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Found 34 results

  1. Mesabi

    [K-A06] Mesabi Mobile

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Captain Mesabi and Crew were stranded on Guinevere, in the crash site of their escape pod. Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr "Anyone know any Ghost stories?" Captain Mesabi said. "Once upon a time their was a captain who gave his Bo'sun a concussion with his poor piloting." Said Bo'sun Jacobs "Okay two things, One, I thought the ground was soft on Guinevere, Two, you get like five freebies." Replied Captain Mesabi "Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr "Plus Kawashita has some great brain surgeons." Added Rusty. "Wait a minute, I'm getting a signal." Said Bo'sun Jacobs Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr "What kind of signal?" Asked Captain Mesabi Before Bo'sun Jacobs could answer, a Truck driven by a dog pulled up to their campsite. Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr "Wow, didn't figure they'd send this to pick us up." Said Captain Mesabi "What's with the dog?" Asked Bo'sun Jacobs Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr "They're Kawashita attack dogs, given to important captains for defense." Replied Captain Mesabi Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr "And I'm going to call mine Scruffy." He added. "Ruff" Said Scruffy "Let's get going, we have work to do!" Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr They all piled, in, strapping Captain Hector to the roof. Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr And they rode off into the sunset. Mesabi mobile by North White, on Flickr FIN Hope you liked this week's build. It's been sitting on my desk for a while, and I was finally glad to put it in a story. C&C appreciated
  2. VK-318

    [K - A06] Refurbishment

    Previously: Introducing Viktor Kramer Back in Business An Opportune Moment Special Orders Package Retrieved We Pillage, We Plunder, We Rifle and Loot ... Package Delivered An Unfortunate Oversight Season Unending To Love and Protect To the Pain Electrified Rosenhaus Assimilated Stardate 3816.5.6 Stardate 3816.12.6 Streitkeule Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: Civil Spaceship, Piracy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captain's Log, Stardate 3816.14.8 Approaching Guinevere, picked up an drifting ship by passive infrared scans. In answer to hails, the captain claimed to be awaiting landing clearance. Story not confirmed by port authorities. Ship did not answer further hails, so we moved to board. Some damage was sustained in the course of disabling the target ship's defenses. The #2 port shield generator suffered catastrophic damage, and two hull breaches formed - one in the port shield generator compartment, and one in the engine room. Additional damage was sustained by the starboard radiator plane. Aft hull breach and radiator damage will be repaired by the local company yards, while replacement of the shield generator will be managed at next fleet rendezvous - hull breach in that compartment will be allowed to remain until that time to facilitate generator replacement. Ship was found to contain a cargo of control chips for cybernetic slave collars, along with the associated signal processing hardware and control computers. In accordance with fleet policy, cargo was documented and re-sealed, and the hull was flagged for pick-up by a company shuttle. Crew will be delivered to port authorities for prosecution. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Captain, I have an incoming message." "Who is it?" "Caller identifies as Solomon Greene, sir." "I'll take the call." "Viktor! It's been a long time! How are you doing?" "Good to see you, Solomon. I'm doing well, thank you. To what do I owe the pleasure?" "Heard you signed up with the Kawashita Group?" "I have. I presume you're looking for a berth?" "Right you are. Got room for a former crewmate?" "Get passage to Orinshi and I'll stop by next chance I get. There's some hoops involved, but there should be no trouble. Say, what do you think of the uniform?" "Not bad, not bad! Looks a bit formal for you, though." "Notice anything different?" "No - wait, is that - what happened to your leg? You don't have a peg anymore!" "Bingo!" "Why'd you replace it?" "Two reasons. One, Kawashita paid for it, so that helps. And I'm going to be competing in the Andromeda Olympic Games, so I need a regular leg. It's within 5% capability of my other leg, so it's legal." "What will you be competing in?" "A few things. As far as the uniform goes, it's a dress uniform. Silvia and I are attending a ball celebrating the event. We've got a little work to do there." "Where's Silvia?" "Getting ready. Ah, here she is." "Good to see ya, Silvia!" "Solomon? How've you been?" "Not as well as you, seemingly!" "Well! Thank you, Solomon." "I hear you two have somewhere to be, so I'll be going. Best of luck, see you soon." "See you soon." The holoprojector was put down on the desk, and RT3-KU went about his business again. "Are you ready for this, my love?" The walking stick's tapping echoed on the tiles. "I think so. How do I look?" "Never better. Shall we be on our way?" "Why not?"
  3. StarHawk3

