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    Neath, South Wales, United Kingdom
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    I am a Teenage Fan Of LEGO from South Wales. My favourite themes are Cuusoo because of the ideas that the world comes up with and CITY because of how generic they are. I make stopmotion animations using LEGO (MysteriousDalton on YouTube). I am also an eager fan and player of Subbuteo, my skill level is Sub-Amateur. My favourite films are Back To The Future, Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers. I like playing Soccer/Football in real life, I also like basketball. I play GTA, FIFA, CoD, BBC and a lot of other games with acronyms, LEGO games are also very good to play. I listen to classic rock such as Queen, AC/DC, Survivor etc. I think I have covered everything pretty much so ask what you like if you need to know.


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  1. When I was young (5-7) I remember having the original racers Ferrari theme. I had them all, Big truck, Pit stop, F1 car, it was great. Then a year later, part of my house got burned down with my LEGO in. I was devastated but then my mother give me the only thing that survived - A LEGO F1 Ferrari with Michael Schumacher minifig. After that I bought some star wars, basic brick buckets etc. When I hit 12 I had access to the internet. This gave me access to much more LEGO than before. I bought loads of licensed sets. Fast forward to now, I have some modular buildings, superheroes, creator, city, name them I have it. I am a little younger than most EB members.
  2. CrazyDalton777

    MOC : Punisher Van

    Could have kingpin and daredevil with him.
  3. CrazyDalton777

    BrickQueen vs BrickSpy

    It makes me sad to see fiasco's like this in the LEGO community. I am not going to judge anyone here but hopefully in the future BS and BQ can put this behind them and build bridges.
  4. CrazyDalton777

    MOC: We Are Groot

    That scene has made me cry multiple times "WE are Groot" *Dark Aster smashes to the floor* Great MOC. I love it. Star-Lord's customisation is good too,
  5. CrazyDalton777

    Car Talk

    I took a ride in my dream car the other day, its in my profile picture on here. It was even better as it was the BTTF version too.
  6. CrazyDalton777

    MOC: DE SPAR supermarket and apartment

    Really cool Spar! I literally just came back from one too
  7. CrazyDalton777

    Can any of your pets connect LEGO pieces together?

    I remember 3 or so years ago, my budgie Bobby always used to click together random pieces of LEGO if I left them out. Granted, his biggest brick was a 2x4 but whatever. He's not with us any more sadly.
  8. CrazyDalton777

    Is Pet Shop gone for good?

    I got both my Emporium and Pet Shop last July, hven't built them yet, I lhave had a close shave with my first 2 modulars.
  9. CrazyDalton777

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Bought Riddler Chase set for £15, sold all the figs for £20, kept the vehicles.
  10. I don't collect DC (I kinda hate Batman if i'm being honest) but I saw "Batwing Battle Over Gotham City" on an auction and I bid £15 max bid, not expecting it to win but I somehow won it at £12. The set had everything apart from 1 part which I ordered after the seller told me precisely what part. Was this a good deal or have I just overpaid for something?
  11. CrazyDalton777

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    When does everyone think that LEGO will discontinue the three GOTG sets? I have money and want to get to Milano but I want Avenger AOU sets too, should I wait a while to get the AOU sets and get the Milano now or what?
  12. This is my attempt at a background courthouse for a LEGO animation set in Hill Valley from Back To The Future. It does not have a furnished interior because I don't need to to film inside it. If I do realise this in bricks I will use the clock piece from Town Hall. I am very incompetent on LDD so "please excuse the crudity of this model, I didn't have time to build it to scale". Hill Valley Courthouse by DaltonWilliams123, on Flickr Hill Valley Courthouse by DaltonWilliams123, on Flickr
  13. CrazyDalton777

    Pick-A-Brick & Pick-A-Model

    I don't really think that this is a good decision on LEGO's part. People use PAB for freedom, the freedom to buy bricks to build what they want. This PAM idea limits that freedom. If people complain about not knowing what to build when buying the PAB cups, I think they are buying the wrong product as there are is a whole store of sets with clear as day instructions. The products like PAB and the brick boxes from classic/creator are there for people who don't need instructions. When LEGO updates the PAB stock, they should just put a printable instruction leaflet on their website with a model that can be made with the PAB stock that week/month.
  14. Although there a vast amount of sets in the CITY and classic town themes a lot of people will still not be happy with their city/town so they MOC and use things from other themes that may fit town/city. What sets, minifigs and models do you recommend from other themes for your city? I will start. I recommend a lot of the Marvel range, you get quite a few buildings including the Daily Bugle which fits in no problems. Marvel is also a good place for vehicles, the amount of destickered SHIELD vehicle I have is ridiculous.
  15. CrazyDalton777

    Your dream Lego theme

    Would love to see a TV icons theme. Here are some set ideas: Starsky and Hutch's Gran Torino The A-Team Van