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    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Hi Madoca, it looks amazing and performance seems great! Thanks for sharing and good luck with Professor X! Well done.
  2. Hi guys, can I damage PF Servo motor if I will force to turn it only 45° as you can see it on image bellow? Green axle will be connected to servo that will be fixed to red part:
  3. TomasHubik

    Servo 45° limit by force

    Can you send me a link for the solution? Thanks
  4. TomasHubik

    Servo 45° limit by force

    Thanks a lot man, will wait for your tip! I will try the servo force stop later today. The problem is, as I wrote it above, I'm really limited by place. I tryed to use 45590 which works well but thanks to flexibility, axle turns when stuck on obstackles. Thank you gus for your posts!
  5. TomasHubik

    Servo 45° limit by force

    Hi Guys! Thanks for replyes. Unforutnatelly I'm extremely limited with space and gearing down is not possible. I Will try to figure out some workaround maybe using 45590
  6. Hi Guys! I would like to present you my latest build. Not usual small excavator truck. The target was to create small excavator truck with as many functions as possible. I wanted to build truck with 8 functions, to use all IR ports, but in this small scale, I only manage to put 5 and I put 3 functions to Dump truck in same scale. It was quite hard to put all functionality to such a small body, but the result is worth it. It has 5 PF controlled functions: 4x2 driving, steering with great steering radius, rotating platform, controlling beam and controlling bucket. Is very well playable and It can dig a sand/brick and it is enough powerful to take itself out of the ground. It's robust enough to survive young child play. More info about Dump truck can be found on my blog Some photos: More photos and indo are here: Excavator truck Dump truck VIDEO COMMING SOON...
  7. TomasHubik

    [MOC] Small excavator truck

    Hi Guys! I Finally made a short video. It does not have best quality, but hopefully, it will show you how those two works. There is Dump truck riding at the end: Here you can see backlash
  8. This is very well made model! I really like it! It's compact and looks great!
  9. TomasHubik

    [MOC] Small excavator truck

    Thanks guys! I'm big fan of this scale. It's funny to put as many functions as possible to this small body. I don't have much time for lego but I started this project end of October and finished it before christmas. But i gave maximum of 5 hours a week. I always create the chases + functionality and than I'm trying to make it look like a car. Video still in Progress
  10. TomasHubik

    [MOC] Small excavator truck

    Yes, Exactelly! I think, it's more than good. It drives SMALL LA, so small backlash is not event noticeable. I will try to finish video tomorrow, so you can see by yourself.
  11. TomasHubik

    [MOC] Small excavator truck

    Hi, Thanks for your replyes. The platform is too small for motors. Here is scheme of how it is done.
  12. TomasHubik

    Merry Christmas

    Amazing! Merry Christmas to you too!
  13. TomasHubik

    Liebherr 13000 micro-size

    Wow, this looks amazing!
  14. Wow, this is amazing. I'm just waiting for Sbrick, but this is very interesting!
  15. TomasHubik

    [MOC] RC New Gen Scania S730

    How others said, the cabin is too high, but otherwise, it looks greate!
  16. Wow, the yellow one looks amazing. Mainly with open doors! Really great Job!
  17. TomasHubik

    Lasse's Model Team Construction Yard

    Awesome! I really like your models!
  18. TomasHubik

    [WIP] Iveco Trakker 8x8

    Wow, this one looks amazing. I never byuld Model team, but when I see this, I think I need to buy some brick ;)
  19. Hi Guys!, today, I would like to present you medium scale VW Crafter flatbed. It has not much functions but driving this van is really fun. It use 2L motors for propulsion with fast gear reduction and Servo motor for steering. It dispose with independent front axle and live rear axle with good light height. What do you think? More at And one bad quality video as usual ;)
  20. Hi Guys, I would like to share my 8x8 medium dump truck with you. The target was to create 8x8 dump truck with 4 differencials in compact size with good driving abilities. It drives quite well, but due to large amount of gears, even XL motor have some trubles (wont stop, but you can hear little bit) while steering/climbing, but I'm happy with result, even view could be better. Some info: Propulsion: 8x8 by PF XL Steering: 8x4 by PF Servo (different angle for second axle) 1 Differencial for each axle Dumping by 1 M motor. No suspension, but thanks to flexible body, it can go well over obstacle. Opanable doors I'm sorry for really bad quality pictures, will upload short video soon. What do you think?
  21. TomasHubik

    [MOC] Farm Tractor with Equipment

    As others said the tractor it self look great but attachement make it even better.
  22. TomasHubik

    [MOC] Medium 8x8 Scania dump truck

    Thanks guys for positive feedback!
  23. TomasHubik

    [MOC] Medium 8x8 Scania dump truck

    Hi Guys, I finally made some better photos and video (shitty quality, but at last something):
  24. TomasHubik

    A Team Van

    What a great build! I like how compact it is!