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  1. Khscarymovie4

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    Well the Skyhopper was only a toy Luke played with for 5 seconds and we got 2 incarnations of that vehicle. There is also that pod thing in that background of Mos Eisley that had a good amount of pieces dedicated to it in the new ME set. There is a full 5 minute scene with the castle, so I wouldn't say it's impossible. I would love a Vader's Castle, something to make the winter wave not a complete waste.
  2. Now this sounds exciting. Exited for Mysterio, hopefully he is close to the comics. The others to me personally are not too exciting but at least there new. These sets already sound better then the winter wave.
  3. 2099 looks good, I wish he was more blue but he still looks good. I think it's ridiculously we are getting another Carnage and Green Goblin, we need figures we have never gotten before. I am fine with some reissues but why are there so many of those and no new characters? Not a single new villian has been leaked so far, hopefully they have just been kept secret. This may be the first time I prefer a DC wave to Marvel since 2015.
  4. Another one? I'm confused, are kids screaming in the streets outside Lego stores screaming for more Vulture sets? I wouldn't think he would be that beloved. At least it means hopefully a more colourful Mysterio on the way.
  5. Very surprised about Sandman. That figure is fantastic. The other figure might be Mysterio, he looks like he might be from the new movie too, but that is questionable as I doubt we would be seeing minifigures leaking from the summer yet. I wish his torso was more colourful. Liking the look of the new comic based minifigures overall. Curious if they will do Lizard, he looked awesome in Marvel Superheros the game so I hope Lego doesn't change him too much.
  6. Khscarymovie4

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Blockbuster!! Look something that's from the 1990s!!! Get it!!! This movie takes place in the 1990s!!! I can't be the only one who got that feeling while watching the trailer right. How convenient is it that the main character happened to crash land in a big name brand that would go extinct in 10 years. I felt liked the shot went on for too long. The trailer looked fine. I liked the visuals and a action seemed decent. The part where she punches an old lady made me laugh, I know it may be too dark for a Marvel film but I think it would be hilarious if there is a scene where Captain Marvel just goes around and punches random people tell she finds the skrull she is looking for. I am more excited as to who is making it then the film itself. Also might have the Ant-Man and The Wasp feeling of does it matter after something like Infinity War. Exited to see more from it though.
  7. Khscarymovie4

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I thought this year was great for the JW theme (despite the quality of the movie) so I do like that it's coming back. Hoping for some sets based off The Lost World and 3.
  8. Khscarymovie4

    A quick comment on spam

    I was asked a question this morning when I got on, I was a little surprised at first but quickly realized what was happening. I fully support this method and hope it gets rid of spam.
  9. Khscarymovie4

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Definitely, we were doing good at having a game every couple months and then the summer came and nothing. I am down and exited for any upcoming Mafia game
  10. Very nice. Honestly was not expecting it to be this good. This is probably the best Winter Villagely set since the Winter Cottage. What makes me the most happy may be the fact that the minifigures actually have a way to get to the second floor without teleporting. The inside is very impressive with a nice interior most Winter Village sets exclude. My favorite part of the interior the kitchen, nice detail's and the bed is awesome. The Fire Truck is different then the City ones but it fits well with the WV line. Fountain and tree are nice too. Only problem may be the bench, this set is already expensive and that just seems like filler. Overall fantastic set though. Just noticed the baby's shirt. Makes the set even better.
  11. Khscarymovie4

    Lego and Nintendo partnership?!?!

    I have seen the post too and it just seems off to me. There have been many Lego Zelda Ideas sets that have been rejected, one time I think they even mentioned licencing issues. So it seems off to me that all of a sudden Nintendo is allowing Lego to make a full game off Zelda. I do not think this leak is true. A full scale Lego Zelda game would be interesting though
  12. Khscarymovie4

    A quick comment on spam

    The entire All Activity page is completely full of spam post. This is crazy, I have never seen spam this bad here at Eurobricks. It feels like it's been happening every day too. Doing my part and reporting post.
  13. Khscarymovie4

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    I don't think I like this. That sounds like it's going make this theme seem overdone. I thought they did that with TLBM by just having too much, I feel the sets may become mediocre as a result. I like the Starship set but the other two are eh. I hope for the best though, there is sure to be some greatness in this theme.
  14. Khscarymovie4

    Lego Financial Results January-June 2018

    I got a very similar response on brick set. I am surprised that SH don't sell as well outside the US. Superhero movies are dominating the box office all across the world. Hopefully they still sell well enough so the theme is not cancelled any time soon, it's my favorite at the moment. As for the launching well, I would say that means the sets have not been out long enough to say they sold well but at the moment are selling fine. Werid wording.
  15. Hello all. Lego has announced their financial results for the first half of 2018. Overall it is better then 2017. Growth in China (bad for Lepin hahaha), and Western Europe occurred while the North American market reduced slightly due to retail environment. The closure of Toys R Us might be to blame but I am not sure. Themes like City, Classic, Ninjago, Star Wars, Technic, and Jurassic World are mentioned as the big sellers. No Superheros again which surprises me again. Set such as the Creator Roller Coaster and the Technic Bugatti Chiron are mentioned as selling well. Good news overall I think. Surprised JW is a big seller, might be the success of the movie though. Also good to note that Wizarding World is not included in these results as the sets were released in August. What are your thoughts?