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  1. I really want to start a blog to chart the development of my very embryonic city ... just wondering where you guys blog?

  2. igacreative

    MOC: Rainbow Holiday Center

    Seriously awesome.
  3. igacreative

    MOC Soltown

    Great to see you have started to share what you are doing! I have been lurking/commenting for a while, all the time getting ideas, but also making the step of actually starting to put a layout together. My kids are 9 and 5 and love lego, so I am now working on a layout which satisfies my needs for a layout, yet also has some playability for them. Luckily, we moved house to just north of Stockholm last year and we have a hobby room downstairs which has space for a layout. I would love a castle in my city layout also. I have always envisaged a 'ruin' or at leasts a tourist style attraction castle in there and its great when a visit to a real place gives some inspiration. We have been to two very contrasting places in the last month, New York, and Jönkoping. Both very inspiring in different ways! As I said, great to see you have taken the leap and started to create the layout. Ill start a thread soon I hope with some very basic progress on. I have created some of the tables, and started to get the base plates in place with train track!
  4. igacreative

    Väsby Centrum!

    Excellent work! Mycket bra! Just wondered if you have any links for Swedish lego sites or similar. After growing up in England, I am now a very happy resident of Bålsta ! Ian
  5. igacreative

    New York / Boston

    Hi all, I will be travelling today with my family (wife and 2 kids) to New York, and also Boston/Cape Cod area, and wondered if anyone one had any Lego 'must see's'. We will take in the Lego Store near Rockefeller, but are there any hidden gems that we need to see? Any tips greatly appreciated! All the best Ian
  6. igacreative

    MOC Modular terraced houses

    Fantastic build! Love the detail, and can imagine a row of many sat together!
  7. igacreative

    So, where to start!

    Thank you so much for taking the time with this post. All VERY sound advice. The research and planning process begins ...
  8. igacreative

    So, where to start!

    Just like that :) @alois - thank you !
  9. igacreative

    My LEGO Town Layout

    I realise I am posting this much later than everyone else, but for those with limited space, this is very inspirational!
  10. igacreative

    Steenstraat, my Lego street

    Fantastic layout!
  11. igacreative

    MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    Amazing attention to detail and high quality. As a newbie, this is another inspiration piece for me!
  12. igacreative

    [MOC] Abandoned Factory Modular

    This is a very inspiring design. I have been thinking of starting with something from the 'less shiny' side of town as project, and this is something I love! Great effort!
  13. igacreative

    My City Collection

    Lots of wheels there !
  14. igacreative

    So, where to start!

    Hi all, don't know whether I should post here with this, or start a new thread, but I am going to hope someone sees this! As a gauge, how high should a Modular building be. I know its not fixed, and depends on what your building, but from your experiences, what looks good? All advice and ideas welcome!
  15. igacreative

    Round Office Building

    I am very seriously loving the round building! Very adventurous!