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  1. Gunman

    1187 The siege of Jerusalem

    Beautiful creation Marco... havent seen you again at similar colors... amazing!
  2. Gunman

    [MOC] Scriptorium Mokotovum

    wow been long since I saw such a great moc... amazing mate
  3. Gunman

    [Moc] Guarded Inn

    Good luck on LEGO Ideas Pantelis, you deserve this! Sweet moc
  4. Gunman

    Top 10 Sets for a City Layout

    Hello there guys/girls :) Made a list of what I think is the TOP10 of LEGO sets of all time, a City layout should have let me know what you think! :)
  5. my post got deleted? wtf? I didnt say something bad or something.... democrasy failing
  6. Gunman

    Boba Fett

    Amazing creation mate..... wonderful
  7. Gunman

    [MOC] Greek Temple

    Sweet work mate.... nice floor technique also
  8. Hello there guys :) I built a Nitro Crate for my recently made Crash Bandicoot figure and here is a tutorial :) It may seem a bit big, but its in scale with Crash. If you like my project please consider Supporting on LEGO Ideas
  9. Gunman

    [MOC] Crash Bandicoot Nitro Crate

    thanks a lot Robert :) Ye those Nitro crates were nasty xD
  10. Gunman

    Crash Bandicoot

    Thanks a lot @Kalhiki made an Aku-aku mask add on also, check it out if you want also support appreciated:
  11. Gunman

    Crash Bandicoot

    Hey there guys :) After so many years we have the next game of Crash Bandicoot coming up, and here is my brickbuilt figure version :) Hope you like it You can also support my idea on LEGO Ideas: thank you!
  12. Gunman

    Crash Bandicoot

    thanks a lot Jerry :) I may use those eyes or those. I have ordered all the parts (at the available colors) and soon I will have a brickbuilt version :) Thanks a lot for your kind works deraven :)
  13. Gunman

    Dwarven Mine

    awesome work!
  14. Hello there guys :) This thread gonna be used as index of my videos uploaded in Youtube, regarding MOC highlights and Building techniques. On my youtube channel you can find some of my interesting Building techniques used the previous years or nowadays in my MOCs, MOC video presentations, DIY LEGO items etc My main MOCing theme is medieval and the majority of the content gonna be such, but at times I will upload MOCs / techniques from other themes too. regards Gunman Stop Motion Brickfilms VLOGs NEW upload! Building Techniques/MOC Tutorials MOC Reviews DIY LEGO Exhibitions How to build a LEGO Classic Wardrobe:
  15. Gunman

    [Gunman]: Building Techniques - MOCs

    made a LEGO room tour :) Check it out if you want!
  16. Gunman

    [MOC] Canton Du Valais

    really cute base, and nice use of the whips! <3
  17. Gunman

    [Gunman]: Building Techniques - MOCs

    here is a Coffin making tutorial :)
  18. Gunman

    Game of Thrones

    wow looking forward to it!
  19. Gunman

    [MOC[ The Exiled Warlord

    Superb work @Elderon Eldar, I really like parts usage on the coned roof, and the wooden parts of the roofs. Very beautiful moc
  20. Gunman

    Game of Thrones

    great moc Ivan :) part of a bigger exhibition?
  21. Made a shorter version of my Bow shooting - Coffin Dance Meme video :) Hopy you like it!
  22. Gunman

    [Gunman]: Building Techniques - MOCs

    Bow training Session gone wrong :)
  23. Hey there guys, this is my first Brickfilm, I hope you like it :)
  24. Gunman

    [MOC] Beaker bust - from The Muppet Show

    love it :) sausages there rock xDD