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  1. oDDerFisken

    The Capstan Inn

    That's.. huge! The roof is very neat, and I generally like the hole scene. The walls are beautiful, and the minifigs really makes the whole in look active. Absultely great! Keep that thing coming.
  2. oDDerFisken

    BeLUG Pirate Layout

    There's some pretty cool stuff there.. and some of it is freakin' awesome!! What a collection of pirate-LEGO. I'ld love to have all that, though I'm not sure where to store it. Super nice find!.. Thank you for sharing
  3. oDDerFisken

    Internet Piracy! by Rocko

    Yarr.. that's real internet piracy. Great find!
  4. oDDerFisken

    Laffite's Landing

    Omg!!... Thats freakin' brilliant. How come you always use these marvellous bilding technics?? It's so nice! Really great work. I'd like to see some more pics though. The chair is great, and the candles are awesome. As well goes for the smoke and the small dock. The skull is really innovative and the dog (?) is also quite nice.
  5. oDDerFisken

    Servant To The Slave

    I've also thought of that. But somehow I think one sail is to little for the mast at the back. Well.. I'll think about changing it. I totally agree with you. And if I make changed to the ship, that has top priority.
  6. oDDerFisken

    Captain's Cabin Contest Voting!

    Dr. Steve - 1 Guss - 1 Infomeniac - 2 oo7 - 3 Dr. Steve - So much gold, jewels and women. Thats how every pirate captains cabin should be. Guss - Nice big cabin. Lots of good furniture and other stuff. Great entry. Infomaniac - The chandlier is nice, and the small ships and seamap-thing is cool. The whole cabin is stuffed with great details and all the furniture is very well done. I like especially the closet with the close in it. oo7 - The world map is marvellous! And all of the cabin is so extremly well made. There's so many nice details. Only thing missin' is a bed Poor captain.. no place to sleep. But I think there's I also considered Majeks entry. It was nice and simple. Nice idea with this contest! Well done admins and moderators and who ever has contrubuted with the idea of the contest. uhh.. and the participants.
  7. oDDerFisken

    WIP Ship

    Thanks Sly Owl I've considered it. I actually think it was slopes first, but then I tried this out. So if it's gonna be stepped plates or slopes in the end I'm not sure.
  8. oDDerFisken

    Servant To The Slave

    83b Ahoy! I realized that I'd published this ship, so I though now was the time. I've made it at least half a year ago, so it's pretty dusty. It's called Servant To the Slave, and is a part of the Royal Navy. It's mostly a transportship, and is not at all heavily armed. An easy pray for a pirateship :pir-skull: I'm particular proud of the crown in the back of the ship. Enjoy There's a couple more pics in the folder when it's public. Comments are most welcome.
  9. oDDerFisken

    WIP Ship

    Hello everyone! Last time I've updated this ship is a long time ago. But now I've uploaded some new pictures of The Dead Captain which the ship is called. You can find them in the first post. Some sails have been added, but there's still plenty to go. I've also made the crew, and think most of them turned out pretty nice. Then the forecastle and the bowsprit has been changed a bit. Tell me what you think. Comments and ideas are welcome.
  10. oDDerFisken

    WIP Ship

    I'm not sure about the sails yet. I'd like to use TLC's sails, but I'm pretty sure that I haven't got enough for this ship. Not enough in same style anyways. Then it'll be blue and black.. not so cool. So either I'm gonna use all the TLC sails that I've got in black and then make the missing ones in paper and draw some black lines so they match the "real" ones. Or I'm gonna make all of them in paper. I'm gonna do some rigging, but not nearly as much, and as correct, as Captain Green Hair. But my rigging are gonna be a bit difficult 'caus I wont to be able to move the deck. So I can't really "connect" the masts with the rigging. we'll see
  11. oDDerFisken

    WIP Ship

    Thank you very much. You make me clever! I know most of the ship is a bit bare but I'm not at all done with it yet. It's still only a WIP, and normally I'd put the crew and the barrels and such in the very end. So be pacient! It will come. SlyOwl: thank fo rthe explaination. Now we both agree what we're talking about - which normally is a good thing. Capt'n Greenhair: I'll make sure that you get a picture of the entire ship next time I upload some pics.
  12. oDDerFisken

    Croc Cannon

    Hahaha.. nice idea! Maybe I should add some of them to my ship. Good find.
  13. oDDerFisken

    WIP Ship

    Aye! Cat-head? What cat-head? So you think I should lower it? I just though it'll look better if it was this tall.. With the mast given by LEGO there's not that many opportunities of hieght when building masts. I've also thought of making it possible ti climb up the mast by a rope ladder. Could you please explain to me what the "poop deck" is? I've also considered to remake the "wall". It's very solid as it is now. But I also want it to do some protection if someone is shooting at the firstmate or anyone else at the bridge. But I'm gonna try to make it a bit less solid. I'm sorry to disappoint you. It's just because of the flash on the cam that it looks like that. It's just regular red and grey. I'm glad you like (some of) it Broadside: Why would you wait givin' it a name till there's a crew? Cap'n Blackmoor: I'm glad you like the improvements. It was about time that I made the forecastle.. someone could have get hurt
  14. oDDerFisken

    Sand Castle MOC

    It's a nice sandcastle. And I think it's a good use of the baseplate. I'm not at all fond of it, but in this MOC I think it's just perfect! Good find.
  15. oDDerFisken

    Welcome our new Vice Admiral

    Gratz Zorro. What an honor for you it must be! How come you'r not going to hang around that much any more Mister Phes?