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  1. TinkerBrick

    Getting started after long abstinence

    Imho the price indicates the conceptual quality of the set. The 42043 is a true Technic set that is about mechanics. The 42100 is more like a video game/remote controlled robot.
  2. TinkerBrick

    [MOC] URAL 5920 Soviet tracked vehicle

    Spot on. Great Color scheme. I really like the frame concept. It is missing some cargo though, like some pipes or engine blocks.
  3. TinkerBrick

    Getting started after long abstinence

    42043 most definitely. I’d recommend to look for a used set in good condition. Just recently I was able to get a good copy for 140€ incl. shipping. It was complete with instructions. No box and only a bit a dust. Wiped it off, disassembled it and built a C model.
  4. TinkerBrick

    42128 Heavy Duty Tow Truck

    Regarding the price I would suspect something like the 42008 Service truck. https://brickset.com/sets/42008-1/Service-Truck Considering the „Price per function“ ratio and its evolution within the last few years - it would certainly not include a motor or pneumatics. Can‘t have both - to expensive in the making.
  5. TinkerBrick

    Help Me Save Power Functions!

    There are alternatives available for PF motors. Bluebrixx recently started sell their own line of PF compatible motors. Buwizz is kind of resurrecting the buggy motor. I think there is no need to worry that we will run into supply issues regarding motors.
  6. TinkerBrick

    [C-model] 42106 - Pullback Plane

    Awesome C-Model. Great looks. IMHO this is better than the A-Model.
  7. TinkerBrick

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Just bought a 8275, 9398 and 42030 for just 285€ all together. Good condition, complete and just a bit of dust.
  8. TinkerBrick

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I found a used 9398 for 70€ plus shipping. Was a bit dusty but otherwise in good condition.
  9. 24: 10 20: 6 30: 4 59: 3 29: 2 33: 1
  10. TinkerBrick

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    OK - looks kind of cool. But otherwise - we get just another (overpriced imho) sports car with apart of the more complex gear box has no interesting funtionalities. I'm kind of appalled by the marketing speak: "Powered by passion! No batteries are required for this LEGO Technic set, so you can get stuck into your immersive building project right away." which basically translates into: "No, you don't get any motors, lights or whatsoever. This would cost a bazillion." Suddendly, the 42100 Liebherr appears like a bargain. But, heads up - we get tons of parts in lime green. I see great Claas Mocs around the corner.
  11. TinkerBrick

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Works great imho. The folding mechanism is ingenious. Can it lift a few grams, e.g. a small battery box?
  12. It kind of depends on the macOS you are using. If you upgraded to macOS Catalina (10.15) you can‘t use the Mac app anymore. Since the app is written in 32bit code you have no chance of running it on Catalina Macs.
  13. TinkerBrick

    45678 LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    Here is a short introduction video: https://youtu.be/4fShCr2WGDU
  14. TinkerBrick

    [Help] Expanding circle (or cylinder)

    Is this supposed to be for same kind of lathe? The kind thar locks pipes or ring shap material from the inside.
  15. @Ivan_M Thanks a lot for those images. They'll help me a lot. I'm trying to built a slim custom actuator for the GMK6400.