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  1. Found this in the maskposting group on Facebook, decided to share. IDK if it is true, but one can only hope.
  2. Frozen Assasin

    Is Constracion Dead?

    The problem with a lot of older CCBS-styled themes and builds was that, at a certain point, they became incredibly outdated. We saw that with Bionicle, when pretty much every other single theme relied on universal pieces Bionicle still had to work with an extreme amount of specialized pieces that weren't even reusable (in many cases) within the series self. By 2010, when the series died they were a strange, nearly absurd, relic of the early 2000's, when all the series were like that (think of Galidor, Dinosaurs or Jack Stone. There exists a reason why they all finally vanished around 2004-2005.). In fact, if one looks at the timeline and the changes that occurred back then, then the old G1 system should already have started to fade out around the time of the Piraka and completely disappear when the Glatorian's rolled around. Even Knight's Kingdom, the only line that even came close to the level of Bionicle specialization back in the day had a large degree of regular Lego-compatible pieces and was canceled around 2006. Lego tried, of course, to keep the series on a sort of nearly artificial life support by introducing themes like Exo-Force, Power Miners and Atlantis with them using some degree of Bionicle parts (especially Exo-Force and Power Miners) but even they weren't enough to make the Bionicle pieces as universal as the regular Lego Brick became by that point. Same goes for Hero Factory. I appreciate their attempts at trying to finally create a system that would be just as versatile and compatible with pretty much anything as the Lego brick was with the CCBS systems, but they crashed and burned too when time came to adapt to a new, more...gimmicky, I guess...structure that a lot of other lines had. Stuff like Chima, Nexo Knights, and Ninjago all had collectibility and online compatibility, two things that are now apparently essential for an action Lego theme. Bionicle G2 tried that as well but failed for a lot of reasons, some of which I will talk about later. (BTW - I think that Bionicle might have lasted a couple more years if they went all in into the adult nostalgia angle, but more about that later on.) Right now Lego primarily focuses on two - wildly different - core demographics, both of which have their own unique subset within the Lego genre and both of which appear to be relatively satisfied by the way things are going (if sales are anything to go by.) The future of CCBS might be two completely different things, depending on which demographic Lego will try to address if they try to make a new construction line. The first one are those that are usually seen as Lego's core demographic, in other words - the kids, like between 6 and 12 years old. Those are the ones that lines like Ninjago, Chima or Nexo Knights are made for - flashy, simple, with easily recognizable villains, a collectible aspect, a battle-in-a-box aspect, a transforming gimmick of some sort and usually some kind of online connection. This evolution has gotten so far that even licensed lines like Jurassic Park are already part of this trend. If Lego decides to go this route we can probably expect something vaguely Exo-Force like, with a clear distinction between the good guys and the bad guys, simple mecha's (with a transforming function) that probably have some kind of small antagonist to accompany the bigger vehicle, an collectible aspect and some kind of online game/mini-series attached to it. Funny enough, a couple of those things were what brought G2 down as well - stuff like villains being too similar to the protagonists (made even more difficult by just dual-molding and rereleasing the same mask that the heroes had), a very limited focus on online connection and gameplay and the lack of a proper battle-in-a-box aspect (yeah, Skull Spider vs Toa. OMG, hours of fun.) The other one, that has only become the focus in recent years is the older, mature, nostalgic crowd. Strangely enough, Lego never seemed to actually pander to this demographic (with the exception of Technic) until Lego Ideas (or whatever it was called back during the first years) rolled around, with sets like Back to Future's Delorean. Then they realized that a lot of money could be made from the more mature crowd and those people are the ones that stuff like D2C sets, Lego Dimensions (especially the final waves. I mean, Gooneys? Mission Impossible? Beetle-freaking-Juice? And I am not even talking about the ones that got canned, like Universal Movie Monsters and Godzilla - I highly doubt those were designed with little kids in mind.), Lego Ideas, Brickheadz, Speed Champions, and even the current Harry Potter line are designed for. If Lego decides to focus on this demographic - which I doubt - then we probably going to get models of popular pop-culture figures that Lego can get their hands on and that still look semi-realistic within Lego's parameters. If we are really lucky we might get an actual original line with those people in mind, but I doubt either one of those will happen - mostly because Lego's main major competitor on the market, Mega Brands, has that slice of the pie completely covered with sets that often focus on r-rated pop-cultural artifacts (the likes of Aliens or Predator come to mind) so I doubt Lego will go and directly compete against them. Then again, Mega Brands mostly releases sets for the American market - in Europe, they are as good as non-existent, so Lego might actually try it. I also think that if Lego decided to focus on this demographic for Bionicle G2 and released sets that had a much stronger connection to G1 the line would've lasted for a couple more years, partly being pushed forward by nostalgia and partly by little kids who would often buy these sets because they would actually draw the attention much more than the actual G2 sets did. The latter would probably happen due to the distinct style and feel of the sets and their ability to stand out next to other Lego products. TL;DR - based on current evolutions within Lego chances are big we get Exo-Force by way of Nexo Knights as our next CCBS line. Think whatever you want of that.
  3. Talking about those SW rumors - any chance they might still get to mainland Europe? Like, apparently you folks got no last wave Chima AF, something we had, is there a chance?
  4. Frozen Assasin

