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  1. TinkerBrick

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    It will be hard for 3rd parties to develop adapters to connect PF stuff. The PU connectors are patented. If TLG refused to licence them, we getting the same scenario as with Apple and its depreciated MagSafe power plug.
  2. TinkerBrick

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    What puzzles me the most is this passage: Why would they sacrifice one of the Ten Commandments (literally spoken) that is THE main pillar of their success.
  3. I just found this (kudos to zusammengebaut.de for posting this). I thought those informations would be welcome here as well. Powered UP AFOL Community Answers https://lan.lego.com/news/overview/powered-up-afol-community-answers-r146/ I haven’t made up my mind yet but I have to admit I have some mixed feelings about Powered UP.
  4. TinkerBrick

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Just found this: Powered UP AFOL Community Answers https://lan.lego.com/news/overview/powered-up-afol-community-answers-r146/
  5. TinkerBrick

    [MOC] Pneumatic Side Loading Forklift

    Cool. I‘ve seen those in sawmills and wood trading warehouses. They look somewhat strange bugbane quit interesting. Great MOC.
  6. TinkerBrick

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Hopefully. Usually, the price for B&P is somehow directly related to their weight. The Claas tires cost 5.12€. The Tumbler tires were about 7,50€. A small Mini Sai piece is 0.12€. Maybe the driving ring extension is made out of some kind of unobtainum. ;-)
  7. TinkerBrick

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I just spoke to the TLG customer service regarding a parts order. The new driving ring extensions (yellow, 6211768) cost a stunning 5.20€ per piece. The gear shifter (orange, 6227330) clocks in with 2.58€.
  8. Incredible. How long dd it take to set this up?
  9. TinkerBrick

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I found a 8420 street motor cycle for 32€ including shipping. No box, no instructions but in good condition. I couldn‘t resist. The wheels/tires alone are more expensive than the set. Not to mention the spring/shock absorber. Now I can build Nico71‘s Morgan threewheeler.
  10. Hello! ich just found this on kickstarter.com and wanted to share this while I‘m waiting for my coffee https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1581732981/smallest-wifi-rc-brick-with-rechargeable-battery-f?ref=discovery&term=Lego It looks just like a BuWizz but for WiFi. Has anyone been aware of this project? Disclaimer: i‘m not associate with those guys in any way.
  11. TinkerBrick

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    I really like the trailer. What are your plans regarding a tractor/truck? Looking forward to see all the parts coming together.
  12. TinkerBrick

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I just a complete Spick3r Robot (one of the Mindstorms EV3 Models) for 82,50€. The lot included the intelligent bricks, 2 large motors, 1 medium motor, IR sensor and the remote. Everything appears to be working properly.
  13. TinkerBrick

    [MOC] Iveco Daily

    I love it. A very, very original MOC. We see those vans/small lorries every day. Looks great and is instantly recognisable. As for the idea of a fake engine proposed earlier - maybe the a 4 cylinder engine based on the Mack Anthem engine could fit under the hood.
  14. Good evening! Based on efferman's RC trailer i tried to extend the length to fit a 40' trailer: Well, it didn't work out well. The weight of the trailer causes several issues: 1. the crane arms tend to bend towards the container. 2. The geometry of the cranes and the LAs ist not sufficient for the extra weight. When fully extended (or retracted) the LAs can barely move the weight and the safety clutches kick in. 3. The bevel gears driving the LAs tend to slip a lot. Issues 2&3 lead toward an unsynchronous movement of the cranes. Thus the container is unbalanced, one side lower than the other.
  15. I second Doug72. Very unsual vehicle what makes it very interesting. Clever mechanisms and great presentation.