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  1. Well a new mafia game is always fun. Though since this is a mafia school I will echo what others have said and say if the game is overcrowded I will step down so some new faces can join. 1. Yes 4 mafia games, and 1 Secret Enemies game. 2. Should be. 3. The Creature From The Horrid Lepin Set.
  2. Trial by Jury - Confirmation and Discussion

    A bit late for my comment but I had a great time playing. You are an amazing host medium.
  3. After Action Reports (AAR)

    Alsarh Campaigns: CP 5 - Into The Mountains
  4. [GBW - CP5] Alsarh - Behind Enemy Lines 1/8 - The Cave Downright Corner E8 Studica Map Alsarh had waited to long too join the war. Many have died and Alsarh had to stand by and watch. But no longer will that be the case. Alsarh is now at war. The new President of the country sent troops to Alsarh's close Ally Refnor. Though the President was disappointed when he heard that his troops were not going to invade a RON country but instead the neutral Xenor. He was upset but agreed to send troops to help find the missing COAC pilots and nothing more. 20 men were sent into the Julob Mountains, where the crash site was close to. 2 men to a group. Private Kurshive Eugluer and Sgt. Peter Torts were at the bottom of the mountain in an Alsarh army truck. Then they stopped. Kurshive was in the back and Peter was driving. "Why did you stop?' asked Kurshive. "I see a cave I think, perhaps we should go look and see if we find something related to the pilots." Replied Peter. Inside was a Filace coin, and what looked like some burnt logs. "One of the pilots must have stumbled apon here." said Kurshive. "Yeah, we ought to go tell the rest of the COAC." replied Peter. "Refnor Base this is Alsarh group 8. This is Sgt. Torts speaking. We have found a Filace coin and some burnt wood inside a small cave at the bottom of the Julob Mountains. We are at the downright Corner of grid E8 on the Studica map. We believe the coin to be of one of the most pilots." "Ok copy that, we will send this information to the Plantasea rescue team. Is there anything else?" "No." "Ok, thank you for your work gentleman. Continue you're search in the Mountains. Over and out." "Ok, we have to still go on Kurshive." So like good soldiers they start up the truck and continue their search. ______________________________________ This is my first time posting in this fourm and my first time really trying to make a MOC. Suggestions on how to improve for the future are very much welcome. Thanks.
  5. Trial by Jury - Day 4

    Well seems like this is the end. I'm sorry I seem scummy, as for my defense all I can say is I guess that's how I play mafia. I don't talk much but when I do I try to post what I think. And as I'm posting here's what I think (not that it matters much) I still think Anthony is scummy. His predecessors set a bad bar and he himself has done some scummy things. Yesterday his first vote was on Tina who already had 3 penalty votes. Jared also has been looking odd. It's mostly the fact that he was very active on day 1 and 2 but has not talked near as much sense then. Stephanie has been on and off for me. On day 2 she was acting scummy just by the way she pushed a lynch for Tony, she acted as if she knew she was scum. Not only that she constantly asked people to vote for Tony to secure a lynch, and then complained when people did not vote for Tony, she was mad we did not have a lynch, but if she really wanted a lynch she could have voted Anthony who had the same amount of votes. Not that it matters but I trust Gary. Him being in the town block would be a risky thing to say as scum so I believe him. Not much else to do but wait and die. Oh wait, one more thing. Vote: Anthony Dodson (Actor Builder) It was a pretty busy week so sorry if I made any of you mad. Just a reminder you are now at 8 players. 3 are dead and town (including me) and one is still unknown (I still think he was an SK) I'm going to assume there are 3 scum left. So if another townie is killed during the night you will be at 7 players left. And only 1 away from loosing. Please make the right choices in the future. I encourage the town block to work together more. Goodbye everybody. My cheer coach is going to be pissed I won't be able to show up for any more tournaments. Long live the town!
  6. Trial by Jury - Day 3