    [M-A06] Inspections on Guinevere

    Location: A06, Guinevere Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building As a duty of Third Banch executive, Hawk was sent to inspect Delta mining base. He hated doing official Executive stuff, and wasn't really sure why he was sent to the remote mining base. - - - - - - I'm in position. should I take the shot. -No. I don't think the pirates told him about us. I think he will make a nice pawn. Continue to follow him. More pictures under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated. I will add dialogue tomorrow.
  4. mccoyed

    [K-A06] Fly By

    Undisclosed Location Guinevere - 3185 Tags: Spying, Special Operations Koro was glad to get away from higher society for a while. Back out in the field with a hot ride and a new planet to sneak all over. And would you look at that, he planted his listening post just in time to sit back on his bike and watch the Tsurugi-Gs do a fly by in low atmo. Beautiful sight. Good to be back out there.
  5. :: A leader lost – Part II :: :: Guinevere :: More days past behind the screens of the library, until I crossed some documents of a similar case decades ago. When he dug into the story deeper he found out it was his ancestor Nar Bilu of Hemresa, Lord of Avalonia who was stung by a creature. Tales told it was a curse, but we now know better than that. Those same stories told it was a person from far away who cured him. Those terms could mean two things, he was not from Historica or not from that planet. Further investigation of the documents tells me that the latter is more reliable. Days went by, trying to find out what cured my great grandfather, after who I was named. I had to translate dozens of files from languages I’ve never seen before, but... I found something that seems like an answer. There is a cave here on Guinevere, which carries an odd plant. That mixed with the essence of Biomass, should do the trick. I assessed myself and decided that I have gained enough strength to burden myself with an exploration mission on Guinevere. Try to find the cave. I packed a gun, binoculars, a vile of Biomass essence and a medikit. The hoover-scooter took me upon the surface of craters, lava streams and erupting volcanoes until I found a couple of mountains with caves on a quiet piece of the planet. The directions in the documents were not very clear, but research pointed me to this location. The first few caves were not fertile enough to support any form of life, but when I searched for the fourth cave I was surrounded by fungi and trees. Initially I found the cave. The entrance was build, with some sort of technology and when I approached it, it came to life. It lit up and behind it, I saw green meadows, trees, water and a building. My curiosity couldn’t withstand the temptation. To be continued...
  6. Col. Brik

    [K-A06] P4-B Skyhawk

    Mission, A-06 Guinevere Tags, Pilot, Kawashita, Guinevere Spending a lot of time on this rock. It is time for patrols to make sure the other corporations are keeping off this hulk of a planet.
  7. Blackhawk STX

    [K-A06] Secret Strike

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: Kawashita, Guinevere, Aircraft, Military Somewhere on Guinevere flying nap-of-earth… Commander Turtle: Ghost Writer, this is Ed I Tor. Come in. Blackhawk: Copy, Ed. Go ahead. Hey! That rhymed! How cool is that? Commander Turtle: I just want to make sure you understand your mission. MANTIS has set up DESPTRA (DEep SPace TRacking Arrays) on Guinevere to detect any hostile forces closing in on the planet. However, we found a weak link in their network. Hit the array at the coordinates we gave you to blow a huge hole in their coverage and allow our follow-on forces to get through undetected. You got all that? Blackhawk: Yes, Sir, Commander. But why do I have to fly so low? I’m nearly snorting sod here… Commander Turtle: Stop whining! You need to scrape the deck so you won’t be spotted. Consider this as another chance to show off your “impressive” flying skills. Blackhawk: Roger that, Sir. Stand by. Blackhawk: Target coming up, and going down! Blackhawk: BOOM! Got it! Take that, Bugs! Blackhawk: Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about! The continuing adventures of Blackhawk... C & C's welcome!
  8. narbilu

