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  1. Khscarymovie4

    The Morality of Leaks

    When I was younger I always thought leaks were so fun to find. Wow a look at a new set before it comes out, cool! I mean I never really worried if it hurt Lego or anything, which I am still not completely sure much of an impact leaking has but I now understand it can have some impacts. I feel if the business doesn't want certain information about their upcoming product revealed then they should have the right to have that info private. I will admit if I check Lego leaks on Instagram a lot to see if anything new has popped up (not much more harm looking at the product can do once the pictures are out), but if Lego leaks were to completely stop and only official announcements were to happen I would be ok. That's my stance. I would like to say that it gets annoying listening to people complain in the threads about the lack of leaks. They act is if they deserve to see sets before their announcement. Thought I would mention that as it's part of the topic.
  2. What? Trust me, no one here has cheated. (It's ok to be upset, being lynched first on your first game sucks, been there. I would recommend that you read more of other games and try again when the next sign ups pop up. We need new players and all are welcome. You get more use to the game and how it plays the more you play. I hope you sign up for more games in the future, don't let a bad first experience discourage you from some really fun times ahead.)
  3. What is your suspicion or Oroku? So far nothing you have said gives a reason for this suspicion. Please elaborate. We're only 2 days in. I doubt we have had any breakthroughs related to roles a such. Not revealing her role is not hurting the twin one bit. Honestly revealing her role reveals it to all including scum which I would say is worse. Honestly Finn has been acting VERY scummy as of late. He seems to keep flip foiping on his stances, wanting to lynch Oroku and then taking it back. Also asking info on certain roles is not too good. The thing here is it could just be darned old inexperience for this here boy, but it could all be a ploy for the scummys. It may be best just to eliminate him now and not take the chance. We need a lynch today yet we're still a few votes off from both wagons. Unvote: Wonder Woman (LegoMonorailFan) Vote: Finn (Foreman) Both are giving me bad vibes but Finn is acting a little more scummy right now. In case any of you were curious my main suspects in order are 1. @Foreman Making claims with no basis and trying to get information on roles 2. @Forresto Bandwagoning on one person for wanting a lynch, yet being able to steer the wanted lynch in the right direction. 3. @Traiq j understanding someone yet bandwagoning on them 4. @KotZ his vote is sort of bandwagony with little explanation. He is at the bottom of the list though. Could be useful for future days, and I intend to make a full list of everyone and my thoughts on them at the beginning of day the third. Good luck all of you kind folk.
  4. Fair enough, apology accepted. Thank you for giving real thoughts today. Even though I highly disagree about getting rid of the questionable miller on the basis of their role alone. Like I have said before I'm not believing them or denying their claim, but I just feel making them walk the dirty soddy plank on that basis alone is a little silly. Ok mate your starting to rise on my suspicion meter. Why are you so certain that the maybe miller is scum? At least everyone else who voted for her seems to understand there is a a possibility she is telling no lies. You on the other hand seem to think that the possibility that maybe, just maybe Hera is the miller is outrageous. Your certainly has me as pale as the Joker. Weather this lynch party we here have started catches us a scum or not, there are bound to be some baddies hiding in wagons. I feel this Mr. Finn is someone to pay attention to tommorow no matter the outcome. Even though I am comfortable with the main lynch vote tonight, I will say some of the recent votes have been very bandwagony with little reasoning. Oroku and most notably Finn stand out to me the most. Dr. Brown could also explain more but it seems he Is a little busy so I can understand his reasoning more. Like I said before this is worth keeping both eyes on (sorry Moody) for tomorrow. I mean there is a possibilty that anyone who is being voted out has a power role, but I'm not so sure how WW's defences so far led you to that conclusion. While a day 2 lynch can be somewhat similar to a day 1 lynch given the little information aspect, I still think that having two days of getting to know each other and then voting is better then doing all that in 1. I feel that with 2 whole days I have learned a few things about the participants here and will gladly keep hold of this information in my brain for days of new. We have less then 24 hours left. @Lady K I feel we are in need of some kind of your brilliant speculation and vote before the night says good moonlight.
  5. As other's have said your first point makes no since, weather she is the miller or scum she will still show up scum proving nothing. Also you could say that joining on the votes for Ellie was just as pointless as voting for Hera as you say. Did it lead to a day lynch? No. Was there ever a real possibility that it could turn into a lynch? With it being day 1 not really. Did it make an easy way for possible scummos to hide on day 1? That's what were trying to find out. I feel had you voted for Hera it would have had the same chance of Ellie being vote out yesterday, which I was I don't understand why you decided to join the Ellie lynch on the main basis of you yo just wanted a lynch. There was an equal possibility for either to go had you placed your vote on Hera. It just makes you the smell of a scum to me. I don't recall Ellie being too overly helpful but I would like to hear your reasoning on that argument. Also at the present time do you still find Ellie scummy? Would you vote for her today? I'm not so sure why but I have not seen many votes on this here day. Maybe I have missed some but still I know there be some who have yet to take a stick and poke. Voting is important, not doing is bad for town. I will accept you apology if you say Captain Hector Barbossa is the greatest pirate who has ever sailed the seven seas. Why would any townie do this? That is just unhelpful, and why would she do this when she is not in any near danger? I don't completely trust her either but this just sounds silly.
