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Found 4 results

  1. "Captain Kirk...?" a voice called out. "Captain, are you okay?" McCoy asked. "What happened?" "You passed out for a few hours, Captain." Nurse Chapel replied. "Did Security call? What of Lieutenant Uhura?" "She was a Starfleet Officer, Captain." Scotty said. Kirk rose, emboldened. "We must find these Romulans now!" --- You may now vote. With four players, a majority of three is required to lynch. 48 hours remain in the day. Players: Captain James T Kirk - NPC Lieutenant Commander McCoy - Umbra-Manis Lieutenant Commander Scott - Hinckley Ensign Mallory - CMP Nurse Chapel - Khscarymovie4 In The Brig Commander Spock - Trekkie99 - Starfleet Officer Lieutenant Kyle - KotZ - Starfleet Officer Ensign Chekov - jimmynick - Starfleet Officer Lieutenant Sulu - Tariq j - Romulan Agent Lieutenant Uhura - Chromeknight - Starfleet Officer Rules (Please Read!) 1) There are nine players. Two of those players are Romulan Agents. The other seven are loyal Starfleet Officers. There are no third party players. 2) A game day will last for 48 hours. You may vote at any time during the day. You must vote. A player must be lynched every day or else. 3) There are no night actions in this game. The Starfleet Officers win by voting out all of the Romulans and the Romulans win by outnumbering or tying the town in a parity. 4) Use the power of the vote to win this game. 5) The alignment of players that have been voted out will be revealed the next day. 6) Under the honor rule, there will be no PMing in this game, except for the Romulans 7) Don't quote anything that the host sends you via PM 8) Once you are voted out, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any players. 9) Don't edit your posts! 10) There's no clues anywhere.
  2. Hi. I just have a simple question: How do you get this: out of this? This is the rapid-fire six-stud shooter found in some Superheroes, Star Wars, and action themes sets and I'm trying to switch out the center piece for a MOC I'm working on, but I can't for the life of me figure out how! It seems like all you have to do is push together the two prongs and push the piece out, but that's easier said than done. So if any of you knows an easy way to do it, it would be much appreciated if you could help me out!
  3. Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six The heroic web-swinger Spider-Man juggles saving the lives of the endangered construction crew and his own life when the coalition of villains known as the Sinister Six attacks! This is my largest Marvel creation to date, and it also features the most Marvel characters in one build. It is inspired in large part by the TV show “Spectacular Spiderman” both in the look of some characters and the setting. This creation also emphasizes the duties of a hero; here Spider-Man is shown not concerned with his own life, but with the lives of the nearby construction workers. Spider-Man shoots webs to help support and protect the scaffolding structure; and he also shoots a web to save a falling worker, all while in the grainy grips of Sandman. Electro Electro gliding to battle on the NY power lines. Originally, the idea for the creation (Which is very old at this point) was to only include a classic Electro and Sandman in the same setting, but upon discovering Lego swapped classic Electro (In the set prelims) for the Ultimate version, I shelved the creation. I also contemplated using a custom classic-styled Electro instead; and trans-yellow electricity was constructed for the creation; but after seeing it was not as bright as I would have liked, I settled on the official figure and the brighter blue color theme. Sandman The morphing sand-monster grows from the ground to capture Spider-Man! Apparently it’s much easier to make a brick built Sandman then a minifigure scale one—or at least that’s what I tell myself. The build didn’t require a minifigure scale Sandman anyways, but the build version did turn out with a Clayface vibe. Incidentally, the Sandman that was constructed turned out almost exactly like a Clayface concept I’ve wanted to build for a significant period; it’s basically just a color swap of that idea. I'm very happy with how he turned out, especially