    [K - A06] A Leader Lost

    :: A06 Guinevere :: :: A leader lost - part 1 :: Since Narbilu was stabbed by the alien on Hyreal, he hasn't been huimself. Although the recovery of his injuries are improving, the alien must have injected some kind of toxin into his body giving him moodswings and agonizing pains in his spine. The day he was released from the medical centre, he took the first vessel to Guinevere. The species on that planet has some kind of ancient archive. For over two weeks in a row, Narbilu read every file there was to find on curing anomoly and toxin... but in the process he stumbled upon something related to his past. To be continued...
  9. Location: A06 Tags: Exploration ^ I'm not really sure what tags to give this as I don't think it quite counts for any of them really.... I just felt this story had to be done inspired by International Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday. Please note, the office was featured in my previous entry and should not be judged. AC had called a few members of his construction crew to his office on board his ship to discuss their latest assignment. [Michelle] Lloyd says he'll be here in a second. [AC] Okay. Despite a few setbacks, we've been complemented on the work we've put in so far with Kawashita's plans in Andromeda, but we're not finished yet. At this point Lloyd enters the office. [Lloyd] Ahoy me hearties! [AC] Why on Orinshi are you dressed like that? [Lloyd] It be Intergalactic Talk Like A Pirate Day! So I'm getting into the spirit of things. [Dave] I think you'll find that the 19th of Septembrinali was yesterday. Lloyd removes his hat in disapointment. [Lloyd] Dang. [AC] Anyway.... We're on our way back to Guinevere. We've been asked to do some work on a gold mine that's being set up. Lloyd replaces his hat on his head with enthusiasm. [Lloyd] So we'll be digging up gold and buried treasure! That's close enough to Talk Like a Pirate Day for me! [AC] Not quite, but I'm glad your enthusiastic about it. It's a damned hot planet again and there'll be alot of work involved. They all depart to get prepared for their assignment and Lloyd imagines what it would be like to be an old fashioned pirate digging up buired treasure on Guinevere's deserts. Edit: Just thought I should add a shot of the terrain with no loose parts or Minifig, which is in the spoiler below.
  10. Col. Brik

    [K-A06] Gold and Fire

    Mission: Extract gold from lava flows on Guinevere A-06 Tags: Kawashita, Guinevere, Time to make the donuts, so to speak. The bosses sent us to the gold rich planet of Guinevere and it looks like gold is on their minds. We have a small processing facility located on the planet. The idea is to use the lava nearby and flow it into the line. Then mix the gold we find with the lava, which burns off the impurities. After it is pure, solid gold we shape it into bricks for transport and use. "Hmmm, this section seems to be plugging up, let me just un jam it with my purity extractor. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "Dang it man! You should know not to get that close to the lava, the temperatures are dangerously high and volatile! "Not another.....ok, stuff him in a transport box. I really don't feel like filling out more TPS reports for a red shirt." "Ok, mark these two crates "MANTIS ONLY" so when we need to do some trading they can deal with disposal." "Sir, is that the Kawashita way? Honor? Pride? All that?" "He is a red shirt, it's all good." "Sir, I need to talk to you about my vacation time.....I ah.....have a mother alien needs to go to the Vet.....I think I left a stove on..." "Red shirt.....if you operated a stove you would already be gone."
  11. Wedge09

    [K - A06] Pipes Hacking

    Engineer Alexander Vandangant was sent again on Guinevere, it seems MANTIS didnt taken the hint and moved away but tried another offense to take the planet. This time, his squad, left for just a moment the Kiogy, was sent for some pipes hacking. = = = = = = = = = Quick build, hope you Enjoy!
  12. EpsilonEta

