creations, and I hope you like it! Enjoy! My second design, without using Brickarms. I was able to make 2 this time, and make it bigger. :D I quite like this one. If you look, I attached a minifig arm to the arrow, it fits nice and snug right in! Hopefully from this picture you can get a gist of how to make it, feel free to use it if you want. Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew Oh~
  8. About this creation Brick Battle Games Round 1: War is Upon Us! Required link to homepage, and to topic thread. Hello All, Well, here is my entry. Unfortunately, I kinda had to rush it, so it isn't exactly what I wanted to make, but it works. ;) This was also going to be my entry into the The Mini Castle Contest VII, but I found out that you can't use BrickArms in that contest. :( I will still use this foundation, but have changed the figs for that contest. (maybe the castle). That entry will be posted soon! Enjoy! My microscale Ballista. I am quite fond of this. ;) Here is the bottom, so that you can kinda see how I designed it. It is surprisingly sturdy, as I found out when it was accidentally dropped. :D One last overview picture. Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew
  9. The Mugbearer

    [LDD MOC] Exo-Force Shrinked

    So, I remember that I had posted some of these already, but found nothing in my content tab, so I consider my previous topics to be deleted due to long inactivity. This another little project of mine represents official Lego sets from my beloved Exo-Force theme made in Microfig scale. I hope you'll like them. Grand Titan by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Stealth Hunter by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Thunder Fury by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Fire Vulture by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Uplink by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Sentry by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Sentry Plus by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Ha-Ya-To's Flyer by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Sonic Phantom by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Comments and critiques, and maybe even requests are appreciated. =)
  10. MicroFig Asajj Ventress and MicroFig Scale Trident Entry for FBTB MicroFig Contest MicroFig Asajj Ventress and her MicroFig Scale Trident by RΟΟK, on Flickr MicroFig Asajj Ventress and her MicroFig Scale Trident by RΟΟK, on Flickr MicroFig Asajj Ventress and her MicroFig Scale Trident by RΟΟK, on Flickr