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  1. Khscarymovie4

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    Thoughts on new Solo sets. The Cloud Rider Swoop Bikes has some nice figures, builds are bland. Nice little Battle pack though. Imperial AT- Hauler looks bad to me. I think it looks to blocky and odd. I like the little catwalk build though, minifigures are interesting but based off useless characters so I don't care for them. The Conveyex is my favorite set of the Solo bunch. A nice build which the others lack, though no interesting figs here. I wish it was bigger though. Overall I don't care for any of the late 2018 Star Wars sets except the Conveyex and Snoke's Throne Room. This half is not as good as the first one. Do we know if the other UCS set is Cloud City? Thinking of maybe saving for it.
  2. Khscarymovie4

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow, well my hope for this set just died down a lot. I liked the helicarrier and I'm sure the set will still be pretty cool but I think it would have been way better if it was a normal set. Oh well, that rumored UCS Cloud City set is looking better now.
  3. Khscarymovie4

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thank you. Interesting there is no young Dumbledore in the FB sets. It also seems we have seen all the sets except the cmf series and of course the D2C set. I guess I can start deciding which ones I want.
  4. Khscarymovie4

    General Discussion and Announcements

    The last mafia school was in March I think, and before that I have no idea. Maybe 3 years ago. If I were you I would just sign up for whatever mafia game pops up next.
  5. Khscarymovie4

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    The suitcase set look nice. I'm curious about how the transformation from suitcase to area for beast will happen. I think more beast might have been better for the set. Figs also look nice. I assume there is one more FB set left, probably with Dumbledore. I don't follow this thread a lot but how many sets have we not seen? Is the Knight Bus still happening?
  6. Khscarymovie4

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    My favorite current theme would probably be Marvel Super Heroes. I love the movies and the sets always have unique characters and builds (most of the time). Also that is the theme I get the most sets from, though the new Harry Potter theme may take Marvel's place if it keeps up this year's quality. Though all time is a bit hard, I will always have a special place in my heart for the Indiana Jones and original Batman themes, as they are what got me into Lego. If Indiana Jones comes back that might instantly take my top theme place.
  7. Khscarymovie4

    First 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Guessing Game

    Snitch and Flintstones are most likely but I went with Flintstones as I think it has a wider audience. Treehouse, Mystery Science Theater, and Acclamator Class Assault Ship have no chance.
  8. Khscarymovie4

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Aragog set is nice, it's good not having an expensive set in this wave. I feel and hope this will be popular with kids at how it's the least expensive set. Aragog build is the best we have gotten by far, so good job there, maybe even best Lego spider build ever. The side build is a side build, good but not great. Minifigures are great if your not getting the more experience sets. Before I saw pictures of the wave I was planning on only getting this as the others sounded too expensive for places I cared little about, but after pictures that has changed. Probably won't get this one for myself. So far I'm definitely planning on getting the Quidditch set, maybe Great Hall or Whomping Willow (leaning towards Great Hall), and depending on how it looks maybe the D2C Hogwarts. So far this has been a fantastic theme though, best of 2018 by far.
  9. Khscarymovie4

    Minecraft 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Not a big fan of the Minecraft theme but I do dig that Skull Arena. Looks like a fun set with new figures and a build that is more based of fan creations. Skelton set looks bland, and Bedrock set looks bad. But again I like the Skull Arena.
  10. Khscarymovie4

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    Thoughts on new summer/fall sets. Nothing except for Snokes Throne Room stands out. Sandcrawler is a smaller version of the 2014 version, the X-wing is nice but like the Tie-fighter I think we have gotten so many that I don't care when a new one comes out. I don't remember getting a lot of the Anakin's Starfighter sets so this is welcomed by me, good price for one too. Hoth Medical Chamber is a nice surprise. I think it's weird how in the Harry Potter Great Hall set, to have more action they added the Basilisk, yet here there is no action what so ever. The Throne Room looks epic, lots of cool characters in one set, and it's a location build! Too bad the price is bad.
  11. Khscarymovie4

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Little late with my thoughts on the new sets that have been revealed but oh well. The Quidditch set is near perfect with the only thing I wish was different is Hermione and Snape being replaced by a Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I love how all houses are being represented here, I always felt bad for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff as there house was also glanced over so it's awesome to see that's not the case here (Slytherin is still the best though). Definitely want to pick this set up, and if the price is $50 which I hear it is then it's a definite buy. The Whomping Willow is another fantastic set. I thought the Willow would be bigger and Castle smaller but am surprised to see it not that way. The Willow looks pretty cool but I was expecting more from it. The castle part look like a brilliant add on to the Great Hall, love the potions classroom and office. I only wish that the common room would have been Slytherin as this is Snape's corridors, small complaint. The Hogwarts Express is a nice surprise, great to see Lupin as he is one of my favorite characters. The station build is very cool and distances the set away from past express, I think we haven't gotten a platform nine and three quarters since 2001. The train itself looks nice too. To be honest this is the set I'm least interested though, I like location structures more then vehicles. Overall and jaw dropping wave and we still haven't seen the Aragog set, Newt's Suitcase, COG set, Knight Bus, and of course D2C Hogwarts. I feel I have a new favorite theme, sorry Marvel.
  12. Thanks for the feedback Bob! Also thank you for the fantastic game. I am definitely down for any sequel, I was also unaware that Needa was a real character in Star Wars tell your feedback.
  13. Well that was definitely a fun ride. I'm pretty sure the last time a town team won was The Convention around two years ago. So good job us! This was my first time as a town or so I'm glad I used it well and was able to help the town won in the end. Out of all the games I played this has been the best town team I think, out of eleven players we only lost two. I'm definitely down for a sequel with the return of Captain Needa, I also think an Elves themed game could be very fun. I'm just glad mafia is making a come back. We're only 5 months into the year and we have already had 3 games, that's I think the same amount that was in the entirety of 2016 and 3x as much as was in 2017.
  14. In case there are more scum and we don't win tonight I suspect Greer and Dellus the most. Though I find that a bit unlikely as 5 scum seems a little too high. This has been a fantastic town so far, best I have seen in a game yet. If there are more scum good luck tomorrow, if not then good job everybody.
  15. Vote: Grand Admiral Thrawn (mediumsnowman) Need I explain? Really hoping this is the last of the scum here.