    [K - A06] Scorched earth

    Location: A06 – Guinevere Tags: Spying, Military, Building, Spaceship / Airplane The story continue right after “Minor setback”. I reuse a lot from previous builds so I put a picture of the new stuff in the spoiler. Previously: Agent Raven has been sent to deal with the increasingly annoying Dust Demons. She infiltrate the organization and discover there is a traitor within Kawashita who supply the demons with information. She manage to slip this intel to agent Koro hoping he can find and stop the traitor. Now she's been invited to the Dust Demons main base on Guinevere to meet with there leader, the Commodore. But before she could report to Kawashita she was taken captive. Scorched earth So, what do you think. Is she a spy? My instincts say no. She didn't react to me using “honor” in such a casual way earlier. A kawashita agent would at least have flinched slightly. Nether did she become defensive when I said I could spot traitors. Through out the interrogation I felt she was honest. The lie detectors have made the same conclusion. Ok, bring her out. I apologize for the bad first impression but we had to make sure you wasn't a spy. What?! Are you saying this was a test? I... Yes. It's standard procedure for new officers. We need to be careful. Also, we've had multiple setbacks and suspicious data accesses recently. Our guy in Kawashita is convinced they sent someone to investigate us but then that's like saying MANTIS employees will carry weapons. You did all this just to test my loyalty! I want to punch you but my fist hurt to much. Well, that's the spirit we are locking for. You can take out on the Kawa-scum on Aeristus. You'll be leaving as soon as you gotten a shower and a new uniform. With all respect sir. I fell like I want to rest for a while. You can rest while you fly to Aeristus. Yes sir. Raven is evaluating the situation. So it was a test, I figured as mush. The first meeting, the questions. And why else bring me here, to there main base. Had they known I was a spy I'd be dead on Marphacia. Now then? I have no time to determine the base's exact location. I might at least get a radio with my new gear but no way of reaching Koro. He may not have found the traitor yet. Can't help that, I won't be back here for a while. During the shower she think through various strategies for multiple scenarios. When she's done she get new clothes and the captain is waiting to walk her to the hangar. No chanse of slipping away. Why didn't I get an armor and gun? Don't you trust me? I passed your test. You will get a captains armor like mine when we get to Aeristus. It's lighter than standard armor and believe me, you don't want any armor on for a few days after what you been through. Seriously, I'm surprised you held out as good as you did. I cried like a baby and could hardly walk after. It wasn't that bad really. I mean, he looked scary but didn't have mush skills. I've had far worse in school. What!? What school was that? Special agent training. I'm the spy you are looking for. While the captain look like a big question mark Raven take his gun and jam it in his face. Raven make sure he's unconscious an then go to the cockpit door. Help! He just fell down, I think he have an alien disease, he's face is all red! The pilot comes out to help. To not risk setting of alarms by shooting or killing she knock down the pilot with the gun. Raven go to the cockpit. Yes! It have a position system. Sector Q5 coordinates 23 18 - 42 65, that's MANTIS territory but close enough for a stealthy raid. She set the radio to emergency kawashita frequency as the drop ship travel to the landing pad. After giving the location to HQ I can just fly towards Aeristus and the Demons wont suspect a thing. Just have to avoid using words they might be scanning for. Humm. No manual input of ID codes. Well KG is a “spy company”. There personnel should understand basic codes or at least forward message to someone that does. This is your local weather report and do we have sensational news. It's raining on Guinevere. I say it again, it's raining on Guinever, sector Q5 coo... This is AD-38. Identify yourself. I'm a weather reporter, please call home and tell them... A what? This is a... Shut up! ...Kawashita channel. How did... Quick! Call HQ! Dust Demon main base in sector Q5, 23 18 - 42 65. Confirm! Hello? D** it. No signal. They are jamming communications. Huu, spy company my megablocks, she thinks angrily. They probably didn't get the full coordinates. I'll have to light the way for them. She stop the drop ship, puts on the captains armor and run back to the hangar. No one here yet. How clumsy of them to store awesomnium next to fuel tanks. What if someone dropped a grenade. Lets see 60 seconds should be enough. Ooooppps, I droped it. Better get out. This explosion got to be visible from the entire sector. She runs to the Commodores large door hoping he's still there. 10 seconds left. Wait a little. Now. Kawashita is attacking! What? We heard an alarm of unauthorized transmission but... Raven count down in her head 3.. 2.. They are jamming all... BHOOOM!! That was the hangar! You two check out. I will make sure the Commodore is safe. BANG! What was... BANG! Raven enter the com room but no Commodore. She try to access the data in the com desk. Locked. I better call and see if HQ got my message. Oh, cancel jamming. This is agent Raven ID 137955. Did you get the coordinates for the base? This is KD-11. We only received a sector and sent a large search party. I just saw a large explosion and a smoke pillar. Heading there now. You've been searching the entire sector?! MANTIS will attack... We will destroy the base before MANTIS can gets here. No! We need a ground team and some technicians. The data here could... I have my orders, the base is about to be rubble. But I'm in here looking for there leader. Give me a few minutes and... No can do. MANTIS fighters are on the way. If you don't get out, know that you died with honor. Ohh, that's a relief, she thought sarcastically as she started to rip out a few hard drives from the communication desk. I can get away with the Wasp on the landing pad. Maybe even pursue the commodore. When she get out she see a distinct silhouette in the sky. Crap! That's a KB-66 heavy assault bomber. And posibly another one in the distance. They really want this base destroyed. Lets hope the comander armor's jet pack is as good as the standard one. The end (for a while) Raven and Koro will continue the fight against the Dust Demons and search for the Commodore but for now I'm on vacation and the time I have will go to the challenge. Maybe Raven go to the KGMA for some training but she's more likely to scout or sabotage off screen. Also, the “megablocks” wasn't an auto correct. I think it's a good curse and I deliberately wrote it like that. Lastly, I have to try write less story in the future. It's fun but take a lot of time.
  13. EpsilonEta