  6. As the clown prince of crime has said thanks for the nomination. Can't really defend myself against your first points as I have given what goes on inside me head. If you find giving original thoughts and spreading out the vote unhelpful then so be it. I would say following a bandwagon even if you disagree with it unhelpful, which I have not done yet others have. My opinions on lynches may have to coinside with my history. So far in every similar situation that thy has been in and had a first day boot, the town did not live to see the conclusion. Yet three times when we allowed all to live the town thrived. There is also the one time at that jury where a lynch was not present tell the third day, and the town lost. The history has day 1 lynches as bad for me. I find all they do is kill of people for little mistakes, in some situations we could be killing of important people for absolutely nothing. It once happened at a mansion that our dear admiral hosted. On the other hand continuing on tell the day of the 3rd sunlight without a lynch just lets the scum roam around taking us out slowly while we get no where. On day 2 I feel we have had more time to feel how everyone thinks. Day 1 has lots of the characters come out, while day 2 is when we really start getting down into the game. It may not always end with a good ending to the day but I still think it's good to get somewhere on day 3. Day 1 sets up the fire that burns for the rest of the journey, but you need all the matches for the fire. That's my way of looking at it. Also yes, complaining about spreading out votes just to do so yourself is very hypocritical. You pretty much vote for Ellie just because she has the most votes. Your post makes it seem like you would rather vote for Hera. Though your wording at the "while I suspect Ellie more" has me confused a bit. You make it sound like you would rather vote for the person with less votes yet you put the name of the person with the most. What's this a mistake of names or did you suspect Ellie more? (Not trying to curse you for putting the wrong name or anything, but this is Mafia and names are important). I know it was day 1 and all but voting for someone just to knock them out is really unhelpful on day 1 when were just setting up the flames. To me this is very bandwagony. Though seeing your response on the lack of teeth chattering I can't blame you for that. (Stuff like that happens). Hopefully my "long, fluffy, qoutes post" doesn't annoy the false pirate too much we have to have another talk about who fluffs what again.
  7. Seems the time for voting has hit our hairy bodies again. I still am in the belief that the vote on Ellie the "plant girl" may have included some scum in it's ranks. The DC women stand out to me the most. Both seemed to be bandwagoning on the Ellie vote, even though Batgirl "understood" Ellie and Wonder Women was more in favor for lynching Hera. smell of dried blood on a hot day but Batgirl has at least responded to my suspicion of her. WW has kept completely silent if I'm not mistaken. Even though she has been around these parts. Vote: Wonder Women (Forresto) @Forresto anything to say against my thoughts from yesterday and today about thy? If anyone is curious I am in favor of a lynch today. At the moment I would be ok with lynching either of the DC girls. Thank you for your suspicion. I am an agreeance with your thoughts on the batlady, as my thoughts above state. Also that picture...
  8. Fair enough I suppose. I don't agree with your vote but it was day 1. I was just curious as to why you kept your vote after so many other pointed out flaws. I still don't understand why you went so quiet. Was there nothing of else you wanted to contribute? No thoughts on the sort of forming wagon party that was behind you'r trail? I'll let you be, for now. I just wanted an easyish way for us to examine the fallen brothers post if we choose to. I doubt there is anything in that long passage, but In case there is I left it here. As for me spreading out my vote, did you want me to join a bandwagon? I think lynches on day 1 or bad for us good folk so of course I did not want to just off somebody and join a bandwagon. This is something I said yesterday and I feel I followed that well. Instead of blindly jumping on some bandwagon, I wanted to give my real thoughts and vote for who I smelled fish of. Go ahead and call it spreading out my vote, but on day 1 I see no harm if what your spreading is your own thoughts. I still have bad thoughts relating to the bandwagon that was floating around yesterday. Batgirl and Wonder Women (The two DC characters funny enough) are the ones who still strike me as smelly for there bandwagony views. I will say Batgirl has at least attempted to respond to my thoughts (though I still find it scummy) while Wonder Women has been completely silent. I am willing to vote for either of them as of now. It seems both of us pirates have a thing for jokes in the night. Ok it seems that so more teeth have chattered since I began. It is a good idea to vote early. But I find that your vote seemed to be just a bandwagon vote. At the point she already had 3 votes so your's made it to the halfway point. Just all that and you understood her made me suspicious of you. As of now the WW girl is striking me of odd more as she has not responded to my questions for her. Ok who do you suspect specifically from thy bandwagon?
