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  1. in the clip the motor turns 180°. It should only rotate 90° to the left or right: I suppose sth. went during reassembly. Maybe a sensor was somehow misaligned.
  2. The Cada Micro motors are quite nice. Got a pair from via AliExpress a couple weeks ago (approx. 9€/pcs). The ones i got still have the PF connector.
  3. Hi, i assume it is a third party servo? LEGO Servo have dot markings on the drive shaft and the surrounding enclosure. The battery box/controller certainly is not a LEGO product. Have you tried to hook up the servo to a standard TLG battery box and IR-receiver. This way you could test to function of the servo. It should only move 90° left or right and return to center once you let go of the IR remote.
  4. Adorable! Excellent job. I can‘t believe how tight everything is crammed in there. Superb presentation. Love the „doll house“. 😉
  5. Phenomenal and outstanding! Your Moc deserves to be frontpaged. What makes me kind of sad - TLG does not make sets like this anymore. I would by one of those for 200 plus bucks.
  6. The suggestions for this bucket list would be: - 8880 Super Car - 8480 Space Shuttle - 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig - 8110 Unimog - 42043 Arocs - 8043 Remote Controlled Excavator The top three a like the pinnacle of the "old" world. The bottom three do the same for the new world.
  7. Just bought a used Landrover Defender 42110 for 50€. No box, no instructions and missing a few parts including the "roof garden" and the accessories.
  8. Weighing 4,9kg in a LEGO version - this is certainly NOT a "light" tank. Fanatastic job! The barrel movement mechanism is cool.
  9. Mesmerizing. But imho basically resembles the Walschaerts valve gear (aka Heusinger valve gear). It was invented in the 1840s and is used for automated control of the valves of steam engines/steam locomotives. Walschaerts valve gear on Wikipedia
  10. Guys, this patent is not about the part (orange changeover rotary catch). The patent is about the idea of "a toy gearbox". It is further described "toy gearboxes comprising a gear support construction having a gear shaft rotatably supported by the gear support construction and having at least one spline and a gear wheel rotatably arranged on the gear shaft, and where the gear wheel is connected to a first clutch member rotatably comprising a driving ring being fixed against rotation about and slidably arranged on the gear shaft and comprising a guide member and at least one claw clutch for selectively engaging or disengaging with the first clutch member and thereby engaging or disengaging the gear wheel from rotating along with the gear shaft, and where a gear shifter is used engaging with the guide member of the axially slidable driving ring and being configured for axially sliding the second clutch member on the gear shaft." (page number 2). That means the whole idea of the mechanism of a gear engaged by a rotary shift is patented. A simple change in the design of the changeover catch won't help. The patent grants TLG the exklusive right to use these kind of mechanisms in toys. TLG filed the patent in January 2019. That date is relevant.
  11. https://zusammengebaut.com/lego-technic-42131-cat-d11t-bulldozer-offiziell-per-video-vorgestellt-128573/ Edit: in the article from zusammengebaut.com is a link to a TLG Facebook post with a slightly longer video.
  12. Imho the price indicates the conceptual quality of the set. The 42043 is a true Technic set that is about mechanics. The 42100 is more like a video game/remote controlled robot.
  13. Spot on. Great Color scheme. I really like the frame concept. It is missing some cargo though, like some pipes or engine blocks.
  14. 42043 most definitely. I’d recommend to look for a used set in good condition. Just recently I was able to get a good copy for 140€ incl. shipping. It was complete with instructions. No box and only a bit a dust. Wiped it off, disassembled it and built a C model.
  15. Regarding the price I would suspect something like the 42008 Service truck. https://brickset.com/sets/42008-1/Service-Truck Considering the „Price per function“ ratio and its evolution within the last few years - it would certainly not include a motor or pneumatics. Can‘t have both - to expensive in the making.