    [K - A06] Minor setback

    Location: A06 – Guinevere Tags: Spying, Military, Building The story continue right after “Dust Demon base” so the first room is the same and should not be judged. Previously: Agent Raven has been sent to deal with the increasingly annoying Dust Demons. She infiltrate the organization and discover there is a traitor within Kawashita who supply the demons with information. She manage to slip this intel to agent Koro hoping he can find and stop the traitor. Now she's been invited to the Dust Demons main base on Guinevere to meet with there leader, the Commodore. All she need to do then is to call a Kawashita base on Guinevere and it will be the end of the Dust Demons. Minor setback It's an honor to meet you. The honor is mine, they say you are a military genius. Raven notice a slight disappointment in the Comodores face but makes no hint that she noticed. Well that's an overstatement but I have a few talents. One of them is to notice a traitor when I see one. Oh, that's a useful talent. More disappointment from the Comodore who make a signal to the guards. Wish I could spot... Hey! Let go! What are you doing! We know who you are. What? Take her to the interrogation room Wait! There must have been a mistake! Really, who do you think I am? I'm on your side! Shut up and get in. What is your name? I told you, I'm Sarah Connor. Lies! What's your real name!? You have my file, my name is Sarah Jeanette Connor! Your ID was faked! You are a Kawashita spy. What!? No! Why Did you come here? You called me her. I was... Why did you join the Demons?! I was bored. There is no action in the Milkyway. This was the coolest... Lies! Send in our “interrogation officer”. We got a stubborn one. Loosen her up a bit. I'll be back in an hour. No! It's been a mistake! I'm not a spy! Don't leave me here! Aww! Noo! AAAAA *door closes* AAA! NO!! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! AAAHH... After a while, the Commodore comes back. Not even 15 minutes, Raven thinks. Maybe an inexperienced person would have mistaken it for an hour or he's just inpatient. So, are you ready to talk? I have talked from... What's your name!!? It's Sarah! Give me another name or get another hour with him! Ok ok, I'm Sarah... er Kerrigan? You brought this on yourself. Whait! I... I am a Kawashita spy. Good. So, what are they planing to do to us? I don't know. Kill you? I'll be back in an hour. No, wait! I can be an Mantis soldier... Or an Octan lowyer... Anything! No! Stop! AAAAA *door closes* To be continued tomorrow (or maybe the day after). here is the next part I decided to split this up because the story got a bit long and I ran out of time. I don't expect mush points for this "half" build. I would also like to note that my story is somewhat “realistic”. Had it been an action movie Raven would have killed all three guards, arrested the Commodore and used his communication desk to call for backup, securing the entire base. Done. But in my world you can't defeat three guards and an armed leader (in that case they would have brought more guards). She have won some simular battles previously but then she had the element of surprise and weapons. The entire build (I just notised the layout resemble an Octan prison but with an interigation room instead of a londry room)
  14. EpsilonEta

    [K - A06] Dust Demon base

    Location: A06 – Guinevere Tags: Spying, Military, Building Dust Demon base Raven have been promoted to squad leader and made another successful raid on Kawashita. She is now being flown to the Demons main base to meet with there leader, the Commodore. (the space ship is a mikro version of the Wasp) As she steps out of the dropship she can confirm they are on Guinever. She think to herself. A06, that's fantastic, I don't even need subspace communication. And because of the MANTIS present the Kawashita force here is even more armed and alert. When Koro have found and stopped the insider all I need to do is get a radio and alert the local Kawashita troops. The Captain escort her through the base. Raven take the opportunity to ask: So, who is this Commodore? He's a war veteran, a military genius. Tried working for MANTIS for a while when there was no war but he thought they ware too soft and company-ish. He started the Dust Demons about a decade ago and now we are feared space pirates in another galaxy. They reach a large door guarded by elite Demons. I'm here with the new squad leader. She is to meet with the Commodore. The guards let her in, the captain stays at the door. So, you are talented new recruit I've been hearing about. I'm called the Commodore. Sarah Connor. Raven shake his hand. Meta: Obviously “Sarah Connor” is an alias, not Ravens real name. As it was discussed recently I want to say I have no problem with critique. Say what you want (or nothing at all) I won't take offense.
  15. M.A.N.T.I.S Engineering Department Date : 21 Junali 3815 Location : Guinevere - A06 Environment : Arid Desert, Lava Flows Participants : Ninja Nin, SpacerSteve's Intern, Little John Enemy spotted : Commander Turtle, Graham Gidman Log update : I've arrived on Guinevere early this week, but then I heard about the ceasefire rumor from Kawashita. Nevertheless, we M.A.N.T.I.S. are here for the gold, so I should carry out my duty to construct a gold mine, or more appropriate, the M.A.N.T.I.S. Secret Hide-Out. OK, let's begin a guided tour. First of all, a keep out sign, especially for the Octan. A water tower, important in such dry arid desert environment. Let's go inside. A common room for engineers to relax and play cards. SpacerSteve was supposed to be here to guard the gold storage, but he's on Barker's Folly this week, so his intern is sent here instead. Explorer Little John is on the top spot for a better view as usual. Our hide-out is under attack by the Kawashita: Commander Turtle and Graham Gidman are spotted. Little John and the intern will defend the gold at all cost. It is also the time for me to launch M.A.N.T.I.S. Cannon Hovercraft. Complete Setting : The Gold Mine on Guinevere "M.A.N.T.I.S. Secret Hide-Out", a Sci-Fi adaptation from my childhood favourite : 6761 : Bandit's Secret Hide-Out Hope you like it.
  16. Blackhawk STX

