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Cruelty and Loyalty

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 33b

So here it is my entry for PTV Contest, Large Category. Okay it's not so big, but it can't fit in medium category...

This is the first Pirate MOC I have ever build.

I intituled this MOC Cruelty and Loyalty

White Beard, a man of Iron Hook crew, was in custody in an imperial jail.

The crew decided to attack this jail in order to save their friend and punish imperial soldiers.

Pirates can be as loyal as they are cruel...


Before the attack, they are all agreeing to kill as much soldiers as they can. And even monkeys are agreed with that fact...


During this attack, some soldiers were killed, others try to escape.


A handful of soldiers, decided to fight until death, is entrenched behind barrels close to the jail.


Their chief, Admiral Martins, did not have the time to reach them, he was hit by a pickaxe. At this moment, Iron Hook decided to take care of him personally...


White Beard is so weak, that he can not stand up...


More pictures on my flickR account...

Any comments and advises are welcomed...

(Sorry for my english, I'm a french guy :wink: )

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Really nice entry 74louloute!

The way you have the man swimming away in the water is a great idea. I also love the guy hiding in the barrel! :pir-grin:

Your SNOT water is also good, especially with the sloping rocks.

A few improvements you could make are:

1) I think putting some tiles on the exposed places such as the top of the grey portion on the fort and on the black prison area, would make it blend in much better with the rest of the entry.

2) Adding some white tiles on the water where it meets the shore would give a good effect of waves.

3) Seeing as the first picture is the one that will be judged, I think it would be wise to take a new one that's just like the second photo you have, but a bit further away so you can see the whole thing better. The current one makes it a bit hard to see everything.


These are just minor points though, your entry has a lot of action which makes it very entertaining to look at. Plus, you built it very well.

Nice work!

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Great MOC well done.

I really don't have much advice except use more light when taking photo's.

If you take photo's outside in the shade (not direct sunlight) they come out nice.

The fighting sword monkeys, the submerged figs in water, the action, there's a lot here to like.

Well played.

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Great entry, nice job on the story line. I love the soldier getting attacked by the monkey, so funny. :pir_laugh2:

Nice SNOT water and rocks. And great use of the lever for loading the musket.

What could be improved:

1. Everything is tiled except the pie, :pir-look: tile it.

2. Why does Ironhook have yellow ampulets. He should have either none or blue.

Well thats all I have good job!

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I like it! Good SNOT, and good battle overall, although it could use some tiny improvements, like the tiling of the pier.

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nice entry louloute!

nice little battle ^^ I love the barricaded soldiers , and the dead/and the swimming ones on the seas are great ! I love it !

the only thing I see to improve it is to makes a little bigger scene, but if you don't have the pieces it'll be hard :/ so I'll just say that's fine like it !

I wish you the best for the contest! :thumbup:

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My opinion:

Very good MOC, 74louloute, you used an inventive way to represent the minifigs in the water and the soldiers hiding in/near the barrels are great.

Make some minor improvements and you are in for the prizes!

Possible improvements:

1) Admiral Martins seems to be bleeding everywhere, that's good, but he really should have a better a screaming one! :pir-wink:

2) As strawberry says: use more tiles if you have them, it will make your entry look smoother.

3) I see some oppurtunities for adding extra details: like a rat in poor old White beard's jail. A wooden flagpole and even more plumes are other options you might explore.

Non-brick related advise:

1) The first picture isn't the best, I would take another one because it is this one that will be judged!

Edited by zorro3999

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Wahou ! There is so much replies !

Thanks everybody!

Ok I'll work on the tile and take a new first picture.

Nevertheless, I'm afraid I don't have a better (scary) face for Admiral Martins... :pir_bawling:

I will look for something better.

For the wave effect on the water, I'm already working on it. and I'm trying to had more little details on the scene

Thanks for the encouragements :pir-blush:

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A great start! I wopuld suggest changing the natural rock to dark grey to differentiate it from the (presumably man made) harbour. The musket being loaded is especially well posed.

God Bless,


BTW Now I know where my halloween costume's head disappeared to...

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So thanks to your replies, I try to improve the MOC and the pictures.

Thanks for your involvment.

Any comments and advises are still welcomed :pir-wink:

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This is a very intense battle between the Imperial guard and the pirates. Even a monkey has joined to help fight. I like that there is a lot of action and fighting going on in your MOC. The rock formation that extends out into the water is well done. I like how you have the officer stabbed by a pirate with a pickaxe. In the water, I like how you have the frightened guard trying to swim away. I also like how you have the guards getting prepared for battle behind barrels and how you have a guard in a barrel.

Possible Improvements

1) Maybe you could have a pirate walking out of the water onto a beach?

2) Put a shark eating the dead guard in the water.

3) It would look much nicer if you put down brown tiles on the dock.

4) I would change Admiral Martins face expression to a more unhappy/screaming type.

Non-Brick Related

1) Your first pictures should be the best because that is the most important one.

2) Your last picture has a flash glare, I would retake it.

Overall- I like your idea of pirates invading the Imperial guard, but I have seen a lot of this idea. You have good detail and lots of fighting. You have done a great job creating your MOC. I wish you the best of luck!


My PTV Entry- Medium

My Brickshelf

My small PTV contest entry is coming soon!

Edited by LegoKing

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Haha! Great entry! I should hope that those soldiers aren't hiding behind gunpowder barrels. :pir_laugh2:

The best part definately has to be the swimming coward. I have no critiscism that is not already above, so, Good Luck!

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Ok guys this is my third version of this MOC.

I was waiting for a bricklink order to finish it.

Now the dock is tiled and Admiral Martins and Iron Hook have expressive faces !

Hope you'll like it !

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your improvements are great ^^ the only thing I don't really like is that the prison walls are "black" , make it hard to photography :/ maybe you should replace it to a "dark grey" walls with some details in blacks, but if you don't have the pieces, that's ok ^^

apart from this, this is a nice entry , and the faces you choosed for the captain and the admiral now looks very nice^^

EDIT : I just read that merging image is not allowed ! and you did so to show us the face of your captain ! edit it quickly ! ^^

Edited by Guss

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Nice to see the loyal, and yet cruel, side of the pirate. Nice entry.

I like the cliff it looks good.

The soldier in the water is great. And his expression is well chosen.

The hole MOC is filled with details.. very good.

Your story is good, and your comments on each photo is nice too.

You've got a lot of close ups and that is great I think: It makes it easier to see the details.

You aggressive attacking monkeys are funny :monkey:

And you've got blood.. WEEEE :shark:

Too bad you couldn't fit this in the medium category, 'caus it is pretty small for the big category.

Possible improvements

The 3rd picture has some odd colours and is very blurry because the focus is on the men in the barrels. Maybe you could retake that one.

The last picture is difficult to see the details for two reasons. First it's from above and froma long distance. And second the cellar is all black. It makes it very difficult to see details and shapes. I think you should remake the cellar in grey (if you've got enough). Otherwise you could mix black and grey.


Otherwise I think it's a nice entry.

Good luck with the contest.

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