considering I used basically every tan slope I could find, ergo meaning I need to get more! Vulture The Vulture here is based on his Spectacular Spider-Man appearance out of necessity. I would have loved to make a classic green version, but keeping it purist makes that impossible. The trans-red Falcon wings mixed with bat-arm wings however makes a great combination for that costume variant. Kraven the Hunter Getting ready to spear Spider-Man, Kraven the Hunter is the only figure of the group that is not purist; he uses custom legs originally made for my Cheetah figure. Mysterio Mysterio flies above the battle...mysteriously. This figure is a revamped version of my previous Mysterio; however he is not based on any particular version of the character. If you're wondering, the object inside the trans-clear dome is the CMF Nurse scrub hat. Doctor Octopus Very much a mix of the official figure and the tentacle design seen on my previous Doctor Octopus. His larger claws were swapped for smaller ones in this creation, both due to required connections, weight concerns, and a lack of parts. Saving the Day "Everybody gets one. Tell him Peter." "Deadpool senses tingling! Need pizza! " The Sinister Six Enjoy! ~Nemo
  4. ~This quest is for chosen heroes only. If you are interested in joining Heroica RPG, please check out the Rules and FAQ topic!~ Three heroes step out of the hall, egaer for adventure. At the request of a prolific prospector, the heroes had been sent out, told to stop some rampaging monster. The afternoon sun cast lazy shadows on the trio as they headed towards the docks, a rendzvous with a captain in their near future. These three heroes were... The Party: Arthur Justus Regulus VII, a Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something (played by Flipz), Level 31 Mystic Knight, 22-year-old male Human *Immune to Fragile and all Poisons* *Only Receives One Negative Effect At A Time* [ Currently in: Heroica Hall ] Power: 42 (31 + WP:11) Health: 54/54 (Basic Health: 5 + Level Bonus: 30 + Class Boost: 15 + Permanent Boost: 4*) Ether: 36/36 (Basic Ether: 5 + Level Bonus: 30) Defense: 20 (Arm Shield: 14 + Duke's Coat-of-Arms: 5 + Unicorn Helmet: 1) Gold: 73 (Owed 128 gold by Boomingham) Equipment: Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, Spear, causes bleeding effect), Arm Shield (SP:14), Overkill Gloves (Gives the wearer 1 gold for every point of damage they do extra when they defeat an enemy. (Example: Enemy has 50 HP left, you do 75 damage, you earn 25 gold.)), Duke's Coat-of-Arms (Protects against Fragile and all Poisons, SP; 5, suitable for knights, dragoons, skirmishers and regulators; bodywear), Unicorn Helmet (SP:1; the wearer can only receive one negative effect at a time, with a new effect replacing the old one; usable by barbarians, knights, dragoons, infiltrators, regulators, skirmishers, and winged warriors; headwear), Zap-Tap Badge (Artefact, Accessory. Has a 1/2 chance to deal Electric damage to an opponent who has dealt damage to a hero, equal to the hero's level.) Inventory: Weapons: Zoot's Rebel (WP:20 broomstick, suitable to Arthur only), Sir Roderick's Sword (WP:12, Longsword), Sword of the Vampir (WP:17, user is Jinxed), Duplovian Swift Halberd (WP:3, stuns on successful hits, Hollow [Remedy] halberd),Spider Leg (WP:8, doubled against flying enemies; spear; unsuitable), (Unsuitable weapons: Staff of the Cultist Battlemage (WP: 7, 50% chance of Fleeing upon being KO'd; suitable for Mages and Clerics), Hollow Blade Dagger (WP:6, dagger, hollow-blade [nothing]), Ammit (Greatsword, WP 6, gains 5 Ether for each kill), Staff of Ennon - (WP: 5, Light-Elemental, Restores 2 ether on a roll of 2, 3, or 4), Healing Staff (WP:5; heals instead of damaging), Healing Staff (WP:5; heals instead of damaging), Unlucky Horseshoe (WP:13, retrievable, causes Jinxed-effect; throwing weapon) ) Artifacts: Noble Mask (Wearer gains gold equal to the number of enemies after each victorious battle; headwear), Duplovian Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing), Scarf of Misfortune (Accessory, Wearer deals the Jinxed effect on every third round), Shackles of War (Accessory, Prevents anyone from fleeing battles), Cloak of Deception (Backwear, Free hits against the wearer