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Is there any proof that the Mosasaur set was confirmed as a fake? Or is it like those bloody SW AF's where "the source has been reliable in the past, so lets just blindly believe him" ?
  5. Frozen Assasin

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    And btw - those who talk about shelf-warming sets, ain't the case where I live. Sets usually get sold out pretty quickly in my local shops.
  6. Frozen Assasin

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    Can anybody link a,like, real source in the lego company ? Untill then - I won't trust any of you, no matter how "realible" you are. Have seen my fair share of that in the past, thank you very much.
  7. You know, if the last set would indeed be Snoke then just the new recolors and pieces would be awesome. Rumors say that in the movie he wears a red-and-gold bathrobe (of sorts), golden slippers (maybe new feet ? ) and generally looks like a Force-using space pimp. If that were to be true, then the pieces and the colors used in Snoke would be a MOC'ers wet dream.
  8. Frozen Assasin

    Future Constraction Lines

    That is what makes it so strangely plausible...but most likely it is a hoax. Why can't he even disclose the name of the books this guy wrote ?
  9. Frozen Assasin

    Future Constraction Lines

    I remember that at some point a 4chan set description actually was correct, so I kinda trust them...although having a series so far into production with a proper sci-fi writer attached to it seems a bit too promising. It seems like an idea posted into one of those "what if..." topics. You know, the ones where people say they would love to see someone like Neil Gaiman or one of the writers of WH4K take on Bionicle.
  10. Frozen Assasin

    Spectrahk, Rahkshi of density control

    Feet bigger. That is my main problem. The feet. For the rest - a pretty damn good moc, excellent color scheme.
  11. Frozen Assasin

    Future Constraction Lines

    Well...a reboot of Knights Kingdom with more humanoid style armor and pieces, for starters. A series based around fantasy-creatures (licensed, not ? Maybe Lego D&D ?). Prehistoric animals of all kinds (see - Chima, but even more stylized + more animal-like). A theme around modern animals (this and the previous idea could be merged into one). DC and Marvel licensed characters. An Exo-Force reboot would be awesome (or maybe Pacific Rim ? Hell, even Lego Power Rangers have that potential - and there is a movie coming out about And of course....Galidor Two - Galidor Harder. With more tie-ins ! More pointless pieces ! More action-figure schlock ! More arms you can shoot off !
  12. Frozen Assasin

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Four MOCs. Some of the more sexualized, some less, but all an example of Nuva Boobs. BTW - I am not saying anything, but Retience has in fact lost to one of our Russian MOCers during a contest.
  13. Frozen Assasin

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Did I tell you that is actually a non-sexualized MOC in the Russian community's general conclusion ? Believe me, I've seen worse.
  14. Frozen Assasin

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    May I ask then - what isn't "atrocious " looking in your opinion ? Cause that is one of the best MOCists we have...and one of the few which are still active.
  15. Frozen Assasin

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    However... - > One of our best MOCers, Red. He's MOST defiantly not stuck in 2007.