    [K-A06] You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me!

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: Kawashita, Guinevere, Airplane What the heck is this? I'm supposed to be doing a recon patrol in this desert, but I don't even know what I'm looking for! M.A.N.T.I.S. forces? If I do run into Bugs, this crate doesn't have any weapons! What scrap pile did they pull this pathetic piece of crap from? The wing block looks like it came from another vehicle, and the engine bucks like a Direstanian kengerbeast. It quit on me once already, and I had to land to give it some "extreme maintainance" just to get it going again. I swear I still have grit in my underwear... Is this a practical joke? Part of the hazing process? Am I being "punk'd"? If Aera is behind this, I will SO graffiti her pretty little Reppu. It ain't funny! Oh, well. Gotta pay your dues, Rookie. Gotta pay your dues... F-550 FLIT-R (Fast Launch Individual Transport, class R) The F-550 was originally designed as a small aerial craft suitable for light duty tasks such as recon, scouting, and aerial surveying. Equipped with a DG-60T4 thrust unit, the craft had incredible acceleration for its size, which aided in its usefulness as well as its survivability. The addition of the modular wing block futher added to its mission profile, granting longer range and greater maneuverability. It also allowed the FLIT-R to perform other duties in customized variations, such as topographical scanning, electronic warfare, and even light air-to-ground attack capability. The F-550 was also popular in the civilian market, mostly appealing to the young adult crowd, who appreciated its high acceleration and speed. Several localities even tried to ban it, quoting its "obscene thrust-to-weight ratio". Still, it proved quite popular, and thousands were sold throuhout known space. Although no longer in production, the FLIT-R is still very common and can be seen in various conditions performing a wide range of missions. So, here's my first build for AG. It's also my first free build in, well, longer than I care to remember! I don't have a lot of bricks, which limits what I can do, but I wanted my first build to have my figure in it instead of going LDD. Still, it was fun, and I'm looking forward to doing more. Many thanks to Aera Lure, for providing technical support. I haven't done forums before, so Aera's help in this (and the photography) is much appreciated!!
  17. Niloc