    Well it seems we are definitely close to a lynch today which is good, though it seems I'm one of the front-runners. As for my defense I don't think I can say much for my actions. I would have liked to have said more on Day 2 but got sick. And today I have posted what I have thought. I suppose it's just the way I post or something. I have always been like this. Not much else I can say but I'm not scum. I will however give some thought on the other front-runner (who I believe has 4 votes right now) Dez. This is what I said yesterday. "After looking back Mr. Hunter also gives me the chills. He first voted for Clifford for no other reason then to try and have a lynch. Before this post he made no suspensions about Clifford. After this Gary voted for Dez and Dez fired back with an in unvote for Clifford and a vote for Gary. It all seemed like Dez just wanted a lynch, and he did not show any thought as to why the person he was voting for deserved a lynch." I still think this is true. He never had any thought about Clifford tell he started getting votes. Then he jumps on the band-wagon giving no other reason then wanting a lynch for his vote. Harry (not Gary) calls him out and votes for him, Dez then comes back and says "However your prior responses have contributed us little insight this day other then to sow mistrust and discontent and your poor argument against me, for doing nothing different then others have so far done, has led me to suspect your gruff attitude is nothing more then a veneer." He had never called out Harry about this at all until he voted for him. Dez says that Harry had contributed little insight all day yet never saying this before Harry voted for him. Then there is what he said today. "And why should we trust you or your claim? Why the clandestine conversation between you and this doctor?" If Gary were to answer this question it could hurt the town block. Yet for some reason Dez wants to know what's going on. Dez is no noobie so he must know things like this. Overall it to me Dez has been acting very odd, not only that but we need a lynch today,. Vote: Dez Hunter (Forresto)
  7. Trial by Jury - Day 3

    My first thought was that Alan was a third party like character (all the games I have played the third party has been vig so I guess that's what I first thought of). But then I suppose he would of been revealed as town today. I looked back in the mafia wiki and now think Alan might have been a Serial killer type character. It would explain two kills last night. And that possibly Moletti is just a name for serial killer in this game. As to why I voted Jimantathy (Anthony) I have said many times. First character voted for Clifford with no reasoning in her post and said "that's enough for today" as if she had been waiting for someone to say an odd thing vote and then leave. And then her successor Jimmy posted many scummy things. He first voted for Tina because she was quite, which I believe she had not been online at all since day 2 had been posted. He then voted for Tony for something about hotdogs. Even though in the rules it said no clues in the pictures. As for why I did not vote for Tony was because nothing he did seemed scummy to me. He wanted to lynch Anthony and so did I. We're supposed to vote for who looks scummy and Anthony based on others reasons looked scummy. I wanted a lynch yesterday but I thought Anthony was the one who should have gotten the axe. Something you keep bringing up is the fact that all we needed we're two more members to vote off Tony, and you keep acting as if we're the ones to blame for the no lynch. Anthony had the same amount of votes as Tony did, why didn't you vote for Anthony to try and get a lynch? If it's because you did not think he was acting scummy well that's why I did not vote for Tony. I looked over yesterday and it seems Harry (not Gary) originally voted for Alan before changing his vote. I could see this as a possiblity as to why Harry was killed, Alan (who I think may of had a serial killer role) was somewhat scared of Harry so he killed him. As to why Alan was then killed I don't know. Possibly a just a random kill by scum. Nothing stands out that shows someone afarid or wanting to kill Alan.
  8. Trial by Jury - Day 3

    Well this is a T-W-I-S-T! Different one then the ones we do at cheer practice though. I think Mr. Andrews might have been a vig of some sort. i can't really see a game of this size having 2 different mafia fractions, and it would explain why we had two kills. I believe the late Mr. Oldman was killed last night by Alan, then Alan was killed by scum. I will definitely read up on things Alan and Gary said tomorrow and post what I think. Tonight I'm just tired. As for me not being as active I was sick for about 2 days, I was still checking to see what was going on but not posting. I will try to post more often now. I wish we had lynched Anthony yesterday as his former characters were scummy.
  9. Trial by Jury - Day 2

