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    Playing Piano and playing drums in a band and also trading in lego on ebay and now bricklink.


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  1. Buttons

    Selling some models

    New set added.
  2. Hi there, I am selling a very good condition 5571 black cat model. No Box or instructions are included altohugh I will happily print of peeron instructions if requested. I am based in the UK and regually deal on ebay with a 100% feedback record. I am asking £145 for it which I think is a fair reflection of the market today. If anyone is interested PM me and I will send you pictures. Thank you
  3. Buttons

    Lego Yacht

    Hello there, So a while ago came across quite a find and I thought as I once posted here and enjoyed myself you would all enjoy seeing it. I have a Lego yacht which I am 90 percent sure came from a Lego miniland somewhere around the world. It is deffinatley the same style. All the parts are glued together. The model measures 58 cm long and 93 cm tall. I was intending on selling this in the near future but I thought I would let you all ahve a look at it first. I look forward to your comments.
  4. Buttons

    What are you listening to?

    Anything any member of Radiohead have ever released.
  5. Hi there, So a few years back I remember finding an archive on or related to Lego.com that listed a massive auction lego held in which they sold off many shop diplay, legoland and general special one off creations that they no longer needed/wanted. Problem is I cannot find it anymore, the reason I want to find it is that it is a good point of reference. So, can anyone help me find it? Thank you in advance.
  6. Buttons

    Any musically talented folks on here?

    I have played Piano for about 10 years, drums for around 8 and I have picked up electric bass in the last few months. I am planning on doing a music related course at Uni. Music has had a profound effect on me.
  7. Buttons

    What are you listening to?

    I havn't been here for ages. I have always loved music but never really had a musical identity, you know? Over the past two years my main interst has shifted from Lego over to music, this has been due to my increased activity as a musician myself and a certain band that I have come across. That band is Radiohead. If there are any other Radiohead fans on this board then I am sure they will understand but for those who are not aware of them I strongly reccomend you have a listen because I havn't looked back. Anyway, that is what I have been doing these past two years, not that anyone was wondering. :)
  8. At an antique market I found an old cigarette box full of lego from the 60's/50's there where a collection of these bikes turned up along with these signs and a lovley Beetle amongst other things. Beat that!
  9. Buttons

    What are you listening to?

    Chase and Status featuring Plan B - End Credits
  10. I ahve recently come into a large quantity of old Town and Tehnic lego, I have sorted some of the sets and the list you see below is by no means a deffinitive list. I just want to see what kind of interest this generates (if any). The first four that I have got complete or am very near to completing are as follows: 6482-1: Rescue Helicopter (with box) (Not sure about instructions) 6356-1: Med-Star Rescue Plane (x2) (with box(s)) (Not sure about instructions) 8865-1: Test car (with box) (Not sure about instructions) 8853-1: Excavator (with box) (Not sure about instructions) Please let me know if you are interested because there is a lot more where this came from. :)
  11. I like ellow, but there is nothing stoping you from purchasing the body parts in an aternate colour.
  12. Buttons

    Cross Safely

    very mice idea/MOC, but Nerdy!?
  13. Buttons

    James may's new series: Toy Stories

    I pointed this out over a month ago ...
  14. Buttons

    What are you listening to?

    Deftones - Be quiet and drive
  15. Buttons

    MOC: Wind turbine nacelle transport

    This is really excellent, nice and clean.