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  1. BRICKYWOOD - Day 6

    Vote: Studcille B Demille (khscarymovie4) I think I'm scum because I work for Burpamount. Our worst movie is far superior then your best flick. We made the Johnny Thunder trilogy, and you made the Twilight Brick films. You will never out beat us ABS, never! My final wish is quite an odd one, but I wish to be hanged, just like the good old days when Burpamount ruled the cinema. (I also ask for one final picture of me, so I can carry on my tradition of changing my profile picture to the last photo of me.) I will be awaiting my demise in my trailer, watching my best film, Johhny Thunder And The Last Brickade.
  2. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Like others have said this is a bad idea. It just shows who has PRs to the scum. I have no idea why a townie would post this. My vote on Affleck who I still think is scummy is going no where, and I think we need a lynch today. Unvote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder) Vote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator).
  3. What did you buy today?

    Just got 76085 Battle Of Atlantis for $20 at target. They had the other two JL sets but they did not interest me. They also had some Ninjago Movie sets, but not Master Falls which Is what I was looking for.
  4. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Yesterday we should have lynched Affleck, he did the most scum like thing by voting for Clutch, and today I think there are no better options, Gopher is still on my watch list, but there is no hope for a lynch on him today. Vote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder)
  5. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    On day 1 I called Gopher out for revenge voting. I did not pay attention to him much after that, but today I looked over everything and everyone and all the post he made, and he really stuck out as scummy to me, I have explained my reasons for why on the first page. As for how Zepher could have known about Nougat being investigated, the scum could have a tracker, the tracker could have found out Nougats was targeted, so when Clutch voted for Nougats and said she had information she could not reveal, the scum knew Nougats would be lynched, so they decided to vote early to seem less scum like. There is not much hope for a lynch against Gopher, so even though I want to vote for him I will not. Besides me Affleck is the best bet for a lynch, and his vote against Clutch has the worst reason I have ever seen. So in that case: Vote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder)
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Well this sucks. Ms. Bricke being ABS surprises me as her post seemed really off yesterday. I guess I was also wrong about there being no vig, I agree that Plastic was most likley the scum kill and Brickcaprio was vig kill. I guess this means the vig is on are side as they went after someone who looked a bit scummy yesterday. Sorry for my post full of nothing of note, thankfully I have something interesting to say today. Gopher has been acting scummy since day 1, he voted for Mr. Foley because Foley voted for him, he then says everyone who is spreading out votes is scummy yet still keeping his vote on Foley. On day 2 he votes for Mr. Nougat, he says Clutch's reason for voting was stupid then votes providing no reason. Yesterday the now deceased and confirmed townie Mr. Plastic voted for Gopher, and Gopher votes for Brickcaprio. Everyday Gopher says that we need a lynch and spreading out votes is bad, yet he never joins a bandwagon, on Day 2 he voted Nougat before the badwagon started getting momentum, when there was no reason to the vote, maybe the scum team knew Nougat had been targeted and there was no chance for him.
  7. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I have not checked this thread in awhile, and I'm confused. Has a Wayne Manor D2C been confirmed or is this just speculation?
  8. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    I think the time for voting for inactive players has past, on day 1 it made sense as we had nothing else to go on, but now it just seems useless. Also probed for night actions? She was asking if there was any success in the results. I think its funny how you call that probing for night actions when you yourself asked Mr. Plastic who he targeted. I think we need a lynch today, and you seem the most scummy to me so: Vote Rosamunde Brick (Rider Raider)
  9. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    No surprise Mr. Nouget was scum, he pretty much comfirmed it himself yesterday. I think his recruit claim is very unlikley as Mr. Plastic says he had some kind of role, and I think it is very unlikely scum could recruit someone with a role. Seems we have our first kill today, poor Brickie, I wanted him for my remake of "Wizard Of Blocks". Also there is only one kill, I guess this means no vig, unless the scum are recruiting still.
  10. [MOC] The Doors - Rock Band

    Incredible replica! My favorite part is the logo. Favorite minifigure would be Ray.
  11. BRICKYWOOD - Day 2

    If Clutch is lying she will be lynched tommorow, and she knows that. I also think we need a lynch today so I will Vote: Ari Nougat (Shadows)
  12. BRICKYWOOD - Day 2

    Why do you think the recruitment failed if any recruitment took place? As for all the reasons mentioned above I would say either blocker blocked scum or protector protected target is he most likley reasons for lack of a night kill. Well as you have said before day 1 lynches are importent, and Fosstud lack of appearance even though being able to appear was the only non joke reason for any of the votes yesterday. Had we not lynched him yesterday we would have nothing to talk about today. Also yesterday you seem to really want a day 1 lynch in your post where you voted for Gopher, yet when others who want the same vote for the only option for a lynch you find it odd, and you stick to your joke vote. Care to explain?
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 1

    Well it seems Fosstud is the only option for a lunch today. He has been on since we were all asking him to participate, and yet he has said nothing. I'm sad to to vote for him as he is new, but he should have said something. Vote: Bob Fosstud (Patrat)
  14. I will vote for N-POP girl, the Unikitty shirt is awsome!
  15. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I think the set is pretty cool, Too bad its $80 though, that could have gotten rid of the hotdog stand and made the set cheaper.