    Well looks like we're all still alive! Though Cathy seems to have been replaced by a construction guy, construction people are probably smart, so I am glad to have you to the team. The quote above is all the post where final votes were made. I have reread the latter section of day 1 and the beginning of day 2 too refresh my memory of everything that took place. Yesterday I voted for Cathy, she posted that Clifford saying he would wait tell a tie was the reason she voted for him, at least she did In here second post. In her first post she just said that's enough for today and voted. Too me it looked like someone hoping someone else would say a weird thing, vote, and then hope everyone else would follow suit. She never gave a good explanation but as it now seems that may have been because she is ill. Too me she definitely looked like the most scum like person yesterday. And today I still think what she said was scummy. Our construction worker has been given Cathy's role, so I think what Cathy said yesterday still reflects the new guys role. Not only that but Jimmy also said he had suspensions about Tina, then said it was because she was quiet and something feels off. When asked about yesterday's vote he said it was confusing, but then gave no thoughts about anything that happened. After looking back Mr. Hunter also gives me the chills. He first voted for Clifford for no other reason then to try and have a lynch. Before this post he made no suspensions about Clifford. After this Gary voted for Dez and Dez fired back with an in unvote for Clifford and a vote for Gary. It all seemed like Dez just wanted a lynch, and he did not show any thought as to why the person he was voting for deserved a lynch. Dez and Jimmy have shown odd behavior. I want to hear more from them, but I think that votes make people talk more so I will place one. Vote: Jimmy Hessler (Steamdemon) Not only because of Cathy's action's yesterday but Jimmy has also acted scummy in his own way. As for why I was watching for so long was because I reread yesterday and had to edit the quote. Harder then it looks on mobile.
  10. Trial by Jury - Day 1

    Boy it seems conversation has definitely gone up! I guess will throw my hair into all this mess. Mr. Schauer's post did look a bit scummy, but it seems it was all a ploy to see people's reactions. I think it was a clever plan, but something I don't understand is some of the reactions. After that post are dear Mr. Oldman received some votes, yet none make much sense. Speaking of which Unvote: Harry Oldman (fhomess) conversation has gone up and he started to smell better. He gave what I believe we're valid questions for people who voted for Schauer. At the time he did say a scummy thing but Cathy just said that's enough for one day, as if she was hopping for someone to say an odd thing vote for that person and then leave. At that point I believe we weren't even half way through the day and she was already done with discussion. So far she has been the most scummy to me. Right now Mr. Oldman and Mr. Schauer have the most votes but neither seem scummy to me yet, and Cathy voting with no reasoning in her post and saying that's enough for today is quiet scummy. Vote Cathy Bridger (drunknok)
  11. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Well the day has come. The day I have been looking forward too for 3 years. The day I get to see Infinity War set pictures. Here we go. First up the Outrider Dropship Attack. Honestly this might be one of the best $13 sets in a long time. The minifigures are fantastic! Great new Cap and Widow and some amazing Outrider's. The build is also very cool, love the blue colouring and love the very blue feel of the whole set. Thor's Weapon Quest. The minifigures are very good this time around, Rocket is the same as last time but he does not need a big change. Groot looks cool but a bit weird in my opinion, I think the arms just don't look right, I love the head but honestly I think this my least favorite Groot so far. Thor's looks cool and the torso is great but the eyes, that's all I'm going to say. The side build is nice, looks like a location so I'm ok with that. The vehicle is weird to be honest, I'm not sure I like it. Maybe it will look better combined with the Milano, but on its own it's just weird. Hulkbuster Smash-Up. This has the worst minifigures selection I think, Próxima Midnight looks great but the rest are bleh, Same Bruce, Falcon is too similar, and no Hulk. The tower is alright. The Hulkbuster is great for people who don't have the 2015 one but I do have that version so this is useless. It does look like an improvement except the arms which look ugly to me. The rest is fine, and if it's $30 then it's a great price, but it is still my least favorite of the 6 sets. Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack. If the big set was not so damn good this is the one I would get (still might too). Minifigures are solid, new ones are cool but the repeat's drag the figs down. The Thresher looks cool, but the main thing is that build of the wall. Oh man is it cool. I was originally thinking it would be a dull tan colour so the fact that it's a very good mix of black, purple, and gold is a very pleasant surprise. Definitely a very cool playset, love the walkways on the wall, and it seems like a very cool interior. Definitely a great $40 set and most of the time I would absolutely but it, but on this occasion we have an unusually good $100 set, we'll get there latter. Thanos The Last Battle. Minifigures are cool, glad Gamora is different, and the new Iron Man is very cool. Thanos seems to be very controversial here, I think he looks cool. Besides his head I think the rest of him is fine. His helmet is unnecessary but does not ruin the figure and will probably be fixed in time for next year Infinity sets. Star-Lord being the exact same is disappointing though, he could have been different. I actually like the Milano, or at least I like it better then last year's. The 2014 is still the best and that may never change. But this one is alright, colouring is weird but it seems like it has a descent interior which is more then last year's. The Battle Of The Sanctum Sanctorum. Minifigures fantastic! Love all of them which besides the $13 set is the only one I can say that with in this wave. New Spidey is great and very appreciated, same with Iron Man. Doctor Strange still looks great and the new hair piece fixes the last one's big problem. Ebony Maw is also great and my 2nd favorite of the Black Order. Cull Obsidian is my favorite member though and one of my favorite figs of this wave. But on too the build! Oh my this is one hell of a set! The exterior itself honestly looks like a modular! It's just so fantastic! And Sanctum Sanctorum's Windows might be my favorite part of any Marvel set ever! I can only imagine what the interior is like but from what I have heard it's going to be just as good as the ex. All this said this might be my favorite Superheroes set ever. Jokerland and The Ultimate Bridge Battle are close but I think this overall is better. In fact this Is I think better then some modular's including the new Downtown Dinner (which I love). It's just Soo good and the price is only $100. For that I can definitely say I am buying this. I would not be surprised if when I make my favorite sets of the year list this is very high up. Overall very good. Minifigures which are most of the time the main draw to Superheroes sets are the week part of the wave. But the mostly fantastic builds make up for that completely. Here is my ranking of the sets. 6. Hulkbuster Smash-Up 5. Thor"'s Weapon Quest 4. Outrider's Dropship Attack 3. Thanos The Last Battle 2. Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack 1. Battle Of The Sanctum Sanctorum I have downloaded the sets if anybody needs them.
  12. Trial by Jury - Day 1

