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  1. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! ROUND 3 GROUP 4

    Enchanted Island and Skull's Eye Schooner.
  2. Best And Worst Of 2017

    Honestly I don't think there is any rule for what you pick. I feel by making rules it makes the topic less fun. But in my opinion what counts as a 2017 theme is any theme that released a new set this year. I don't count Angry Birds as that theme had no new sets this year, but I do count Nexo Knights, Ideas, and other's because they had a least 1 new set this year.
  3. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! ROUND 3 GROUP 4

    London Escape and The Imperial Trading Post for me.
  4. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! ROUND 3 GROUP 4

    Eldorado and Queen Ann's for me. Also the loss of The Black Pearl has been the most upset I have been about a set not making it so far.
  5. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! ROUND 3 GROUP 4

    The old Imperial Flagship and The Black Pearl.
  6. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! ROUND 3 GROUP 4

    I'm afraid that that one of the options is in need of change.
  7. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! ROUND 3 GROUP 4

    Soilders Fort and Lagoon Lockup.
  8. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    Wow! I was so wrong about the Rhino. I am in love with the build. I love the molded legs combined with the brick built part. This makes me even more excited for the movie. The mine part is also pretty cool, nothing to spectacular but it serves it's purpose. I have commented about the figures before but I will say again I'm disappointed in the lack of leg printing, other then that I like the figs. A fantastic $20 in my opinion. The $30 set looks even better. The Royal Talcon Fighter looks great, and it looks like their might be space in the middle for some seating room. I think this has the better of the figs as Erik Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue look fantastic. Definitely my favorite figs of the 2 sets. Overall great sets, better then I expected. 2016 was such a great year for Marvel, and 2017 was just meh. These 2 sets and the descriptions of the Infinity War sets have me believe that 2018 is going to be different and hopefully be another fantastic year for Marvel. No, I believe he also plays Snoke in the new Star Wars movies.
  9. Best And Worst Of 2017