  9. These are some passages either spoken by the dead man or referring to him. Could be useful but the death having some kind of connection to yesterday's events is not a guarantee. Lots of these situations the first nights death is based of experience. The elf was known for getting into the situation's a lot. Still thought I would share the tales. @LegoMonorailFan yesterday I had some questions for you. My exact wording below. I am still curious about why you kept you vote on Hera here, and why your teeth chattering slowed down after some fire made its way in your direction.
  10. Oh my, it seems we have some creppy crawling killers roaming around a night. Though personal I like the one who stole the fake pirates hat and returned it to thy. Sad about our elven friend. He was a good lad, and we shall honer his legacy but finding the men responsible for this terrible act. It's worth looking into the deceased, and conversations about the deceased from the former sunrise that hit ths crazy rock.
  11. I'm not saying that we all need to believe the word of a they-said-miller, but honestly I don't understand why you are attacking them for this one reasons. It's ok not to trust people here. I trust no one but myself, but you seem to act as if there is no way the miller could be telling the truth. At least the other votes for thy seem to realise it's a day 1 vote and holds no weight. You seem to be sure that this gal is a scummy. At least your voting based off what someone has claimed instead of joke voting, which voting for my fake pirate counterpart would be doing. Anyway it seems the day is nearing it's end. I think it was good to discuss this miller claim, usually we mess around and chatter teeth about weather or not a first day lynch is best. Here I feel we got some good viewpoints of most of the participants here. Hope to see us well tommorow. Now as a side note I do tend to turn into a skeleton when the sun had fallen, so don't be too scared now.
  12. Where be my hat go?! Whoever stole me hat will have to hope my skeleton foot doesn't get stuck in their behind. It is very fragile so best be warned. I don't agree with Ellie's desicion either, but I'm not sure if it warrents half the needed votes for a lynch, which you made appear as present. I just think you understanding her yet voting for her sounds bandwagony to me. Which is never good for day 1. I will say that Ellie has been changed from awfully loud to awfully quiet after receiving all these votes. @LegoMonorailFan you still have your vote on the old miller not miller. Are you still comfortable with this act? Anyone else who be acting strange to thy? Any ways I better be finding me hat. That Finn guy seems to be an angry little pickle. I best be talking to him first off.
  13. Unvote: Joker (Asphalt) Now that we have some real teeth chattering my joking observation has no place. I am a bit scared of all these votes for our pal-on-tolo... plant girl. I don't agree with her voting choice but I don't think it warrents half of the needed votes in less then 24 hours. I feel there may be some scummy waggon ridder's on this here lynch party. Out of these votes I don't like the Batwomen and the Super-not Superwomen-women's votes the most. Mrs. Superwomen or wait Wonder Women it is seems to vote just because it's the closest to a boot for all of us here. She clearly would prefer the Hera girl but still votes for the most. I feel day 1 is a starting point for all things to come, we see how others act and how they feel. Bandwagoning on day 1 (or any day) is very unhelpful to the town if you are just doing it because. I feel we should all be truthful and then vote for who we feel needs to go. I'm just so curious as to why you want a day 1 lynch. Do you feel it helps the town? Are you not scared we could kill a PR and maybe end up with 3 dead friendlys come sunrise? Also if you voted for Hera she would have equal amount of votes as Ellie. I would say that party is just as likely for a lynch as the Ellie one. Though truth be told I don't see any lynch likely today, but even so I just feel you should vote with your brain and just vote to get someone kicked off this fair collection people. The Bargirl's vote also has me pale. Though that may be because it's getting dark and I'm a skeleton. But she seems to "get where your coming from" but still votes for her. If you disagree with someone thought process but understand it, then I don't know why you would vote for them. Just try and tell them why you disagree. Voting for them when they already have a vote if 3 when you understand them just sounds very bandwagoning and nothing more. I don't trust these two. I don't trust any of you, but these two especially. Vote: Batgirl (Traiq j) as vote scares me more as he is more experienced then the WW girl. I don't like either of them though. I will say scum know when a bandwagon is in process and know that they could get caught joining one. I'm not sure why scum would try and join a bw when it's day 1 and unlikely anyone will get lynched. It just seems to make them stand out more. I find those two votes scummy but just wanted to throw out more thoughts. Hey admiral, I have a problem with food and water. So could you just bring me a bone to chew on it something?
  14. Khscarymovie4

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    The Last Of Us. I played the remastered version in PS4. Fantastic game with ab incredible story. Lots of time in games I will come to difficult sections and just get annoyed, but this one I had fun trying to eliminate the end in my way. Like Batman: Arkham City I felt rewarded instead of frustrated after completing a hard section. Exited for the second game and where the story goes.
  15. Why me matey's it sure seem are mouths are moving quicker and louder now. I am working on my personal compus right now (at work), so I can't really delve into the current predicament I will say that the fact we have 5 votes for a first sunrises lynch in less then 24 hours is a bit scary.