have a 1/6 chance to be redirected to a random opponent), Jester's Hat (Headwear, Wearer may choose to gain one immunity from targeted enemy), Stingy Gloves (Handwear, wearable by everybody. Prevents enemies from ever stealing gold from you.) (Unsuitable Artifacts: Lens of Speed Reading (Accessory, Allows a scroll to be read in addition to a normal action. Suitable for scroll users.), Sticky Gloves (Handwear, Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up), suitable for rogues and beast warriors) (sent to Isaac Shawe) ) Gems: Opal (Ice), Amethyst (Darkness), Topaz (Lightning), Diamond (Light), Garnet (Earth), Tools: Bedroll, Telescope, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Pickaxe, Magic Compass Scrolls: 2x Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Sealing (Lent to De'kra), 2x Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Armor Sundering (Reduces target’s SP by 5 and has a 50/50 chance of success), Scroll of Poisoning (Grants target’s weapon the Poisoned 10 effect for one battle at the cost of 5 ether), Scroll of Luck (Grants target the Lucky-effect for one battle. Costs 10 ether.), Scroll of Weakening, Consumables: *Healing: Potion, Grand Potion x10, Tonic, Grand Tonic x8, Ether Core, Remedy x8, Elixir x4, Sushi x3 *Status: Nostrum x4, Hurricane, Smelling Salts x 2, Mead x4, Ambrosia x2, Dragon Scales x2, Jinxy Juice x2, *Venoms: Exterlate, Noxious Venom (When used on a weapon, the weapon deals the Poisoned-by-10 effect for the duration of the battle and the Confused effect for the next three rounds, for the duration of one battle.), *Permanent Improvement: Bright Polish, Grating Stone, Ella's Pie (Permanently boosts max. ether by 5 but permanently decreases max. health by 5 when consumed.), *Bombs: Smoke Bomb x5, 3 Bones, Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Pumpkin Bomb (Causes stunned-, poisoned-, asleep-, blinded-, sealed- and confused-effects to all opponents when used.), *Currency: Scrap Metal x2 Erdathcath Madilinas, 199 years old, Level 20.33 Druid Power: 30 Health: 34/34 Ether: 23/23 Gold: 87 Equipped: Tritech Handcannon (WP:15, Fire-elemental), Satchel of Awesomeness (Permanent Lucky-effect; bodywear), Amulet of Optimism (Adds the confused-effect to all attacks; suitable to Erdathcath only; accessory) Inventory: Longbow (WP:7), Quick bow (WP: 6, Suitable to rangers, provides hastened effect for one round each battle), Helmet (+1 max. health), 6 Potions, 3 Grand Potions, 6 Mead, 8 Smelling Salts, 15 Venoms, 3 Deadly Venoms, 1 Super Deadly Venom, 2 Floral Bombs, 2 Ice Bombs, 2 Lightning Bombs, 1 Fire Bomb, 3 Smoke Bombs, 2 Water Bombs, 2 Holy Bomb, 2 Dirt Bombs, 2 Air Bombs, Bone, Skeleton Decoy, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Saber teeth, Scroll of Weakening, Snake Eye Charm (protects from petrified), Mage's muffler (protects from sealing), Jinxy Juice, Grand Tonic x2, Love Potion, Blind Fury, Grating Stone, Jinxy Juice, Deadly Venom, Mythril Shard 69 year old male gnome Cleric (Immune to Weakened) Level: 12.5 Power: 19 (12 + 6 + permanent boost of 1) SP: 3 Health: 20/20 Ether: 16/16 Gold: 100 Equipment: Knotted Broom (WP: 6), Tricorne (suitable for anyone, SP: 3, headwear), Pugilist's Gloves (Power +2, protects from Weakened ). Inventory: Shovel, Pickaxe, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Sleep, Mead, Smelling Salts, Tonic, Remedy x3, Potion x2, Bone x2, Grand Potion, Bunch of Cherries (10/10 cherries that each restore 1 ether when eaten), Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Bedroll, Ice Bomb, Root beer (Restores 10 health, or can be used as a bomb against Undead enemies for 20 damage (Does not affect non-Undead enemies)), Ambrosia. The three heroes begin their walk through the bustling streets of Eubric, soon interrupted by a middle-class man. He seems to work for one of the several local newspapers, holding a stack of them in his arms. he waves them around at passerbys, calling out phrases meant to spur interest. "Breaking news! Eeerie phenomenon grips the coasts of Olegaia! Breaking news!" What will the party do? QM Note: Welcome, 99ers! Check to make sure your stats are alright, and if you make any marketplace posts, I'll be sure to update these. You have 24 hours to confrim.