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  1. is feeling medieval.

  2. iamded

    What are you reading?

    Still making my way through Clash of Kings. Gosh I'm a slow reader. At this rate season 4 of the show will be out before I've even caught up!
  3. iamded

    Review: 70404 King's Castle

    Wonderful review oo7! The minifigs are great and there's some interesting parts in this set, some that I've never seen before! I always enjoy seeing the flagship castles Lego release with their medieval themes, and this one doesn't disappoint. Nice and colourful with a good sturdy look.
  4. iamded

    What are you listening to?

    I'm not sure what public opinion is on Homestuck, but it's music is catchy as hell. These days if I want to listen to stuff I just chuck the discography on shuffle and leave it at that.
  5. iamded

    [MOC] The Windmill

    Excellent landscaping and rock formations. The windmill looks nice and quaint. The whole scene looks rather calm and peaceful actually, with a little hub of activity in the encampment to contrast that. I like it!
  6. iamded

    Vanguard Keep

    This is great! I love seeing large scale MOCs like this, packed with detail and bustling with activity. A wonderful creation! :thumbup:
  7. iamded

    Rorikburg: Preparing for War

    Wow, this is great! I love how you've done the walls and the door detail, and the thatched roof. And the little wall. And the tiled road with missing bits and mossy bits. It all very well done! Good job.
  8. iamded

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I've been on an Ellen Page buzz lately so the last movies I saw were The Tracey Fragments - just my opinion but it seemed a tad pretentious, but it was a good movie. An interesting watch. Whip It - Hell, I enjoyed it. A but cliché sure, but done well, and it introduced me to a sport I never knew existed. Hard Candy - Goood film. Twisted, yeah, but I liked it. Oh and I totally forgot, I saw Europa Report the other day. It had an ensemble cast rather than focusing on Sharlto Copley's character like the trailers would have you believe, but that didn't stop it from being an enjoyable film. Worth seeing.
  9. iamded

    Members on the map

    Not sure how to add myself, but feel free to add a Hamilton, New Zealand to the map!
  10. Not angry or frustrated that I didn't get it, just saddened that I was too young when it was on the shelves and I missed out. The Rock Raiders HQ. Rock Raiders was (and perhaps still is) my favourite theme, and having missed out on the flagship set is quite disappointing.
  11. iamded

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    Came back to Eurobricks.
  12. iamded

    Unknown Soldier

    I like how you've made the shin guards on the boots, and the studs on the torso make for a great chain mail look. I see you've accommodated for bordering tiles too by having 2 studs free either side. Nicely done!
  13. iamded

    MOC: Smaug the Micro

    This is adorable. Wonderful micro-scale scene you've got here Cap'n Nemo!
  14. Thanks def for hosting this quite interesting experience and bringing new twists to the good ol' EB Mafia. We didn't? That's exactly what I was going for. Interesting. We assumed any vanilla townie was recruitable. We struck lucky I guess. Funny, I had Shadows pegged as town for most of the game. I figured he and Draggy were on different teams, but it was Draggy who I thought was scum. Good thing I didn't spill everything to him. JimB, you were excellent in this game. You really took charge and lead us to a glorious victory. Alopex, it was a pleasure playing alongside you, as well as the new recruits Tammo and Adam. Good job team! And Badboy, Shadows and Nightshroud, congratulations to y'all too. And Hinck, those songs were outstanding.
  15. Whew. Well. I think Darth Potato had the shortest stint as scum I've ever seen. Also, def is a hippo. That's pretty suspicious. Maybe he's scum, right Scouty? Oh, er. Right Pelly? Hm. Okay town, this is it. We just have to convince one single scum to vote with us. We've got this! C'mon, scummos, don't you want a nice town victory?