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    [MOC] Compact Convertible

    Check rebrickable.com - this MOC is there as well as parts overview including BL parts numbers.
  2. Misa_Kulicka

    [MOC] Ursus C360 3P

    Same as PhyBuilder - saw some tractor model, saw tractor photo and where is the lego version. I had to check once more to see that first tractor model is actually lego version. Really very accurate and nice MOC.
  3. Misa_Kulicka

    42009 Owners ... Speak Up!

    @ S.I. Here is one new, sealed even for 125 Eur: http://aukro.cz/lego-42009-technic-je-uplne-nove-a-zabalene-i4174570330.html "Stadard shops" here are selling it righ now for approx 136 Euro: http://megahracky.cz/lego-technic-42009--mobilni-jerab-mk-ii
  4. Misa_Kulicka

    Rich sets

    ... I can get it (used in very good condition) for approx 125 Euro - still thinking if to buy it or not.
  5. Misa_Kulicka

    42009 Owners ... Speak Up!

    At least in Europe (I am from Czec) price already went down a bit - it is no problém to get it for approx 130 Euro - which I consider as good price/value ratio.
  6. Misa_Kulicka

    Rich sets

    8110 is also really good, already not so easy - but still possible to get it for good price. But it has PF, pneumatic, suspension, differentials, good wheels and generaly big amount of parts 9398 is now probably cheapest way how to get RC, PF including servo motor in set
  7. Misa_Kulicka

    Technic in 'Non-Toy' Applications

    I think it was already here, but it totaly fits into this topic. Lego as mummy support! http://www.archaeolo...y-lego-supports
  8. I have degree in mechanical engineering and Technic learned me definitely a lot when I was a child. I even think that Lego, Merkur (another toy, bit different from Lego) and one my high school teacher had significant influence on my final decision to study mechanical engineering.
  9. Misa_Kulicka

    Antikythera Device

    yes, same for me, I have already some amount of bricks, but needed quantity o beams and gears is really enormous. But it is so great MOC... For those who never heard about it - it was design and made already by ancient Greeks (not from Lego for sure:) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanism This knowledge and skills were lost and rediscovered many centuries later.
  10. Misa_Kulicka

    Antikythera Device

    Wow, antikythera device has just been added to rebrickable http://rebrickable.com/mocs/WillPilgrim/antikythera-device It is simply amazing machine.
  11. We want instructions, we want instructions. Really nice moc.
  12. Misa_Kulicka

    42009 XL-motor?

    I agree with Blakbird, L-motor works well in 42009. If you wants to do any modification go directly for Jurgens Ultimate
  13. Misa_Kulicka

    Hello from Czech

  14. Misa_Kulicka

    42009 Owners ... Speak Up!

    Hi, have similar story - just returned to lego in my 32 and find it amazing. I have started directly wiht 42009 and now upgraded it into ultimate and really love it. Instruction with parts overview for extended boom are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzsi6ljbxfnicdb/Boom%2042009.pdf - you need to just combine/compare it with Jurgens additional parts list (suppose you have it or?) As for parts supply try bricklink.com - it will helps you to find best source.
  15. Looks just awesome. I finished ulitmate short time ago and love it. Only things I would like really add to ultimate is at least one more powered axle and was thinking that suspension would be also nice...And you already workig on ultimate version of ultimate adding exactly these features. Also design looks really good. My wife won'y be happy, but if you rellease some kind of instriuctions of final version I probably won't resist...