    Hello eurobricks! I have seen this done in the past here and I thought it would be a great idea to do it again for 2017 now that The Joker's Manor is starting to be released. Basically post your favorite theme, minifigure, and set from this year. Then post you least favorite theme, minifigure, and set. If you want you can put your most anticipated set, theme or whatever for 2018. For an example here is my list. Best Theme: The Lego Ninjago Movie, Honorable Mentions: The Lego Batman Movie, Lego Ideas Best Minifigure/bigfig: Gladiator Hulk, Honorable Mention: Two-Face Best Set: Ninjago City, Honorable Mentions: Assembly Square, Knighton Castle, Destiny's Bounty, Old Fishing Store, The Joker's Manor, Arkham Asylum, Carousel, Resistance Bomber, NASA Apollo Saturn V Worst Theme: Minecraft Worst Minifigure: Snoke Worst Set: The Ocean Monument Most Anticipated 2018: Harry Potter sets, Honorable Mentions: Avengers: Infinity War sets, Modular Building, Nexo Knight's, D2C Fairground set 2017 was a great year for Lego and I hope 2018 is even better.
  10. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    City is too big of a theme for a full analysis. So I will just say that I think the Mining sets are great, with the big Expert Mining set being my favorite City set of the 2018 wave. Mountain Police sets are better then I thought they would be. I think the RV is cool and I love the City Park Easter egg. I'm hoping for a continuation of the Jungle sets this year as last year's sets might be one of the best City waves in awhile.
  11. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Here are my thoughts on my favorite up and coming theme. First off what a great colour scheme, for some reason both Nexo Knight's and Ninjago's biggest strength this winter is their colour scheme. The black and green is a great colour scheme, and probably has spawned my favorite villain's so far, I have no idea what kind of baddies they are yet but they look great. On to the sets. The small Lance set is a Battle pack type and not my thing, though I will say it's my favorite NK battle pack so far. The Twinfector is a nice build and I think it's worth $20. Though I will say I would rather get the Ruina's Lock And Roller as it's build is better. The Beserk Bomber is a great looking set and I think that $30 is a excellent price. The Tech Wizard Showdown is probably my favorite mech set so far but I'm not really into mech so it does not interest me. I will be honest and say Aaron's X-Bow is bad. The build just looks ugly. While I can have about the Green and Black colour scheme in the rest of the sets here the blue, green, and trans orange just looks ugly. I'm also sick of bow type vehicle's for Aaron, I hope he gets better vehicle's in the future as he is my favorite knight. Last up my favorite set of the wave Axl's Rolling Arsenal. I love war army type sets, but Lego trys to keep away from that type of stuff, so when we do get war stuff it's great. I love the vehicle as it reminds me a lot like an old Great War tank. Possible my favorite set of the winter 2018 period. Overall good wave but I think a big location set was missing. Hopefully we get some epic building in the summer that can compete with Knighton Castle and Jestro's Volcanic Lair as my favorite NK set.
  12. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    My thoughts on the new Ninjago sets. The minifigures are fantastic, from the ninjas them selfs to the villain's. I love the bright colour scheme's of the ninjas and the women in the Temple set. The bigfig guy is also incredible. Now onto the sets. The Katana set is boring, great figs, boring vehicle. Same with the Street Race set. I dig the S.O.G Headquarters though. Reminds me of the training set from the first wave in 2011. The spinner gimmick I couldn't care less about. I don't know what it is and I don't care, this has always been the case with Ninjago gimmicks for me. (Or any gimmick a theme trys to use.) The Ninja Nightcrawler has a great colour scheme but the build looks like a boring remake of the Riddle set from TLBM theme. The Samurai X set has one great bigfig, but oh my that build is trash. It looks like a child made it, just terrible. Finally we get my favorite set by far and the only one I might get. The Temple Of Resurrection, what a great set, I love the build, I love the colours and I love the minifigs. Ninjago best sets come from their location playsets I think and this proves it. Overall a meh wave. One great set and a lot of mediocre ones. To be honest I was not even expecting a non movie Ninjago wave this year so I should be thankful. But it seems very Star Wars ish with a lot of bland boring and dull stuff.
  13. LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    My thoughts on this winter wave. The Last Jedi sets are really good. Though I will say not as good as TFA and Rogue One's second wave. I love The Ahch-To Training set! Perfect timing with Yoda's Hut coming in the spring. Location sets are great and I think this one is amazing. And of course there is the much anticipated Luke minifigure, shocking to get him in a $30 set and not a $100 one. I'm debating over getting this or the Yoda's Hut set. I think I will go with the Yoda's Hut as that seems like the build might be better, and I have wanted that set for around 10 years now. The Ski Speeder is cool. I love the side builds, I think the gun is cool and the tower is great. The Speeder itself though is meh, Not bad but not entirely good. As for the rest of the sets... I don't care, there just boring. I really wish Lego would stop making these dull sets and instead make vehicles and locations we have never got before, or a remake of one that we have not gotten in 10 years. The Yoda's Hut is a very appreciated set I think and I would enjoy more like it. Not just remakes of sets we got 3 years ago.
  14. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Here are my thoughts on the new wave of sets. The Buggy is better then the 2016 one, and Captain Boomerang is also an improvement. But the price is terrible. $20 is just not worth it, had another minifigure been included I would think differently. I would rather pick up the Ra's Al Ghul set, as that has better minifigures and the side build is great. The Justice League Anniversary Party is a neat little set but it's just not my type of thing. The build is sweet looking but I feel is boring and does not have a lot going on. The minifigures are incredible though. The Eggheads Mech is great, 2 of the best minifigures from this wave and a really cool build. I love how it looks like it belongs to Egghead and not just a boring mech like the one in the new Lex Luthor set. My favorite set is the Harley Quinn Cananball Attack. An amazing new update for Harley Quinn, and we get the fantastic looking Crazy Quilt, and my personal favorite from the set Gentleman Ghost. The truck build is actually really nice and the cannon is amazing! I have been very pleased with TLBM's vehicle builds, they are not the normal boring builds but are instead fun and unique to the character who is opperating them. The side buildings are also nice, though I am a sucker for those things. The Bat-Shuttle has the worst minifigures from this wave, but the great price and build makes up for it. The shuttle and I dig the the little side builds in the set. My favorites are the Eggman and Harley Quinn set. They are the only ones I might get. Overall a better wave then the last one. But to be honest I am really sick of Lego Batman. The Marvel sets went down in quality and I'm afraid it might have been because of this theme. It has had an incredible run but I think it can end now.
  15. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! ROUND 3 GROUP 4

    Eldorado Fortress and Forbidden Cove.