    [K - A06] New Worlds Await

    ---------- Log 3 - New Worlds Await Clash! The roguish Mantis Corp has started skirmishes on Guinevere. As peace between corporations is debated, Marcus is summoned to a remote facility on Guinevere to discuss the fate of his now uncertain journey… ---------- The class-2 mission on Lesser Direstan was a success. While Ash was a pain in the neck at times, he carefully followed (most of) my orders. With advanced equipment, we ended up mining 50K of Awesomnium in half a day, which is pretty good if you ask me. Or so I thought… Not so long after my return on the vessel orbiting Lesser Direstan, I was summoned by Mr. Nagashi of Leadership, who was the one to assign me the class-2 trial in the first place. This time he requested my presence on Guinevere. Heck, can ya believe that! Another interstellar travel, as if 2 times a month wasn’t enough! Though I was getting tired of long distance travels, I remained curious about one thing: he wanted to meet me far from the active territories, in the Garden Gold facility, a Leadership meeting center, exclusive to its members. Not a place for a pilot, let’s say. Weird things after another these days… I arrived in a private KG hovercraft to the Garden Gold domain, a red dot in a sea of sand, rocks and volcanoes. Elite troops were awaiting on the landing platform to guide me through the clean, vast corridors of the palace. They left me before two gates with golden ornaments, which led to a wide, open room with carved walls and a complex window. There, Mr. Nagashi was standing still, awaiting with a stranger sitting on the floor next to him, who honestly looked like a dead samurai. Dang. Mr. Nagashi didn't wait to tell me the reason of this meeting. (..) Mr. Nagashi : Welcome, Marcus, nice to see you again. Marcus: The pleasure's the same, Nagashi-sama. That's a beautiful place we got there... I'm glad you've granted me the access...But what do you request of me? Mr. Nagashi: Marcus, Leadership knows you have a lot of potential. We saw something very promising in you that others don't have. Unfortunately, your talent was put... on a time out... when you arrived in the system. Be sure we are aware of this. In this line of thought, I hope your legs are not bothering you anymore... However, we assigned you a class-2 mission as soon as you were out, anticipating your success, knowing you would prove yourself to Kawashita-sama as you have in the past. We had high hopes and were ready to promote you to class-3 when protocol would allow it, but the results we received were unexpected. Leadership wanted you exiled from the order, but I convinced them. I told them you were not used to your legs, that your senses were blinded by the beauty of Andromeda. That you would soon rise from that deep sleep and become the man you are destined to be. Thus, they gave your destiny to my personal care. There is a world out there, Marcus. Beyond that window, it awaits to be discovered. Mysteries and treasures beyond belief. That is what drives us to be excellent. To reach the unknown, to understand it, make it our own. Tell yourself: "what do I want the most?". Going back on Terra, feed the war and hope for a better tomorrow? Or explore... this, he told me as he opened his arms in the infinite. Marcus: I wish to stay and prove myself, Nagashi-sama. Mr. Nagashi: We can give you that chance, one last time. Mr Nagashi: The other corporations have been very active lately… It’s only a matter of time before our interests really… clash. Octan is still far, but we’re watching their every moves as we speak. As for Mantis, they are on this very planet, stealing our very gold. They’re barbarians, without tact, without honor. They don’t see further than the end of their noses, but these brutes got here before us. Do you see my point, Marcus? They are an imminent thread. Marcus: Aren’t we signing a deal with the Mantis Corp? Mr. Nagashi: Narbilu-Sama and the executives are saving us time. Soon enough, we’ll be fighting for a piece of gold and a pen and paper won’t be enough. Though, it gives us an opportunity… An opening in the shadow. That’s where you come in, that’s where you get your second chance. Marcus: And that guy’s got the word? Right? Nova: … Mr. Nagashi: Nova, a special force who has proved worthy more than once. He never failed. He never missed. You and him will work together as a team for this new mission. He is the key to your absolution. Understood? Marcus: Yes, Nagashi-sama. Mr.Nagashi: Then, we shall begin. There is much to settle on Guinevere… Honor. Glory. Kawashita. ---------- KG Art Database (Delta-2 Access): Full view of the structure: That was a fun build! I tried to put details here and there... The wall sculptures are inspired by Chris Mcveigh's Brick sketches. Those are fantastic!
  18. Kawashita Engineer's Log - AC - A06 Guinevere There's a lot of activity on Guinevere at the moment due to a conflict of interests between Kawashita and MANTIS, but I've managed to settle down to some work in one of the base areas out of the way of most people. I thought it was hot when I was working on Serium, but the heat here on Guinevere is so much worse due to the volcanic activity. I'm just glad we've got this new air conditioning unit installed on one of the upper floors of the base, although it does appear to have a few teething troubles. One of the monitor lamps is amber showing a potential fault, so I'll have to have run some diagnostics and fix the problem before it lights up red to indicate a critical problem. Just hope it's nothing to do with the intake filters. Don't want to have to go out on the gantry to look at them in this heat if I can help it. Not the greatest photography as usual from me. Additional photos below showing the whole scene. Would have taken more story based photos (and hopefully better quality ones), but took them in a bit of a hurry so that I can quickly post this before I go to bed.
  19. Mr Greeble