    Oh you silly goose! Instasnapgrambook is outdated now. In my cheer squad we all use facegramchater. Boy oh boy is it cool being I-N S-T-Y-L-E. We can vote to kill now? This is pretty scary business. No one likes to be the first to vote but it eventually needs to happen. Vote: Gary Oldan (fhomess) Because you smell stinky! (I think you spilled some something on your shirt.) And as we all know criminals are stinky. Also because I believe some interesting discussion's need to happen today. Don't take this too personal, except for the shirt, you are stinky.
  13. Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I think the helicopter set looks really nice. The build actually looks good to me, the front looks cool and I love that piece (is the front a new piece? Sorry don't keep up with City). Side build is neat too. Minifigures are... There not bad but boring, this was a problem in 2015 too. I'm not shocked though, this is a dinosaur theme. Speaking of which the dinosaur "Blue" looks really nice. On the next set. Love the gyrosphere section, I always dig location type side builds so of course I think this is great. The truck build is pretty cool. I think the front is neat and to me looks like it can be modded into a truck from Indiana Jones. The dinosaur (don't know the name) looks cool as well. On to my favorite set, the cage one. As I have said numerous times I love location builds, so this being just that and no vehicle build is just amazing. I love the cage build and think that the space seems to be decent for the dinosaur (don't know the name to this one either). I love the research area, definitely makes this worth getting if you already had the Raptor Escape. Dinosaur looks great and my be my favorite so far. Overall these are way better then I expected, minifigures are boring but that is not the main sell of the sets, that honor belongs to the Dino's who are amazing. Not only that we actually get good builds! The mansion set really interest me, but unless it's one of the best Lego sets ever I will be saving my $100 for something else (Sanctum Sanctorum Bro!). And the small truck set does not interest me, so I believe the cage set will be the Jurassic World set I go after this year.
  14. Second and Third 2017 LEGO Ideas Review - Guessing Game

    For the second one none. No real sellers here. 3rd one I believe the Pop-Up book, which is definitely the one I would love.
  15. Trial by Jury - Day 1

    Oh no! We have been infiltrated. Any one want a cheer for this scary situation? Oh what am I worried about? We have the smartest people in the town here! Or at least I think we do? Your jobs seem complex so I think you guys are smart. But if your smart you might be smart enough to trick is into thinking your a normal doodle when your really a big bad stinky crook! Oh no I'm worried again!