    [M-A06] Can of Worms

    Log of Agent G - Dave Daring and were sent to Guinevere to help with the "treaty" between Mantis and Kawashita. After "negotiations" between the two companies, we're now proceeding to head back to Torresta for a well-earned rest.- "Er, do you hear something G? "Yeah... Sounds like Yallorn nomlas fish blowing bubbles... But we aren't on Yallorn, so what is it?" "Call this a wild guess, but it seems to be the lava wyrm coming up out of the conveniently close lava, but, you know, I could be wrong" "AHHHHHH! Shit! Computer! Tell me these things earlier! Computer: Hiya sir! It seems to be that you've encountered a Guineverian Lava Wyrm. Nasty little situation you got there, seeing how it's against galactic regulations to kill it, endangered species and what-not. "G! Could really use some help over here! Stop blabbing and help me kill it! This things hide is tough! "Gah! What hit me?! I think it took it took at my cam!" Computer: Seems to be another one, sir! "Fine, you want to play, let's play..." "You've got to admit, these thing put up a good fight." "It also didn't make it any easier that you barely helped..." "Barely helped! It knocked out my cam, I could barely see! ... We should be heading back though, however endangered these things might be, there's still sure to be more... C&C very welcome.
  20. A pretty straightforward build, didn't have time for anything spectacular. I wanted to see if I could really achieve a really liquid-like texture since I lack the right color of bricks to do it with water. I think it turned out pretty well.
  21. Col. Brik

    [K-A06] Establish A Foothold

    Mission 3, Guinevere A-06, Establish a Foothold Col. Brik, operating lab 14-42-39A, Kawashita and Mantis are fighting tooth and nail for control of the planet. So far bloodshed has been little to nothing according to the TPS reports released by the managers. I've set up a outpost near a volcanic region to establish sustainability on this dry, hot mess of a rich rock. If there was no gold on this planet I would pass right by and forget I even saw it. Even though the air is breathable, plant life is little to non-existent. If we secure the area there is no way we should spend money shipping food and water to a planet that has none. My mission, even though I am a pilot, is to get this facility operational. The air is so clean in the bio-dome. I can finally take a deep breath and not choke on lava dust. I have found a process to take lava and process it through a converting chamber to bring out the minerals needed which help the soil be rich in nutrients. Now that I am making some credits I can afford a crew. They are loyal and plentiful, which is good because I hear the red shirt soldier has a high mortality rate. Someone left the air-lock door open again..... Fish are thriving, which means food is available. I know we are climbing the corporate galaxy but we also need to remind ourselves about logistics. Without supplies no army, or company, will survive.
  22. Myrddyn

    [M-A06] Tea Party on Guinevere

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: Military, Piracy, Land Vehicle. M.A.N.T.I.S Special Forces log: Myra Dynarski 21 Junali 3815, M.A.N.T.I.S. supply camp on Guinivere. Previous entry I'd been feeling nauseous, so I stopped by one of the supply depots for some meds, only to find a bunch of Octan and Kawashita agents sitting around chatting like they were at a tea party, rather than in the camp of their sworn enemies (or at least business competitors)! I don't think they were even armed - at least they didn't put up a fight. They all escaped in vehicles, and I was unable to keep up. I did manage to steal [Redacted - All M.A.N.T.I.S. operations are 100% legal] liberate their leftover drinks.
  23. Dragonfire

    [K - A06] A Warm Welcome

    Mission Log: Entry 6~ Whew! What a week! After my harrowing escape from the predatory alien on Lesser Direstan, I was rescued by the timely intervention of Aera Lure and her team, who picked me up with a dropship while firing flares at the alien to drive it away. I will forever be indebted to her. However, I had no time to rest or return to Orinshi, for HQ had a new mission: every available person was to make for the planet Guinevere immediately, in a last-ditch attempt to stop M.A.N.T.I.S. from claiming it for their own. Of course, I answered the call and set off at once. I spent about one week on Guinevere, trekking across its bare surface and exploring the various landforms and structures which I saw. I never once encountered any trace of M.A.N.T.I.S. or, for that matter, any alien life at all. It was a rather lonely, bleak planet, with no oxygen content in the air; vast deserts dominated the terrain, with the occasional volcano jutting out from the surface. I set up camp near an unusually small volcano, in order to observe its movements. Here are the photographs I took: [ C&C welcome! ]
  24. Kingdom: Xenomorpha Phylum: Pseudochordata Subphylum: Musculata Class: Pseudoreptilia Order: Sublaborata Suborder: Xenoserpentes Family: Careulidae Subfamily: Careuliane Genus: Careula Species: Careula Serpens Biome:
  25. Graham Gidman

    [Challenge 1] [K - A06] Guinevere

    A volcano on Guinevere.